Ron Dangles a Carrot

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from a hot and cold meeting room in the Detroit area today.  Members who are part of the sealing are still suffering medical woes, even as times reset.  Elder Don Edwards is facing bypass surgery, and long-time member Neva Williams who is related to quite a number of other PKG members is possibly facing spinal surgery.  Some of the sealed will die before Christ doesn’t return on Pentecost of 2012, all of them will die with Christ still having failed to make his UFO-like appearance in the skies over Jerusalem.

Next week Ron will be having a meeting with his evangelists and senior elders in Las Vegas.  Perhaps Ron will take a break from gambling on his prophecies by gambling on the blackjack tables during the breaks between giving deputy sheriff lessons to his flunkies. Unconfirmed reports are that he enjoys this.  Ron, unless your card-counting skills are better than your day-counting skills, better not try it.

Today’s was the first of what Ron threatens to be a long sermon series titled “Our Journey Carrotof Faith”.  Ron promised a few carrots along the way.  Then Ron proceeded to speak about various preparations that have been made which included Swiss bank accounts for a time, storing gold and silver, and setting aside food and medical supplies. The aspect of faith is that these are not “just in case” preparation, but with a firm expectation that they’ll soon be necessary.

The constant lack of fulfilled prophecies has been trying on some of the new members, a few of whom have left.  On the other hand, those in “the scattering” who are “sealed” are well used to this sort of thing, with the end always being 5 to 10 years off and each new car expected to be the last one.  Back in 1977, Ron’s father-in-law reacted to the news that Audra on the way, not with joy at becoming a grandparent but rather, with concern about bringing a child into the world in the end time.

Ron must have recently acquired the E-Sword program.  E-Sword is a nifty set of software and databases which include various translations of the bible, as well as commentaries and concordances.  It include concordances which cross-reference to the original Hebrew and Greek words.  During his Last Great Day sermon, he proof-texted his revision of “time” using Hebrew words.  Today he went Greek on a word γίνομαι meaning (depending on the context) “come to pass”.  Those wanting to follow along in future sermons as the false prophet cherry picks interpretations may want to download the free software which includes the King James Version with Strong’s Numbers and Stong’s Dictionary, and add on the King James Concordance available as a downloadable add-on.

According to Ron, the earliest the 5th Trumpet will blow is June 27 next year (“time” plus one day) and the latest is August 21, 2011 (“times” and a half plus one day).  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpets could all blow on one day.  However, he did not clarify the timeframe that my quick death from the inside will happen according to the curse he declared against me 44 weeks ago.

29 thoughts on “Ron Dangles a Carrot

  1. Ahh, storing up treasures on earth (for the great tribulation, no less!). Swiss Bank accounts seem to be a hot item for this “last final witness before the end of the world.” Foolishness!


  2. Here’s Ron’s Greek word:
    A prolonged and middle form of a primary verb; to cause to be (“gen” -erate), that is, (reflexively) to become (come into being),
    used with great latitude (literally, figuratively, intensively, etc.): – arise be assembled, be (come, -fall, -have self), be brought (to pass), (be) come (to pass), continue, be divided, be done, draw, be ended, fall, be finished, follow, be found, be fulfilled, + God forbid, grow, happen, have, be kept, be made, be married, be ordained to be, partake, pass, be performed, be published, require, seem, be showed, X soon as it was, sound, be taken, be turned, use, wax, will, would, be wrought.


  3. Then Ron proceeded to speak about various preparations that have been made which included Swiss bank accounts for a time, storing gold and silver, and setting aside food and medical supplies. The aspect of faith is that these are not “just in case” preparation, but with a firm expectation that they’ll soon be necessary.”

    Read through the early days of the Ironwolf discussion. Weinland was preaching the same thing (or members were taking the same steps, same difference) during Timeline One, when the nukes were supposed to land (or the Pope was supposed to get Demon Power) on April 17, 2008.

    Yep, this confirms what I suspected, given the “major sermons” posited for Feb 2, 2009 and Feb 9, 2009: Rotten Ron is reliving Timeline One, just shifted ahead a year. This, after switching to Timeline Two.

    Shifty Weinland. Does he really think we can’t see what he’s doing? Or does he know those who are truly thought-reformed, aren’t going to care? 😦

    By the way, if you don’t want to download eSword, you can compare quite a few different translations (even read them side-by-side) at the Unbound Bible website. I’m partial to the NRSV, for reading purposes, but I’m still mentally geo-located to scriptures in the KJV. YMMV.


  4. Actually, Ron has shifted events within the second timeline an additional 1 to 2 years. Supposedly the latest the 5th trumpet would blow was last June. Now the earliest is next June and the latest is August of 2011. Same for “nukular” explosions — it was to be within the first 90 days of the first timeline, and now the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpets could blow on the same day, shortly before the 5th trumpet.

    I looked at the Unbound Bible website. The aspect of E-Sword that’s particularly useful here is the inclusion of Strong’s Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and the annotations in the KJV to the Hebrew or Greek word. Ronnie is now using Strong’s in his proof texting.


  5. Ah, I see, yeah eSword is good to use to debunk Weinland with. But there’s lots of info out there on the Net that’s critical of using Strong’s as a single-source biblical exegetic. Here’s a quote from the Wiki page:

    Strong’s Concordance is not a translation of the Bible nor is it intended as a translation tool. The use of Strong’s numbers is not a substitute for professional translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English by those with formal training in ancient languages and the literature of the cultures in which the Bible was written.

    Since Strong’s Concordance identifies the original words in Hebrew and Greek, Strong’s Numbers are sometimes misinterpreted by those without adequate training to change the Bible from its accurate meaning simply by taking the words out of cultural context. The use of Strong’s numbers does not consider figures of speech, metaphors, idioms, common phrases, cultural references, references to historical events, or alternate meanings used by those of the time period to express their thoughts in their own language at the time. As such,professionals and amateurs alike must consult a number of contextual tools to reconstruct these cultural backgrounds. Many scholarly Greek and Hebrew Lexicons (e.g., Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, Thayer’s Greek Dictionary, and Vine’s Bible Dictionary) also use Strong’s numbers for cross-referencing, encouraging hermeneutical approaches to study.

    All that said, the world’s best-selling work of fiction, can be twisted to mean anything the reader wants it to mean. (I’m paraphrasing Mike’s words badly I know.)


  6. “Strong’s Numbers are sometimes misinterpreted by those without adequate training to change the Bible from its accurate meaning simply by taking the words out of cultural context.”

    Amen 😉 … that’s exactly what Weinland is doing.

    The Wikipedia article has some links to other websites such as this one and this other one that cross-references the Strong’s numbers. E-Sword has a feature that gives links to every verse in which a Strong’s number is used — it appears that Weinland used that heavily in yesterday’s sermon.


  7. Er…not that “the bible” has one, singular, Truthy “accurate meaning” to begin with. But I think most honest Bible scholar intellectuals recognize that. 🙂


  8. …and how can this be?

    NEW YORK ( — In another sign of economic recovery, U.S. companies are planning to hire and invest more in the near future, according to a survey released Monday.
    The National Association for Business Economics said the number of employers planning to hire workers over the next six months exceeded the number expecting job cuts for the first time since the recession began in December 2007.
    The survey of 78 NABE members also showed more companies increased capital spending during the third quarter of 2009 than cut spending. It was the first time that happened since October 2008.

    Economic upturn? Stock rebounds? Housing sales rising? Job forcasts up?
    This does not make any sense for there is a Thunder a-rumblin through this Earth and it is Economic Woe!
    This disputes the spiritual / physical re-invention of the 1st trumpet of Economic Woe I say!

    As a matter of fact when is that ol 1st Trumpet ever gonna blast? Now the book reads “grass’s” and Rons mental gymnastics say’s “green money” but neither materialized? Truely is this the best God can do, merely damage the economic powerhouses of the world and then retreat for a breather? One would rather expect God to pulverize the worlds economies instead of do some damage and then get winded from the effort?

    Yet another proof that human desire trump’s logic and truth every time. If Ron told his crew that there where dark clouds filling the sky for here on out, I’m sure the sheeples would wear rain gear and carry and umbrella all the days of thier lives till Ron said different. Go figure?


  9. Another question…

    Are Ron’s followers ALL from countries that are supposed to be on Gods “hit-list” for the 1st couple of thunders/trumpets? The British-Israelism countries in Western Europe, Australia, US, Canada, NZ, etc…
    Wouldn’t it make more sense for people not living in those countries to entreat such theology instead of the ones actually inside said countries? They are actually believing in and hoping for thier own countries to be destroyed… with themselves in them!
    Honestly, does Ron have members in say India or Russia or Mexico, etc… Members living in countries that are not fingered to “get-it” first?


  10. “Yet another proof that human desire trump’s logic and truth every time”. You’re so right about that, Whisper. I know that is what kept me stuck in this cult garbage for so long. I fell in love with the idea, that (for some undeserving reason) God had chosen me to be in His “true church” along with the other “called out ones”.

    “Today’s was the first of what Ron threatens to be a long sermon series titled “Our Journey of Faith”.

    I noticed that, at 31:02 into the sermon, Ron said “God isn’t through preparing me to do the job that I have to do”, and then goes on to say that this particular sermon series is part of that job, namely, in making the 6th thunder “louder”. Things that he “candidly, doesn’t want to go into, but that he knows he has to”.

    The 6th thunder, according to Ron, is Gods’ revelation that Ron is the spokesman for the Two End-Time Witnesses. Right?

    And that these thunders are for the Church first, and then, “As we enter the time of the Seventh Seal, this knowledge will begin to spread throughout the world…..” as Ron says in his book.

    And so, according to the sermon, he is going to be making the 6th thunder louder to the church in this upcoming sermon series. And so then next, I would assume, is the world.

    I think I remember in the LGD sermon, Ron defended his book, saying that it’s still all true, but that everything is just pushed back, so that it will all happen in a shorter time than “WE” previously thought.

    The reason being that God allowed them to think so, in order that they might wear “sackcloth”, that is, be humbled. (There’s always a reason, when he’s wrong)

    What this all looks like to me, is that Ron is going out on a limb again, by introducing this sermon series as the 6th thunder getting louder, and going to the church first.

    Because by doing this, he will be raising the question, “So when is Ron going to take it to the world?”

    So I would think that Rons’ hopes are going to be really high that something happens, that will begin to bring him worldwide attention, since he has said that the purpose of these thunders is to show to the world that he is Gods’ end-time witness.

    It’s a case of “Here we go again”. A complete re-do of what he tried before.

    At least it looks that way to me.


  11. “Here we go again” – that’s it alright.

    My fear is that Ron will fluke it one of these days…..actually, my fear, nah – take that back.

    I have no fear for either the people following him, or the people yet to follow him. Cults will come and go – forever. People will fall for them – forever. All I can do is make sure I will never fall for one again.

    And I swear, I will not.


  12. “Are Ron’s followers ALL from countries that are supposed to be on Gods “hit-list” for the 1st couple of thunders/trumpets? ”

    Ron has a few members from African countries, but they are living in “Ephraim”. He might have one or two. A few years back, he got ripped off by an African pretending to be an Armstrongite. Ron was pleased to announce that he had died. He may have a few from “non-Israelite” countries (besides his son who lives in the Assyrian heart of the beast), but I think they’re the rare exception.

    As far at the 6th thunder, according to Alexa the traffic to “” has fallen off in the past few weeks. Trying to figure out how a sermon delivered to a few hundred of the faithful and a few mockers could be considered fulfillment of the 6th thunder. Oh, never mind. We’ve seen fulfillment of the 1st trumpet already, right?

    “I have no fear for either the people following him, or the people yet to follow him.”

    If you consider how the aftermath has been for you for the relatively short time you were involved …. Oh, never mind. They probably will not recognize Rotten Ronnie as a false prophet, ever. He will tell them that God in his mercy has decided to give even more time by postponing the tribulation and the return of Christ indefinitely. Or more likely will blame it on the members because they were not ready. And they’ll nod their heads and keep on sending in their tithes. Probably a few will post on this blog, repeating Ron’s lame explanation and declaring that we just don’t understand.


  13. lol @ Ron the scammer getting scammed by the infamous nigerian scammer army…..awesome….maybe ron was contacted on myspace lol…there are LOTS of scammers on there, mostly from africa unfortunately.


  14. Ron got greedy because these scammers say they want to deposit millions of dollars into your account for safe keeping and you get a large percentage etc etc to ensure a corrupt gov in power does not get the funds…there are various details and excuses they come up with to deposit the funds…of course they need your bank account details.


  15. No, not a classic Nigerian scam. This was a Kenyan who scammed Ron back in 2005 claiming to be a CoGger. In 2006, Ron announced that the scammer had died. Perhaps this emboldened him to pronounce death sentences on competing GoG ministers and critics.


  16. Ah right….well lets hope one of the other type i mentioned gets him too then….see how he likes his money being taken from him like he does to others deceitfully


  17. If this keeps going, it is going to be the shortest apocalypse ever seen – probably all happening in one great fast-forward sequence on friday the 25th 2012. In the afternoon.


  18. …and yet they want to follow the man?
    So, April 2008 turns into December 2008 with a 8 month delay…
    So, December 2008 turns into October 2009 with a 10 month delay…
    So, all first four trump’s may blare togethor just before the next (in a long line of next’s) infamous 5th trump blasts roughly in June-July 2011 (just before the 5th in August 2011) with a 20 month delay…

    This is 38 months of delay out of the proposed original 42… or the timeline(s) are now 190% of what they where proposed to be.
    Even allowing the 1st 8 to be removed (why I don’t know…) that is 30 months of delay in a 42 month timeline… or a 171% increase in time.

    One would think God would keep his timeline somewhat more pure and solid after planning is for well over 6000 years and have planned out the process better to remove all the “back end” problems that have since arisen.

    Which leads me all the way back to the 1st trump that has still not blasted, not even tooted ( 🙂 ) and such lame excuses as a prophetic pre-blast to the real blast that will come some time or other…

    I would have thought that God being better at keeping a plan coherent and on track… delays and excuses seem so belittling and pathetic. Maybe, just maybe, that is why it’s RON’s excuses and has nothing to do with God?
    Go figure?


  19. AggieAtheist says:
    October 26, 2009 at 18:37
    “Because by doing this, he will be raising the question, “So when is Ron going to take it to the world?”

    “Ron already has.”

    You’re absolutely right, Aggie.

    What I am saying, though, is that he is going to try and do it again.

    After stating in his LGD sermon, that everything he has said is still true, that it just didn’t happen when originally thought, Ron is setting the stage to do a repeat. He absolutely HAS to do a repeat, or else just admit that he’s a phony.

    What is funny to me, is that, as Ron says, the eyes of the whole world are going to be on him (as God’s end-time witness).

    It’s going to be funny to watch him try to engineer this. Because he is definitely going to feel the pressure to do so (in time).

    Ron’s got a big job ahead of him, as it will be no small task to get the whole world watching him.


  20. So any wagers on when Witless Weinland’s going to start hitting the airwaves again? He burned through quite a few hosts, during timeline one. I just hope any new publicity he pulls in, is fully aware of the fact that he’s on his third timeline already……


  21. “He burned through quite a few hosts, during timeline one.”

    This is a testament more of the abysmal state of AM radio than it is of Weinland’s prophet powers. They all were after one thing- audience.


  22. I predict but do not prophesy that Ron will be on Cincinnati radio station 700 WLW’s Mike McConnell show for the fourth time either the week before or the week after Feb 6. I think Mike likes to have him on to toy with him a bit, but won’t hit him with his failed prophesies and broken promises.

    And that will be the extent of Ron’s 6th thunder.


  23. I would add that Ron’s statement about the 6th thunder was so brief that I didn’t take note of it. He did say that the movie “2012” would drive traffic to that keyword and then to his book site via his Google ads. According to Alexa, traffic to has fallen off over the last few weeks.


  24. What about the fifth thunder, that was supposed to sound so nobody could miss it, before the seventh seal opened? Well, the seventh seal has opened twice now, and behold! Ol’ Spanky Meredith is still kicking. Not even a stroke took ol’ Spanky down. So are the other CoG leaders Weinland cursed.

    But then, all of the CoG leaders (including Weinland, who wasn’t even slowed by open heart surgery in 2005) are pretty much driven by pure ambition and unadulterated greed. Those two hateful emotions will keep anyone alive, kind of like the zombies from Night of the Living Dead…….


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