Sheriffing Ron

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the London UK area today.  Ron went into full-sheriffing mode this week on a visit to the home of his UK elder Benjamin Ikwueme.  The outcome  of this meeting was that Ron de-ordained Benjamin as one of his elders.   After the two witnesses left Ikwueme’s home and returned to their hotel, Mrs. Ikwueme called to say that they were quitting COG-PKG.  Perhaps the issue for Ron was that Benjamin kept his Facebook page despite Ron’s fatwa and edict that elders were not to be on it.  In his sermon on August 29 in which he strongly suggested that his members should not be on Facebook, Ron said:

That’s why I told the elders a long time ago to not be on those sites. Do you understand why I would have said something like that to elders a long time ago? Not to be on some of these open forums and so forth? If you don’t understand, think about it, pray about it and you’ll come to understand what’s healthier for the Church and why. And if it is good for elders to not do, I  wonder… hmmm, it might be good for us.

Or perhaps Benjamin did not come through with the 419 millionaires Weinland expected since ordaining Benjamin in September of 2008. 😉 Joking aside, I hope that Benjamin and Grace will soon be able to put PKG behind them and that they and their sons will recover from the cult.  And that they will reflect on their experience in PKG and avoid making the same mistake with another false prophet of which there are too many.

This trip has been an anniversary of a sort.  It was 10 years ago, in late November of 1999, that Ron and Laura started their false prophecy globetrotting with a trip to the Belgium and Netherlands using air miles donated to them by Steve Dalrymple.  While on that trip, Ron and Laura went to Paris and then London on or about November 25, 1999 and met the Ikwuemes.  So Benjamin and Grace have had a long association with PKG.

Ron promises some timeshifting sermons to be delivered leading up to the fast on February 6.  He’ll need to explain why the Great Tribulation has still not arrived well after the first trumpet blew for the second time.

Ron recycled one of his “News Watch” articles from the May 1998 issue. Looks like Ron’s not going to write another book, since he stated that everything in “2008 – God’s Final Witness” would happen exactly as written. And the timing would be right on target.  Except for the 8 month delay between timelines which was qualified in the book as “a marginal 6-month window of time”. So does that mean:

  • The US will no longer be an independent nation by June 21, 2009?
  • The five specific ministers named as the first phase of the fifth thunder of the 6th seal who are still alive will indeed die during the 6th seal which ended on Feb 2, 2008 Nov 14, 2008?
  • The economy is the 4th thunder and not the 1st trumpet?
  • where “2008 – GFW” describes the 1st trumpet as “When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.” that that’s exactly what it means, and that it’s not talking about the economy?
  • That somewhere is an archive of interviews not arranged by Ron’s publicist?  Since “2008 GFW” states “Radio and television interviews will become more the norm as curiosity, news, controversy, and fear increase in proportion to the growing intensity of these thunders.”  This statement was in the chapter entitled “The Seven Thunders of the 6th Seal” which ended on Feb 2, 2008 Nov 14, 2008.

cartoon-vulture-nasty-review-hurtful-writerAnd where “2008 GFW” says:

The fire proceeding out of their mouth is symbolic of the power to pronounce exacting judgments upon anyone who would do them harm. Whatever the two witnesses pronounce will come to pass.

does it mean that I died a speedy death shortly after the Spokesman Witness pronounced his curse on me 49 weeks ago? That makes me so special. Not only am I a vulture picking on Ron’s putrid corpse, I’m a zombie vulture picking on Ron’s putrid corpse. How unusual. Somehow I manage to avoid picking on my own corpse and continue picking on Ron’s.

Ron’s Total Resolve Revisited

2009 Property Tax Payment RonBack in March on my Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid blog, I described how during the lead up to Ron’s first failed timeline in 2008, Ron exhorted his followers to show Total Resolve — particularly those who were eligible to be part of the 144,000 (baptized members of WCG prior to Tkach’s apostasy in December of 1994).  As part of his spiel, Ron indicted that he was showing Total Resolve by refinancing the equity out of his $381,000 mansion on a golf course to “throw into Google” ads to promote his fictional “2008 – God’s Final Witness”.

However, when it came time to pay his property taxes yet again this year, Weinland paid them directly to the county where he lives.  Not like most with mortgages, who pay monthly into an escrow fund held by the mortgage company which sends the payment into the county.  The graphic to the right is a capture from the web site for the county where the Two Witnesses live.  Notice the “Paid by” entry has the names of the Two Witnesses.  Note that the entry for the Mortgage Company is blank.

(Note: clicking on either graphic will show a new page, and clicking on the graphic on that page will show a larger version.)

2009 Property Tax Payment AudraTo compare, the graphic to the left is from the same county showing the property taxes paid by church bookkeeper / personal assistant / potential IRS Criminal Investigation target / daughter Audra L. Little (formerly Weinland).  Notice that the entry for “Paid By” shows the name of a mortgage company and that there’s a code entry in the “Mortgage Company” field.  Unlike the record for Daddy’s property.

While in some cases mortgage companies will allow the homeowner to pay their taxes directly to the county instead of through escrow, they typically require that the loan-to-value ratio be less than 80%.  Which would not be the case if the Two Witnesses had refinanced all of their equity out of the house.

And where did all the equity come from?  Ron brags that his equity grew with the houses he’s lived in other the years.  Another version is given by a commenter on my old blog who described how Ron used free labor from church members while in Erie to build a house which he sold shortly after and moved to Toledo.  Ron is at odds with this and angrily claimed that all were paid for their labor.  I don’t personally have any proof either way but I do have an opinion as to who is more credible and whom I would believe.

Ron and Laura sold their home in Toledo in April of 2005 for $222,000, moving to their current $381,000 home in northern Kentucky.  At which Audra works on the church’s books and is served with summonses by IRS Criminal Investigation to reveal what she knows .  Although God made Ron a prophet in either 1997 or 1998 according to various of his claims, he didn’t have the foresight to set his equity aside and get a full mortgage at that time.  And although he told his followers to liquidate in 2006, he still had sizable equity in 2007 when he gave his Total Resolve sermon on the Last Great Day.

So where is Ron’s Total Resolve?

They’re Picking on Me

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke yesterday from the Netherlands, on his second trip there during this year of Great Tribulation.  Ron delivered the sermon standing up instead of sitting as he normally does.  He described the TV program on Canada’s Vision TV network Friday night featuring the false prophet, including a post-presentation interview during which it came out that at the End it would be Ron Vs the pope.

Ron reiterated that he is both an apostle AND a prophet.  He is in rarefied company with the only other person in history having held both titles being John.  Ron spent some time defining the difference between the two roles.   An apostle reveals new doctrines, which Ron did during the 2005 feast with his origin-of-Christ doctrine.  A prophet — well a prophet prophesies.

Ron took some time to mention his critics, calling us vultures and mockers picking on him.  Which isn’t happening to other groups.  Well Ron, none of the other splinters has put out a specific date.  None of the other splinters is headed by someone claiming to be an End-Time Witness.  And none of the other splinters is headed by someone under criminal investigation.

The presence of “vultures” is a proof of PKG as the true church.  We’re doing this because we were put out of the church.  This is simply not true, at least not in my case.  I was not put out of the church.  Nor were any of Ron’s other critics as far as I know.

He again cautioned his followers against websites like mine.  Or listening to a relative who will point out websites like mine or any other website critical of him  He responded to an article posted on MSNBC and other websites during the last week or so which reads:

According to God’s Church minister Ronald Weinland, the end times were upon us — again. His 2006 book “2008: God’s Final Witness” stated that hundreds of millions of people will die, and by the end of 2006, “there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history. By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, and no longer exist as an independent nation.” As the book noted, “Ronald Weinland places his reputation on the line as the end-time prophet of God.”

This was characterized as “feces”. Think of all the thunders, like a downpour in the UK that caused some flooding.  Ron, shame on you.  As a witness you were supposed to stop it from raining.  It turns out that the US is not an independent nation because we trade with other nations and send ambassadors to them.  I thought this was always the case, but I must have been imagining what is only a recent development.  The world is in the worst time of all human history, we’re just not aware of it yet.  Things that didn’t happen in his book don’t make the book false.

Ron took a trip down memory lane, repeating his claim of having resigned from UCG on Pentecost of 1997 (June 15 that year) which contradicts his own writings of 1998 that the resignation had been on May 30, 1997.  Not only does Ron reinvent the future as circumstances require, he does the same with the past. Then he talked about his “Newswatch” periodical published intermittently during 1998 through 2002, and his two booklets “Time is Running Out” and “Time has Run Out”.  Ending with his latest book which his father-in-law Carroll Short encouraged him to write as he was dying of liver cancer.  Ron wrote all of this material despite hating to write and not being good at the English language.  He failed to mention Larry Spivey who spent a lot of time and suffered a lot of abuse editing his prose.

The Great Tribulation will be less than 2 1/2 years but will come to pass.  He warned against interpreting his prophetic writings in “2008 – God’s Final Witness” in a literal physical way — it will all come to pass in its time. Being written in a prophetic manner makes it hard to understand his books. Stay tuned for Ron to provide the interpretation as the process develops.  He acknowledged that the timing of events has changed, because of the 50th truth, but insists that it’s all going to come true in God’s time.

Ron has practically given up on prophesying because he doesn’t have the foggiest notion what’s going to happen next as God hasn’t revealed it to him.  It will be revealed to him at the same time it’s revealed to the rest of us — when it happens.  He hasn’t called down any plagues or stopped the rain.  Nor have his death curses had any effect as I’m still alive 48 weeks later after he issued one against me. Some witness!!! Ron, I think God fired you and forgot to send you a pink slip.

A Little Sixth Thunder

Tonight (Friday Night) at 11:30 Eastern time, the Canadian network Vision TV is broadcasting False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s ideaCity performance.  But I must disagree with the PG rating  And the Spokesman Witness was featured in this article in the Dayton Daily News.

According to reliable sources, the end of the world is coming on May 27, 2012. Or, on a much more optimistic note, Dec. 12, 2012.

The earlier prediction is from Ronald Weinland, a northern Kentucky minister who, according to his own modest confession, was made a prophet by God in 1997. Prior to becoming a prophet, God had made him a salesman in the petrochemical industry.

The article seems to have been researched on my Ronald Weinland Biography page.  The Sixth Thunder (growing recognition of Weinland as a prophet) is increasing in volume as amplified by this article.

And thanks to this post on Ambassador Watch, the Sixth Thunder has also rumbled a little louder on this blog from all the referrals sent my way.  Thanks to Gavin for featuring me.  And thanks to an anonymous wag commenting over there for finding this prophetic picture.  Will this prophecy turn out like Ron’s do? Or will it come true?

Compelling Audra

US Federal Magistrate Judge Wehrman ruled today on the government’s motion as described in my last post to compel Audra Little to provide testimony to the IRS.  Prior to the court hearing, Audra filed an affidavit stating:

1. My name is Audra L. Little;

2. My father, Ronald E. Weinland, is the subject of a criminal investigation by [the IRS];

3. I am aware that [the IRS special agent] has contacted me, as well as other friends and family members, employees and/or acquaintances of my father.  Moreover, several of these individuals have advised me that [the IRS special agent] has referred to me as a “potential target” in her investigation.

Audra’s lawyer filed a response to the government’s motion stating that due to Fifth Amendment considerations:

Without a grant of immunity the Respondent (Audra) should not be compelled to testify herein.

In the opinion issued by the court, Audra does not have the right under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to to appear and testify before the IRS.  However, she is still able to assert her Fifth Amendment rights by refusing to answer specific questions that may incriminate her.  But questions that incriminate only Daddy must be answered.  The court issued an order compelling Audra to appear before the IRS special agent to testify in response to the IRS administrative summons.

Audra, Audra, Audra.  What’s the problem?  Your daddy teaches that one should pay their taxes to civil government.  And being a Christian, he wouldn’t have broken the ninth commandment when he filed his 1040, would he?  On second thought, filing a fraudulent tax return is not bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.  So lying is not sinning then, is it?  But how about the seventh commandment?  Or is that which is Caesar’s not really Caesar’s, but Daddy’s.  Because after all whatever he has is God’s.

My expectation is that today’s court ruling is not the end of the case.  Audra will probably appear before the IRS special agent in response to the summons as ordered by the court.   And then she’ll assert Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer each and every question asked of her, requiring further litigation.

As Daddy Ron would put it: “Delay, Delay, Delay.”  Delays and Audra’s daddy go hand-in-hand.  Delay of the Great Tribulation.  Delay of the fulfillment of the first phase of the Fifth Thunder that was to prove that Audra’s daddy is a true prophet of God (the deaths of 5 specific ministers).  And delay of my promised speedy death from the inside from the curse the Spokesman Witness issued against me nearly 48 weeks ago.

IRS Criminal Investigation Seeks “A Little” Information

On August 10, 2009, an IRS Criminal Investigation special agent served COG-PKG’s bookkeeper with an administrative summons requiring her appearance before the IRS in Florence, KY on August 21, 2009 to give testimony to support the criminal investigation of False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  According to court filings associated with the summons, with direct quotes from the filings:

  • The IRS is “conducting a criminal investigation as to whether Ronald E. Weinland (“Weinland”) committed any offense under the Internal Revenue Code by willfully failing to report income earned during tax years 2004 through 2008.”
  • “Little is employed by the Church of God performing bookkeeping services and as a personal assistant to Weinland.”
  • “The information sought from Little by the summons is necessary to properly investigate whether Weinland committed an offense under the Internal Revenue Code for tax years 2004 through 2008.”
  • Restated: “The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether Weinland committed an offense under the Internal Revenue Code by willfully failing to report all of the income that he earned from the Church of God. [The IRS] is attempting to determine the amount of income Weinland earned from the records prepared by Little, who performs bookkeeping services for the Church of God.”

irscibadgeBefore her September, 2008 marriage to Christopher Little, Audra Little was known as Audra Weinland since she is the daughter of the Two Witnesses.  Apparently she inherited her mother’s financial management abilities and is also a member of Team Weinland as the church bookkeeper.  The summons was served on Audra at 11:05 AM on a Monday morning while she was at daddy’s house, suggesting that she is not otherwise employed apart from as bookkeeper and personal assistant to the Spokesman Witness.  Yet she is able to afford to buy a nice home in a nice neighborhood several miles away from daddy’s house.

On August 20, an attorney informed the IRS that he represented Audra Little, who would not be appearing the following day to testify, asserting unspecified constitutional rights/protections.  In response, the Tax Division of the US Department of Justice filed a motion on October 14 in federal court seeking to enforce the summons issued to Audra Little.  Administrative summonses are not self-enforcing as are subpoenas. Audra has been ordered to appear in federal court in Covington, KY before Judge Wehrman at 9:30 on November 19 for a hearing to determine whether she should be compelled to comply with the summons.

From the court calendar (Audra, tomorrow you should bring a book to read or some knitting since there are 5 other cases scheduled for the same time in the same courtroom):




Court Room: 3

Case Number: 2:09mc173 USA v. Little

Plaintiff: USA

Defendant: Audra Little

Type of Proceedings: Show Cause Hearing


Judge: JGW

CRT-RM Deputy: Stoneking

Court Reporter: Averdick


What constitutional right could Audra’s lawyer be talking about?  The only one I can think of is the fifth amendment right under the US Constitution against being compelled to be a witness against herself.  Which makes one wonder what criminal acts she could have committed. I believe that a fifth-amendment objection could be overcome if the DoJ decides to grant her immunity from prosecution. And a bit of Internet legal research suggests that assertion of fifth amendment rights may not apply under these circumstances anyway. But these legal theories or any other discussion on my blog should not be considered as legal advice since I am not a lawyer.  So maybe there’s another legal basis on which she could refuse to testify — anyone have any idea what that could be? But then again, maybe she’s just stalling the process to give the Great Tribulation time to materialize and shut down the IRS before it can finish its investigation.  Update: As described in my next post, my legal musings were pretty close.

The court filings from Weinland’s 2008 lawsuit against the government only revealed that Weinland was under criminal investigation for unspecified violations of the tax code. The latest court filings are more informative, confirming what I expected — that False Prophet Ronald Weinland is suspected of a legal-source tax crime, that of failing to report income legally earned (since being a false prophet and asking people to send you their life savings is unfortunately NOT illegal).  The court filings also show that the criminal investigation is continuing, and that the IRS has not dropped the investigation for lack of prosecution potential.  What really puzzles me is why tax year 2008 was added to the investigation.  Didn’t Ron realize that he could have gotten an extension for filing his 2008 taxes at least until October?  And that he couldn’t be investigated for tax year 2008 before he filed? Yet he must have filed his 2008 taxes by April 15 for tax year 2008 to appear on the summons issued in August.  Guess I shouldn’t expect too much logical thinking from Ron, given that he claims that he and his wife are the Two Witnesses and now also claims that he is an apostle.

Audra, since your daddy teaches that one should comply with the laws of civil government and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, then you’ve complied with the law and properly reported the income that the Church of God paid your daddy — right?  So why not just yield to the process like your daddy says, and get it over with?  Or is Daddy’s admonition to pay your taxes in the same category with his death curse issued 47 weeks ago for me to quickly die from the inside?

Apostle Ronald Weinland

Back in August, False Prophet Ronald Weinland stated that if not a prophet he was certainly an apostle, but that he believed he was only a prophet. Speaking today from Bowling Green, KY he added to his C.V., boldly stating “I am an apostle”.  Makes sense, I suppose — he’s not doing very well at the prophecy thing so he needs a fall back position.  He claims this came as a revelation from God put directly into his mind while Laura was driving them to Detroit.  To be clear, he hasn’t (yet) given up on his claims to be the Spokesman of the Two Witnesses and a prophet of the God of Abraham.

Ron also did some revisions of prior timelines.  Today, he claimed that he became both an apostle and a prophet on Pentecost of 1998 (though he didn’t realize it until later).  He needs to read his own blog, on which speaking about himself in the third person, he states: “Although the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years, God made him a prophet in 1997.”  He also claimed that he resigned from UCG on Pentecost of 1997.  According to Ambassador Reports and Servants News, he resigned from UCG on May 26, 1997 which is a Monday.  I don’t have the exact day for Pentecost of 1997 (could anyone help me out?) but since Herbie changed Pentecost from Monday to Sunday it couldn’t have been that day. The following was published on Ron’s old website, “” some time in 1998:

In January of 1997, I addressed several issues of ethics, concerning the administration of UCG,aIA, with Council Members, Home Office staff, and the conference of elders. Those issues were not being answered nor openly addressed by UCG,aIA. Highest on the list was the mismanagement and improper depletion of reserves by $4.5M within one year. In most corporations there would by outrage, firings, and possible prosecution for such action. But within UCG,aIA there was no such reaction. Instead, there was a concerted effort to cover, excuse, and hush the truth. After waiting until the General Conference of Elders Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in March, those issues were still not being addressed and I again sought action from the Council of Elders to take proper control of the Home Office according to the Constitution and Bylaws. After several months of inaction from UCG,aIA, I resigned May 30, 1997.

May 30, 1997 was a Friday, which never was a day of the week for Pentecost.  So not only does Ron revise his prophetic timelines, he also revises historical timelines to suit.

UPDATE: According to the UCG, Pentecost of 1997 was on June 15 — more than two weeks from the closest date given for the false prophet’s resignation.

Ron promises a new post on his blog proclaiming his apostleship, and two new interviews in the near future.  He’s back to claiming that interviews are training sessions for him, from his detour claiming that interviewers brow-beat him into specific prophecies during his first timeline.  Speaking of the sixth thunder, Weinland has been featured on

Ron claims that this blog and others like it that criticize him validate PKG as the true church, proof texting from Luke 17:37: “And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles [vultures] be gathered together.” Ron jokingly stated that he wished the Internet didn’t exist.  He asked why are there blogs criticizing him and not blogs criticizing other COG splinters, and then answered his own question: “They’re not as far out in left field as you, son (Weinland)”.  If this is reverse-psychology ploy to get me to stop, it’s not working.  If there were no blogs about Weinland there would be no mention of this verse and his misinterpretation of it.  I believe that Ron is actually tickled to have my blog critical of him, putting him in the same category with his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong who also has many websites critical of him.  Perhaps that’s why I still haven’t suffered a speedy death from the inside according to the curse Ron put on me 47 weeks ago.

Team Weinland

Awhile back, False Prophet Ronald Weinland promoted senior elder Terry Wrozek to evangelist, and at the same time promoted Johnny Harrell to senior evangelist over the other evangelists Terry and Wayne and all the elders.  At the time, the promotion of Harrell seemed to me to be counter-productive — should Ronnie end up taking an extended vacation as a guest of Club Fed, Laura could maintain control by dividing up the equally ranked evangelists and playing them off against one another, having them take turns delivering the sermons.

Since then, I’ve heard a sermon that gave me a new perspective on the issue.  In the sermon, Ronnie is discussing how some husbands are overly controlling and their wives don’t even know what’s in their bank account, because they’re not a team.  Then as an aside, Ron states: “she does my finances, thank God.  I learned very early on, I don’t want that job.  I’m very glad she has it.  She has talent in that area, I don’t.  I mess things up — I just want an overview.  That’s all I want to know — I’m happy”. Audio Clip

irscibadgeThe following is somewhat speculative and we may never know, since the IRS does not release the results of their investigations except as disclosed during a court trial or in court filings.  The IRS began its criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland last year, issuing administrative summonses during July of 2008 for financial records for Ron, Laura, and the Church of God.  According to court filings, at that time only Ron was a target of the investigation, so Laura would have been considered an “innocent spouse” who didn’t really know what was going on.  But who knows what the investigation has turned up?  Given that Laura handles Ron’s finances and is fully on his team, it may be that the target list of the investigation has expanded.

Maybe Laura wasn’t an investigation target then, or not understood by Weinland to be a target back in December when he ordained her as prophetess and placed just below him in authority over the rest of the Church of God – PKG.  And perhaps since then it has been recognized that she is a target, leading them to cook up Plan C which leaves Johnny in charge to keep things going and manage the millions of people who join PKG as the Great Tribulation develops while the Two Witnesses turn water into blood and call down plagues from their cells.   According to Ron, the decision to promote Johnny was agreed to by his other team member, prophetess and silent end-time witness Laura.

It’s now 16 months since the IRS issued administrative summonses for Weinland’s financial records.  With an average length for an IRS criminal investigation of 14 months, an end either way is likely in sight.  The Two Witnesses are planning to travel to Europe next week.  Likely they’ll be coming back to the US this time, but I’m beginning to wonder.  Lately, Ron has again mentioned plans to live in Germany.  Jeremy, how comfortable is your couch to sleep on?  You may be finding out soon.

They Followed

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati this weekend, back from his trip to Sin City last weekend. Ron announced that planning is underway for sites at which PKG members will gather and observe the Feast of Tabernacles next year.  The 2010 feast is the third after the 2007 feast, which was to have been the very last one at which people would assemble before Christ’s return.  Not only is PKG planning a feast at “Time” plus 3 Months into the shortened Great Tribulation, but PKG members are also to gather for the full 8 days (or actually all 7 days plus the Last Great Day) instead of the shortened 4 day event.  As the time to the return of Christ on May 27, 2012 grows shorter, the length of Feast observance grows longer despite the onset of the Great Tribulation.

sheep_off_cliffA larger-than-normal group was in attendance in Cincinnati, including some from states as far away as Florida and Kansas and also from Ontario. The big attraction was that Wayne and Chris Matthews from Australia were there.  Ron had his three evangelists (Wrozek, Harrell, and Matthews) stand up for the benefit of those who did not recognize them.  Then he turned the service over to Evangelist Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews to deliver the sermon.

Wayne’s sermon and this post have the same title. Based on his earlier sermons, I expected some irony from Wayne and was not disappointed. He was in full cheerleader mode, and talked about sheep in Australia.  “Sheep don’t think a lot” and travel in herds.  One sheep will act as a leader, and all the other sheep will follow in single file.  Given these qualities, if the leader sheep goes over the edge of a cliff, the others may follow.  Wayne is like the sheep on the bottom left corner of the photo.  If you’d like to hear Wayne’s routine for yourself, download the latest sermon from the PKG website audio page and listen beginning at 1 hour and 6 minutes into the file.  (If you download the file after the announcements are edited out this coming weekend, the section of interest will probably begin at around 58 minutes into the file.)

After his description of sheep, Wayne advocated following Weinland, who somehow after ?God? puts it in the mind is proven to be a true prophet of God. Thinking is too difficult for the sheep, but Ron can handle it. Wayne warned against following the voice of a stranger, which these days usually appears on the Internet. “Don’t click on that.”  He may have been referring to me, since prospective member Roger changed his mind about joining PKG after reading my blog and considering the lack of prophetic fulfillment from Ron, despite a personal meeting with Deputy Sheriff Wayne. Unfortunately, Roger has decided to follow David Pack who while craftier than Ron is no better in the end.

Just in case you missed the comment by Aggie for another post, the Sixth Thunder sounded this week.  The article “10 Failed Predictions” on includes a mention of Weinland, but he just barely made the cut at #10.

God’s Church Ministry, Fall 2008

According to God’s Church minister Ronald Weinland, the end times are upon us– again. His 2006 book “2008: God’s Final Witness” states that hundreds of millions of people will die, and by the end of 2006, “there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history. By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, and no longer exist as an independent nation.” As the book notes, “Ronald Weinland places his reputation on the line as the end-time prophet of God.”

We are now 47 weeks into the original Great Tribulation, and 7 weeks into the shortened Great Tribulation.  And I await my fate from the curse for a quick death from the inside that Ron issued against me 46 weeks ago.

The Great and Final

Let’s flash forward to the final week full in May of 2012 which is also the final week of Ron Weinland’s overlapping 1260-day and 980-day timelines.  The US has met its demise as the result of the first 4 trumpets and was taken over 9 months earlier by the European beast power in the Fifth Trumpet during August of 2011.  The Asiatic hordes have arisen and their 200-million-man army was mobilized and equipped in less than 140 days beginning in January of 2012 and is maneuvering against the European Beast’s army in the valley of Megiddo in northern Israel.

Note: all quotes below are from 2008 — God’s Final Witness or Prophesied End Time (PET) with the [page number] in brackets:

[129] The last great battle of mankind (described in Revelation and prophetically known as Armageddon) is the account of these two superpowers converging upon one another and the battle that ensues. This confrontation is inevitable. This time coincides with the very end of the three and one-half years of final end-time tribulation.  …. China and her allies will move against the United States of Europe. These superpowers will pursue a head-on confrontation of military might, since both will be reluctant to use any more nuclear weapons because of the enormous destruction already experienced.

Ron and Laura at some point finally got their witness powers and called down plagues and turned water into blood, garnering them the media attention they craved.  Also, a number of Ron’s critics died quickly, including bloggers Mike, Jack, and another who owns a cat with a prickly personality (but his cat survived).  Prior to the demise of the United States including the evil satanic IRS criminal investigators who were waging spiritual warfare against them, Ron and Laura went(fled) to Germany. Jeremy and Patricia moved to the couch so the two witnesses could have the big bed.  Ron’s followers in the US were happy to see the Great Tribulation finally arrive because they were having trouble making payments on all the stuff they purchased on a delayed payment plan, but they were sorry to see their spiritual idol leave.

The Beast Power manages to finally arrest Ron and Laura from within their midst in mid-May of 2012, freeing up the big bed for Jeremy and Patricia.  The Two Witnesses are taken to Jerusalem and forced to repeatedly watch videos of Rick Miller’s ideaCity performance until they die at sunrise on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.  Their bodies are thrown out on the streets and the media devotes all their airtime to video of their bodies even as the largest assembled armies in human history clash at nearby Megiddo.

[130] The day the Seventh Trumpet is blown will be the third and final “woe” upon the earth. But three and one-half days prior to this, God’s two witnesses will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. This event will lead to the first great event that will begin on that last day.

[22] These two prophets of God will complete the work that God has given them to do, then they will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Their bodies will remain in the streets of Jerusalem for three and one-half days while the world watches via television.

Three and one-half days later on the afternoon of May 26, the battle in the valley of Megiddo is about to be joined.  The Seventh Trumpet sounds at sundown on Saturday, May 26th.  Ron and Laura are resurrected and their bodies rise into the sky, tracked by the media cameras still focused on the story of Ron and Laura’s bodies despite the raging battle about to start only 50 miles north.  Ron and Laura arise along with the sealed PKG members converted to spirit beings and the rest of the 144,000 who are resurrected, they meet Jesus Christ who is making a UFO-like appearance in space.

[131] In the actual order of events for this last day, this will be the first event. The day will begin by the appearance, in the highest atmosphere of the earth, of a large area of dazzling light and a powerfully colorful display, which man has never witnessed before. It will be the physical appearance (manifestation) of the coming of Jesus Christ and the resurrection that will take place at this very time. All 144,000 people who have been trained throughout six millennia to be in God’s government (the first phase of the Kingdom of God) will be resurrected at the beginning of this day.
It will be at the time of the resurrection of these two witnesses (viewed by millions) that the 144,000 will be resurrected and given eternal life in spirit bodies.

[PET, 195] On the last day of the great tribulation, the 144,000 will be resurrected and return to earth with Christ.

The huge battle at Megiddo rages on even as the first six plagues of the Seventh Seal are thrown out on the earth.  As the blood runs deep in the valley, the battle is about to switch from conventional to “nukular”, but the armies finally take note of the six plagues and the UFO-like appearance of all the Elohims in the sky as the seventh plague is thrown down late in the afternoon of May 27, 2012. They cease fighting each other to face the new threat but it is too late.  Ron, Laura, Jesus Christ, and the 143,998 other Elohims land on the Mount of Olives and take over the world.

Let’s take a look at another couple of quotes from 2008 — God’s Final Witness:

[132, speaking of the Seventh Trumpet] In the first great event on the last day of the end-time tribulation, Jesus Christ will be in the heavens above the earth with the 144,000 who will be resurrected.

[9] These two witnesses of God, as recorded in the Book of Revelation, will do their work during the last three and one-half years of their lives, which is the same time period as the great and final tribulation that will come on the entire world.

I’m confused here.  Ron has made it clear that his job began at sundown in Jerusalem at the end of the sabbath of December 13, 2008. Since his witness gig lasts for exactly 1260 days, a number evenly divisible by 7, it ends at the end of the sabbath of May 26, 2012, which is the beginning of Pentecost, the resurrection of the 144,000, and the blowing of the Seventh Trumpet.  And these 1260 days coincide exactly with the Great (and final) Tribulation.  But then he says that the following day, May 27,  is the last day of end-time tribulation and furthermore  that it will be the greatest single day of destruction in all history.  So if the Great (and final) Tribulation ends on May 26, 2012, how can it be even worse on May 27?

‘Splain that, False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  Or do you need your Gap back?