IRS Criminal Investigation Seeks “A Little” Information

On August 10, 2009, an IRS Criminal Investigation special agent served COG-PKG’s bookkeeper with an administrative summons requiring her appearance before the IRS in Florence, KY on August 21, 2009 to give testimony to support the criminal investigation of False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  According to court filings associated with the summons, with direct quotes from the filings:

  • The IRS is “conducting a criminal investigation as to whether Ronald E. Weinland (“Weinland”) committed any offense under the Internal Revenue Code by willfully failing to report income earned during tax years 2004 through 2008.”
  • “Little is employed by the Church of God performing bookkeeping services and as a personal assistant to Weinland.”
  • “The information sought from Little by the summons is necessary to properly investigate whether Weinland committed an offense under the Internal Revenue Code for tax years 2004 through 2008.”
  • Restated: “The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether Weinland committed an offense under the Internal Revenue Code by willfully failing to report all of the income that he earned from the Church of God. [The IRS] is attempting to determine the amount of income Weinland earned from the records prepared by Little, who performs bookkeeping services for the Church of God.”

irscibadgeBefore her September, 2008 marriage to Christopher Little, Audra Little was known as Audra Weinland since she is the daughter of the Two Witnesses.  Apparently she inherited her mother’s financial management abilities and is also a member of Team Weinland as the church bookkeeper.  The summons was served on Audra at 11:05 AM on a Monday morning while she was at daddy’s house, suggesting that she is not otherwise employed apart from as bookkeeper and personal assistant to the Spokesman Witness.  Yet she is able to afford to buy a nice home in a nice neighborhood several miles away from daddy’s house.

On August 20, an attorney informed the IRS that he represented Audra Little, who would not be appearing the following day to testify, asserting unspecified constitutional rights/protections.  In response, the Tax Division of the US Department of Justice filed a motion on October 14 in federal court seeking to enforce the summons issued to Audra Little.  Administrative summonses are not self-enforcing as are subpoenas. Audra has been ordered to appear in federal court in Covington, KY before Judge Wehrman at 9:30 on November 19 for a hearing to determine whether she should be compelled to comply with the summons.

From the court calendar (Audra, tomorrow you should bring a book to read or some knitting since there are 5 other cases scheduled for the same time in the same courtroom):




Court Room: 3

Case Number: 2:09mc173 USA v. Little

Plaintiff: USA

Defendant: Audra Little

Type of Proceedings: Show Cause Hearing


Judge: JGW

CRT-RM Deputy: Stoneking

Court Reporter: Averdick


What constitutional right could Audra’s lawyer be talking about?  The only one I can think of is the fifth amendment right under the US Constitution against being compelled to be a witness against herself.  Which makes one wonder what criminal acts she could have committed. I believe that a fifth-amendment objection could be overcome if the DoJ decides to grant her immunity from prosecution. And a bit of Internet legal research suggests that assertion of fifth amendment rights may not apply under these circumstances anyway. But these legal theories or any other discussion on my blog should not be considered as legal advice since I am not a lawyer.  So maybe there’s another legal basis on which she could refuse to testify — anyone have any idea what that could be? But then again, maybe she’s just stalling the process to give the Great Tribulation time to materialize and shut down the IRS before it can finish its investigation.  Update: As described in my next post, my legal musings were pretty close.

The court filings from Weinland’s 2008 lawsuit against the government only revealed that Weinland was under criminal investigation for unspecified violations of the tax code. The latest court filings are more informative, confirming what I expected — that False Prophet Ronald Weinland is suspected of a legal-source tax crime, that of failing to report income legally earned (since being a false prophet and asking people to send you their life savings is unfortunately NOT illegal).  The court filings also show that the criminal investigation is continuing, and that the IRS has not dropped the investigation for lack of prosecution potential.  What really puzzles me is why tax year 2008 was added to the investigation.  Didn’t Ron realize that he could have gotten an extension for filing his 2008 taxes at least until October?  And that he couldn’t be investigated for tax year 2008 before he filed? Yet he must have filed his 2008 taxes by April 15 for tax year 2008 to appear on the summons issued in August.  Guess I shouldn’t expect too much logical thinking from Ron, given that he claims that he and his wife are the Two Witnesses and now also claims that he is an apostle.

Audra, since your daddy teaches that one should comply with the laws of civil government and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, then you’ve complied with the law and properly reported the income that the Church of God paid your daddy — right?  So why not just yield to the process like your daddy says, and get it over with?  Or is Daddy’s admonition to pay your taxes in the same category with his death curse issued 47 weeks ago for me to quickly die from the inside?

17 thoughts on “IRS Criminal Investigation Seeks “A Little” Information

  1. Mike
    If Audra and Ron (in cahoots?) willfully placed $$ in said Swiss bank accounts and did not inform Uncle Sam that said money was being placed there, and if the Fed can proove such, what is the percentage of cases like such that actually put the guilty offenders behind bars for any length of time?
    Any penalty by the IRS against Weinland would hurt financially but not put Ron in bad standing with the sheeples as he simply would not say anything and later attempt to make up some of the loss by pushing for additional funds be sent directly to him (i.e. don’t worry about the festivle 2010, just send the full 10% to me as I have had a shortfall and need to recover). But a jail sentance, actually behind bars in a penitentiary, would send a much louder message that the sheeples could not help but eventually notice… and hopefully wonder why God is allowing his Witness/Prophet/Apostle to be handled so roughly by mere humans when the Bible, and Ron, have noted that any who attempt to harm the Witness’s will be harmed in the exact same way they intended to harm Ron and laura (it is assumed that the Bible means that the Witness’s will not be harmed at all and the potential harmers will be so harmed).
    Ron behind bars? In freeing the shackled this might be a rather large piece of the key that will un-bind them…


  2. Ron was definitely involved with the Swiss bank accounts according to sermon statements, but I have no information as to who else may have signature authority over the account. As a reminder, it’s not illegal to have a Swiss bank account. What is illegal is failure to report your foreign accounts if the balance exceeds $10,000 at any time (which was the case with his accounts). I rather suspect that he did not report them as required by law but really don’t know for sure.

    If Ron is convicted, on average there’s about an 80% chance that he’ll spend time in jail. A hefty fine would be useful, because even if his followers paid it, it would be money not spent on selling Ron’s false prophecies.

    Last December, Ron talked about a boomerang effect — whatever someone tried to do against the two witnesses would be done against them. Yet the same IRS Special Agent has been on the case since the summer of 2008.

    I don’t know what Audra’s post-high-school education is. Anybody else know?


  3. This post made Dill Weed, Jr. say. “Meowsers!” Then, he went back to lazily flipping his tail and ignoring me, until lunch time that is. : )

    I think the IRS is more prone to fines and taking possession of property than it is too putting people in jail. Either would shake up the inner circle and news of it would leak out.

    It makes me wonder what Wayne Matthews and the Harrells think.

    Dill Weed


  4. Once the IRS makes a referral to the DoJ, it’s out of their hands. And if DoJ goes to the trouble of prosecuting the case, they’re going to push for jail time.

    What do Wayne and Johnny think? Very simple, 6 words: Whatever Ron tells them to think.


  5. Wouldn’t it be funny to think of Ron being a fellow jailmate’s bitch. Yep, nearly 7 foot tall, huge build, tatts all over and Ronnie boy having to follow him around everywhere – bible in one hand, with his blankie in the other, “God help me, I KNOW I am your Witness – where, oh where are my powers?”.


  6. “Wouldn’t it be funny to think of Ron being a fellow jailmate’s bitch”

    lol yes i hope so. He deserves it 100% from what i have learned about him. Maybe he will convert to Islam lol in there. Or maybe he will convert to the Aryan Brotherhood a notorious prison gang. Heck maybe if he is “Bubba’s” cell mate, he will become the local entertainment of inmates who have a feminine side and put pegs under their shirts to imitate breasts…he will perhaps wear make-up too….doesnt want bubba to lose interest.

    Reap it Ronnie, reap it


  7. Good sleuthing. I bet Weinland is anxiously awaiting the results of this. If he has nothing to hide, then he wouldn’t be compelling his daughter to keep quiet. Maybe the whole family will be convicted. Wouldn’t that be a great way this con ends!


  8. Graham,

    You are so right.

    But in this case, I would think (at least hope) that Ron’s people, at some point, would then begin to question “Why isn’t Ron calling on his Witness Powers”.

    On the other hand, if Ron did become, uhmmm….someone’s “property”, shall we say; well that would tell all.


  9. I would hope that a lot of his membership would start to question Ron if he did go to jail, but by now all of this is SO engrained in their everyday life that I don’t think it will end for them until Ron either:-

    1. Ron quits (even then they will find it hard to stop believing).
    2. Ron dies

    Sometimes I wonder if Ron will actually admit he is wrong about being the witness but saying someone else (ie. Matthews/Harrell) is in fact the witness.

    God, there are so many avenues for the monster to take – so many ways he can retain power.

    To me now, out of all the relegious cons, this HAS to be the most obvious to the outside observor, but to the members, they have to now PURPOSELY and WILLFULLY ignore all EVIDENCE that Ron is wrong – and they are doing that very nicely.

    I no longer believe they are victims – but as Dr Phil would say, they are getting a pay off somehow, as they CHOOSE to keep believing.

    Sick, sick, sick (lol).


  10. It is like anything…when the leader is gone, the sheep lose their strength in the majority of cases. This is a fact and thus the majority of Weinland’s followers will leave him if he went to prison….I would say at least 60% will leave….hopefully higher…as time goes on it will likely be 80%.
    Another interesting note is that the surname “Weinland” sounds German….and strangely so does the Judge “Wehrman” in this court case…dunno if it means anythin but I find it interesting lol


  11. I haven’t been able to find anywhere in the Bible that says that Jesus was thrown in prison. Even at the end, he was put on trial as soon as he was apprehended.

    If Ron is convicted and sentenced to prison, he probably will be sent to a low/minimum security facility like Ashland, so he probably won’t end up as someone’s bitch. Maybe he’ll start a new church while in prison. His followers who shrug off the lack of fulfilled prophecies and the lack of any exhibition of witness powers would probably be able to shrug off his being harmed by being imprisoned.

    Prison could actually save Ron’s life. After all, if he’s in prison on May 23, 2012 it will be hard for the beast power to kill him in the streets of Jerusalem.


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