The Logic of Wayne’s World

Wayne Matthews
Wayne Matthews

On October 7, Evangelist/Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews gave the daily feast sermon in Rye, Victoria, Australia (near Melbourne).  (MP3 Download, right-click then save-as, or download Oct 7 sermon from this page) .  Wayne did not let on as to whether or not he’s found employment to replace that which he gave up early in 2008 to become one of Weinland’s hand-picked evangelists.  After all, back then it didn’t matter since no one would have jobs within a few months anyway.

Wayne talked about the tremendous growth of PKG in Australia since the 4 or 5 who were members several years ago.  He probably is referring to Peter Kay and his wife (since deceased) and Peter’s daughter Sharon and a couple of others.  I get the sense that there are several times that number in Australia now but probably not more than the 3 dozen or so members of this time last year.  Of the various provinces, there are only 4 members in Queensland (which is 5 times the size of Texas) which is fewer than last year, and still none from South Australia.

Beginning around 25 minutes into the sermon MP3 file, Wayne goes into a comedy routine.  First he proves that the Church of God – PKG is the true church because (1) it has “Church of God” in its name and (2) it has either an apostle or a prophet, well actually two prophets.  Flurry would qualify except that he rebelled against Joe Tkach — but somehow it was OK when Ron rebelled against Joe just a few years later.

He followed this “logic” by discussing the illogic of astrologers and soothsayers, and then described an episode of “Deal or No Deal” in which none of the astrologer/soothsayer contestants got it right, when some of them should have got it right just by chance.

Let’s compare that to Ron Weinland who has prophesied many things, of which only one has come true (sort of) — the economy.  Never mind that he’s prophesied the imminent collapse of the economy for years, and the economy while suffering has not collapsed.

Let me offer that my church is the true church.  The No Flavor Aid Church of God has “God” in its name, it’s led by a prophet (yours truly) whose prophecy actually came true, and who did not rebel against Joe Tkach.  This prophet has revealed new truth, which is that your living expenses (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical) are not regarded as “increase” and are not subject to tithing.  But your disposable income is subject to tithing, so send it in. 🙂

Wayne is scheduled to deliver the weekly sermon this coming Saturday.  I wonder if he’ll deliver more gems such as this one or if he’ll deliver yet more “different thinking” as he did during the Days of Unleavened Bread.