Tevet 20, 5770

Today marks the end of the second 19-year time cycle since the end of Herbert Armstrong’s two prophetic 19-year time cycles.  January 7, 1934 was the first of Herbie’s radio broadcasts.  January 7, 1953 was his first broadcast in Europe at the end of HWA’s first 19-year time cycle.  The end of the second 19-year time cycle, January 7, 1972, was to mark the beginning of the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation leading to the return of Jesus Christ on Trumpets of 1975.  Each of these January 7’s was Tevet 20 on the Jewish calendar, but this year Tevet 20 is today, January 6, 38 years later on the Jewish holy calendar.  While the sun, moon, and earth are supposedly on a perfect 19-year time cycle, Wikipedia explains that while that’s pretty close there’s actually a two-hour difference.

When the Great Tribulation did not manifest in 1972 and the Worldwide Church of God did not flee to Petra, Herbert Armstrong back-pedaled in a “personal” in his “Tomorrow’s World” publication, claiming that he was not a prophet.  The evidence contradicts this as indicated on this website with over 200 prophecies by Armstrong and his minions.  The book “Matches in the Gas Tank” also says differently. As described in that book, Herbert Armstrong spoke on the Feast of Trumpets 1967, and opened with:

Herbert W. Armstrong walked to the podium and stood before the mike. He was middle-aged, prosperously rotund, and clothed in a fine wool suit. His full gray hair was combed straight back; his cold stare pierced rimless glasses. His bearing was regal; he radiated authority. His voice exuded charisma: a beautiful baritone with the timbre of a finely-tuned instrument. Each word was delivered with absolute conviction because, as he told us, God had given him extraordinary intelligence and speaking ability so he could serve as His emissary on earth.

Eight years from today, Jesus Christ will return,” Mr. Armstrong thundered, holding his Bible in the air.

Jesus Christ did not return 8 years later, on Trumpets of 1975.  Despite his claim that he was not a prophet, Herbert Armstrong continued to issue prophecies that turned out to be false. Herbert Armstrong claimed to be God’s apostle speaking in his name, and issued prophecies. To claim that Herbie was not a prophet is just so much jailhouse lawyering. Try this one on the judge: stick up a 7-11 and when you get caught, base your defense on “I didn’t claim to be an armed robber”.

This is year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.  Herbie and his wannabee imitators use the Jewish calendar to set the days on which to observe the Holy days.  Weinland emphasizes this in his 20th “Truth”. Yet despite their claims that God allotted 6000 years for mankind to figure it out on our own, False Prophet Ronald Weinland claims that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent despite 230 years remaining according to the Jewish calendar.  Pentecost of 2012 will be pretty much the same as Trumpets of 1975.  Ron has a lot of revisions left to accomplish.


13 thoughts on “Tevet 20, 5770

  1. Now, I see where he gets it from. I don’t know how strongly HWA tied himself to that date but it can’t any more binding than Ron has tied himself to May 2012, that and the whole Two Witness thing and all his other titles will just make him look that much more foolish when it becomes apparent that he is wrong again.

    Hat tip to you, Mike for creating a record that will pursue ole Ron for the rest of his life.

    Dill Weed


  2. The trail of truth just keeps a-going and Mike is busy paving it with facts and mortaring it with compassion.
    Ron and his cronies are a-movin pretty fast now grabbing titles out of thin air, creating semi-thought out scripture, and keeping the money belt a running at double speed!
    Poor ol Herbie is now only a “type” now, lost his title as his true and faithful follower saw a chance to advance into the lime-light when Herb died… Whom will Ron displace next? Aint Ron the be-all end-all now! I thought ol John was quick impressive in the Bible, now it seems he has been fully eclipsed by the Ronster… Childish, very childish.


  3. “Herbert W. Armstrong walked to the podium and stood before the mike. He was middle-aged……….His bearing was regal; he radiated authority. His voice exuded charisma: a beautiful baritone with the timbre of a finely-tuned instrument……etc. etc.”
    (sound effects of smooching, smacking, etc. need to be added here)

    This sycophantic, fawning, and idolizing of a man, which was so typical of Herbert’s minions, makes me sick, when I think of the damage to peoples lives brought on by the religious deception that this man perpetrated.

    And no doubt, a lot of the same goes on in RW’s church, only on a much smaller scale, which makes it pathetic.

    I know, I know, someone may be thinking “Why doesn’t he say what he really feels”.

    Had to get that off my chest.

    Dill Weed mentioned in a prior comment, that Rons’ people “are lined up for feeling special, then (wait for it), disappointment.”

    And, boy oh boy, when that disappointment comes, I’ve got to admit, even though it sounds terrible to say it, it’s going to be interesting.


  4. It’s about time someone published the 230 years to go theory which demolishes the COG’s 6000 years is up bs.

    Good journalism, Mike.


  5. Look at the title.

    Interestingly enough, my family was sucked into the cult in ’76. The first time I ever heard of ’75 in Prophecy, was in 2006. The ministers always made a big deal about emphasizing the point that “we never set dates brethren”. I’m not the only one of my generation who has similar memories: Click here to read quotes from others who were born into the church around the time of “Tribulation”, and you will see it was a repeating theme.


  6. Regarding 230 to go: I’ve always wondered why I never heard a minister explain that.

    I would think that the Jewish accounting of the 6000 year time line would be one of the most credible, for those who believe it.

    And yet I don’t recall a minister ever giving a good explanation of that. They would always just say, “the end is soon, in just a few years”, and would never explain why the COG accounting of time didn’t match up with what the Jews had to say about it.


  7. I guess I’ve exposed myself as a dinosaur. I grew up hearing all about the 19-year time cycles in sermons. I figured that a few of the CoG blogs would take note of the 4th 19-year cycle on Thursday, but it seems that it doesn’t have that much meaning to most. I don’t recall even that Ron has talked about it.


  8. I remember Ron talking about 19 year time cycles, but I can’t remember in what respect. I know he also spoke generally about cycles too, but I definitely remember he mentioned the 19 year cycle. Bugger, I wish I could remember……..


  9. Y’all remember all the hairy crud we would be fed about this or that other thing coming from paganism? Like, Christmas trees were a pagan thing, and therefore they are evil incarnate and a sure tool for demon possession. (I exaggerate a tad, but you get the point.)

    Well, I’ve recently read that when you take Stonehenge, and all of the little stones and wooden posts in the area around it, the thing was an accurate calculator and calendar for a great number of things, not the least of which were both the lunar and solar calendars. And it kept track of the 19-year cycles that (more or less) unified the two. And it was one of many such ancient structures.

    Now, I ask, was or was not Stonehengs a pagan thing? By Marduk’s curly beard it was! Ergo, 19-year time cycles is a pagan tradition going so far back it isn’t funny. Even the Babylonians tracked 19-year time cycles. How, then, can Herbert Armstrong be doing anything other than perpetrating one of the largest double standards since the ban on modern medicine (which he regularly violated)?


  10. SO, let’s take a roundup of how many people ad-man Armstrong swiped his theology from:

    – Church of God/Adventism (millennium, kingdom, false prophecy, inerrancy)
    – Judaism (holy days and festivals, albeit perverted and subverted to his own tithes-increasing needs)
    – Mormons (god family, chosen elect of god, “true” world history)
    – Catholics (papal infallibility)
    – and now PAGANS.

    AHAHAHAHAHA the rabbit hole never ends!!


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