Wonderful News

xHWA over at As Bereans Did is reporting that one of his relatives who was in PKG has escaped Ron’s clutches.  While I won’t say too much in order to respect the privacy of his relative, I will say that this individual is not one of the recent converts brought in by Ron’s apocalyptic Google Ad campaign for his book, but rather has been a member for several years.

I won’t attempt to describe how happy he is about this news, click on over and read for yourself.  And if you are this person, congratulations on your escape.  Hopefully the aftermath will be easy for you — feel free to jump in and join the conversation if you like.


10 thoughts on “Wonderful News

  1. To xHWA’s relative, who has made their escape from Ron Weinland. Cheers for you!!

    And I hope that you will take Mike DDTFA’s invitation to come onto this forum and tell your story.


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