False Prophet Ronald Weinland stated that he has cut back on advertising. Quantcast and Alexa, two websites that track Internet traffic to websites, agree with that statement.

quantcast1001This graph of traffic to the-end.com goes back nearly 3 years.  Right after the Feast of Tabernacles in 2007, Ron began spending increasing amounts of money on Google advertising, resulting in a significant increase of traffic early in 2008 based on various apocalyptic key words.  The advertising budget was cut after the failure of the first timeline and the announcement of the 50th truth.  Keyword advertising on Google and Yahoo rebegan with the second timeline in October of 2008.

alexa1001This graph of web traffic to the-end.com from Alexa goes back only two years and is consistent with a bit more detail.  The sharp drop-off in traffic early in 2009 coincides with the 2-day fast at the end of January last year during which PKG members were to pray for an increase in the Thunders to humble people.   It also shows the traffic dropped of dramatically just before the Feast of Tabernacles last year and then picked up again right after.  Ron stated that he was going to leverage the apocalyptic movie “2012” that was released back in November, and traffic did increase about that time but has tapered off.

keyword2012This graph from Google Trends shows the search for the keyword “2012”.  Searches increased just prior to the release of the movie but have tapered off since, similar to the drop-off in traffic to the-end.com.  It appears that this keyword has been removed from their ad program as searches on “2012” no longer serve up a sponsored link.

The reduced traffic to the-end.com will result in fewer people willing to ignore the lack of evidence and join Ron’s church.  It seems that Ron was able to handle most of the baptisms as he traveled around the country, so I’m not sure what his current flock of elders do.  Questions to an elder are likely to be referred to the FAQ page on the church website, and failing that to Ron himself.  After the first rush of excitement of the 59 new ordainees and their trip to Cincinnati next month, how are they going to handle the lack of opportunity to practice their new eldering skills?

Ron is dangling the carrot that hordes of people will be drawn to his church when the great tribulation finally hits.  But he was claiming as far back as 2004 that disasters would make advertising unnecessary. And they’re still waiting.

15 thoughts on “2012

  1. I was a-wonderin too… If Ron is ordaining so many but no one is coming then what will the new elders then do?
    I thought at the time that it was a dual ploy, 1) ordain many to give them a “hype” and keep their spirits up!, 2) ordain many to make it that much harder for them to detangle their lives from PKG as the Ron-Statements keep failing (as they have done for some time and will continue to do).
    Ron, IMO, knows there will not be hundreds of thousands (although he has secret hopes I’m sure) of new recruits will come knocking on his door.
    But with the “g”reat Tribulation marching ever forward in time and nothing happening (things have even got better over time) then Ron much be pro-active in keeping his meal ticket stick harnessed and producing $$. So, just give out some titles, harness the women that he has ignored so long, make a big ta-do about it and that will hopefully keep the rank and file continuing to be the rank and file.
    But what will the rank and file think of their new shiney titles some 3 months from now… not used. Ones name on a shiney name plate at a big company does wonders for ones ego, but when the desk is empty of work and no one comes to you then the despair of the real situation comes to bear.
    Ron is scrambling for ploys to keep his flock with him, but what a depressing road his is marching them down.
    Go figure?


  2. Mike, great reseaerch on these graphs. All these new elders and nothing to do–oh my! How many more smoke screens and names he pulls out of a hat can he come up with?


  3. It’s a shame. I’m sure Weinland will cite the recent Haiti earthquake as being part of the Tribulation gearing up this Saturday. The people will buy it.


  4. I expect J is correct. The Insane Liar will probably triumphantly trumpet the Second Thunder this Saturday. Probably will also buy Google keywords for “earthquake” and “Haiti”.


  5. JB, I imagine Ron is working overtime (when he’s not reading my blog) inventing new doctrine and assigning new titles to himself. He probably will be Melchizadek next.

    There were somewhere around 300 members at the 2007 FOT most of whom would be eligible per his latest stated criteria to be ordained. But somewhere around 80 or 90 of them are already ordained with this wave of ordinations. I imagine he’ll stretch the next waves into the fall. He likes to make big announcements for the Last Great Day sermon, so he’s really desperate using them all up now.


  6. Yes, ol ronnie will probably use the Haiti earthquake – and once again ignore to mention that all this was meant to escalate in AMERICA ‘first and foremost’.

    Oh well…….


  7. Remember Kirrily, Weinland can twist his words to suit whatever purpose he has. Haiti is part of North America, so his “prophecy” is still intact.


  8. I also think he will cite Haiti. Never let a good crisis go to waste. But I was under the impression that the thunders were supposed to be 1) against America/”modern Israel” first, and 2) spiritual.
    This very physical earthquake in Haiti, which is clearly not modern Israel by any Anglo-Israelite standard, is NEAR the U.S., but it isn’t the U.S. Are we to believe that the Witness/prophet/Apostle/Elijah/Zerubbabel has called down a thunder, but MISSED? Does he have bad aim?

    About his next title..
    Melchizedek is a possibility. I am wondering if he’ll eventually claim Jesus Christ was a type of himself.
    Ron might personally fulfill the second coming!


  9. So, this earthquake in Haiti, is a manifestation of the Second Thunder, right ?

    Ron said that these thunders will serve to prove the validity of what he has written and has been saying is true.

    As we watch the news, we see that this earthquake is horrible.

    But as far as I can see, I don’t think there’s anybody on the world scene, who is making a connection between this quake and Ron Weinland, as any kind of proof, or validity of what he has said in his crazy little book.


  10. Good point RK. Not only are those on the world scene not aware of Ron-of-many-titles, but anyone who interviewed him has long ago forgotten him, or if they remember him at all it has to do with “nukular” explosions in US port cities. Same for his appearance at ideaCity.


  11. I think we should all say a prayer for the poor people of Haiti -and hope their suffering is eased as quickly as possible.
    Times like this will show how the world can unite to help people -for those in the PFJ that are celebrating -you are sick ! sick sick !


  12. Has anyone heard Ron say anything about 2009 having no hurricanes making land in America at all? I was just quote-mining through “2008 God’s Final Witness” and I see page 4 is filled with references to named storms. No one has heard mention of the lack of any hurricane destruction, though?


  13. Here’s the quote on p.4 that I’m referring to:
    “From another perspective, the average number of named storms in any season is 10, but in 2005 there were 26. The average number of hurricanes is 6, but 2005 had 14. The average number of major hurricanes is 2, but 2005 had 7.”
    -Zerubbabel Weinland

    OK. So compare that to what Wikipedia sez about 2009:
    “The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was below average in activity, with a total of nine named storms and three hurricanes. For the first time since 2006, no storm brought hurricane force winds to the United States, and only four storms made landfall anywhere at tropical storm force.”

    And if you really want something to chew on, read what Wiki-wiki-wiki-pedia sez about 2006… one year after the highly ballyhooed 2005:
    “The 2006 Atlantic hurricane season officially ran from June 1 to November 30, 2006. It was significantly less active than the previous season, was the first since 2001 in which no hurricanes made landfall in the United States, and was the first since 1994 that no tropical cyclones formed during October.
    Following the intense activity of 2005, forecasters predicted that the 2006 season would be only slightly less active”

    I know of one “forecaster” that predicted it would be intensely MORE active!
    How’s that curse coming along, Mike?


  14. Well, here we are, in 2011, January 7 & still things are showing signs of improvement. Unemployment is starting to go down, new hires are showing up. Businesses that were on the verge of closeing or have closed are now reopening & calling their “former” employees back to work & even hireing new workers in some areas. So, What happened to all of the “economic collapses” going on? During the year of 2010, no “magor” storms or other “catastrophic Disasters” have happened to the North American continent, (Yet). Also, no one has yet to take a shot at any “high ranking officials” in our Government. So, what happened to all of those “predictions” you made about 2008 Ron? I too have a copy of the book (“2008—God’s Final Witness”) & there’s plenty of words in it that say that the United States of America was soon going to “suffer great loss” & that it was going to cease to exist as a Sovereign nation. And, as for he being “one of the 2 witnesses” mentioned in the book of “Revelation” (Chpt. 11:3-13), well have we seen anybody going about the earth breathing fire? Hmmm. . . . How ’bout that Ron? No “tormenting” from you yet? Yes some things are going on in certain areas as far as the weather is concerned, but not to the “extremes” as discribed in “Revelation” 11:6.


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