Weinland’s Second Thunder Two Years Later

It was two years ago as of yesterday when I started blogging about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  My first post about him at my former Blogspot site was about the Second Thunder: Earthquakes.  Being two years later, I think it’s worth taking another look at the earthquake situation.

On page 96 of “2008: God’s Final Witness”, Weinland stated:

The greatest destruction and loss of life from earthquakes is the direct result of collapsing buildings or the power unleashed in the form of a tsunami. Volcanoes are also associated with earthquakes. All these things will continue to wreak havoc on man and nature in an ever increasing magnitude as we approach the very end of this age.

All Seven Thunders will increase in power and recognition over the next two years (from the date of the first printing of this book) and on into the final three and one-half years of great tribulation. The Seven Thunders will serve as a powerful witness that the words of this book are true, and that they are from the God of Abraham, the Father of Jesus Christ.

Using the method described in the earlier blog post, I created graph of earthquake activity over the last 9 years from the US Geological Survey online database. The chart shows a dot for each earthquake by magnitude and date.  I’ve also indicated with a line when Weinland’s book was published in November of 2006.  This chart includes the entire period of Weinland’s Sixth Seal which began on 9/11/01 and ended twice, the first time on March 18, 2008 and the second time on November 14, 2008.


A magnitude 6 earthquake causes no damage except to poorly constructed buildings. A change of 1 on the scale is actually a 32x change in earthquake energy.

If earthquakes had increased in power and recognition during the two years following the publication of Weinland’s fictional work, there would be an increasing density of dots on the chart in 2007 and 2008 above magnitude 6.  And this increasing density would have begun shortly after 9/11.

usregionOn page 199 of his book, Weinland wrote:

The reason this book and The Prophesied End-Time have so much to say about specific events that will take place in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and much of western Europe is that these nations are very specifically identified as the descendents of those lost ten tribes of Israel! End-time events focus first on the demise of these nations over the next couple of years. These events have everything to do with knowing the true God of Abraham.

So I used the USGS Rectangular Earthquake Search page which allows gathering data from a subset of the earthquakes limited to a geographic area.  I generated data on a rectangular grid which encompasses the 48 continuous states of the US and portions of Canada as well. The chart below is the result.  Since the data set for this region is smaller, Excel was able to handle a data set including quakes of magnitudes as low as 4.


There is no pattern of an increasing magnitude or density of dots for 2007 and 2008 reflecting increased earthquake activity in the US bringing about its demise.  Furthermore, the reason the scale on the second chart stops at 8 is that there were no quakes exceeding that magnitude in this region of the world since 2001, unlike the rest of the world.  A large number of earthquakes in the 7 to 8 magnitude range would have been adequate to make this a loud thunder, but there weren’t any, not even one, in that range during 2007, 2008, or 2009.

I’ve analyzed these two charts from another perspective, creating a “loudness” graph for the second thunder.  On the graph, an earthquake creates an uptick in the chart according to it’s magnitude, and then decays over time, halving over a roughly two week period.  The function is constructed such that a second earthquake soon after the first will add to its decaying echo, so two earthquakes of equal intensity on the same day would register the same as a single earthquake twice as strong.

The next graph shows what the intensity of the second thunder was like on a global basis.  The second thunder did not increase in power and recognition during the two years following the publication of Ron’s book, but rather decreased.


Since Ron claimed that end time events were to focus on modern-day Israel, I ran the earthquake data for the US region through the same function.  Again, the second thunder did not increase in power and recognition in the two years of 2007 and 2008 following the publication of Ron’s book, but rather decreased.


To the Weinland apologists out there, before you point out that the 2nd thunder has increased over the past few months, point out an example where a prophet of God prophesied falsely, and then later on prophesied correctly.  Even if tomorrow, the “big one” happens both in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, with major earthquakes in Seattle, Juneau, and along the New Madrid fault, it would not suddenly prove that Weinland is one of the Two Witnesses.  I imagine that some other false prophet would get “lucky”, since there are always false prophets making predictions.

Weinland protests that his books are fully accurate, its prophecies just hasn’t happened yet.  Yet on page 4 of his book, he states:

The proof of the validity of my first book, and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.

And also on the same page, referring to interviews for his first book which started in 2004 (Weinland started writing his last book during the fall of 2005):

What we have witnessed since those interviews a year ago will only increase in magnitude and frequency until we come to the last and final stage.

However, it seems that PKG members can’t remember any further back than the last sermon.  Look again and see whether the earthquakes he was talking about only increased in magnitude in frequency, or ever decreased.  The same with hurricanes.  Ron mentions 26 named storms including 14 hurricanes during the 2005 season.   So each year since had more than that number, and more than the year before?  Did any year since have more than the year of 2005?

A prime example of PKG thinking is “Dominic”, a self-described 23-year-old recent convert who did some drive-by commenting in reply to my last blog post. He claims that Ron and Laura took him and his daughter to lunch, probably with the other dozen PKG members in attendance while in in Phoenix last weekend. We’ll see how soon it is before one of the elders who reads my blog brings him up short for “entertaining demons” and puts him back in his cage.

The prospect of spending eternity with this maniac sounds more like being in hell than in heaven, to use the vernacular (yeah, yeah, I know you don’t believe in those concepts of traditional Christianity, but if you can get past that, maybe you’ll get my point). Given that, I’ll take my chances with the Great White Throne, thank you very much, and would rather take a long walk on a short plank into the lake of fire right behind Aggie than to spend it with Ronnie and his crowd. I do believe that Dominic learned his humility from the master at it, Ronnie boy himself.  After all, his comments were essentially parroting of Ronnie’s nonsense.  Another example of PKG thinking is on this post by PKG wannabee Aaron Robinson.


38 thoughts on “Weinland’s Second Thunder Two Years Later

  1. i bet ol rw is wishing he didn’t write those books to read “exactly how it’s written in these books”

    Yep, he declared himself completely false. Not to mention he said it to thousands of people on the radio with McConnel.

    But the sheep still follow. Sad really.


  2. There is no way anyone can misunderstand your post above. You did an excellent job, Mike. And you put a lot of time and energy into your expose. You have proven Ron to be a false prophet over and over and over again, yet PKGers dismiss all the evidence. I hope sincerely that someday their eyes will be opened as Kirrily’s eyes were opened, and they will finally see the truth.


  3. The truth of the matter is, Ron Weinland made some outlandish claims a couple of years ago. They didn’t happen as he described them. He won’t admit his utter and complete failings in this area. Whatever sincerely delusional beliefs he might have had back then, it plainly has evolved into pure deception. He has failed the litmus test of a prophet by all accounts yet he still has a handful of devout followers willingly living in denial. I dare say some of his followers won’t be able to handle the cold dose of reality when it finally hits them.


  4. “Given that, I’ll take my chances with the Great White Throne, thank you very much, and would rather take a long walk on a short plank into the lake of fire right behind Aggie than to spend it with Ronnie and his crowd.”

    Or any of the other CoG false prophets. Including Herbie himself….


  5. It’s great to see that on a graph Mike, so interesting. Just like the stock markets, there are times of increase and decrease in ‘activity’ (or buyers and sellers).

    If a load of massive earthquakes started occuring, I would never believe Ron again – EVER. But I would wonder what was going on ….. but I have already decided I will NEVER listen to another ‘prophet’ again (I guess unless the real witnesses turn up and things starting happening EXACTLY as they predict).

    I agree with Dill and many others here, that IF the Witnesses really did show up, we would know about it – they’d be all over the TV etc – they would be hard to miss.

    Ron keeps conveniently changing everything, upon each and every failure.

    Because the ‘TRUTHS’ got many of us into COG (for me it was, all the truths in GTA’s group got me first – it was like my eyes were opened for the very first time) is now another thing that still holds people in PKG I believe. (Remember, my first marriage was to a pentecostal pastors son, so my finding GTA COG was the nail in my first marriages coffin – that’s how much I believed in the ‘Truths’).

    Let’s say for arguments sake, that ALL the ‘Truths’ are actually true and from God (and again Dominic, RW is not the only group who has these ‘truths’) – Ron Weinland is in fact MOCKING GOD by putting himself in a position that he doesn’t belong – therefore harming the ACTUAL TRUTHS (as many PKG people who have left, also left the ‘truths’ in heartbreak as well).

    People have lumped the ‘truths’ in the same boat as Ron Weinland – therefore they believe the ‘truths’ are FALSE AS WELL AS RON WEINLAND TOO.

    You see, EVERYONE I told about RW and the coming ‘end’, also knew I kept the Sabbath, Holy Days, ate clean foods etc etc etc. When they too waited in April 08, and again in Dec 08, watching me store food, buy warm clothes, tell them off occasionally for their blindness etc (geez, how they put up with me I don’t know, I really don’t) – ALL THOSE PEOPLE NOW BELIEVE ALL THE ‘TRUTHS’ ARE BULLSHIT RIGHT ALONG WITH RON. I know for a fact Wayne Matthews told at least his boss all this too (and his kids), when he quit his job, his boss told him he felt sorry for Wayne that he was caught up in this cult, and he was brain washed. Wayne’s reply? His brain was being washed by the Holy Spirit. Wayne’s boss and kids would’ve been watching too, in April 08 and December 08 – nothing happened.

    Followers seem to forget that Ron has said it was time for God to reveal Himself to the WORLD – well the people I told were in the world, everyone else in PKG told people in the WORLD – we not only shared with the WORLD Ron’s predictions, but the TRUTHS we held so dear, told them how christmas and easter were pagan, sabbath was beautiful, the Feast was better than any christsmas and we SOOOOOO looked forward to the Feast (I miss the Feast). Again THE WORLD has lumped the ‘Truths’ in with the 2 timeline failures in the one boat – and BOTH ARE FALSE.

    Mal, Dominic, see the damage Weinland is doing? (again, for the sake of argument we’ll say the ‘truths’ are in fact true).

    The day I left PKG, I STILL BELIEVED ALL THE TRUTHS – Except only ONE – That Ron was God’s Final Witness.

    I’ve said this before, but now I believe that God exists and that’s it – I’m too tired after all this experience to believe anything else right now.

    I look at the beautiful world around me, and know there must be a God….. but I sure don’t get him at all. And do you know what? I think I prefer it that way. I can’t wait to meet him one day so I can get it. Until then, I know that I won’t.

    On a lighter note, I have 30 cans of Turkey Spam left from the first Tribulation, it tastes TERRIBLE, but luckily my dog likes it so it won’t go to waste 🙂


  6. Turkey Spam… the lasting legacy of Ronald Weinland. LOL.
    You should save two cans and use them as bookends for Ron’s books. Let it be a lasting reminder.


  7. Turkey Spam – yikes! God at least provided manna… Kirrily, I’m glad you brought up the fact that it’s not necessary to throw out your belief in God just because you got hooked and crooked by a false prophet. Someone like that shouldn’t be allowed to have that much power over you. Sadly, though, some do allow people like that to take everything: their faith (in God and humanity), peace of mind, joy – I’m always glad when I see an ex-cult member loving the taste of free air and putting behind them memories of life in the prison cell of the cult.

    I completely agree that if the biblical prophecies in Revelation were being fulfilled, it would be obvious to everyone. If you have to spend alot of time looking up statistics to TRY to justify believing they’re happening – something’s wrong.


  8. But wait! Didn’t Ron basically tell the faithful that his book was (essentially) bullshit to confuse “the world”?

    How do you hold someone to their words, when they’ve admitted that their world were a big fat lie?

    More to the point, how do you continue to follow someone like this?


  9. Lol!! Turkey indeed!!! I wonder how many cans Wayne has left….. I remember they stored up heaps of chocolate too, as did I (and marshmellows) …. after the first and then second timline failures, it were these stores i devoured first, lol!!! (then had to hit the gym big time!!!)

    The 50 packets of asprin just expired too…. D’oh!!!


  10. Mike, you should pursue a career in journalism. I am amazed at the consistently high standard of your material, and the lenghts you go to to keep everything fair and honest. Kudos!

    As we get closer to 2012, there wil undoubtedly be some major events for Ron to latch on to. There will be some war, there will be hurricanes, earthquakes, snowstorms – just like there are every year. Some may even be more (or less) than ususal. This summer is predicted to be the warmest and nicest we have seen for years here in Ireland. Maybe we can tie that to some obscure reference in the bible if we tried.

    Does anyone want to start a little betting book? Everyone ante up 2 cans of turkey spam, and predict when Ron will move out the 2012 date. He will have to at one stage, but when exactly? I will keep the book – whoever ends up being closest wins, and gets to send them all to Ron with our compliments. Try to buy the cans now, so their use-by date is as close to pentecost 2012 as possible.


  11. I think the only danger from 2012 is due to the fact that people are anticipating somethin and anxious perhaps…atleast in their subconcious…not from rons prophecies (as hardly anyone has heard of him) but from all the television programmes that are hypin it (mayan prophecy etc) for a good story to talk about….the only threat is from people panicking because they don’t know any better from experiences (as they are too young perhaps) of countless other “date predictions” …and all over nothin…worst case scenario people will riot in isolated city areas and the numerous cults out there that believe somethin big will happen…they “may” have a plan to “make” somethin happen but only on a most likely amateurish scale….who knows..but it won’t be anythin like RW is sayin…in other words, nothin to worry about 🙂


  12. 2012 will only be an issue if the media continues to make it an issue. If we get another big sex scandal, natural disaster, act of terrorism, or some other major distraction going on around that time, it’ll be a noticeable as a fart in a windstorm.


  13. Ther fact of the matter is, if it all DOES come down the pike like apocalyptics yearn it to be, then so be it. No manner of fear can scare me into any organization of MAN to save my ugly skin. Bring it on, get it over with already. Hence my screenname, whatmeworry!


  14. “I remember they stored up heaps of chocolate too, as did I (and marshmellows)

    I’m sorry, but in what universe are marshmallows KOSHER?!?! When I was a kid, we had to search all over God’s green earth, just to find the KLP/KSP/whatever the hell it was brand of marshmallows, that was the ONLY brand of marshmallows made from beef tallow!


  15. Oh no, I must add marshmallows to my sinning of eating jelly – looks like I would have burned anyway!!! Geez, everyone in cog should undertake a food science degree to ensure mistakes like marshmallow and jelly consumption NEVER happen again – after all, salvation is on the line!!!!!


    Rum and Vodka is cool though hey ….


  16. Oh – My – Gosh! Kosher marshmallows? & Kosher Jelly? You’re kidding, right? LOL! That’s hilarious! Thanks for that laugh of the day!


  17. Oh yeah! That’s right, Angel. When I was in the old wcg (starting in 1968 mind you) we were not allowed to eat anything with gelatin in it because the gelatin was from pork usually, unless it was KNOX gelatin, which was from beef. Yes, kosher, kosher, kosher. There was a brand name we looked for, um….I’m trying to think what it was….Oh yeah….Parave. That meant Kosher. If it said Parave on it, then it meant it had no pork, that I remember anyway.

    It’s funny. I just had a discussion with a friend of mine today about cooking pork. I told her that I spent many years from 1968 to 1996 or so (it was hard to break the paradigm) not eating pork, so I never learned how to cook it. I told her that I would like to learn how to cook pork chops and pork cutlets, etc. I know how to cook bacon (nice and crisp) and sausage (nice and brown/black) but the other stuff I need some help on. Anybody got any good recipes? Hee hee.


  18. Atrocious,

    Obviously the most important thing is to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly; there are often cooking instructions on the meat packaging that tell you how long/what temperature to cook it per/lb. It’s actually pretty easy; have you ever tried pork loin? It’s yummy!


  19. Talking of Weindland’s thunders etc, I was reading some Stats the other day that reveals Australia is the LEAST religious country in the ENTIRE world …… I wonder if that is why they call us the Lucky Country?? Can’t get much more peaceful than here in Australia. Wonder if the two issues are related?? I think they are……


  20. You mean that kangaroo and croc don’t taste like chicken? :-D. I’ll take your word for it — double yuk. And when it comes to seafood with exoskeletons (shrimp, crab, lobster), triple yuck. It’s not religious, I just never grew up eating it, and it all looks like insects.

    I hadn’t heard that about Australia. Still, I understand that Brian Tamiki or whatever his name is managed to export his nonsense from New Zealand, and then there’s Wayne Matthews. Exceptions prove the rule?


  21. Thanks Angel. I’ll have to look into pork loin too. Kirrily, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Oz and it makes me want to move there. But I don’t think I could ever get used to driving on the wrong…er…left side of the road 😉 or summer being in the winter months and winter being in the summer months. Peaceful, ay? Maybe someday I can visit your country.


  22. Kirrily,

    I never thought about eating kangaroo; never had croc, but I live in the South (U.S.) so I’ve had alligator. Don’t like fish, but Gulf shrimp and crab are good; I’m in California right now, so I get lobster tacos, they’re the bomb!

    Saw some kangaroos and koalas at the L.A. Zoo a couple of weeks ago; y’all don’t eat koalas, do you?


  23. Lol, no, not Koalas!! Kangaroo’s in Australia are the leanest known red meat, and in over abundance here. They destroy crops and are regularly culled. We could never eat Koalas though!! Aboriginies might eat them, I’m not sure.


  24. Wait i did see some “thunders” in the icelandic volcano on CNN the other day……..along with lightning…proof ron is true!


  25. I particularly appreciate Mike’s graph after reading the stats Aaron provided on his website; Aaron listed a boatload of stats that made my eyes glaze over – the visual of the graph is so much easier to look at and understand!


  26. Apart from the reference to Mister Rogers, what really impressed me about Aaron’s post was this:

    “Staggeringly, 1/3 of the wealth of this World was lost in this massive global economic recession, which rings loudly for the 1/3 of the trees being burnt on up as Mr. Weinland said that the trees also have to do with money because money is said to come from trees.”


  27. “There was a brand name we looked for, um….I’m trying to think what it was….Oh yeah….Parave. That meant Kosher. If it said Parave on it, then it meant it had no pork, that I remember anyway.”

    And Campfire marshmallows, Manischevitz matzos, etcetera, and any grocery run was guaranteed to last at least an hour longer than it should have, because you were so busy reading ingredients lists. Eating out, you had to spend at LEAST a 1/2 hour scrutinizing the menu in any restaurant you ate at, to determine which was the “kosher” choice, as well as interrogating/lecturing the server to be sure that kosher food was served…not to mention being repulsed by the smell of cooking pork/shellfish/etc. (Although the shellfish still makes me queasy, that’s because I’m allergic to it, not because it’s unclean.) In the mid-80s, north of the 49th, there was also a resurgence of believe in not mixing materials, i.e., everything had to be 100% cotton/wool/etc. as well. A lot of families were so broke, the women made all the clothes anyway, so that was fairly easy to implement. Oh, and I remember, there was a rule (along with the hair/skirt lengths) that women’s blouses/shirts had to button up one way, and men’s shirts had to button up the other (the plackets had to be reversed), but I forget which way it was now….Blue jeans (denim pants) were considered for “labourers” and only meant to be worn if you were engaging in dirty physical labour. And women weren’t allowed to wear pants at all!

    “I told her that I would like to learn how to cook pork chops and pork cutlets, etc. I know how to cook bacon (nice and crisp) and sausage (nice and brown/black) but the other stuff I need some help on. Anybody got any good recipes? Hee hee.”

    Chops are best on the barbecue; low heat, long cooking time, plenty of basting. Cutlets are best when baked, either in a ragu sauce, or a white sauce, whichever you prefer; both can be fried, but it’s best to fry them from fresh, NOT frozen; otherwise they will be tough. Simmering the cutlets with onions and pepper is good, too, and you can make a gravy out of the resultant drippings that’s pretty passable, if you season it correctly. Rice pilaf is the traditional (North American) side dish, but riced potatoes are good too, and usually the vegetable is some form of boiled green (Swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, etcetera.), or corn niblets/creamed corn. Speaking of corn, peameal bacon is my preferred bacon; haven’t had any in a while, I must pick up a pack next time I am grocery-shopping. Pork loin is not hard to go wrong with, if you can cook a tender roast, it’s the same principle, long on low heat, lots of liquid, covered to keep the juices in and the meat tender.

    Damn. Now I’m hungry. 😉

    As for wild meat, give me a good rabbit supper any day…now where did I put that bottled rabbit…..Aggie mutters, leaving the computer to go off in search of food…..


  28. All this talk of pork………..don’t forget the old fashioned pig roast. That’s outside with beer and a washtub full of boiling water and corn on the cob. Who hasn’t heard of a pig roast and bon fire?


  29. Had roast pig at a luau in Hawaii – wonderful! And I absolutely love pork bbq’d “al pastor” which I first had in Mexico. Couldn’t tell you how they make either one of those, though.


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