Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

It seems that the second thunder (volcano in Iceland) has abated sufficiently to allow False Prophet Ronald Weinland to fly across the Atlantic to make his scheduled appearances in the Netherlands this weekend. Ron made no mention of the bonus un-numbered thunder (Gulf oil spill). Ron gave associate elder Edwin Van Horne and elder Gijs Van Lerberghe a chance to shine in the opening and closing prayers.  He also gave Ken Zitt in Cincinnati a reminder to turn off his cell phone.

Greg Chipps is still ungaoled and has set up a special website for PKG members to register for the feast site they’d like to attend. Between now and then, Ron will state a few more times that he doesn’t know whether they’ll have a feast this year before they have a feast this year. Evangelists Terry Wrozek and Johnny Harrell have their assignments: it’s Terry’s turn to go to Hawaii while Johnny goes to Europe.

Ralph Dowd is appointed as the 7th senior elder in PKG, the “traveling senior elder”. Ralph follows Ron about quite a bit and is in the Netherlands this weekend. Another individual who has been following Ron about quite a bit is Matt from Hawaii who is also in the Netherlands this weekend — maybe if Matt keeps it up he will be a senior elder too. Ralph actually has the longest tenure of Ron’s elders, having been ordained August 30, 1986 as a local church elder before the breakup of WCG. Ralph’s son Ed is the UCG minister in Wichita KS and as such is scheduled to die in the next two years before Christ’s return since he hasn’t repented and acknowledged Ron as the End-Time Witness and Elijah.

Ron took a good deal of the sermon to read from an email exchange he had with a Jew about the observance of Passover, seems that his correspondent has been published. Ron quoted himself from the email exchange describing his fantasy of what will happen in two years. (Brief audio clip, link for the flash-impaired browsers, otherwise just press the play button if you see one).

He had this to say about how to respond to those who criticize you: (Brief audio clip, link for the flash-impaired browsers).
For anyone who can’t see the irony in this statement, compare it to the audio clips from last week’s sermon.