It’s Mathematically Possible

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the UK this weekend, having his stalwart elder Phillip Burman (former friend of Benjamin) give the opening prayer.  William Milne gave the closing prayer, Ron having learned to pronounce his name correctly instead of like “Mill-Knee”.

Ron is still experimenting with some kind of sound amplification.  Not that he needs it given the size of the groups before which he speaks.  He spent a minute at the beginning adjusting the volume to get rid of an echo.

Ron stated that the ten commandments were given to Moses on Pentecost.  I missed that one when forced to attend the Worldwide Church of God.  From a quick bit of googling, a number of non-Armstrongite religions believe that also, despite the lack of explicit statement of this in the Bible.

According to Ron, no one has Godly love who is not a member of PKG.  PKG members are to treasure fellowship, but not on Facebook.

He loathes murmuring, like people did against Herbert Armstrong who built an expensive auditorium just as the Great Tribulation did not begin in 1972 — an auditorium dedicated to the great God which is now in the hands of Traditional Christianity.

Although the thunders are increasing mightily (the rest of us just can’t see it), Ron continues to delay expectations for the onset of the Great Tribulation.  It’s mathematically possible that there will be a Feast of Tabernacles next year.  Back on Oct 10 during his Last Great Day sermon, the latest that Europe could arise is late August of next year.  He reiterated that in his sermon of Oct 24 (mp3 clip).  So PKG will be able to have an organized feast after the US is devastated to the point that the Germans have conquered us?  I suppose it’s possible — after all, here I am still alive and mocking 75 weeks after Ron cursed me with a speedy death.