Satan Is Not a Happy Camper

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Warrenton, Missouri this weekend.  Warrenton is between St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri and is where his elder Dee lives.  Despite Dee being the probable hostess for the out-of-towners, the local elders with male plumbing (Shawn and Sam) got to give the prayers and Sam did a better job than during the last visit.

Ron announced that his elder (and wife of senior elder Jim Jamieson) Tina has experienced liver failure.  I lost a co-worker to liver failure after a transplant was rejected, and like Tina was also in his 50’s.  Hopefully Tina’s situation will resolve better.

This was part 2 of his “More Time” sermon series.  It promises to be a long series, with Ron still dangling a carrot as yet undelivered.  Probably yet another straw wrested from Stong’s Concordance and the calendar.  During yesterday’s sermon, Ron revisited his timeline (the current one, his second revised) starting with Christmas of 2007, Feast of Trumpets of 2008 being 280 days later, etc, etc.  He also reviewed the lead-up to the timelines beginning with the opening of the 6th seal on 9/11 and writing his two books, including his heart attack suffered in August of 2005 while pulling weeds from a ditch at his mansion on the golf course. Also one of his Mediterranean cruises back in 2003.  He did not revisit how it was that he can to be a prophet beginning in 1997.

During the sermon yesterday I was preached at twice, receiving this email:

Do you believe there will be two end-time prophets that God will raise up in these last days.It speaks of them in the book of Malachi 4:5.It is said that one will be Elijah and the other Melchizedek.As I begin to read about the so called Prophet Ronald Weinland on your blog I decided to send you this e-mail.I don’t know who  they will be but I do know that I am an end-time Apostle/Prophet of Christ sent by God.I think you want to meet me and hear what I have to say .In the first 15 pages of Ronald Weinland book 2008 there is one thing that I know is true.There is a Prophet that have and record events that will take place and visions given to him by God.Mighty things God have shown him.He is being taught at this time and being prepared to go forth and speak God’s word .The end is near and so is Jesus Christ return.

Well, Alvin, if you are a “Prophet of Christ sent by God”, how about some proof?  Give us a prophecy, specific and useful.  How about some winning lottery numbers?  In the meantime, you should learn some grammar or gather some acolytes who will edit your writings for you, as Larry Spivey does for Ron.