Ron’s Sermon From James

Within the last few days, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted a PDF transcript of the first sermon of his “More Time” series which he delivered on June 26 in Toronto (just over a year after having fled from the ideaCity event after warning the audience of the first trumpet and the soon-to-manifest second trumpet).  Ron spent the last part of his June 26 sermon prophesying from the headlines, and the PDF of the sermon has links to various websites for the articles he referenced including mainstream news sources. Then he started quoting stories from sites like World Nut Daily, and wound up his sermon going overtime to read from an article entitled “Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment”  written by a Dr. James P. Wickstrom.  My antenna went up when I noticed the article was linked from

"Dr." James WickstromIn the article, Dr. Wickstrom refers to unnamed experts who claim the oil in the BP well is under immense pressure, creating a sandblasting effect on the well head plumbing.  On his blog, Wickstrom highlights Richard Hoagland’s (yet another nut featured often on woo-woo talk radio) claim that the oil will erupt and create a tsunami devastating the Gulf states and possibly requiring that Ron evacuate his mansion on the golf course in northern Kentucky.

Wickstrom’s name sounded familiar to me, and I did a bit of Googling.  Sure enough, I found that, as I remembered, Wickstrom is a far-right extremist and Christian Identity minister.  His doctorate is in literature and without seeing his diploma I would expect that it is either self-awarded or printed off by a diploma mill. On a more personal note, Wickstrom had some influence on a cousin who later joined a cult which ended horribly.  But then Herbert Armstrong also had some influence on my cousin.

At this point, most of us are cautiously optimistic that BP’s current attempt at capping off the oil flow will be successful.  When it comes to the Spokesman Witness, I’m confident that he will grasp more and more straws from any quarter to keep his false prophecies alive for his followers.