Ron’s Sermon From James

Within the last few days, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted a PDF transcript of the first sermon of his “More Time” series which he delivered on June 26 in Toronto (just over a year after having fled from the ideaCity event after warning the audience of the first trumpet and the soon-to-manifest second trumpet).  Ron spent the last part of his June 26 sermon prophesying from the headlines, and the PDF of the sermon has links to various websites for the articles he referenced including mainstream news sources. Then he started quoting stories from sites like World Nut Daily, and wound up his sermon going overtime to read from an article entitled “Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment”  written by a Dr. James P. Wickstrom.  My antenna went up when I noticed the article was linked from

"Dr." James WickstromIn the article, Dr. Wickstrom refers to unnamed experts who claim the oil in the BP well is under immense pressure, creating a sandblasting effect on the well head plumbing.  On his blog, Wickstrom highlights Richard Hoagland’s (yet another nut featured often on woo-woo talk radio) claim that the oil will erupt and create a tsunami devastating the Gulf states and possibly requiring that Ron evacuate his mansion on the golf course in northern Kentucky.

Wickstrom’s name sounded familiar to me, and I did a bit of Googling.  Sure enough, I found that, as I remembered, Wickstrom is a far-right extremist and Christian Identity minister.  His doctorate is in literature and without seeing his diploma I would expect that it is either self-awarded or printed off by a diploma mill. On a more personal note, Wickstrom had some influence on a cousin who later joined a cult which ended horribly.  But then Herbert Armstrong also had some influence on my cousin.

At this point, most of us are cautiously optimistic that BP’s current attempt at capping off the oil flow will be successful.  When it comes to the Spokesman Witness, I’m confident that he will grasp more and more straws from any quarter to keep his false prophecies alive for his followers.

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  1. V-E-R-Y Interesting – I wondered when Ronnie would be writing another book – since GFW 2008 was such a big failure –

    This looks like a “chapter” to me 🙂

    How he has changed his tune – So strongly before his reasoning was the Seals, Thunders, Trumpets etc were to bring people to repentance

    I may have missed that part, but in my quick read I saw nothing there of that kind at all

    He conveniently skirts around the deaths that he prophesied

    Such an EGO – he is patting himself on the back for his speech @ Idea City – he tucked tail & ran like a coward

    There were other speakers who presented ideas that may not have been embraced by the attendees – they stayed around and engaged on a human level

    That would be too low for the Great Ronald – I could list all his titles – but can’t be bothered – besides it would be too many strokes for his EGO

    Must go back to work – Deb 🙂


  2. Good point; most of us that understand we’re going to have to keep living on this earth, with no supernatural intervention available to us, want this BP problem solved ASAP. The rest of the self-loathing people wish nothing but a colossal failure that will “prove” their moldy old prophecies are legit.

    Which begs the question, are the X-COGs guilty of Schadenfreude of the highest order?


  3. “Then he started quoting stories from sites like World Nut Daily”

    Very interesting that Ron visits this website because this will tell ya where he most likely gets his ideas from (or “prophecies” as he deceptively calls them). I say this because a few years ago i used to visit this website and it constantly had headlines about how the muslims have nukes hidden in american cities and were just waiting for the go ahead to detonate. This according to Ron is the second trumpet as far as i know (or atleast thats what he told us in 2008 about the nukes going off in ports etc). Most of what ron says comes from books, websites, futurists etc, not from god…in fact i would not be surprised atall if Ron is an avid listener of Gerald celente (google him if you don’t know who he is) who has been saying for a while that the economy is going to collapse starting in 2008…interesting similarities to Rons so called “prophecies”. I heard Celente talking on the news channel Russia Today a few times (he must be a regular on it) and they were talkin about his past predictions etc and his current ones…they are very similar to what Ron talks about all the time…just like world net daily website. Ron is a deceiver looking after number 1.


  4. Ron’s world of make believe:

    “Prophecy is the proof of divine revelation! If One, in the Bible, speaking and claiming to be God, can make prophecies and tell what is going to happen in the future to nations, to cities, to empires, then if it actually happens in every case, and without a miss, you’ll know that was a real God speaking.

    But, if it were some person writing this, some human mortal writing in ignorance, groping in superstition, making great boasts, and claiming that he could foretell what was going to happen to proud cities, to nations, to great empires, and then it never happens, you know that that man was merely writing make- believe out of his own imagination. (“Prophecy is the PROOF of God,” The Proof of the Bible, Herbert W. Armstrong, 1958)”


  5. Ron is supporting the writings of Wickerstrom, because in turn it backs up his own fairy tales, who in turn likes to pose in front of Nazi / Neo-Nazi memorabilia?
    Correct me if I’m making an error, but all of the old testimate, which Ron uses the rules thereof to define how his church works, was written by the Jews who are regarded, in the same book that Ron uses so lovingly, to as Gods Chosen People. So Ron by using the rules of conduct from the Old Testimate is associating with the Jews and then uses material by a Neo-Nazi to further prove his goals?
    Is there contradiction in the air or am I just seeing things?

    On another note the gulf oil pipe was capped yesterday by BP. Capped. Their is new footage of the cap in clear water. Capped. Stopped. Ended.
    Uh… how ironic that Ron would take so long to really write in depth how this could not happen, according to his Neo-Nazi associates that he quotes, and when he does it is capped several days later out of the months that it was an ongoing debacle.

    Go figure?


  6. Through a strange series of events, I happened across this video about “Seventh-Day Adventism – The Spirit Behind the Church”:

    Part 1 focuses on Ellen G White. While I watched part 1 (I haven’t watched the other parts) I kept thinking “This sounds eerily familiar to me.” Suddenly it dawned on me that Ron Weinland is the reincarnation of Ellen G White. I shall call him Ron “Ellen G” Weinland.

    As for World Net Daily, it’s founder, Joseph Farah, is now a Sabbatarian convert. 😦


  7. When God actually talks to a prophet, that prophet can than share what he hears. I am refering to an actual prophet. Perhaps we have not had a true prophet since before God sent his son. Gods presence is always with us and he can do wonderful things. People like Ron who claim to be prophets and proclaim to talk to God to prophetize are false and in it for pure personal gains. What is so sad is that people actually believe and follow. I suppose that is why God warned of these false prophets in the bible. If only everyone would read the bible with fresh eyes!


  8. Wickstrom is the man.He calls out THE JEW for what it is-the killer of Christ,the raiser of rents,the denier of a fair rate of interest on savings,the employer of illegal aliens.Does anything more need to be said about these non humans?


  9. Tom – your comment is inaccurate and demonstrates your small – mindedness

    According to ‘the bible’ the Romans pronounced the death penalty –

    As far as the rest of your rant – those activities are not limited, but are paracticed
    by all people no matter what race, creed or religion

    Let him without sin cast the first stone –


  10. “So Ron by using the rules of conduct from the Old Testament is associating with the Jews and then uses material by a Neo-Nazi to further prove his goals?
    Is there contradiction in the air or am I just seeing things?”

    To be fair, in the Worldwide Church of God, there was precedent for just this sort of cognitive dissonance.

    It’s hard to tell, from just listening to the piano introduction, but if you keep listening past that, it’s pretty clear where the melody came from. (I can’t find the choral version of Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken anywhere on the Net; not even the pro-WCG sites have it; why is that, I wonder? Oh, that’s right, because it’s ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL, that’s why.) 😯

    I agree with Debbie, but Tom’s rantings are unfortunately typical of professing Christendom, in this day and age, and is what spurs on Christian Identity and White Supremacy groups; silly Christians; the Romans killed your dying-rising-sungod — and then they “resurrected” him back to life, as the Roman Catholic Church, from which your church is descended.

    That’s right! You may say you’re the White Power Protestants and always have been, but go far back enough in your “ecclesiastical history”, and it all traces directly back to the Dagon-hat. Although, to be fair, that Beast Power is looking decidedly anaemic, at the moment….


  11. I had it set to allow 3 links.

    Let’s not overdramatize. The melody was written in the 1800 by Haydn long before Hitler was born. The melody was used for other sets of lyrics, including the German National Anthem. No Jews mentioned there. And the Nazi Anthem used this melody, but even those lyrics do not mention Jews.


  12. As per the info provided to me by the anonymous source, the melody was used for the Nazi party anthem, in 1922….So, by 1934, when the church really started gearing up in earnest, it’s possible (just barely) that it being early days yet, Dwight and Herbie didn’t think using a melody that was also being used for the Nazi party anthem, would have been a problem, when they instituted the “grey (Radio Church of God) hymnal”.

    By the time of the writing of the 1974 purple (Worldwide Church of God) hymnal came around, however, there is absolutely no excuse, for them to have continued to include the hymn, and the frequent singing of it, knowing where the melody came from, and what uses it was put to, in WWII.

    Then again, we all know Herbie had two copies of Mein Kampf, and it was recommended reading to AC students. So, like I said, there is precedent for the church being tantamount to Messianic Jews who are supportive of White Supremacy, in the WCG. Weinland isn’t “off the beaten track” at all, with that.


  13. Aggie, you said the song was anti-semitic. (Actually, you said it much stronger). I pointed out that is not the case, the song doesn’t mention any Jews.


  14. If you wanna talk about Zionist jews…they are among if the “the” most racist people on the planet. Read the Talmud for example


  15. Sorry a typo…i meant to say…If you wanna talk about Zionist jews…they are among if not “the” most racist people on the planet. Read the Talmud for example


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