Believe or Leave

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Los Angeles this weekend. He announced that his associate elders Willy Doemeland and Tina Jamieson are recovering from their ailments. Ron did not return to Cincinnati from his gig in Portland last week because it was too arduous to travel across 3 time zones. At 61 years of age he’s no spring chicken. Ron imported his traveling senior elder Ralph Dowd and his senior evangelist Johnny to give the prayers. Perhaps the PKGers aren’t traveling as much as they used to as he mentioned only one other out-of-stater in attendance.

This was the wrap-up to his “More Time” sermon series. I guess he’s anxious to get back to his series on tithing. He reviewed the quarterly report and has disfellowshipped some who stopped tithing. How dare they rob Ron God? Also, it’s getting back to him that some are murmuring about him being a false prophet and he wants to get rid of them. He also made an indirect reference to Ananias.

Ron revisited some of his old themes, particular the one about his Red Sea moments — his metaphor for being in a hard place with no place to go, like the Israelites at the banks of the Red Seawith the Egyptian army in pursuit. Ron went through the story of Gideon’s army of 300 and his “running down the hill” distortion. One that I don’t recall him mentioning for some time is his prophecy from several years ago that his church will get 3000 more members from “the scattering”, which is those who were baptized members of WCG when Joe Tkach Sr. opened the first seal on December 17, 1994.

Ron is looking forward to gaining 3000 more members. The members have the Feast of Tabernacles to look forward to at which Ron will deliver 2 more “truths”, bringing the total up to 55. I’m looking forward to the IRS moving their investigation forward, and perhaps they are. Ron talked about a stirred-up demonic world, which recently has been references to the IRS investigation – the last time they were stirred up was when his daughter and church bookkeeper was served with an IRS summons.