Clarion Call Dave

I’d like to bring your attention to a new blog that has a similar topic as this one.  SplinterSurfer grew up in Gerald Six-Pack Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG.  According to him, he has been a member of CoGs led by some but not all of the men whose pictures adorn the banner of his blog.  One of those pictures should be familiar to readers of this blog, but from my reading I don’t get the impression that SplinterSurfer was ever a PKG member.

SplinterSurfer has guest posts from two who were members of Dave Pack’s Restored CoG.  Dave Pack is yet another claimant to Herbert Armstrong’s mantle, going so far as to claim being personally trained by Herbie for the last 15 years of his life.  Like Ron, Dave also claims to be an Apostle.  Pack had one of his acolytes write a biography of him which is liberally sprinkled with material quoted from Apostle Dave.  Here is one such excerpt from Pack’s biography

In early 1997, the United Church of God pastor in Toledo, Ohio, broke away from that organization and formed his own. The man was relatively young in the ministry, dating back to about 1987 or so.

He had become disenchanted with United. Soon after he left, some of the people who left with him shortly after came with Global. They kept contact with certain friends and, after a time, he wanted to meet with me, and invited me to his area to speak.

I drove to Toledo, thinking there was some possibility he wanted to come with Global, or was at least exploring the idea. It became apparent that this was not on his mind, but not right away. Neither was it on the minds of any of the people with him. This was actually good because I did not any longer know how to represent Global in such matters. He was at that point no better or worse off had he been with United or gone with Global.

We met for dinner on one other occasion. I also stayed with him at his house. He seemed like a nice person, just very confused about what he had experienced in both the WCG and UCG. He was disillusioned with all forms of church government, including what Mr. Armstrong taught.

Eventually it became apparent that he was not going to do anything other than his own thing. I watched—up close and personal—as this tragically inexperienced and unsound man literally melted down. Today, he believes that he is one of the Two Witnesses, and if this is not bad enough, he has appointed his wife to be the other.

Of course, the man is simply a false prophet. He would be one of a number that the apostasy would produce. Watching these men sort of ‘pop up’ here and there, as well as watching the kind of people who went with them was its own extraordinary coursework for me. I would later see this coursework as being even more valuable.

Talk about black pots and kettles!!!  In November of 2007, Pack asserted in the Clarion Call sermon that the end was so close that his members should “get those assets and get them here“.   (Sermon summary with transcript, or you can listen to the sermon starting at one hour and 13 minutes into the file and the following several minutes and get the gist quite quickly: 7 MB Real Audio or 47 MB MP3)  He went on to suggest that his members should ride roughshod over any objections from unconverted mates (“Woman, you don’t have a voice here”).

So Dave doesn’t think too much of the Spokesman Witness.  But Ron doesn’t think too much of Clarion Call Dave, as Dave is one of the five CoG leaders who he prophesied would die early on as part of the Fifth Thunder to prove that Ron is God’s prophet.  Dave returned the favor, suggesting that Ron should be put to death.

Dave did get one fact wrong.  Weinland started off earlier in the ministry than 1987, being ordained as a local elder in 1981 and then going into the full time ministry for WCG in 1982.  That factoid is available in Ron’s biography, which wasn’t self-commissioned like Dave’s  — that biography is on this website, just click the “Biography” link up on the banner of this blog.

Dave lives near Cleveland and Ron started his false prophesying while living in Toledo.  What’s in the water in Ohio?  Ron and Dave share more than pastoral backgrounds in WCG. Each, as head of his own CoGlet, recognized Herbie’s teaching that he who controls the money controls the church. Dave’s daughter Jennifer is the accountant for the Restored Church of God, and Ron’s daughter Audra, about 2 1/2 years older, is the bookkeeper for PKG. I wonder if Dave, like Ron, has an IRS criminal investigation for tax evasion. Just think about the possibilities: if they ended up sharing a jail cell would both emerge alive? Probably so, as they would just pronounce death curses on the other and given that I’ve survived one issued over a year and a half go, nothing would come of that.

14 thoughts on “Clarion Call Dave

  1. What’s in the water in Ohio? Lake Erie cannot be explained, only experienced.

    Seriously, it probably has more to due with the long winters and the large number of overcast days. Everybody up there suffers from white light deprivation most of the year.


  2. Yeah, Ohio (especially Toledo) was home to quite a few mentally-off-balance people. I was there for quite awhile before I headed for other places. I don’t think it was the water; I think it was the fish in the water. Mercury poisoning…. Just kidding on that one. 🙂

    It’s amazing how all these cog leaders do not see themselves in their accusations. I just shake my head.


  3. Mike is correct, I have never been a member of the PKG. I only know one good friend who has been and I am currently trying to get her to write a guest blog on the subject. It is amazing to see the similarities between Pack and Weinland. These two seem to be virtual clones of each other.


  4. Atrocious, speaking of: did you ever meet David Ben Ariel (Hoover)?

    I would be very interested to read a post from Surfer’s ex-PKG-member friend about her experiences, and any insight into someone who claims to be a biblical character.


  5. Yes, Mike. I knew David Hoover personally before he became Ben Ariel. He seemed a bit eccentric even then, even though I, too, was brainwashed. He was more of an acquaintance than a friend. Just another droid in the church.


  6. He’s delusional. They all are. Whenever they raise themselves up in the ranks of god-dom, they are delusional. Sick. Sick in the head. Crazy as a loon. I’ve already ranted a hundred times – no sense in doing it again. LOL


  7. Doubt Ben Ariel was ever in a fraternity. IIRC, he was in some Israeli communes until they kicked him out of the country. Perhaps he reminded the Israeli authorities of another Herbie follower, one Denis Michael Rohan.


  8. It’s been told to me that some PKG members have some special ideas that Ron may not agree with. It appears to me that they can all get along with Ron so long as they don’t discuss them with Ron. And since Ron doesn’t have sermons on topics other than his false prophecies, there are no conflicts there and the false prophecies satisfy their desires along those lines.

    There are inter-racial couples in PKG, but that might not be an impediment for those such as the woman you mention if she had gone to PKG instead. The PKG membership is all so spread out and in the past few years they don’t even get together all at the same feast site.


  9. Faith can be a dangerous thing. It can set you free, or it can destroy everyone and everything around you.

    Kinda like alcoholism.


  10. Dave Pack was an over opinionated, loose cannon from day one. As he grew in power in the WCG, he became a liability, being shuffled from one church area to another. He was single handedly responsible for dozens of members leaving the WCG in the Buffalo, NY area, then moved to the NYC metropolitan area again and wreaked havoc there, dividing and conquering. He should have been slapped down back in the 70’s so what do you expect from him now? Meglomaniacs run rampant in the COG’s, nothing new.


  11. The only WCG minister that I actually read making such blazon calls for other peoples money was Ron, until I read this one.
    Woof, the man is plain old insane in the membrain!
    Bald face pleading for other people to cash in thier life savings, stocks, retirements, equities etc… to give to him for him to do with as he pleases.
    Ron did it to. Is it some kind of race or something, one minster hears of another taking the title of “Apsotle” and then they all do it. One hears of another false minister begging for huge amounts of cash and then they all do it?

    Some peoples security blankets come at a very high cost, I wonder if it’s actually worth it to them or they simply live in fear because they don’t know any other life style?

    Go figure?


  12. Sadly Whisper, Dave and Ron are far from being the only two to take names for themselves or ask for copious amounts of money. One of six-pack Gerry’s sermons convinced my grandparents to send him a massive check that could have bought them a really nice brand new car. And yet here my grandparents are, driving around in the same aging vehicle they’d had for almost a dozen years. These ministers all have a way of making good and honest people feel like they are doing the right thing when in reality they are padding their own bank accounts or feeding their egos through building projects or living it up via numerous cruise trips. Even United which looks like the least evil of them all still pushes pretty hard for tithing when I’m just not convinced it was intended for gentiles. Try telling them that though, you’d be out on your a**


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