Ron Can’t Wait

False Prophet Ronald Weinland battled the Internet yesterday while in Minneapolis, with the streaming audio feed disconnecting numerous times.  Evangelist Terry Wrozek and Senior Elder Ann Wrozek were also in attendance.  This afternoon he travels to Wisconsin to meet with the deluded faithful in that state. Laura is looking forward to baptizing a new acolyte while there.  Wonder if that could be one of the fence sitters on this blog.

Last week ended his “More Time” sermon series, and this weekend he resumed the interrupted sermon series on a subject near and dear to his heart: tithing.  When I was required to warm the hard metal folding chairs as a child growing up in a household led by a parent drinking Herbert Armstrong’s Flavor Aid, there were three tithes that had to be paid.  The first tithe was 10% of gross pay (before taxes) to be sent to Herbie to spend as he saw fit.  During the 1979 receivership crisis, checks were made payable to Herbert Armstrong a corporation sole rather than his church.  A second 10% of gross pay was to be saved to attend the church’s holy days, but 10% of that (a “Tithe of the Tithe or 1% of gross income) was to be sent to the church to finance the feast sites, as not much of the first tithe was left over after Herbie put aviation fuel in his Gulfstream jet and paid for silver ice buckets.  The feast of tabernacles was the WCG equivalent of Christmas for kids — for other kids, anyway.  My parent scrimped so that he could turn over yet more excess second tithe to Herbie.  On top of that, on two years out of seven a third tithe was to be paid.  The third tithe supposedly was to be used to support widows and other needy people, but rumor has it that it was used for other purposes, like sending the ministry to the feast as they were not required to save second tithe.

Ron read from his FAQ section, and a number of changes have been made, reducing the requirements:

  • First tithe has been changed so that it’s computed on the net after taxes.  Additionally Ron has stated that tithing is not required on commuting expenses.  (Which Ron doesn’t have since he works at home).
  • No tithe of the tithe is taken from second tithe.
  • Third tithe is not required, as this is covered by social programs from the taxes you pay.

Additionally, students and retirees are not required to pay taxes on their income.

Ron is having trouble restraining himself from revealing the “new truths” he has lined up to reveal during the Feast of Tabernacles this year.  But he is restraining himself from sending second tithe assistance to those who have not saved second tithe as they are instructed on the FAQ pages on the website.  Ignorance is no excuse, and they are to repent for disobeying God’s laws.  Nevermind that any teaching of doctrines during sermons is largely incidental so that Ron can blather about his prophecies and other topics. Of which “other topics” have mostly used up his sermons since he spends less time talking about prophecies.  Even when he mentioned this fall’s feast during yesterday’s sermon, he did not throw out the usual disclaimer that feast attendance might not be possible, even though we’ll be after the midpoint of the Great Tribulation by then.

On another topic, this website has experienced problems over the past few weeks.  I’ve received an email from my hosting company acknowledging the problem and stating it was a hardware problem being resolved.  In compensation they’ve awarded a free month of web hosting.  My web hosting is paid up through May 30, 2012.  What’s the value of an additional month of web hosting given that the earth will be in ruins by May 27, 2012?

69 thoughts on “Ron Can’t Wait

  1. Hang on – so if you are a church member, but leave, then it is straight to the gas-chamber, no second chance? For disagreeing with someones personal interpretation of god? That would not be fair even if the person doing the interpreting is 100% correct.


  2. “Hang on – so if you are a church member, but leave, then it is straight to the gas-chamber, no second chance?”

    In the old WCG we would say that the person probably never was converted in the first place. We didn’t want to think of ex-members as committing the “unpardonable sin”.

    The problem I see with talking about resurrections is that Ron’s doctrines are pretty much the mainstream COG doctrines when it comes to this. I think it detracts from the central issue of Ron exalting himself to be God’s end-time chosen vessel. Wait, some in other COGs do the same thing.

    Man, when you get right down to it, HWA sure did breed a crop of “God’s servants” whos main motivation is to be top dog! The one who struts his feathers the most wins!

    It sure is freeing to get off that treadmill of following MEN.


  3. Sitting on the fence (no man’s land) as MAL has so long balanced, must get awful tiring for the mind… not to mention the awful splinters.


  4. “Mal, did Ron at least get rid of the lake of fire bit and make it where nonconformists like me just don’t wake up after their second innings? That seems a lot more sensible to me. In fact, if you already know what is going to happen anyway, why wake me up at all?”

    Seems like RW tends to agree with you Matt. See extract below from sermon on Oct 9th 2009.

    “We used to think, I’m not convinced of that, that at the end of a hundred years; that everyone who has ever committed the unpardonable sin, they’re going to be resurrected to be given life again just to be put to death again. What does that teach? What good is that going to do? What’s the purpose of that? I can understand someone dying and committing the unpardonable sin and that being the end. Who is it going to help at the end of a hundred years? Who is it going to teach? What is it going to teach to resurrect someone, just to put them to death again? These are things that God is going to have to reveal to us and help us to more fully understand because candidly it doesn’t reflect the mercy of God and the judgement of God in so many ways.”


    You’re right Dave, I am finding the subject of splinters quite painful. It’s a rough old fence to sit on !


  5. “3rd Resurrection – Everybody that rejects God’s Government get an Encore return to earth/existence to be permanently burned up in the Lake O’ Fire. To never, ever, exist again.

    You know, now that I actually type this, it seems crazier than what the Scientology people believe.”

    I know, right? They’re all alike. And I’ve said for years that I wouldn’t want to live in that Kingdom: When/if the time comes that I find myself in the 3rd Resurrection, I will do a swan dive into the Lake of Fire, laughing all the way down.

    The thing that used to really frighten me, when I was small, was the “Not even the MEMORY of you will remain!” If you come up in the 3rd Rez, you’re given instant oblivion, and no one even remembers that you ever lived or died, or anything that you were or said or did; your entire existence, just *snaps fingers* gone, like that.

    Mind you, I look at the professing Christian’s “Yer gonna buuuuuuurn in HAAAAAAAAAAY-ELLL” idiocy, and I just laugh. “Hell” has nothing on what I was afraid of, when I was small; besides, I practice Pascal’s Wager in reverse: If it turns out the Christians were right (Hmmm. maybe not.), I fully intend to sign up for the kitchen staff, or other suitable position. So, no, the thought of “Hell” (if such a ridiculous thing even existed) doesn’t scare me in the slightest.

    “Hang on – so if you are a church member, but leave, then it is straight to the gas-chamber, no second chance?”

    Yep. Even if you’re kicked out. (Disfellowshipped.) Especially if you’re kicked out, thus placing you “outside God’s protection”. If you haven’t been baptized yet, there’s a slim chance you’ll get in to the 2nd Rez, but if you HAVE been baptized, and have the power of the Holy Spirit (Note the semi-Arianism, this is NOT the professing Christian “Holy Spirit Person” I’m talking about, here.) in you, well then, all bets are off, and you’ve just bought yourself a one-way ticket to eternal oblivion.


    Baywolfe’s right. The $cilons are saner than us. 😯

    “You’re right Dave, I am finding the subject of splinters quite painful. It’s a rough old fence to sit on !”

    750 of them, at last count, Mal. (This includes the “independent” congregations, that splintered off into their own little world after the changes.) Which one of THOSE “True Churches of God” is THE “true church”?

    Didn’t take me long to realize, after my family fell away, that NONE of them are…even “the True Church” wasn’t….It’s ALL rotten fruit from the same stinking tree.


  6. Everything that everyone has written about this Mr Weinland and his wife doesnt give them and their followers much of a chance…And sounds like hes been wrong a few to many time! with what I have now read about what he is saying and what I see going on in this world now, the man could very well be Right! Yes!
    If you look at whats going on in the world it seems to me that all he says is starting to fall into place for him and I’m getting more sure about it too.. But a little bit more time will tell wont it? And you may find your selves thinking twice about what he be trying to say and more so about what yous have been saying about him.Yes!
    Yous all better hope and start praying that hes wrong, other wise if he is right and has the last say that will mean yous are all wrong and in shit street deeply AYE!!


  7. Um, Fred, that’s what ‘they’ have been saying for 2,000 years. World war 1 and 2 etc. Maybe u should read rons book properly to see how wrong he is. You may need to engage an English interpreter however, as you obviously don’t have a good grasp on the language. Good luck with that.


  8. Fred, since you’re such an expert on what Weinland has said, so well read and everything, how about an education from you? Start with the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder of the Sixth Seal, and tell us all about how it was fulfilled when Weinland said it was to be.

    After which, tell us about the prophet in the Bible whose prophecies failed over and over, and then was right.

    We await your elucidation, oh master Fred.


  9. Hi gUys Im back ..Sorry been away working..We can’t all sit around waiting for someone to comment on something about Ron so you pair of $$$$$$$$ can take the %%%%% %%% out of what they write.

    And you Kirrily, I dont need a %%%% English interpreter on how the book was written and you only said that to run the book down and make out its very sick and difficult to read you $$$$$$ You..I can see what your up to and is that the best you can say?

    I’ve read bits in pieces of his book and I dont have to look around very far to see that there are many things happening in the world that Ron is talking about that make sense..

    People are allowed to make up their own minds who they want to follow in religion or anything without %%%%% pricks like yous taking the piss out of what they would like to be part of..
    Anyone can see yous are hell bent on tearing down what the man says and has not yet fufilled..So tell me this! What the %%%% have you got to offer thats better than what he offers ?????Tell me that $$$$$

    Mike ,You can start by not tryin to make out your such a clever $$$$$$ okay you smart jumped up prick ..And if you were standing in front of me you would not call me master Fred. Be sure of that you &&&&&&!!

    I will not answering anything until you tell me what do you have to offer people thats better for them than what Ron is trying to offer people??
    And you never answered what I asked you in my firstt message about what if he is right and you are wrong. What if the man is right??..Answer that first, so everyone can see since you think you are such a clever $$$$$$.!

    I look at it like this! In order for some one like you to go through all this trouble to prove some one wrong and laugh at someone elses expense you must have something much better to offer or your mouth should be kept shut $$$$$$ okay..

    I am not in old Rons Church either just in case you pair of $$$$$ get that idea, but I do like what he says..

    I Bet, if the truth be known, you’s both dont like any of what I just wrote to you’s aye $$$$$$???


  10. Fred watch the language. For such a Christian you certainly have a potty mouth. And taking such offense to “master Fred”? Well, that’s consistent with the language skills you’ve demonstrated here.

    There’s no point in answering the “what if he’s right” question because he’s demonstrated himself to be wrong over and over. While you’ve read only bits and pieces, Kirrily and I have read the whole book and rebutted its failures. See the link for the book review right up top in the banner to this blog.

    But if you think he’s right, why haven’t you joined his church and sent in your money? If he’s right, you’re going to die.


  11. Fred, I deleted your reply. More bad language. And overuse of capitalization. Any further posts from you will be automatically held in my moderation queue.

    What do I offer? I offer a life free of the false fear created by the exploiting False Prophet Ronald Weinland. Priceless and free of charge.


  12. True and Justily said Mel, Only Fools would argue against those facts aye Kirrliy X kgb ‘shot gun rider’

    Fred thinks your comments are very truthful to Mel, but he has been cut off this site because he loves to swear at ‘$$$$$$’ .

    Let’s at least get the facts straight about what Ron Weinland preaches, which is the following:

    The horrific events at the end of this age are brought on by the sin of mankind not God. It is a loving, merciful God who intervenes to prevent sinful man completely destroying himself (Mark 13:19,20).

    Millions will die in this horrific period (Rev 9), which mankind brings on himself. This is not eternal death, but simply means we would miss out on participating in the events of the ‘Millennium’.

    The merciful intervention of God brings about the return of Christ and the first resurrection (the 144,000 ‘firstfruits’). Christ and the 144,000 will then reign over the earth, and over those that make it through the tribulation into the Millennium. During this 1000 year period, when the earth is governed in God’s way, a gradual restoration occurs until nature and the earth is returned to the state God originally intended it.

    At the end of the 1000 year period, a second resurrection occurs (Rev 20:5,6), when the remainder of mankind is resurrected to life on the restored earth. God will then give another opportunity to live by God’s righteous ways and attain everlasting life, or choose Satan’s ways and die.

    Ron does not teach eternal torment in a lake of fire. But that if, after all the opportunities God gives us, we still choose Satan’s ways over His ways, we face eternal death.

    Even if Ron is false, does this sound like the God that Ron preaches is a tyrant ?

    As a comparison, most of ‘traditional Christianity’ teaches that all mankind has just the one chance to accept Christ before the end of this life. If we don’t, God will send us to a place of eternal torment.


  13. Coshakiwi, you need to watch the words as well.

    Who is Mel? There haven’t been any Mels posting here.

    We already know about Weinland’s plan of god, blah-blah-blah. No need to educate us. With respect to Ron’s god being a tyrant, I’ve stated my case in comments earlier in this thread, and already addressed your points. ’nuff said.


  14. Its Okay Mike.
    Only you and I both know that you Added too and took away from what I worte on here
    But you added way to many of them bad swear words one would think to make yourself look good and the other person look bad
    Your very good at thee old Copy and Paste and Add and takeaway I must say.. Well Done Mike!!Your a winner at your own game.
    But thats Okay, It doesn’t matter to me much at all what you write, I Forgive you. Its your site and your free to write whatever you like on it.

    All I wanted to say is that, We all had such a great time together and we were all like one big happy family at the Feast site in Rotorua.. It was Truly Wonderful..
    It was also very nice to meet Mr & Miss’s Weinland and there very Loving family members aswell and also other Loving members that came from over seas for the Feast site.
    Such Dear and Wonderful people that they all are..

    Owww and your Right Mike! You would of needed ear pluggs if you heard my singing..
    I’m just so thankful all the other members sounded so beautiful with there joyful singing and no one could hear me because my singing is not good at all.

    But anyway, We all made such a Joyful noise and thats all that counts.

    Sorry, but I wont have time to come on here anymore because I have much work and learning to do these days

    But you and all your friends on here be sure to take good care and have a nice day where ever yous are.

    Bye Mike


  15. Very cute, Fred. But you had to explain it to your elder, and if he wants to believe I added swear words, that’s his problem. Of course God knows the truth, right?


  16. Fred,

    I’m sure all your very dear wonderful new friends have given you the lowdown on all us terrible Ron-skeptics and Bible believers – ooooo, scary! And Mike has had so many complaints about adding swear words and leaving out parts of answers – oh wait – no, he hasn’t. Mike has allowed all kinds of nonsense from Ron’s supporters, and he has a record of being upfront and transparent about where he gets his information so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt before I will trust the word of someone who follows a proven liar.

    The noise you’ve made here was so unpleasant Mike felt he had to delete some of it so I can only imagine what your singing is like…..


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