Murky the Waters

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Bowling Green, KY this weekend.  Local elders Tony Blair and Curtis Fields were allowed to give the prayers.  PKGers from several states showed up to help fill up the room.  One sad note was that Tina Jamieson lost her battle with health issues and died on Tuesday.  This makes the second of his associate elders ordained last winter who have since died.  That’s a mortality rate above 4% which is a bit on the high side considering that Ron said he was not ordaining the very old.  A mortality table I have puts an annual death rate of 4% at about the age of 80, and Tina was in her 50s.

A family of 4 left PKG the other day, it’s not clear if they are the same 4 people Ron mentioned last week as having left but hoping not. Ron can’t understand why someone would leave when Jesus Christ’s return is so close. Beings in the spirit world are stirred up and causing problem with PKG members.  Members are not getting along, and some leave immediately after services to avoid talking to the Two Witnesses.

Ron has Larry Spivey and another member editing his booklets about the new “truths”.  These won’t actually be printed but will be available as PDF downloads at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The feast season is almost upon us, with the Feast of Trumpets on September 9 and Ron and Laura heading for Australia in two weeks.  So far Ron has kept the lid on blathering too much about the new “truths”.  But if he doesn’t slip before the feast, we can be patient.  After all, we’re still waiting for the Great Tribulation to start and next Saturday the 1260 days of Great Tribulation are half over.

Is This What All the Fuss Was About?

In June of 2009, Ron Weinland spoke at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity.  As one of the presenters, Ron was invited to stay for the several-day event and even planned to attend a luncheon hosted by Znaimer on the sabbath after the event.  But a following presenter so offended our most formidable prophet that — as Whisper explained in a comment on the last post:

But nothing can stop the chosen one with his shield and armor of God. Like the times when Ron went on radio talk-shows and…. oh ya he does not attempt such any more. Well he was able to take a very dangerous trip to Canada and… oh ya he bravely ran away from that encounter with a terribly powerful comedian. Well then, he uses his awesome Witness powers to… ah… hmmmm, I guess not.

Ron fled the conference, and later wrote a letter to Moses Znaimer alluding to a curse on him.

I found a YouTube video of most of the presentation by the offender, Rick Miller.  This was the presentation as repackaged for a half-hour show on Canadian television.  At 2:10 into the video as Rick get up to speak, looks like the Two Witnesses were sitting in the audience together a couple of rows back.

In my opinion, Rick Miller’s message seemed to be more critical of those who took over the Jesus story and made it their own.  Perhaps Ron was really offended that Rick got the standing ovation he thought he was entitled to.

We have a variety of readers here. What’s your opinion of Rick Miller’s presentation?

No Speedos Either

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in hot and humid Georgia this weekend, including a get together with the local elders at the home of two of them: Paul and Doris Giles. There are several elders in Georgia, including Paul’s mother, Paul and Doris’ son, and Larry Spivey who edits Ron’s literature and is probably quite busy these days working on Ron’s new booklet to be released during the feast.

Ron has raised up a new senior elder. Lori Williams of Clinton, MS is to be over an area including the neighboring states of Alabama and Louisiana. Right now this area has just a few others including her daughter (and no other elders I’m aware of), but when the Great Tribulation finally arrives and hordes of people join PKG, Lori will be prepared. Lori is a long time friend of Laura, as they both grew up in the Corpus Christi, TX area.

Just to prove that he’s not sexist, Ron issued an edict against men wearing Speedos.  Laura may be disappointed, but a member of the Two Witnesses must sacrifice.

Ron reviewed his itinerary through the Feast of Tabernacles, when he is going to Australia and New Zealand. Then he jumped forward to discuss the meeting in Las Vegas on the third weekend of October with the evangelists and senior elders and Wayne Matthews’ special visit to Georgia the following weekend. He did not mention his trip to Singapore and Hong Kong following the feast. Supposedly Ron is sent as a prophet to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and his prior trips have mostly been to the modern day nations of Israel (US, Western Europe, UK, New Zealand, and Australia). So it will be interesting to hear what his explanation for this is. May be similar to his first visit to Istanbul, Turkey in 2007 when he essentially said he’d figure a reason for it later. His visit probably was to check the city out for his Total Resolve Cruise that departed from that city a few months later.

Ron spent the sermon blathering on about relationships within the Church of God – PKG. He took an aside to immunize the members against the websites that have bad reports on him, asking if they were going to believe the first thing they hear. I find that ironic, as his members are there because they uncritically believe whatever Ron says. I would say that anyone considering following Ron should look critically at all the information that’s available, including this website and whatever Ron says.

Ron mentioned that four of his members have recently left. I haven’t heard from them, so I don’t know if my website was a factor. Rather suspect not, but expect that like Kirrily they woke up and realized that Weinland is a a false prophet. Ron made one prophecy yesterday that I can get behind. He prophesied that more of his members would leave, and I hope that this one becomes true in spades.

Facebook and Bikinis

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Spokane area yesterday, and today he is scheduled to visit Debbie Tiernan and the other brethren in the Salt Lake City area.  Even though Ralph Dowd came along, Ron gave area elders Eric Wiesman and Chris Czech the mike for the prayers.  A stirred-up spirit being caused Ron’s computer to crash while Ron was talking about him.  As a result, the copy on the PKG website does not include the first 20 minutes of his sermon.  Never fear, I have a recording of that available for download (22 MB).  Just doing a service, just doing a service.  Doing this even though it turns out that I’ve committed the unpardonable sin.  It seems that Weinland’s fickle mixed-up God won’t resurrect me just to cast me in the lake of fire.  From Ron’s comment, he must have been reading the comments on my blog such as this one.   But my comment in that discussion didn’t register with him.

Ron actually was in Coeur D’Alene, ID which is just across the border from Spokane.  He pronounced it like “cord elaine”.  I don’t know how the locals pronounce the name of their town, but given Ron’s propensity to mangle the names of his members (eg “mill-knee” for Milne), I would want a second opinion.

There are three more Saturdays before entering the fall feast season with the Feast of Trumpets on September 9.  Since Ron’s sermon for Trumpets was pre-recorded in 2008 and again last year,  I wonder if he’ll do the same this year.  Perhaps not, unless it turns out to be yet another prophetically significant day.  Seems Ron is moving forward with his plan for a booklet to be released at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles.  According to him, he has prepared all of his sermons with the exception of the Last Great Day.  Since all four new “truths” are to be revealed during the feast before the LGD, I wonder what lying wonder he’ll come up with for the LGD, as he usually tries to hit a climax for the last sermon.

Ron repeated his edict banning bikinis — you might as well be naked in his mind.  I guess Ron gets cheap thrills at the hotel pools when traveling.  August must be the month for edicts, as last August was when he came out with his condemnation of Facebook which was an edict for his elders, which he enforced by defrocking Benjamin Ikwueme for keeping his Facebook page and hundred’s of Facebook friends.

July & August could be the season for IRS activity against Ron.  July of 2008 was when the IRS issued summonses for his financial records and the criminal investigation of him was exposed in August of 2008.  Then in August of last year, the IRS issued a summons to Audra which required court enforcement.  Again, Ron spoke in his sermon about the stirred up spirit being, who seems to be manifested by the IRS Special Agent investigating his case.

Ron spent most of the sermon discussing relationships within PKG.  There are members biting and devouring, including one who takes advantage of another’s generosity by ordering a $10 mixed drink when invited to dinner.  Members and the “ministry” are backsliding.  Even so it’s a great sin to disrespect elders.  One of his evangelists is being disrespected, perhaps Terry Wrozek.  And some don’t even pay the proper deference to Ron when he visits their area — wonder if he’ll soon be issuing death curses against them too.

I think that if the IRS succeeds in giving Ron an extended vacation in Club Fed, that without him to keep his thumb on the situation PKG will fly apart.  With the investigation now over two years along, I’m expecting it will soon be complete, one way or the other.

Ron Revises

False Prophet Ronald Weinland posted the following on his blog last week, after referring to the two-day fast on January 31 to February 1 of last year.

Yes, that two-day fast was for the people of this world. It was a petition requesting that more would have the potential of being saved than would otherwise be the case if things happened in their natural, normal progression. Through this fast, God revealed His desire to grant great mercy to all mankind by lessening the time for actual suffering that begins once the Second Trumpet sounds. Once the world begins to become aware of this, the potential for more being saved will become a reality.

A listen through the sermon of January 31, 2009, Ron did indeed mention how nice it would be if the trumpets were delayed.  But what was the purpose of the two-day fast?  What were members to pray for?  Listen to an MP3 audio clip by pressing the play button. (link for the flash impaired browsers)

So again, what is the purpose of our prayers, petitions and fasting before God? … That many more be brought to repentance and acceptance of the truth through the timing, repetition, and power from unleashing far mightier thunders.  And as well the trumpets

No instructions to pray for a delay in the trumpets, but the opposite.  Don’t believe me? Well, download the Jan 31, 2009 sermon directly from the PKG website, and listen to it for yourself beginning at 1 hour and 11 minutes.  Listen to the whole thing.  Give me the timestamp of any point where members were to pray for a delay of the trumpets.  And no, not any place where Ron said that wouldn’t it be nice.

And provide evidence that what they fasted and prayed for materialized (and no, that wasn’t the non-materialization of the 2nd trumpet).  Yeah, we’ve had a few earthquakes, a few weather events, and even an oil spill but which was stopped before destroying the southern US. Don’t give a list of event like Aaron Robinson did awhile back — give some hard statistics showing the increase in the thunders.  And explain why it isn’t obvious to all,  not just those without the special filters that Ron puts in the minds of this followers.

And if Ron claims again that God delayed the Second Trumpet because of the two-day fast, call BS on him.

Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland

His Own Worst Enemy

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Florida this weekend.  Johnny and the Georgia bunch came down, but Ron still gave a couple of the local elders a chance for some mike time giving the prayers instead of having his senior evangelist do one.  Ron is continuing to beef up his elder staff to handle the hordes of people who will join PKG after the second trumpet, whenever it gets around to blowing.  I expect that Ron will soon have another wave of ordinations.  He promoted David Conley of McDowell, VA to senior elder (Hi Dave), and did the same with Scott Cameron of Colby, KS whom he had recently promoted to elder.  He also announced the ordination of Scott’s wife Kris as associate elder without further comment.  Kristina is Ron’s sister and is much younger than Ron, being just a few years older than Audra who is a senior elder.

The meaning of the word “Jerusalem”  was a topic of Ron’s sermon and also on this blog last weekend.  Last week I pointed out a web site that had some additional information as to the meaning, Mal took exception to this telling me that Ron was perfectly correct.  In his sermon this weekend, Ron stated that he had the “Jeru” part wrong, but when on about it not mattering.  I agree.  The meaning of “Jerusalem” doesn’t matter in the context of Ron’s continued prophetic failures.

Ron spent part of the sermon reading his latest blog post.  Ron admitted to another mistake, which has since been corrected in the posting on his blog.  In Ronnie’s second timeline, September 28, 2008 was not the opening of the seventh seal but was the sealing of the 144,000.  All this symbology is confusing even for the false prophet who made it up, as demonstrated on his own blog.  An explanation is that Ron may be under increased pressure from the IRS special agent conducting the criminal investigation.  Ron spoke of stirred up beings on the warpath.  In the past, spiritual warfare has been associated with IRS activities.  Ron was under so much stress that he slept over 12 hours Thursday night.  Perhaps he didn’t sleep well Wednesday night from stressful events that day and was catching up on Thursday night.

Ron explained the significance of the number 36 which is the count of the “truths” he has invented.  Ron has doubled the accomplishments of his spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong, who only invented 18 “truths”.  How incredible!!

Ron took time to issue a fatwa against the use of two-piece bathing suits.  Somewhere in the sermon was a relatively brief pacifist rant.  Ron mentioned a cartoon in which someone asked God to smite his worst enemy.  The next frame showed the petitioner charred with smoke curling up. Ron should take a lesson from this, and be careful about calling down fire on those who harm him.  My Bible verse of the sermon is Romans 3:13.

53 Truths

Since Ron announced last Saturday that there would be yet 4 more new “truths”, he finally decided to catch the church web site.  Even though he announced “truths” 51, 52, and 53 seven months ago, the PKG website has continued to announce only 50 “truths”.  But he has rectified that since this weekend, editing the Publications page on the PKG website.  Here for your convenience are his last truths:

God continues to reveal truths to His end-time Church so that a restoration of all things can take place with the return of Jesus Christ.

51 (1)
God has revealed the identity of the Elijah to come. As part of this revelation God has made it clearer that John the Baptist was a ‘type’ of the Elijah to come and that Herbert W. Armstrong was also a ‘type’ of the Elijah to come. The final completeness of this role is fulfilled by the spokesman of the two end-time witnesses.
52 (2)
God is restoring knowledge concerning the rightful place of women in the family. This involves the start of the greater removal of the curse laid upon woman from the beginning which was the result of sin.
53 (3)
The ordination of women in the Church. With the revelation of the 52nd Truth, God is continuing to reveal the rightful role of women with the 53rd truth by showing that God has and will continue to work with and through women to help prepare the path for the return of Jesus Christ and to fulfill a breaking of bonds for all humanity.
The number in parenthesis is the number of truths announced since the Laodicean era ended with the blowing of the first trumpet.  The second blowing of the first trumpet, that is.  “Truth” number 50 was announced after the first trumpet blew for the first time but before the first trumpet blew for the second time.
So four additional “truths” would make a total of seven “truths”, a perfect number.  Nevertheless, I expect yet more of them as the Great Tribulation winds down to its climax.

Ron’s Peace

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made a rare visit to Cincinnati for yesterday’s sermon.  Our most formidable prophet was unprepared  and 15 minutes late getting started, blaming it on leaving equipment at home.  Ron made up for the late start by ending his sermon 15 minutes early.  I wonder if his elder John & wife Mary Kay were tempted to blow off the sermon and go to Marc and Chelsea’s wedding, which was only about 3 miles from their home.

Ron is preparing for the Feast of Tabernacles coming up in 8 weeks now.  Ron has finished the 5th sermon of 7 that he has planned, and each of his evangelists is tasked with giving one sermon. He’s also thinking of printing up a booklet to be handed out within PKG near the end of the feast.  Ten sermons makes one for each of the eight days with an extra sermon on the first and last days.  Ron promises not one, not two, not three, but at least four new truths to be unveiled during the feast.  Provided he can restrain himself from revealing them earlier.    Of course he’s not feeling the same kind of pressure to reveal them sooner as was the case with the 50th truth, when he just had shut down a timeline and told his members that they were no longer sealed in the 144,000.

Four new truths added to the 53 he has now will put the count at 57.  Since the effect of the trumpets continues to delay (now 85 weeks and almost halfway through the Great Tribulation, and most of a year into his shortened not-so-Great Tribulation), Ron needs to roll out more new truths to keep the sheep happy.  I expect that Ron has found at least one of his new truths with the aid of Strong’s Concordance.  Yesterday, he came out with the word Jerusalem meaning “peace”, as in “shalom”.  In reality, “Jerusalem” is a Canaanite word meaning “Foundation Of Shalem”.  Shalem is a known Ugaritic god.  Since “Jerusalem” sounds sort-of Hebraic, the Hebrews did not rename it.

Ron repeated a pacifist rant criticizing the war in Afghanistan.  If the IRS scoops him up, perhaps he’ll claim they’re trying to shut him up for his criticism.  That may come soon, as the IRS has been investigating him for at least 25 months now.  I’m still expecting that the investigation will resolve one way or the other by the end of the year, as the average length of an investigation is 14 months.