Ron Revises

False Prophet Ronald Weinland posted the following on his blog last week, after referring to the two-day fast on January 31 to February 1 of last year.

Yes, that two-day fast was for the people of this world. It was a petition requesting that more would have the potential of being saved than would otherwise be the case if things happened in their natural, normal progression. Through this fast, God revealed His desire to grant great mercy to all mankind by lessening the time for actual suffering that begins once the Second Trumpet sounds. Once the world begins to become aware of this, the potential for more being saved will become a reality.

A listen through the sermon of January 31, 2009, Ron did indeed mention how nice it would be if the trumpets were delayed.  But what was the purpose of the two-day fast?  What were members to pray for?  Listen to an MP3 audio clip by pressing the play button. (link for the flash impaired browsers)

So again, what is the purpose of our prayers, petitions and fasting before God? … That many more be brought to repentance and acceptance of the truth through the timing, repetition, and power from unleashing far mightier thunders.  And as well the trumpets

No instructions to pray for a delay in the trumpets, but the opposite.  Don’t believe me? Well, download the Jan 31, 2009 sermon directly from the PKG website, and listen to it for yourself beginning at 1 hour and 11 minutes.  Listen to the whole thing.  Give me the timestamp of any point where members were to pray for a delay of the trumpets.  And no, not any place where Ron said that wouldn’t it be nice.

And provide evidence that what they fasted and prayed for materialized (and no, that wasn’t the non-materialization of the 2nd trumpet).  Yeah, we’ve had a few earthquakes, a few weather events, and even an oil spill but which was stopped before destroying the southern US. Don’t give a list of event like Aaron Robinson did awhile back — give some hard statistics showing the increase in the thunders.  And explain why it isn’t obvious to all,  not just those without the special filters that Ron puts in the minds of this followers.

And if Ron claims again that God delayed the Second Trumpet because of the two-day fast, call BS on him.

Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland


21 thoughts on “Ron Revises

  1. The amazing thing is that peope still follow him!! In his own words, on tape, is what he actually said yet he has no trouble lieing and telling his little flock the opposite. Didn’t even say God told me to lie. Maybe that will be in one of these new truths–God revealed to me that it is okay to change my mind and lie to you. How much bigger can his ego get before he explodes!!


  2. Well, this post certainly clarifies the issue at hand – Ronnie, there is no going right or left on this one !

    JB wrote – “The amazing thing is that peope still follow him!!”

    More & more I understand and observe that the followers & fence sitters alike hear what they want to hear, and then interpret what they hear on a pre-conceived backdrop of information which they have accumulated.

    Mike, perhaps Ronnie will do a revision on this in the same manner as the Jerusalem is peace statement last week –

    He is probably reading this blog right now & figuring out a manner in which to manipulate what was said about the 2 day fast –

    More of the same to come !!


  3. Anybody that has read the novel 1984 has seen this contradictory type of mind manipulation at work before.

    He’s not only crazy and crooked but downright unoriginal too.


  4. No, Steve, not Wendy’s. We wouldn’t want to do that to their establishment, now would we? I think a suitable job for Ron would be to clean out septic tanks or horse stables. That way he can be covered with all the dung he’s been dishing out to his followers.


  5. Atrocious said: “No, Steve, not Wendy’s. We wouldn’t want to do that to their establishment, now would we? I think a suitable job for Ron would be to clean out septic tanks or horse stables. That way he can be covered with all the dung he’s been dishing out to his followers”

    Ideal…i agree 🙂

    Mike said: “Maybe Ron could go to work for his younger brother Steve who has a porta-potty and trash hauling business”

    Ahh so his bro is the one who tries to cover up the evidence of rons bs?…ah i see…he doesnt do a very good job though! Aiding and abetting an insane lying false prophet is a criminal offence!


  6. Actually Ron doesn’t say much about his brother, it’s been several years since mentioning him. And I don’t think his brother is involved. Even so, all his porta-pottys and trash trucks couldn’t handle what Ron puts out.


  7. Ron & his church lessened the horror of the GT? Well that’s a debt I would be very hard pressed to even begin to repay Ron. That is “if” it can be substantiated.
    I remember it like Mike does, Ron wanting more destruction rather than limiting it to prove his case.
    Oh well, one more religious huckster peddling his trade for money. Snake oil anyone?
    It’s laughable until it’s revealed that people are being torn apart to feed the salesman’s needs and desires.


  8. I’ve never been a big fan of the IRS but in this case…hurry please, and help all those people entangled and ensnared in Ron’s web of mistruths.


  9. Don’t think for a moment that the end of Ron would equal the end of his church. There’s always another power-hungry person ready and willing to engineer the gravy train.


  10. Ah, but whom would take over Ron’s Church if Ron had to spend some quality time in Club-Fed?
    The little lady? Run the money to her daughter to put it in the right accounts yes, but lead the Church? Sermans and all? Nope.
    One of Ron’s ultra-elders? Ah ya, sermanize and talk, but but power of money in thier hands? Nope.
    One of Ron’s children… nope.
    One of the uber-faithful of the fold that is not currently on the higher rungs under Ron? Good for keeping the possible usurpers out, but the sheep have been trained to follow the obvious powerful in the Church, so Nope.
    It would have to be a conglomeration of talents, none with the freedom to grab the power, and none with the abilty to move the money, but all working in tandem with Ron, of course, calling all the shots from behind bars.
    But could it last? Would the sheeples accept it? Would a uber-elder attempt to take over? Would the little lady be unable to stop the flock from running amock? Would the children see it as a good time to hit mom up for raises?

    Go figure?


  11. What’s one more lie out of Ron’s mouth? Add it to the list.

    Ron is a good example that if you can hoodwink people into thinking you are speaking for God then you can say anything you want and get away with it, at least with those who still follow him. Here’s the rub, in case anyone has pity on his flock. There are pretty clear guidelines in the Bible about false prophets which the majority of those following him have chosen to ignore. They are there for our protection, yet they have chosen to ignore them, so, in the end, they will reap the consequences.

    God EMPOWERS his people. Ron EMPOWERS himself. Ron’s people are enslaved. God wants them to be free. The story of Jesus and the blind man comes to mind. Jesus asked the blind man “what do you want me to do for you?” Jesus was asking if the blind man wanted to be healed. Sadly, so many do not want to be healed- that’s why Jesus asked such an obvious question. More interestingly, the beggar left his coat to go to Jesus. His “coat” was a HEAVY covering, a protection from the environment at night. He had to leave it, his trusted home, to find healing. The same is true for those in the COG-PKG, they need to leave their comfort zone to find healing, and they need to want to be healed.

    Will they throw off their coat to gain their sight? I believe God wants them to.


  12. Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger and associates, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen. While fringe members were more inclined to recognise that they had made fools of themselves and to “put it down to experience”, committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members). from learningandteachingdotinfo


  13. Well sure, misfit. In fact, the more anybody says anything negative about their Ron-god, the better they like it because to them, that proves that he is of God, because if you are of God, you are SUPPOSED to be persecuted.

    In 1979 when the old wcg went through the receivership and all that crap that went on, we were told that it was unjust persecution and to pray that “God’s Church” would prevail and nothing would come of it. And because herbie wasn’t convicted of anything, we were “exonerated”. Even if he HAD been convicted, scriptures like that of Joseph (Abraham’s son) being jailed for 13 years for a rape that didn’t happen, or Paul being imprisoned for things that he was preaching, etc., would have made him sound like some kind of hero amidst all the persecution.

    Ron’s follower count sites like this as persecution, not truth being expounded. That’s why their Ron-god has to repeatedly tell them not to read this and other sites like this because they might find some logic in what is being said and a light bulb might go off, and Ron-god would lose his income and his followers. Oh, for that day to come.


  14. In line with the last two comments, in August of 2008 I broke the story of the IRS Criminal Investigation, and also captured in a comment on my blog a reaction from one of Weinland’s Flavor-Aid drinkers.

    I’m expecting a lot worse than that start. When do think the kid fiddling allegations will begin? A month, two months? Possibly after the claim that he hangs out with prostitutes? Check out some of the garbage they have out there about Herbert Armstrong, it will give you some idea of what Ron will have to expect in the future.


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