We’re Almost There!!!

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was not distracted by the Gold Coast Meter Maids and was able to pull together a Last Great Day sermon in only a day.  He ramped up expectations for a 4th organized feast after the last organized feast next year.  After all, it is possible given that the period after the 5th trumpet need last only 150 days.  Counting backward from May 27, 2012 by 150 days means that the 5th trumpet has to blow by December 29, 2011.

The other period of time that Weinland mentioned is 398 days of preparation of the Asiatic horde before the 6th trumpet.  I’m going to have to go back and figure out how he came up with that number, because reading Rev 9:15 which reads:

And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men

The number I came up with was 391 days as the sum of 360 (prophetic year) + 30 (prophetic month) + 1 day and we can forget the hour.  So I don’t know where the other 7 days come from, so I’ll have to go back and listen to the sermon carefully as Ron has the degree in mathematics and would not make such an elementary mistake.

Seems it may be a moot point whether the preparation begins 391 days  (May 2, 2011) or 398 days (April 25, 2011 which happens to be the last day of Unleavened Bread) prior to May 27, 2012,  or maybe even sooner (maybe Passover of 2011) , as we may not be able to recognize the start of preparation even after the fact.

I predict that Ron will have a Feast of Tabernacles next year.  This even if tax evasion charges are made against him before the end of this year.  Ron would have his lawyers delay events as long as he could, and if not there’s always the appeal process.  After all, the second, third, and fourth trumpets will topple the US government before the end of next year.

Update 9/30/10 0800: I went back and listened to selected portions of the sermon.  Ron hedged on the 150-day period of the 5th trumpet — since the period is expressed as months instead of days, a part of a month counts as a month.  He mentioned Jan 8, 2012 as being 140 days before the end, which is a prophetically significant date (the last half-a-time).  It happens that I chose Jan 7, 2012 in Dill Weed’s “End of the End” contest.   So it appears already that I will lose.  Four prophetic months or 120 days before Christ’s non-return on May 27, 2012 is Jan 28, 2012.  When that time rolls around, he’ll probably consult his concordance to reinterpret the Bible and stretch out a few more days.

Creation of Elohim

During his 6th sermon of the 3rd organized feast of tabernacles after the last one, False Prophet Ronald Weinland stated 2 new “truths”.  One of these had been revealed in the prior sermon, just not stated that way.

“Truth” #3: God created both good and evil.

The 4th “truth” for the feast was stated as:

Almighty God will dwell in his family, in each and every member of his family.  And they will dwell in him.  This will be accomplished through the power of the holy spirit that emanates from God and in the lives of all who are in God’s family.  And this will be a perpetual and continuing process into everlasting life.  Once begotten of God’s holy spirit, the flow of that spirit can be surpressed and completely removed or cut off from a begotten person’s life.  God dwells/lives/abides in the life of a spirit-begotten person and they therefore dwell in him.

This came in the first part of the sermon, and Ron blathered on for awhile on the topic.  This all is rather vague.  I suspect that this lays the foundation for Ron to spiritualize the return of the Jesus Christ over the next 20 months. Or at least gives him more to blather about in sermons. While Ron thinks that no more “truths” are coming, but I think he’ll come up with some more to distract his followers from the intensity of the Great Tribulation.

Ron is having a Red Sea day, as he has not yet completed his Last Great Day sermon.  According to him, that was the situation in 2005 when he pulled his Melchizedek sermon out at the last moment.  Not much longer to see how it will turn out this time.  Probably in for more blather.

Creation of Evil

False Prophet Ronald Weinland flew from New Zealand to Australia to visit the Gold Coast Meter Maids.  Spiritual warfare raged as he delivered his 5th sermon of the 3rd organized feast after the last one — Satan and his demon won this battle, interrupting the streaming audio feed to those in New Zealand who were trying to listen live to Ron’s latest interpretations of the Bible.  Other feast site locations, such as a hotel in major metropolitan area supervised by Ralph Dowd, will listen to a recording of the sermon tomorrow.

Ron mocked people who worship gods which they created.  At least a wooden or stone idol is tangible, unlike the invisible god that Ron created and which intentionally lies to Ron knowing he’ll pass along these lies to others.  And it turns out that the god Ron created is responsible for creating evil.  How about that!!!

Ron’s god has not actually granted Ron Witness powers.  Otherwise he could have used his rain-stopping power to prevent the flood in Portage Wisconsin as a rising stream breached a levee.

Ron promoted associate elder Peter Herrmann to full elder.  Peter is the prime suspect for ptr775 who entertained demons on another forum and who knows Kirrily and considers her to be anti-Christ.

Angelic Realm

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave his 4th sermon of the 3rd organized feast since the First Trumpet blew for the first time.  He had his local elders Pat and Adrian give the prayers, forgiving Pat for the sermonette and even promoting him to elder.  The next sermon comes from Johnny Harrell while Ron is traveling to the feast site on Australia’s Gold Coast.  I wonder if Ron will again encounter Pastor General Joe Junior.  After all , Joe Junior may also be in Rotorua.  WCG New Zealand is also having a Feast of Tabernacles in Rotorua.

Ron got through this sermon in well under two hours, laying out the 2nd “truth” at the end.  It turns out that the angels are not immortal, and are not self-sustaining.  Angels exist only as long as they are sustained by God.   Angels were given spirit-sustaining life but were never given the holy spirit, nor ever had access to it.  Since Satan is an angel, then Weinland’s God sustains him so Weinland’s God could end this whole farce.  Instead, Weinland’s God sent us a false prophet who tells us that God lied to him which makes it OK for him to have lied to us.  And inspires Satan to commit evil and lead men astray.  So Weinland’s God must be inspiring this blog as well.  How about that!!!!

The Spirit Realm

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered the third of his feast sermons which he started preparing while on a road trip out to the West Coast in July.  After Pat Cameron’s sermon-prayer at the end of the prior sermon, Ron didn’t allow a Kiwi to touch the mike.  He gave the opening prayer, and senior elder Scott Cameron gave the closing prayer.  Scott is not related to Pat, but is related to Ron being his brother-in-law.  Scott was imported from Western Kansas to supervise the Kiwi feast site. I wonder how he and Fred Roberts are getting along.

Ron is looking forward to when the 5th trumpet blows.  The takeover of the United States by the beast power will finally reveal to scattered ex-WCG members that Ron really is God’s prophet and 3000 or more of them will join his church.  There was no mention of the 5th thunder, which was to kill off their ministers starting with Roderick Meredith, Richard Ames, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, and John Ritenbaugh who are all still alive 4 years later despite their advanced ages.

Ron did not deliver a new “truth” during this sermon, but one is expected with the next one.  Since we are physical, we can’t understand the spiritual.  People who study the Bible on their own end up in “left field”.  People must rely on an apostle to teach them because one can’t figure out the Bible on their own.  Concordances don’t help either.  Never mind Ron wore his concordance out for last year’s feast coming up with the new definition for “Time” being 280 days instead of 360.  But he wasn’t an apostle at the time, not assuming the title for several more months.

Satan’s End

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has delivered his second sermon of the third feast after the last feast. During this sermon he delivered the first “truth” of this year (Jewish year that is) .  After meandering about and running several minutes over, he finally spit it out — Satan’s end will be an end.  That is, Satan will die.  After the 100 years after the millennium, this quite powerful spirit being will cease to exist.  OK, whatever. Snore. The faithful in Australia’s Gold Coast had to wait a few extra minutes for this startling revelation as their 9:30 start was delayed by the overtime.  New Zealand is 3 hours ahead of Australia’s eastern time zone, so after Ronnie finished the sermon he uploaded it for those in Australia while they waited.  The revelation was further delayed for them by Pat Cameron, whose closing prayer turned into a mini-sermon itself.

Some of the faithful here in the US heard Ronnie’s first sermon today in the same hotel in Nashville where PKG had its 2006 Feast of Tabernacles.  During the first Feast of Tabernacles sermon of 2006, Ron referred back to the period following the breakup of WCG in 1995:

So I remember the first holy day season of unleavened bread.  And then later Pentecost.  And then the Feast of Tabernacles.   ….and so there was a greater appreciation because it wasn’t being taken away from us.  We had to fight for it.  And now it’s about to be taken away from us again.  But in a different way.  Because of what’s going to happen in the world.  We understand that we’re fast approaching a period of time — of a 3 & 1/2 year period where we will not be able to meet together like this in a fine hotel in fellowship.  And in food.  And in halls like this.  (4 minutes, 40 seconds into audio file for Oct 7, 2006 sermon “God’s Command for the Feast”)

So here we are in the second feast season of the second Great Tribulation, and PKG is meeting together again in the same fine hotel.  Imagine that.  Amazing!!!!!

The Prophet and the Pastor General

After his mysterious absence last Saturday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has resurfaced in Rotorua, New Zealand to start the third organized Feast of Tabernacles after the last organized feast before the return of Christ held in 2007.  He stated that plans would be made for the feast again next year, just in case should the situation permit — and it is prophetically possible.  I also prophesy that PKG will have an organized feast next year, provided Ron is free to move about.

Joseph Tkach, Jr (Joe Jr)

Ron related how he encountered Joe Tkach, Jr in a New Zealand airport.  Joe Jr is the Pastor General of Grace Communion International, formerly the Worldwide Church of God. Son of Perdition Ron regards Joe Jr’s father as the Son of Perdition and Man of Sin. After a phone call with Joe Jr in March of 1995 Ron became an ex-pastor of WCG.  Despite this common history, Joe Jr had to be reminded who Ron is.  So much for the Sixth Thunder.

In past years there have been difficulties with the live audio feed between Australia and New Zealand.  So Ron recorded a sermon during the morning in New Zealand and Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews recorded a sermon during the morning in Australia’s Gold Coasts.  That way each site could listen to the other site’s morning sermon during the afternoon.

Wayne announced the baptism of Taryn Visser.  She has been drinking the Flavor Aid for two years but as she is off in South Africa by herself she only now is able to get dunked, after traveling to Australia.  Perhaps Ron will ordain her next week so she can baptize the hordes in South Africa who will soon clamor to join PKG.

Ron’s sermon was titled Satan’s Confinement and his End, Part 1.  He’s winding up to deliver one of his new “truths” but this one was summarily boring.  He talked about Job a lot.  Turns out that my being deprived of birthday parties growing up in WCG was an abominations.  Ron did make a true prophecy during the sermon.  During one of his patented rants against his critics (“get a life”), he prophesied that critics would be listening to his sermon.  The only prophecies of his that come true are the ones made by his critics.  Ron, it’s just your luck that I find fishing even more boring than your sermons.

Weinland One-Ups Herbie, Again

Thursday is the opening day of the Feast of Tabernacles during which False Prophet and Son of Perdition Ronald Weinland continues with his signs and lying wonders by rolling out another 4 new “truths”.  It’s been mildly interesting speculating what these new “truths” might be.  The following which appeared in the past few days on the PKG website could hold some clues:

The Rest of… Mystery of the Ages

The addition of four new truths revealed during the 2010 Feast of Tabernacles will complete the Mystery of the Ages initially revealed through Herbert W. Armstrong. The publication reveals the rest of that story.
*These new truths will be posted throughout the Feast after each one is covered in a sermon.

Chapter 1: The Completion of Mystery of the Ages
Chapter 2: History of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 3: Creation of Evil
Chapter 4: The Creation of Elohim

(Right now the site has hotlinks for the chapter titles which are dead-ended.  They’re placeholders so web-unsavvy Weinland can simply upload the files after introducing them in his sermons.) From the chapter list, we see that God created evil before he started creating Elohim, the God family.  Weinland teaches that Jesus, the second member of Elohim, did not exist prior to being born to Mary.

On another of Weinland’s flock of websites is the following:


This book is the compilation of the ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong. It was written to explain the plan of God in an easy-to-read format and also serve as a textbook at Ambassador College. No other book written in the previous 1900 years so succinctly covered the truth of the Bible.

“Mystery of the Ages” is one of the last pieces of literature written by False Prophet Herbert Armstrong before his death.  Currently the copyright is owned by Gerald Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG following an epic court battle with WCG which concluded with a negotiated sale.  The Philadephia CoG publishes this holy work but somehow I doubt that future editions will include Ron’s holy supplement.

On the COG-PKG website it says:

The Living Church of God, under the leadership of Roderick Meredith, is also asleep spiritually. Roderick C. Meredith is guilty in his failure to acknowledge Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah to come, who would restore all things to God’s true Church.

Yet elsewhere on the same COG-PKG site it says:

39 (18) Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Perhaps one of the new truths revealed over the next week will be that this blog, along with Dill Weed’s and Jack’s, is operated by Satan himself. As evidence of that notion is that it continues on despite Weinland’s curse for a speedy death issued in December of 2008. A death curse would be ineffective against Satan since he has to be around at the 100-year period following the Millennium to be cast into the Lake of Fire just ahead of Weinland’s mockers  suffering their second deaths. 😀

Any other guesses as to what the new “truths” are that Weinland will dazzle the Flavor Aid drinkers with?

Wayne Matthews: “We Are Deceived”

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was a no-show in Melbourne, Australia where he was scheduled to appear.  The Day of Atonement is over with in Australia, those PKGers in the US have to continue to starve themselves until this evening. Ron’s evangelist and local sheriff Wayne Matthews gave the sermon.  He explained the situation like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Weinland have arrived safely, which is exciting and holding up health-wise, which is very good.  And other than that, we’ll just get straight into the sermon.

There was no other evidence of their presence, and it appears that Wayne was using his own computer, not Ron’s.  So where was Ron?  He’s had all week since appearing last weekend in Los Angeles to travel to Australia and recover from jet lag.  Perhaps he’s frantically working on his Last Great Day sermon which needs to be a barn burner, tying all 4 of his new “truths” together.

At one point Wayne said “We are deceived”.  He had it right until he went on explaining that they were deceived but aren’t anymore.  So sad. His sermon was mostly the same boring nonsense.

If you’re looking for a more interesting bit of Armstrongism, you may want to download some audio files from another site.  Gerald Waterhouse was a brown-noser for Herbert Armstrong and then Joseph Tkach who traveled around delivering 3-4 hour tributes to them.  There are files for two different “bible studies” on the linked site each well over 2 hours long.  These were recorded in the early 80s prior to Herbert Armstrong’s death before he could be one of the Two Witnesses.  I sampled some of these comedy routines, including his description of the organization of the government which God would be establishing any year now after eating Sunday chicken and giving salivation (sic).   Somehow I missed out when I was required to warm the hard metal folding chairs, he must not have made it to my area before I escaped.  So this is a chance for me to catch up.

Odds and Ends

A YouTube video went up the other day. It was put together by someone who’s gone through Ron’s sermons as far back as 2006 to get some interesting prophetic statements. (No, not by me.)  Particularly of interest as some of them must already have come to pass, because after all Ron is a true prophet of the god of Abraham.

After my last post, I heard again from Fred Roberts. Trimming out the redundant parts, here’s his reaction:

WELL you got something right for once you RAT <snip> ..lol.lol. Thats whos address and using name we used..lol.lol.lol.. THE ONE I FEEL SORRY FOR NOW IS FRED HIMSELF BECAUSE IM SURE HE IS A MEMBER OF PKG NOW TOO. <snip>OLD RON CAN’T KICK US OUT OF HIS CHURCH UNTIL WE ARE ARE MEMBERS OF HIS CHURCH ANYWAY YOU DUMB RAT <snip>.

So Fred’s not Fred, but Fred is in PKG?  Hmmm…  Interesting.

Before receiving this latest, I was disinclined to believe that Fred is a PKG member as I doubt the average member is profane as Fred. Now I’m inclined to think that he is a member. Fred, tell it to Adrian, and to Ron when you’re in Rotorua next week.

In other news, Dill Weed notes that we’re more than halfway through the 1260-day period leading to the non-return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012 (actually mid-day in the US on May 26th, 12:36 PM Eastern Time).