What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There

This last weekend, False Prophet Ronald Weinland returned from appendicitis in Australia to hold a conference with his evangelists and senior elders, and also the Silent Witness.  Twenty people were in attendance, who included: Ron, Laura, Audra, Johnny and Myrtle Harrell, Terry Wrozek, Wayne and Chris Matthews, Dave Conley, Ron’s brother-in-law Scott Cameron, Jimmy Carlisle, Lori Williams, Ralph Dowd, Jim Jamieson, and Steve who’s looking for a job since PKG doesn’t need his full-time services any more.

The venue chosen for this meeting was the Venetian Resort, Hotel, & Casino in Las Vegas.  The cheapest suite in this five-star hotel is $199 per night on weekends. I wonder if Ron and Laura showed their humility by sleeping in such humble digs (pictured here).  Or maybe they showed even more humility by taking a better suite, maybe even the penthouse suite?

Assuming they doubled up, 10 hotel rooms for two nights cost $4000 plus room tax.  This cost was dwarfed by the airfare required to fly 20 people in for the weekend.  None of the attendees live near Las Vegas.  Assuming an average of $400 per person for airfare, travel expenses were $8,000, or more (Wayne and Chris came from overseas).  Add to that the costs to eat in a five-star hotel, taxes, a conference room, etc we’re looking at around $15,000 for this cozy little party in Sin City.

Those PKG members who dug deep or even borrowed money for the special offerings this holy day season can take comfort that they received good value for their money, as their senior elders, evangelists, and prophets slept on Egyptian cotton sheets under 400-count wool throws in their suites.  After all, Herbert Armstrong taught quality.  (But then that was for Herbie himself and his evangelists.  Not for lay families like mine which was clothed through Mom’s careful shopping at garage sales, which meant that my sisters were teased in school for wearing out-of-date clothes.) Perhaps the senior elders, evangelists, and prophets had time to see the Blue Man Group or to drop a few chips in the casino, particularly the ones who continued their stay through Monday.

And we have a video tour of one of the suites:

33 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There

  1. we’re looking at around $15,000 for this cozy little party in Sin City

    Mike, that’s a drop in the bucket of what they pulled in during the feast.

    If they weren’t in the spa I’m wondering how much they dropped in the casinos. Five stars is nice. Really nice. Us common folk have never experienced that kind of luxury.


  2. Ha ha. Maybe they were comped the rooms on account of how much money they drop in the casino. I hear they have been there several times.


  3. The wench probably has a few more diamond rings too, of course to trade during the tribulation, the worst time in all human history.

    I mean, I know I am bias cause I live here, but how many Yanks get to come over to the best part of the world? (Australia of course!!) , on numerous occasions?

    Geez, their hide in doing this. I’m speechless (unless Mike starts to allow profanities, lol).


  4. “I mean, I know I am bias cause I live here, but how many Yanks get to come over to the best part of the world? (Australia of course!!) , on numerous occasions? ”

    Cult leaders who have plenty of money, like Ron and Laura.


  5. Takes your pick, a much poorer but honest existance with a home, cars and a daughter who knows you as “Dad” and not a “Witness” -or- a much richer and dishonest existance with a mansion, many cars and a daughter who knows you as the “head of the Church” and not so much “Dad”?

    I live a very rich life and do not book stay’s in Sin City at 5-star Hotels with my psychophants. Who’s living the good life? Well I am. Ron & the little lady are living a fake life with fake followers, fake friends, and fake identities. Ron is a poor man.

    Go figure?


  6. “I’m speechless (unless Mike starts to allow profanities, lol).”

    Sorry, I know the motivation is strong, but I can’t allow it. I’m trying to keep the blog family friendly.

    Who’s not family friendly is Ron, breaking up families right and left with his kooky prophecies.


  7. I should have waited to read this until later this afternoon. I’ve lost my appetite for my coffee and toast. This kind of thing makes my blood boil. What an arrogant narcissist he is! I just shiver at the audacity of his actions and words. Well, I’ll try to get on with my day.


  8. I couldn’t help but wonder why Ronnie would want to go to the desert & not cancel in view of his recent medical woes – I didn’t think there would be that many ( ha, ha) new converts out there – ya know, for a mass baptism or something like that

    Now that I have seen the pics of the accomodations I understand a bit better – I don’t think Ronnie & company would fare too well out wandering in the desert feasting upon locusts & honey – Especially when they can enjoy such opulance at the cost of their sheeples


  9. I don’t think Ronnie has any followers in Las Vegas, but not sure on that. In any case, when he goes to Vegas lay members are specifically not invited to attend.


  10. Maybe he is in some kind of business deal with the Mormons….lol…they have been known to own alot of casinos etc there in the past…not sure if they are still active there though.


  11. Out of respect for Mike and any kids reading this site I will refrain from any direct profanity. But kids, know this. The words Resort&Casino, God’s Final Witness, and Las Vegas should never appear in the same sentence. And if they do, run away from the person those words describe.


  12. Kirrily, I think it’s disgusting how you keep calling Laura “The Wench”

    Maybe instead of hanging Ron and Laura out to dry you ought to take a look at yourself instead?

    Stick to the debunking, lay off the insults


  13. Since Kirrily has actually met the wench, and watched the wench flirt with her husband, I’ll take her word on it.

    The wench is the one in the red shirt, and Kirrily in the brown shirt is sitting next to her, between the wench and her husband.


  14. You are entitled to your opinion Rambo, but I don’t care what you think. I’ll call her wench, and any other name I feel like. If you don’t like it, tough. Looking at myself is all I have been doing since I left their group, thank you very much. Why was I even there in the first place etc. I am more than entitled to call either of them what I like. Unlike yourself, I was no bystander. I give her many other names which out of respect for Mike, will not utter here.

    Bitter? Yep – but only sometimes. I have always taken FULL responsibility for joining rotten ronnies cult. In other words, the fault was mine – in that I believed him when he said he would quit preaching if nothing happened, then instead blaming us when things didn’t.

    I was there Rambo, and she is a wench. She is a flirt, she is money hungry, stupid, judgemental, up herself, and bitchy. I have met her on several occasions, and shared meals with her.

    I repeat, I will call her what I like, with respect to the rules of Mikes blog. I am more than justified in doing so. To be honest, I’m shocked you have bagged me for it. But, whatever….


  15. And as an exWWCG member who was born into it, had it lectured into me, and forced upon me for 25 years, I FULLY stand behind Kirrily’s hate for RW. Believe me, what she feels for Ronnie and his wife pales in comparison to the 45th level of Dantean Hell I have imagined for Herbert W. Armstrong…it would make Caligula puke.


  16. Thanks Ava. Whenever I feel sorry for myself I just think of people like yourselves who endured MANY more years under Herbie the Pervie than I did with Ronnie the Connie. I really don’t know how you came out of it ok.

    For me, it’s not a logical hate. Not really. I know in my mind that I can’t blame anyone else for my decisions, and my beahviour towards my husband for example, when I was a believer.

    But emotion isn’t logical, is it. And emotionally, I hate them. And it feels GREAT to call
    them any name I feel like. It’s a good realease.

    I don’t like to think of myself as a victim in all this. Again, it was all my choice. But somehow, I guess mainly due to Ronnie NOT quitting as he said he would, thereby making him an ILFP, well, I guess i was deeply hurt by these people. Again, I feel
    justified in my sledging of them.


  17. Speaking of the 45th circle of Dantean hell – I believe that IS the Venetian, isn’t it? At least it is to me! I absolutely despise vegas, but my company have their sales conference there this January, and I have to attend. I will report back my findings.

    As a comparison – my company can do this, because we will send about 300 people there for 5 nights, order 600 show tickets, about 4500 meals and hire out dozens of conference rooms for 4 days. They can negotiate a group deal, and that is how a multi-billion company can afford to send so many people to such an expensive place.

    PKG are having their conference in the same place and manner as a multi-billion international company. They will spend a LOT more per head. All this on the contributions of a few hundred members.

    Religion – thats where the money is!


  18. I guess the thing that makes me shake my head in wonder is the screaming hypocritical narcissism. Evil like Hitler and Stalin kills. But it takes a special kind of evil to want to keep your victims alive for as long as possible so you can feed off of them for a lifetime. And people wonder (if the Bible story is true) why God might want to destroy his creation for their abominable behaviour! Between child porn, wars, corporate greed, and rape, I would have made this planet 99.9% human free eons ago. Just me, some lemurs, and a few dozen Korean bikini models….


  19. Considering the sacrafices that the poor mislead members make so they can give everything they can to Ronnie, don’t you think a Super 8 motel with a small meeting room for 20 people and a Denny’s next door would have made more sense. I somehow doubt that God put into Ron’s head to forget all the sackcloth stuff and just go spend as much as you can and enjoy all the luxuries that life offers in the place called sin city.


  20. Well, he’s gotta find SOME way to spend the money in a “legitimate” way so it can be a write-off for the taxes. I mean, an elder conference is a way he can claim it is used for business. But in reality (I feel) it’s a way of giving his special people a nice, expense paid vacation. No wonder these particular people don’t want to leave – I mean, where else are they going to get a vacation like that for nothing, and not even have to go to work to do it.

    The love of money. The love of power (false as it is). The love of delusional fame. What a scam! 😦


  21. Ron explains that conferences are held in Vegas because air fares there are cheaper. But doesn’t Vegas have Super 8 motels and Denny’s restaurants? Or at least something cheaper than a 5-star hotel.

    I believe Terry Wrozek knows about this post, therefore Ron does too. Be interesting to see if he has a response. Terry should have stayed at home to tend to his ill wife instead of spending the weekend in Vegas


  22. Holiday Inn conference rooms are fine, Denny’s serves cheap breakfasts, and a Super 8 can provide a good sleep for a couple of nights. I don’t think sackcloth is supposed to come with black jack and hot tubs…Ron Weinland if you are reading this, you are very bad and I think you should be called Mr. Poopypants.


  23. Just read a quote online by Gerald Waterhouse, of WWCOG in the 1970’s, date not specified “If Jesus doesn’t return during Herbert Armstrong’s lifetime, then the Bible is wrong!”.

    That mindset is well and truly alive in PKG.


  24. Oh man, Gerald Waterhouse. I sat through MANY of his 3 hour sermons. Even as a kid I sensed that he was more smoke than wood.


  25. Three hour sermons? I remember them being up to four and five hour sermons at times. And all that time he was speaking so fast, no one could take notes, as they were expected to do. It was all speculation, but people (myself included) believed what he said because he was “of God”. It was all stupidity. And yes, Kerrily, I was there when he said that. He said a LOT of things.


  26. Ron explains that he’s wearing the “sackcloth of humility”. And that instead of breathing fire, a simple curse will suffice. I can validate that one, as I died over a year and a half ago, right after he cursed me for mocking him. 😀


  27. Heh, there ain’t nuthin’ humble about ole Ron. His ego’s ’bout as big as they come. And he ain’t go no fire, either, unless you wanna count the smoke that comes out of his ears once in a while.


  28. Ofcourse! What a fool I am! Ron’s humbleness is Spiritual!

    If we assume that the word “spiritual” is being used in the same way that Ron always uses it, it’s literal meaning is “Totally undetectable by any means and to be accepted as true purely on the basis that ron says it is so” then the whole thing makes perfect sense!

    While on a worldly level, Ron is having a flutter in Vegas and holding court with his evangelists and senior elders in lavish style, spending his flocks money spiritually he is roughing it in sackcloth, speaking the truth on some street corner though it brings him no worldly gain whatsoever.

    In the same way, Mike has spiritually died in a horrible and painful manner. Also, while on a worldly level I am being rather scathing, spiritually I am totally convinced Ron is absolutely right. I have been sending him spiritual tithes for ages now.


  29. There are over 500 attempts per day to put comment spam on my blog by spambots. The Askimet filter takes care of the vast majority automagically for me, but a few leak through. I have a social life besides blogging so I don’t always get to the leakers right away.


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