Ron Vs Moses and the Pharaoh

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in his home area of Cincinnati for a change.  For this momentous occasion, people came from as far as Colorado, also Ramona, Kris, and Scott (these are Ron’s mother, sister, and brother-in-law/senior elder) came from western Kansas.  Ron announced the promotion to full elder of Tim Brown and Newt Carter giving their locations, commenting that revealing that doesn’t matter since the information is already posted on the web.

Ron reiterated the necessity for thunders to increase and also asked his members to pray for the trumpets.  He spent a good deal of the sermon reading from his blog posting of Friday.  He reiterated that disaster was to strike Manasseh first, without a mention of the dead from the Christchurch NZ earthquake last week.  He added Twitter to the proscribed list of social media that includes Facebook.  And warned his followers against trusting the wrong people and exposing church members.  Now how are we going to find an elder to get baptized unless we know who they are?

Ron likened the global inattention to the thunders to the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart after the plague called down by Moses.  I looked in Ron’s latest book, “2008 God’s Final Witness” and found other references to Moses.  Such as:

What God did through Moses is small by comparison to what He will do through His two end-time prophets—referred to as His two witnesses. Hopefully, you will begin to see the magnitude of what is being said in this book and what is about to come.” (page 12)

“The fire proceeding out of their mouth is symbolic of the power to pronounce exacting judgments upon anyone who would do them harm. Whatever the two witnesses pronounce will come to pass. ….God will give divine protection to His two witnesses. He will give them great power to not only pronounce how some will suffer for trying to do them harm, but God will also give them power to perform devastating destruction as often as they choose. They will be given power beyond that which Moses was given when he led the Israelites out of Egypt. They, too, will be able to turn the waters to blood. They will be able to close up the heavens so that it will not rain on any area they choose. They will have power to call all manner of plagues upon any part of the earth as often as they choose.” (page 89)

Let’s review the record of the small acts of Moses Vs those of God’s most formidable end-time prophets, the two witnesses Ron and Laura:

  • Number of world leaders warned by Moses: 1 (the pharaoh).
  • Number of world leaders or political leaders of any kind warned by Ron: None.
  • Number of plagues called by Moses:10.  Number of plagues that came about: 10
  • Number of plagues called by Ron: None.
  • Number of plagues or disasters foretold by Ron: None.
  • Quantity of water turned to blood by Moses: All the water in the river.
  • Quantity of water turned to blood by Ron: None.  Well, maybe he cut himself shaving a few times.
  • Number of death threats by Moses: 1.
  • Number of people who died from Moses’ threats: Thousands and thousands, all the first-born sons of Egypt.
  • Number of death threats by Ron: 2 (1 of which was issued twice)
  • Number of people who died from Ron’s threats: None of the CoG leaders and none of the mockers.
  • Number of prophecies fulfilled …… OK, you get the idea. NONE.

So, now it’s time for the thunders to come along and humble us.  Does Ron call down any manner of plague anywhere on earth?  No, he exhorts his foollowers to pray for them and calls a fast.  Ron, as God’s most formidable prophet, it’s high past time for you to step up your game and do your job, if you have any expectation to exceed the accomplishments of Moses.

Here’s one you could accomplish:  Acknowledge that you are not God’s end-time witnesses or anything else, and that you’re just making it up as you go along.  Let your people go!!!!

The Time for Judgment is Now

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new posting on his blog, as he mentions at the beginning it’s been almost 7 months since the last one.  It reiterates his message of last Saturday, that the time is NOW!!! for calamity to befall us.  His latest blather is saved for posterity and hidden below the fold, if you care to read and comment.

______________________Weinland’s posting_____________________

Seven months have now passed since my last posting. It has been a little over two years since the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened. More incredible yet is the reality that in about 15 months from now, Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth.

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Ryan Responds

Early this morning we had some comments left on some older posts by Ryan.  While it’s not clear that Ryan is a PKG member, he clearly is drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid.  In order to consolidate the discussion, and since people tend to ignore older posts concentrating on the more recent ones, I am quoting a couple of his posts here.

One of his comments on a posting from last year reads:

Now we see how it is that people do twist and distort what is said.  Mr. Weinland did not call God a liar as was stated that he did, and neither did God lie to him or anybody else.  This is not how he explained the second time-line.

Ryan, that point is discussed in some detail on my last post and in its comments.  It’s quite clear that either God lied or Ron lied.  All of Ron’s BS explanations justifying his change to the second timeline don’t change that there was some lying going on.

In apparent response to this comment by Whisper, on a post in which we were discussing Ron’s ruptured appendix:

The longer Ron is “out of action” the more time his sheeples will have to assess the situation and possibly, oh my goodness, allow some doubts to rise to the top and be thought upon. How can the most POWERFUL man ever birthed with the full power of GOD behind him and whom is immune to DEATH and who’s enemies and detractors shall be PUNISHED in the exact same way the attempt to harm the Witness, who is Gods Final Witness and one (spokesman mind you of both as the other is a woman and can’t speak) of the 2 Witness’s of REVELATION, who is a APOSTLE and the end time ELIJAH, how can he suffer from such a malady as a pandects that would indeed be life threatening if not for medical treatment by others? How can such a powerful man who’s prophesied stock and trade is miracles (although destructive) of God be afflicted by such mundane maladies? Doesn’t these maladies make Ron look, oh… HUMAN? MORTAL? You know, one of the rank and file, another man, no better or worse than the whole?

Ryan responded:

Whisper, that is the point, Mr. Weinland is indeed human, and his books never said that he would be immune to sickness, but he just won’t die is all.  This is like the things I’ve heard about him not utilizing his prized Witness powers to shut up the heavens to make it not snow or rain so that he will be able to travel to wherever he goes.  But convenience is not the reason for those powers, whether it would be him or anybody else, helping out themselves would not be the reason for Witness powers, but do you really think so though ?

Apparently Ryan was also responding to my post about Ronnie’s itinerary change due to last year’s snowpocalypse or possibly the follow-up post which also mentioned the End-Time-Elijah’s susceptibility to poison ivy and perfumes.  Setting aside whether or not God’s Most Formidable Prophet should be vulnerable to maladies and whether or not he prophesied during the days of his recovery from appendicitis, let’s address the appropriate use of Witness Powers.  Ryan, if it’s trivial to use Witness Powers to enable the End-Time Prophet to keep to his itinerary and preach the word of God, then why is it not a trivial use of Witness Powers to put a death curse on mockers who don’t impede his prophesying in the slightest?  And speaking of Ronnie’s death curse (which BTW was the only exercise of his Witness Powers), whether it was trivial or not, why am I (his most persistent mocker) still mocking away over two years after he called for my speedy death?  Why did Ronnie find it necessary to spiritualize my death?  Which BTW is total BS — I find that my blogging activity has been a positive personal development exercise for me.  The people who are really suffering as a result of Ron’s activities are the family members of his followers.

And why would the use of Witness Powers to prove himself as God’s End-Time Prophet be a trivial use?  Seems to me that turning a few fountains into blood would be an effective way to make people take him seriously and consider his warnings so that God could show his mercy on them.  Speaking of proving himself to be a prophet of God and death curses, why are all 5 of the specific individuals who were to die early on as proof of Weinland as a prophet of God still alive?  Reminder, this was a test Ron defined for himself on page 108 of his latest book.  It was just over 4 years ago that he wrote these individuals letters calling on them to repent or else.  They didn’t repent and there was no “or else” either.

So, I’ve had my response.  You can respond as well.  And so can everyone else.  And like Ryan, let’s disagree agreeably.  We’ve had a couple of PKG members on this blog, Fred Roberts and Zach(helpingusoon), who were very obnoxious.  But Ryan has been respectful and so should you.  Well, we’ll give Kirrily some latitude to be snarky since she’s an ex-PKG-member, but no name-calling.  Your turn.

Firmly on the Fence

Back in August, commenter Mal, who is intrigued by how Weinland’s timeline fits together,  expected to make a decision one way or the other at the beginning of this year.  Now that we’re one-seventh of the way into it, he has made his choice as stated in a comment:

Regarding RW, I’ll remain on the fence just now.

Mal went on to reference the latest disasters.  Speaking of which, just this last Saturday, Ron stated that his foollowers were to pray for an increase in the thunders which were to first strike Manasseh (the United States) as required by prophecy and then move onto Ephraim (the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).  Yesterday, a devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand.  But wait — the thunders were to strike the US first.  Is Ron going to claim that the Christchurch earthquake wasn’t a “thunder”?  Tell that to the friends and family of the 65 who were killed in the quake, and to all those who lost their homes.  Or maybe his stupid foollowers aren’t praying correctly.  Or maybe God is stupid, is not listening to Ron’s foollowers, and is ignorant of Ron’s prophecies.  We already know that God is a liar, who revealed the wrong dates of Ron’s first timeline:


False Prophet Ronald Weinland is enjoying the nice weather in Florida this weekend, having spoken in Orlando yesterday.  His elder from the area, Bill Kotaska, did not give the prayer.  Word on the street is that he was disfellowshipped a while back.

Although Ron started a new sermon series, it was largely the theme from last week.  With the economy on the mend after the 2008 debacle, America’s heart is hardened as was Pharaoh’s after the plagues in Egypt.  Ron has cut way back on Google advertising since we won’t pay attention. PKG members are the only ones who can see the thunders, as reported by web sites such as World Net Daily.   PKG is instructed to pray for God’s judgment to come NOW.  Emphasis on the word “NOW”, which was repeated several times.  This time the thunders are to begin in Manasseh (the US) and move on to Ephraim (the UK, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand).  Take home message: God loves us and wants to kill us.

Now is the time to pray for God’s great merciful judgment to be unleashed on this earth. Something to pray about – and that’s why we’re addressing this in a very unique manner in this particular sermon series – and it has to begin with Manasseh, this nation, because that’s what prophecy shows us. God makes it very clear that what begins in the end-time and what has to happen first has to happen with this nation first, and then Ephraim follows behind that with Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and so forth; those things that have a rippling effect because of what happens here and what will happen in those nations – and then the rest of the scattered nations of Israel. All these things have to come to pass and time is closing in.
It’s one thing to see Thunders becoming stronger and know that these are fulfilling prophetic end-time events, but it’s altogether another matter entirely to see the need, to understand and be in agreement and oneness with God in all of this, and then to pray earnestly that the Thunders and Trumpets be unleashed with far, far greater power in order to accomplish their holy purpose; ‘holy’ because it reveals God’s presence and God’s work in all this.

In contrast to Ron’s instruction for PKG to pray for the end of God’s mercy and the beginning of great destruction on the scattered nations of Israel, he continues to shift the emphasis to the last day. When the 7th trumpet sounds at Christ’s return, the 7 last plagues are unleashed.

Ron claimed that he doesn’t have titles.  While he is an apostle, prophet, pastor, etc, he doesn’t use them as titles — these are just job descriptions. .  Given the power these “job descriptions” give him over his foollowers, it’s a distinction without a difference.

Satan is stirred up and has been coming at the church.  Perhaps the IRS criminal investigation is moving forward, as it was during past events when Satan was stirred up.

So when the thunders strike on the US, will it prevent the observance of the full 8-day feast this fall?  I wonder if “NOW” is longer or shorter than the speedy death from the inside I suffered after he restated his curse against me almost 26 months ago.  Time is precious, time will tell.

The Missing Three and One-Half Years of Great Physical Tribulation

Recently the PKG FAQ page was updated, sorely behind the time in one particular area.  (Only one?) Below are some edits that were made in one of the paragraphs, with markings for words deleted and words added.

Whether you are new or you are one of those who was scattered, if you desire to have a genuine relationship with God, then you must indeed seek (work) to learn all you can, so that you can be brought up-to-date quickly concerning the times in which we are living. You must also quickly seek to know what you must be doing spiritually in order to best equip yourself for what will be happening in this world throughout the final three and one-half years of great physical tribulation is now upon us the remaining time of trouble that the world will be going through before Christ’s return.

Time is just a wee bit short to fit in three and one-half years of tribulation before Christ returns.  Seems that their editing didn’t go far enough.  Later on in the FAQ is stated:

Since we have now moved into the final three and one-half years of tribulation, the opportunity for people to come together as a congregation will become less and less.

And later on:

The time of great physical tribulation is upon us, and soon most people will not have the freedom to pursue that relationship with God by listening to sermons from Sabbath to Sabbath.

Since Ron has prayed for the thunders, it must really be about to happen.  Perhaps he’s praying for my speedy death from the inside.  Wait, I feel something!! Oh, never mind — it was just gas.

The Sinking of the QE2

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Detroit yesterday.  He let local associate elders give the prayers:  Stan Watson did the opening and 20-something-son-of-Terry Parker Wrozek  gave the closing.  As I’ve pointed out several weeks ago, Weinland’s live audio feed has been distorted and scratchy recently because the bandwidth setting was a low 8 Kbps per second.  Yesterday his geek Greg Chipps figured out the problem and reset it to a better quality setting of 16 Kbps —  that is he either figured it out or he read my blog.  So Ron, this is the feedback from the Internet you were looking for — it was better. But Ron did spend about 10 minutes at the beginning playing around with a problem with some type of electrical interference in his audio system.  He blames static electricity due to the dry winter conditions, our technically challenged false prophet thinks that all static is caused by static electricity.  To make up for the lost time, he ended about 10 minutes early.  Ron, you really ought to prove out your equipment during the week instead of watching all that cable TV.

Ron has renamed his sermon series to “The Judgment of Thunder”.  But he continued as last week to try to justify his prophecy from his usual authoritative sources.  About 20 minutes were spent reading from the December Stansberry report.  This is a newsletter written by Porter Stansberry, who was convicted of an  SEC violation and paid a $1.5M fine back in 2007.  Porter predicts a global economic crisis brought on by massive US deficits leading to the end of the dollar’s status as a reserve currency.  Porter discussed how gasoline is more expensive in other countries, blaming it on them having to pay more for their oil because oil is priced in dollars and not their own currency.  It has nothing to do with gasoline being taxed much more in these countries than in the US.  Despite Porter’s fact distortion and checkered ethical history, the US and global economy will suffer in the coming years.  But, as I pointed out last week, the economy could get really bad without Christ returning, whether on Pentecost of 2012 or any other time.

The US is like Pharaoh, with our hearts hardened after the end of the plagues.  Ron is praying for the thunders to be stepped up mightily in the next few months.  He did the same just over four years ago, in a 3-part sermon series entitled “God’s Church, An Overview“.  For some reason, this sermon series is not posted on the PKG website, perhaps he’s afraid that he would be blamed for the unprecedented cataclysmic events that happened early in 2007.  Then two years ago, PKG went through an unprecedented two-day fast during which they prayed for death and destruction to bring about the humbling of the US.  Ron, please keep praying and calling fasts to call for calamity to befall us.  While you’re at it, please toss out a few more death curses on your critics.

Last year, Ron discussed how Facebook, bikinis, and speedos would not be allowed in the Millennium.  Turns out that we won’t have TV or movies either, and the bland entertainment of the Young Ambassadors won’t be allowed either. Sounds like a pretty boring time, if I’m lucky I’ll be killed when the Great Tribulation finally arrives.  And what will Ron do without cable TV to watch?

Last week, Dill Weed talked about Dill Weed Jr’s banjo playing career and how it came to an end.  This video has surfaced which gives the true story behind the end of DWJ’s musical career.

Bloggers and Burkas

This blog has remained focused on False Prophet Ronald Weinland as his timeline continues to compress against his so-far-since-the-last-change and for-now firm deadline of  Pentecost of 2012.  Meanwhile, other events have gone on in the Armstrongist CoGland and CoG-Blogland.  The United Church of God has undergone its own splintering recently with about 1/3 of its elders splitting off to form the Church of God, a Worldwide Association which I call “CoGaWA”.   (Weinland was a UCG member for around two years following Joe Tkach’s apostasy which opened the first seal in December of 1994.) The UCG bruhaha has been well described on other blogs such as Banned by HWA and also The Shining Light which is authored by James Malm.   James has dabbled in his own prophetic musings centered around Weinland’s current timeline, except that he quickly backed off when nothing happened.

The As Bereans Did blog also had a few pieces on the UCG splintering.  The ABD blog started up blogging about Weinland within a few weeks of when I did, but since has moved on to other topics.  Today I received notice that they are shutting down but imagine that they’ll leave the blog up for future reference.  One of the authors there, xHWA, was quite helpful with this blog in its project documenting Weinland’s takeover of the church corporation and its assets from the lay church board in early 2000.  Best of luck to the authors there and I expect we’ll hear from them occasionally.

There have been rumblings and splinterings going on the anti-CoG blogs as well.  A bit of history.  Aggie/Purple Hymnal terrorized ex-CoG blogs and forums and also had the Weinland Watch blog active mostly in early 2008.  Later on Aggie shared a blog for a time with Russell Miller called “I Survived Armstrong”, now defunct after Russell moved on and later decided that he wasn’t an atheist after all and believed in God, but not in Christianity.  Blogger “J M” who has had the domain for sometime and has had a forum and several blogs over the years which he had shut down and restarted.  Awhile back, “J” restarted his blog and has blogged more about the topic of grace.  Recently, Russell decided that he is a Christian after all.

This all came to a head over the past few weeks.  Aggie posted a comment on the Shadows blog which seems to have led to more of the combative interchanges that Aggie is famous for but apparently has been deleted with Aggie being banned from the blog.  Aggie took the fight to his own Purple Hymnal blog, threatening to expose “J”‘s identity.  “J” responded by identifying himself as one Jeff Miller, after which Russell Miller exposed Aggie’s true identity on his blog.  After a flurry of posts on the Purple Hymnal blog this weekend, Aggie deleted the whole blog.  (Given the same last name, and the association with Russell hosting Jeff’s blog, I wonder – is it possible, could they be related?  Maybe brothers? One mustn’t assume, after all Miller is a common surname.)

But Aggie has not disappeared from the Internet.  Aggie has reincarnated on a new blog with a new focus and a new identity and is no longer Aggie. Aggie now goes by “psalmsofpraise”.  That’s quite a mouthful, so I’m abbreviating it as POP.  POP has even commented under his new identity on this blog.  The last time Aggie commented here was last year when I deleted his comment for getting into it with other commenters.  Oops, I have to change my habit now, as it turns out that Aggie was indeed female.  Many believed Aggie female solely due to the sound of her handle which was short for the gender-neutral “aGnosticAtheist“.  POP is welcome to comment here so long as she doesn’t make personal attacks on the other commenters.

There have been other bloggers with a former association with Armstrongism who became atheists and then later decided that they weren’t atheists after all.  BykerBob and Russell Miller are examples, and now     I’m not totally surprised at POP’s retreat from atheism, I’ve wondered if they were emotional atheists as a reaction to events and not truly atheists.  Not trying to climb inside their heads, just wondering.

The difference is that the first two didn’t go back to Armstrongism, and POP has.  Still trying to wrap my head around that, and a small piece of me wonders if she’s pulling our collective leg.  At least she is not joining one of the splinters but is starting up her own (very) small splinter.  You can task her for all the details on her new religious position on her new blog.

In the midst of all this identity outing, Gavin Rumney coincidentally opined on the topic of anonymous critics and credibility on his blog.  Gavin is certainly entitled to his opinion.  And I’m entitled to mine.  Given that my life has been threatened by Ron Weinland.  OK, it was spiritual as is just about all of the nonsense that comes from his mouth.  I’m amused by Ron’s death curse.  What doesn’t amuse me is what his deluded followers may do, such as exhibited by CoG-PKG member Fred Roberts. Given that Fred lives on the opposite side of the globe, I’m not likely to see that particular sheepherder on my doorstep.  But the mentality is still out there.

When it comes to my credibility, the readers will just have to decide for themselves if Ronald Weinland is more credible than I because after all, he’s put his identity out there while I have not.  That obviously outweighs all the false prophecy and promise breaking that Weinland has committed over the past few years, at least in the minds of his deluded followers.  A few have considered the points I’ve raised and made their own decisions.  That’s all I ask.

Hate-Filled Bird

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in icy Alabama this weekend.  Attendance was off due to the weather and illness.  Senior Elder Lori Williams did not make it.  Weinland’s traveling senior elder Ralph Dowd was not there either, deciding to go instead to the warmer climes in Hawaii.

It seems that the Two Witnesses, their evangelists, and senior elders have been attacked by Satan since the feast.  It must be more than the photo I showed in November which included two of them. My articles were earlier last year discussing how several have suffered, not from Satan’s attacks, but from following a false prophet. Nothing specific about what Satan’s recent attacks were, although word on the street is one of them has had a family member disfellowshipped. Could some of them have lost even more money at the gaming tables in Vegas?

The sermon included a reference to Revelation 18 but otherwise Weinland prophesied from the headlines.  Ron mentioned (finally) the halfway point two weeks ago into the period 3 and 1/2 of  shortened 280-day “times”.  He is selling the thunder, since the first four trumpets which were to open the Great Tribulation causing the demise of the United States and its allies have not materialized.  After spending a few minutes discussing the first thunder (war), he moved on to the second and third thunders (weather and earthquakes).  He read heavily from an AP story about all the disasters last year, but skipped a few parts.  Such as this one (quoting from the article):

Disasters from the Earth, such as earthquakes and volcanoes “are pretty much constant,” said Andreas Schraft, vice president of catastrophic perils for the Geneva-based insurance giant Swiss Re. “All the change that’s made is man-made.”

The article described how the Haiti earthquake resulted in the large loss of life due to poor construction processes and the dense population, while the much, much more severe earthquake in Chile killed far fewer.

Then Ron switched gears to read about the fourth thunder.  He stated his prophecy for global economic collapse this year.  Then he read an article from Barron’s warning of hyperinflation, and one from Reuters discussing the impending collapse of the Euro.  Earlier in the sermon, he read from page 98 of “2008: God’s Final Witness”

Some nations are already indicating a shift from dollar to euro as a better assurance for future stability. Although many in the United States scoff at such a possibility, that is precisely what will happen as confidence in the dollar continues to wane.

I recall attending a funeral a couple of years ago.  Visiting afterward, one of the attendees stated that she wished that the economy had collapsed in 2008 because that it would mean that Christ would be returning.  Here’s a thought: the global economy could indeed collapse this year, and Christ not return.  Not on May 27, 2012 or any other time including October of this year as prophesied by failed prophet Harold Camping.  But any calamity would result in some ignoring Camping’s and Weinland’s long history of failed prophecies and the ranks of their followers would increase.

Weinland has announced a church-wide fast for April 2.  That day is the end of the fourth 140-day half-a-time in Ron’s shorted timeline still ending on Pentecost of 2012.  Empty stomachs will make more room for Flavor Aid.

It seems a certain furry friend did not care for Dill Weed Jr’s reaction to a challenge last week.  So our furry friend decided to invite him to lunch so he could make a few points about his behavior.  And have lunch.