Entering Some Incredible Times

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Richmond, VA yesterday delivering part 3 of his sermon series “Pray for Judgment”.  Ron in effect warned of infiltrators, not to trust another PKG member.  I wonder if there are some cracks in his following.  ‘Bout time.

He started off his sermon with this statement:

As has been stated, now is the time to pray for God’s judgment to be unleashed on this earth including far more of the thunders becoming far more powerful.  And worldwide candidly, interspersed with trumpets 2, 3, and 4 as we understand will occur here in this country.  And so again it’s a matter of praying about these things.

Since the thunders have not powerfully struck the United States since issuing his decree two weeks ago, Ron needed to be candid about it being worldwide.  Here’s what his blog says:

Since the beginning of this year, the Thunders of Revelation have become louder and are now overlapping each other. Severe storms of destruction are not just in the distance any longer, but coming down quickly upon us. These begin harshly upon the United States, first and foremost. The Second Trumpet is being prepared to sound, and the Thunders will be intensified dramatically in this nation and throughout the whole world.

Are these statements consistent?  I’ll let you decide. Since it’s been two weeks since Ron called for destruction to hit the United States Now!!! and it hasn’t, they must be. Ron continued his theme of likening the current situation to that of Moses bringing down the plagues on Egypt with Pharaoh repenting and then hardening his heart after each one.  Ron read the verses from Exodus 10 about the plague of locusts eating up all the vegetation, after which Pharaoh repented and asked Moses to end the plague. Ron commented:

So, just a temporary thing for him.  Such power came upon him, what Moses had said, exactly like Moses had said.

There’s the major difference.  What Moses said happened.  When has anything Ron prophesied happened when he said it would? Just over two years ago, PKG was supposed to pray for death from an increase of the thunders to humble us. Now it turns out that it was God showing mercy by delaying the thunders and trumpets by one year for each day of the fast.

And much of it had to do with our prayers.  And a great deal of our prayers had to do with that fast we had, that God led us to.  A two-day fast. Powerful.  Who could have contemplated?  You know, I was dumbfounded when God finally gave that to be seen that it was a year for each day that God held back what he was going to do, to show his great mercy.

……   and this has very much to do with the thunders, and what has been building up.  Because they have been held back as well.  You know, I was dumbfounded, and I thought — this is –what’s, what’s going on?  It’s almost — when different hurricanes in the last two years came up.  And what happened? It’s not time.  It’s not time.  And they go off in different directions.  What’s going on? It’s like this country, what’s taking place? I didn’t know.  I didn’t think about two days for two years.  It’s being held back.  There are things that aren’t being allowed to happen yet.   So thunders and trumpets have both been held back.

So how did God reveal this to Ron?  Well, it’s been two years and we haven’t had the thunders and trumpets.  There’s your revelation, revealed to all of us by God and at the same time.

Two years ago this very day, Ron gave the last radio interview which he posted.  He said in that interview on March 6, 2009:

December 14th was when the first trumpet of the last 7 trumpets was blown.  There are 7 trumpets that are going to be blown, the second one is when nukular devices will go off in this country.  And even back then, just before April I told you in that particular interview that we would have a period of about 45 to 90 days.  That also has changed.  That has been extended to possibly up to a year.

Ron hasn’t reminded us recently what the second trumpet is to be.  In his book he said this about the first trumpet: “When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.”  But the first trumpet ended up being the destruction of 1/3 of the green money.  I wonder what the second trumpet will turn out to be when the “nukular” bombs don’t go off.

Ron spent part of the sermon mocking us for believing that rabbits lay Easter eggs, and that Santa is detected on Christmas Eve by NORAD’s radar system.  Ron, we’re not children.  Ron thinks that he will be called the “great false prophet”.  Ron, while you’re a false prophet you’re hardly great — just one of many.  And we won’t believe it’s Christ returning because we believe in UFOs.  Well, there are some people who believe in UFOs.

The man of sin has new signs and lying wonders to reveal.  Ron woke up in the middle of the night recently (I wonder if he made his side of the bed) and God revealed something to him.  This year is to be a special and unique passover, as special as the two-day fast.  Ron didn’t tell us what this is, he’s dangling another carrot and will tell us during the upcoming weekend in April of the one-day fast which coincides with one of his 140-day half-time days.

This passover is to be the last passover before Christ’s return.  PKG will not be able to observe passover as a group, because after all this will be about 7 weeks before Christ returns and the US will be under Germany’s boot heel as we experience the 5 months of the 5th trumpet.

I hereby prophesy that PKG will have an organized passover observance as a group in 2012.


52 thoughts on “Entering Some Incredible Times

  1. When FPRW (PersecutionBUH) is proven wrong, the proper course is not to admit he is wrong and re-assess the 50 truths (or whatever it is). He has not just claimed to be a prophet; he has claimed to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation. When proven wrong about this, the only proper recourse would be to repent, resign the ministry, get a job flippin’ burgers, and take a seat in the back row of whatever church he wishes to attend as an ordinary member of the congregation.


  2. Wonder if Ron’s brother Steve would give him a job at the garbage collection and porta-potty companies he runs in Colorado.


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