Waving the Sheaf

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Dallas yesterday. During the announcements, he discussed some PKG members who might be confused about Second Tithe and sending it in instead of keeping it for their own personal expenses to attend the feast as God commands.  Except when God commands them to send it in to Ron as was the case after the 2007 Feast of Tabernacles, and after the 2008 feast 3/4 of it was to be sent in.

He began a new sermon series building up to June 12 with is the last Pentecost before Christ doesn’t return next year.  He went back to the Old Testament to discuss the story of Joshua as he led Israel out of the wilderness into the promised land.  It seems that “Joshua” has the same meaning as “Jesus” as they are the same name in different languages as are “Michael” and “Miguel”.

Ron did some carrot dangling, reviewing the proper day for observance of Passover and numerology for counting Pentecost so that PKG members can educate the thousands of members from other CoGs when they acknowledge Ron as the End-Time Witness, etc. and seek to join PKG.  He mentioned the Church of the Great God, which counts Pentecost differently and which is headed by John Ritenbaugh, who is still alive despite being one of the CoG leaders prophesied to die early on as the beginnings of the first phase of the fifth thunder.

Despite all the associate elders in the Dallas area, Ron gave his own opening prayer.  Perhaps that was so they could save their strength for all the upcoming baptizing of millions that they’re to perform when the Great Tribulation hits us some time during the 32 weeks that remain of this “time” during which the downfall of the US is really for sure going to happen this time (instead of by the fall of 2008 or within the six months following).

The End Year

False Prophet Ronald Weinland speaks often about his belief that the return of Jesus Christ will be on May 27 of next year.  Actually, according to his prophecies it to be is at the beginning of Pentecost in Jerusalem.  In Armstrongism as in Judaism, the day begins at sundown the evening before.  Which for Pentecost of 2012 occurs in Jerusalem at 7:36 PM Israel Daylight Time on Saturday, May 26.  Due to the difference in time zones it will be mid-day on Saturday, May 26 here in the United States.

That is, it is exactly one year to the minute from the publication of this post that Christ will not return as prophesied by Ronnie.  The beast power and the Asiatic hordes will not be assembled in the Valley of Megiddo to do epic battle.  There will not be a massive earthquake at which time Ron and Laura’s bodies will not be resurrected from the streets of Jerusalem.  Their bodies will not be lying in the streets either.  The beast power will not take them there and kill them on the morning of May 23.  And should they decided to do themselves in, the local authorities will clean up the streets (no continuous televising an image of their bodies).  However, I do not expect Ron and Laura to do anything like that.

Rather, by then Ron will have recognized that hundreds of ex-WCG members have not acknowledged him as the End-Time Witness, and will have recognized that millions of other people have not utilized all his elders to get baptized and join PKG.  By that time he will have moved to the plan B that he telegraphed a few weeks ago.  Plan B being that while not a prophet he is still an apostle.  And how do we know that he’s an apostle?  Because of all the new truth he revealed.  And how do we know it’s the truth?  Because Ron’s an apostle.  And how do we know Ron’s an apostle?   Because he said he is.  Got that?  Quite simple when you think about it.

I expect that instead of lying in the streets of Jerusalem, he will be lying in the pulpit as he delivers his day-before-Pentecost sermon, a couple of hours later if delivered here in the US but probably earlier than that if he’s in the Netherlands as he is normally.  He will still have a substantial portion of his current following, which followed him from the first timeline into the second timeline.  Which continues to follow him despite the continual compression of the Great Tribulation into the last of the 3 & 1/2 years.

Tasting the End

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Denver yesterday, continuing his series on how wonderful life will be in the 100 years following the millennium.  He cautioned his members to be productive, and to not take advantage of others.  I think some are behind on their irony supplements.

With the irony deficiency, Ron did not mention Harold Camping.  Perhaps he doesn’t want his members to start thinking about what would happen should worse come to worse and his own prophecies fail as miserably as Harold’s.  Harold was the target of much mockery among my friend with the regular Saturday night social designated as a post-rapture party.  Since we didn’t get raptured, we all were able to attend.

One side effect of the Harold Camping affair has been increased traffic to my blog driven by search engines from the term “ronald weinland” for which Google points to my page on the first or second hit.  Perhaps interest was heightened by news articles in the mainstream press mentioning Weinland such as the Montgomery Advertiser and the International Business Times.  Closest thing we’ve had to the fulfillment of the Sixth Thunder which according to “2008–God’s Final Witness” is

The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s end-time witnesses. That revelation is that I am the spokesman of God’s two end-time prophets—the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses.

So far Harold Camping has been silent.  Maybe he was the only one raptured away.  When it comes to Camping’s followers who gave away all their money expecting to be raptured Saturday and are now destitute, I have zero sympathy for adults who’ve chosen to follow a demonstrated false prophet like Harold Camping.  I do have sympathy for their minor children, and their relatives who care about them but weren’t given the choice about whether their relation would suffer from willfully following a false prophet.

Trumpets and the Fifth Thunder

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new post on his blog.  He doesn’t mention the rapture scheduled for tomorrow evening at 6 PM your local time.  Which means that when we in the US wake up tomorrow morning we should hear about rapture events in New Zealand and Australia.  Maybe he’ll mention it in the sermon tomorrow and PKG members will think themselves smart for not following a false prophet.

Ron doesn’t allow comments on his blog, but I do.  His post repeated below for posterity and your convenience:

—————————  Ronnie’s Latest —————————————–

After this Sabbath, in only three weeks God’s Church will be observing the third annual Sabbath of this year, Pentecost (also called the Feast of Weeks and Feast of Firstfruits). It will be the last Pentecost to be observed in man’s age (the time allotted in God’s plan for mankind to govern himself).

Then, May 27th of 2012, will be “the Pentecost” that ushers in the greater fulfillment of what this Holy Day has always foreshadowed. In Moses’ time, the codified law of the Ten Commandments was given to the Israelites on the day of Pentecost. A little over 1,500 years later God began to pour out His spirit upon His Church that He established on that same day. Both of these events were a partial fulfillment of what Pentecost has always foreshadowed in God’s plan of salvation.

God has given great witness to mankind that His law cannot be lived without His help through the power of His spirit dwelling in mankind, all of which is contained in the foreshadowing of Pentecost’s purpose and meaning.

The next great step in the fulfillment of Pentecost is only a little over a year away when Jesus Christ will come as King of kings to rule over this earth. Jesus Christ is called the first of the firstfruits, but at his return there will be the 144,000 with him, those who are resurrected as the greater portion and the complete number of firstfruits (fully of mankind) of God’s Family and of His Kingdom that will rule with Christ.

The Scattered of the Worldwide Church of God

How can something so extraordinary and of such magnitude happen in only a little over a year from now, when so many end-time prophecies are yet to be fulfilled? It would seem totally incredulous to most people who were once part of the Worldwide Church of God before its scattering (for any who still hold to some belief of an end-time), that such an event could possibly happen in such a time-frame.

Continue reading “Trumpets and the Fifth Thunder”

Eerie in Erie

False Prophet Ronald Weinland took his Flavor Aid to Erie yesterday.  Ron spoke of feast preparations, admonishing people against reserving hotel rooms at two feast sites.  Seems some who are planning to travel longer distances for the feast may be hedging their bets by reserving a hotel room at the closest feast site.  After all the great tribulation will strike the US soon as only 34 weeks of the 40-week period of judgment on the US remain.

Ron started his sermon reminding everyone of his opinions about Afghanistan. The PIIGS in Europe are active, and the situation in Greece is about to bring down the economy.

He continued on to discuss the upcoming millennium, which will be truly a paradise as lawyers won’t be needed.  Judgment will be instantly rendered.  Which will mean that no one will be around quickly as we all sin and all sin is equally deserving of death.

Ron reminded us that no one can understand the Bible unless understanding is specially given by God.  Aren’t we all lucky to have the true prophet of the God of Abraham, someone whose prophecies have all come true when he said they would, to tell us what it means?

If you’re curious as to Ron’s presentation at ideaCity just under two years ago, someone has posted a bootleg on YouTube.  Watch it before it gets pulled:  Part 1 Part 2.

Needing a New Drug

False Prophet Ronald Weinland visited the brethren in Massachusetts yesterday, starting a new sermon series but expanding on a subject he started last week.  It’s better that the nation of Afghanistan be wiped from the face of the earth due to it being the major source of the world’s heroin.  He went on to cite statistics which describe the poverty and misery there.

The Afghan people have been oppressed due to a lack of proper government, with warlords exercising great influence.  They have also been oppressed by religious fanatics.  As far as the heroin problem, the consumers of it are as equally responsible as the providers.  But there are some who have a need to alter their lives chemically.  If not for heroin it would be something else.

I see these elements in the Church of God – PKG.  It is populated by people to alter their lives spiritually, and have chosen the spiritual drug concocted by Ron Weinland, who also oppresses them while claiming to be God’s ambassador.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who read my blog.  And special acknowledgment to those mothers (yes, more than one) struggling to hold their family together in face of the loss of their husband and the father of their children to this spiritual drug dealer.

An Inside Job

False Prophet Ronald Weinland returned from his globe trotting down under to Cincinnati to deliver his sermon yesterday.  This was the conclusion of a series of sermons about “Sacrifice” that he started during the Days of Unleavened Bread.   Many of Ron’s members are familiar with the concept, having sacrificed assets and family relationships to their spiritual idol.

In return, the PKG members who are not “sealed” will live on into “the new age” during which they will be known personally by the resurrected and looked up to by those who weren’t PKG members.  Ron in particular will help out, exercising his spirit being powers which will be as potent as his Spokesman Witness powers.

Ron proposes nuking Afghanistan , since they produce 90% of the drugs snorted by Wall Street moguls, according to Ron’s education from watching “Inside Job”.  I guess cocaine-producing Columbia will get a reprieve due to Ron’s ignorance of drugs and how they are induced.  Ron mentioned that people who are wrong will hate and want to kill those who are right.  That explains Ron’s death curse on his mockers.

Surprisingly, Ron did not mention the tornadoes in Alabama other that to mention that no PKG members were hurt.  I expected that he would get as much mileage from this “thunder” as he could.  Ron still doesn’t know when the Great Tribulation is going to strike, but it has to be Real Soon Now as only 36 weeks left for Ron’s judgment to strike the US.

Thank you all for the outpouring of support for my family situation.  Dealing with my elderly father’s health issues makes me hope for the fulfillment of the false prophet’s speedy death curse (when it’s my time to go, that is).  Given his prophetic track record, I’m doomed to a long agonizing death.