Tough Agape

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is back in the Netherlands this weekend two weeks after being there for the last Pentecost before Jesus Christ doesn’t return.  He reminded people of the big social next weekend when he’s in Cincinnati.  For some reason, Ron did not record a closing prayer and Gijs Van Lerberghe was not given a chance to pray for the third weekend in a row, but his wife Mieke was raised to elder.  Mieke translates Ron’s books and sermons to Dutch.

Ron continued the sermon series on perfection that was interrupted by Pentecost.  God’s love is perfect, even more perfect that that of a mother for her child which after all is selfish.  But God’s love is tough, requiring the sacrifice of a perfect being who never sinned.  Just imagine where we’d be if Jesus had strayed even slightly, such as taking a second look at an attractive woman who happened to be another man’s wife.  “Thou shalt not covet”.

Ron did not talk about fulfilled prophecy.  There are now only 28 weeks left in the 40 week period of judgment on modern day Israel (primarily the United States).

What Are You Smoking?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered this weekend’s sermon from the UK, making a quick trip there sandwiched between two weekends in the Netherlands.  Gijs Van Lerberghe of the Netherlands tagged along and delivered one of the prayers, which is a bit unusual as I expected that his long time UK member and elder Philip Burman would have given one of the prayers.  Hmmm.  Has there be a further diminishment in the ranks of Ron’s UK elders, with the first being Benjamin who was defrocked for not giving up his Facebook page.  Ron wondered whether he would be back in the UK next year at this time.  I think there’s an outstanding chance that he will be, just not as a spirit being.

Ron concluded his sermon series on the significance of Pentecost.  He started off with a prophecy riff from the headlines.  Well, Ron:  There could be a total global economic collapse this week triggered by the Greek debt situation, and an intense earthquake could devastate the Tennessee River valley.  But you would still be a false prophet.  With less than a year remaining in the 1260 days of your alleged prophecy, we have not seen:

  • The death of 1/3 of all vegetation as the result of the first trumpet.
  • Any “nukular” explosions in US port cities
  • The downfall of the United States despite being well past the deadline given in your holy book “2008 — God’s Final Witness”
  • Any evidence that the Asiatic hordes are mobilizing to do battle in the Valley of Megiddo, despite being well within a year, a month, a day and an hour alloted for that preparation
  • Any water turned to blood
  • Any fulfillment of your own defined test as proving yourself as a prophet of God, that being the death of 5 specific ministers
  • Nor any result from any other specific prophecy

Nor have the two witnesses breathed any fire on anyone trying to hurt them, not even the spiritual kind of death you came up with.  At least not for me, with improvement in my cholesterol numbers due to healthier habits and improvement in my personal life.

No Neckties in the Millennium

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made his usual Pentecost trip to the Netherlands, delivering the customary two sermons (both Saturday and Sunday) for the Pentecost weekend.  His sermons are coincidentally entitled “Pentecost”.  For the Saturday sermon, his elders Gijs Van Lerberghe and Willem Henderson gave the prayers.  Ron spent about 6 minutes after Gijs gave the opening prayer rearranging the meeting room.

For the Saturday sermon, Ron dangled the carrot of the additional 3000 members forthcoming soon from the scattering, which is those who were baptized members of the Worldwide Church of God in December of 1994 when Joe Sr. opened the First Seal.  He dangled another carrot which would be idolization of PKG members during the millennium for being the first to drink Ron’s Flavor Aid.  He cautioned against becoming disconnected from PKG by using other sources to study the Bible.  Except for the Strongs Concordance, which Ron himself uses to mine for alternative meanings of words to support his prophetic revisions.

For the Pentecost day sermon, Ron used a stick, warning that the First Trumpet is finally about to hit.  But not the death of 1/3 of all vegetation as stated in his book.  Rather, the global economy is about to collapse, and the beast power is going to arise from the ashes.  We are within the year, month, day, and hour of preparation of the Asiatic hordes for the battle in the Valley of Megiddo in less than 50 weeks from now.

Jack engaged one of Ron’s Flavor Aid drinkers on his blog.  Here’s a telling part of the exchange with the Anonymous PKG member.

Anonymous said…

You said, “Will you follow Ron if Jesus does not return May 2012?”.

That’s a fair question. Yes, I will.

June 8, 2011 6:13 PM

I don’t think that “Anonymous” will be the only PKG member still following Ron on May 28 of next year.

Catching Dyslexia

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was back in Detroit, where it was hotter than expected. His sermon was on perfection, a topic which he is a long way from understanding.  Weinland’s God created Jesus, a perfect individual who never misspoke and was perfectly appropriate.  However, Weinland’s God made the rest of us imperfect requiring the sacrifice of a perfect being before we can be accepted.  Oh, and a God who created evil to boot.  Something that makes complete sense to its believers although it can’t be satisfactorily explained.

Ron did not harp on all the tornadic activity, which is pretty much all that he has to point to physically now into the 10th of the 40 weeks of devastation to be visited on the US and other scattered nations of Israel. Rather, our Spokesman Witness is looking for the economy to fail to get people’s attention.  That’s what he needs the first trumpet to be (loss of green money) since it hasn’t turned out to be the loss of 1/3 of vegetation.  At least not from my view on the bike trail this morning, and having to mow the lawn after only 5 days because Ron hasn’t used his Witness powers to shut up the heavens.  By the way, I rode about 12 miles this morning, which isn’t bad for someone who died a speedy internal death during the last 2 & 1/2 years as a consequence of mocking a false prophet who cursed me rather than praying for me.