Tough Agape

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is back in the Netherlands this weekend two weeks after being there for the last Pentecost before Jesus Christ doesn’t return.  He reminded people of the big social next weekend when he’s in Cincinnati.  For some reason, Ron did not record a closing prayer and Gijs Van Lerberghe was not given a chance to pray for the third weekend in a row, but his wife Mieke was raised to elder.  Mieke translates Ron’s books and sermons to Dutch.

Ron continued the sermon series on perfection that was interrupted by Pentecost.  God’s love is perfect, even more perfect that that of a mother for her child which after all is selfish.  But God’s love is tough, requiring the sacrifice of a perfect being who never sinned.  Just imagine where we’d be if Jesus had strayed even slightly, such as taking a second look at an attractive woman who happened to be another man’s wife.  “Thou shalt not covet”.

Ron did not talk about fulfilled prophecy.  There are now only 28 weeks left in the 40 week period of judgment on modern day Israel (primarily the United States).

28 thoughts on “Tough Agape

  1. Only 28 weeks left in the 40 weeks of the three and a half years of the 2000 years of the 6000 years. Hold on now! I haven’t heard Ronald Weinland talking about the thunders lately. BUT, I heard thunder last night. That thunderstorm rained on my garden and it is doing very well thank you.

    What has Ron got against Mother Theresa? I’ve heard him complain about her before. Where is Ron’s Agape? Where is his prophecy “doorstep of horror”? Well to be fair, he still has 11 months.

    I know where Ron’s Agape is. He has removed his curse of speedily slow death from the inside on critics and ministers. Now that’s Agape.


  2. He hasn’t mentioned his failed death curse on critics for some time. However, the 5th thunder was the topic of the last blog post he put up.


  3. All of this agape talk could be setting up God’s agape for Ron, which means that when Christ doesn’t return it is God’s agape chastisement for Ron. This would compltetely cement Ron’s followers to his theology: since Ron is so special that God is contradicting the Bible for Ron’s sake, Ron MUST be a witness-prophet-apostle, just like when Moses struck the rock and water didn’t come out (at first). “Ron is just like Moses! Oh my God! He is ordained of God! Hallelujah!”

    Then Ron will proclaim he must go into the wilderness (Switzerland) to prepare for his trip to Jerusalem to die, and there he will recieve a “revelation” that God wants him to stay in Switzerland (New Jerusalem) until he dies, thus fulfilling prophecy that Ron dies in “a kind of Jerusalem”.


  4. Under the heading of “Conspiracy Theories” in the Topics section of FAQ in the current COG-PKG website Weinland says that it is Satan who deceives the whole world. He draws a stark contrast between such “Satanic deception” and “God’s truth” which he, Ron Weinland, doles out to readers. To drive home his point, he finishes with a flourish by insisting most emphatically that: “The government of God is coming to this earth on May 27, 2012. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!”

    When this fails to happen, will Weinland admit that his “untruth” – this “deception” – must, according to his own definition, have come from Satan? Mmm… I won’t be holding my proverbial breath! Mind you, Weinland is very adept at turning bad news into glad tidings. Maybe the spin will be that God is subjecting Ron to a bit of tough agape by testing His Prophet like this, but the good news is that God has now revealed the TRULY FINAL DATE for the return of Jesus Christ to allow more time for all those Weinland-mockers to repent!

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention… Until mid-2008, that very same section of the website read: “The Government of God is coming to this earth on September 29, 2011. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!”

    “Nothing and no one”? I wonder if Weinland will be tampering with “God’s truth” once again before May 27, 2012?


  5. i got in touch with ron and talked with him, in 2007 and met him in 2008 and the other members,
    where am i now ………………. a big mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help
    i know a lot of stuff


  6. When did you leave Mitch? I mean, I gather you ‘joined’ and subsequently left when no prophecies came to fruition? I myself left Ronnies dreamworld in early 2009.

    How are you going with everything?

    I found great comfort here on this blog when I left. There is so much to work through.


  7. @Mitch
    Are you still with Ronald’s (not Christ’s) church?

    Just because he has SOME truth (ie things like Sabbath), does not mean one should stay with him.

    If I’m a passenger in a car with some guy who knows about the destination we’re going but is instead driving off a cliff, what you do is get out.

    That he knows about the ‘final destinaton’ does not negate the fact that he’s driving off a cliff.


  8. Just because he has SOME truth (ie things like Sabbath), does not mean one should stay with him.

    So, which one of the cults are you with, Martin?


  9. Really losing interest in Weinland right now. Mainly because it is obvious that a year from now he will still be preaching, holding on to the faithful few who refuse to heed their Bibles when it comes to false prophets.
    It’s sad because Weinland could have been a person of integrity back in 2008 and stopped preaching. But, as we all know, his yes was not yes and his no was not no. That sums up his character.


  10. I’m feeling the same way now. I used to think the end of PKG would be in 2012 when Jesus does not return. The longer this goes on though, I’m realizing that Ronnies cult will not end, just like HWA’s.

    Mike, forgive me if you have answered this before, but come May 2012 and the great non event, have you decided what you would do with this blog?


  11. My domain registration coincidentally expires a few days after Christ doesn’t return. Unless I die during the Battle of Armageddon, I’ll probably renew it for another year. We’ll see what else is going on at the time. I expect that early next year Ron will drop the timeline and Spokesman Witness title and drop back to just being an Apostle. We’ll see how many leave PKG at that time, I doubt it will be very many.


  12. Well, since the 144,000 is out of every tribe of Israel, but nobody out of Dan, I guess if this makes sense then all the other prophetic nonsense makes sense. And if Matthew quotes a prophecy of 30 pieces of silver and says it was Jeremiah but it was really Zechariah, and if Matthew leaves 3 people out of his lineage that were named in the same lineage in Chronicles, and if Peter says in John during the passover, “Master, whither goest thou?” and after a long answer Jesus says,”I go to my Father in heaven yet none of you ask me, Master, whither goest thou?, I suppose if the new testament errors are inerrant, then Won Rhineland who got the rines crossed must be enirrant as well. After all, in Judges we read, “The Lord was with Judah that day, therefore he conquered the hill people, but could not conquer the valley people for they had iron chariots”! Wow, I guess the Lord couldn’t deal with them there iron chariots, holy ferrous material!


  13. Seems like the atheist brigade are really pushing to get a foothold on this blog. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is GARY, whose post has very little to do with RW and very much to do with rubbishing the Bible.

    Since Mike allowed your post, he might allow mine as well.

    GARY, if you want to find apparent anomolies in the Bible with the object of proving it false to yourself, it’s not difficult. In times past I took the same stance as you.

    But, if instead you take the opposite approach, like I did a number of years ago, and seek God for the truth of His Word you will come to see the ‘anomolies’ as like a few small stones at the base of a granite rock face. Jesus Christ is that granite rock face.

    Mike, are you now going to close down this thread too ?


  14. I’ve shut down other threads when they became personal. Which seemed to be at the instigation of the “atheist brigade” (in your terms). So if you chose to respond to Mal, respond to his arguments and don’t make it personal. Really would rather not have to delete comments.

    Mal, I don’t know whether you think your deity is perfect, although you are willing to accept imperfection in books alleged to have been written by him and those who claim to represent him. Are you any closer to determining whether or not Weinland is a true prophet?


  15. As a member of “the atheist brigade struggling to get a foothold in this blog” I would just like to wish everyone a happy (belated) Indepedance Day, and may your country thrive and prosper.

    Oh no! Now the atheist brigade has gotten a “foothold” (??) in Independance Day!! LOL!:)


  16. Incredulous:
    He states that Jesus is the Passover. That is correct. So when Christian celebrate Easter, they are celebrating the Ultimate Passover
    Saturday versus Sunday is a silly argument over the calendars. Keep the seventh day holy is what counts.
    As for the trinity, if you Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit, then how can it not be an Entity. If not, whose baby was Jesus


  17. Jesus was a Palestinian carpenter born 2000 years ago to two people named Joseph and Mary who would eventually go on to be crucified for lying to the people of Israel, saying that he was the son of god and that belief in his divinity would give you the opportunity to live in space after you die.


  18. Mike

    Rob’s question was “If Mary was not impregnated by the Holy Spirit, whose baby was Jesus?”

    According to the Bible, your answer of “Joseph” is not possible.

    Matthew 1:18 “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, BEFORE THEY CAME TOGETHER, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make her a public example,was minded to put her away secretly”

    From this Scripture, Joseph clearly knew her pregnancy was not due to him.

    When the angel Gabriel told Mary she was to concieve a Son, Mary replied in Luke 1:34 “How can this be SINCE I DO NOT KNOW A MAN?”

    The answer to Rob’s question is that, according to the Bible, there is no other answer except that Mary’s impregnation was miraculous.


  19. Umm Mal? The Hebrew word that they used to translate into the word virgin meant ‘young woman’, not “virgin” in the sense of whether someone had sex or not.

    Mike (DDTFA) is correct. It is you who ain’t cerrect…


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