PRETRIAL AND DISCOVERY ORDER Re Criminal Trial of Ronald Weinland

On November 23, the day following False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s arraignment in federal court on 5 counts of criminal tax evasion, Magistrate Judge Candace Smith issued a written order with a prophetic timeline leading up to a jury trial starting on January 31, 2012.  During this time, the prosecution and defense are to prepare for trial by providing all required discovery and filing all pretrial motions.  If Ronald Weinland is to negotiate a plea agreement and abort this prophetic timeline, it must be during the week prior to the Pretrial Conference in mid-January in order for him to be eligible for a sentence reduction of around 6 months.

I have included the text of the judge’s order with commentary and links to explanatory material.

—————- Text of Judge Smith’s order issued following Ronald Weinland’s arraignment, with {embedded commentary} ——————–



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Defendant having been arraigned on the above action and having pled not guilty, the Court enters this general order governing discovery and pretrial procedures for criminal actions.
1. This matter is assigned for a final pretrial conference on January 17, 2012, beginning at the hour of 3:30 p.m., {a later court order delayed to March 12, 2012} at the United States District Court in Covington, Kentucky.
2. This matter is assigned for trial by Jury on January 31, 2012, beginning at the hour of 10:00 a.m., {a later order delayed to March 20, 2012}at the United States District Court in Covington, Kentucky. Counsel shall be present in Court at 9:30 a.m. Unless otherwise ordered, the Defendant shall continue under the terms and conditions of his present bond for his appearance.
3. (a) To avoid loss of credit for acceptance of responsibility under the United States Sentencing Guidelines, any motion for re-arraignment shall be filed no less than two (2) business days prior to the date of the final pretrial conference. The parties are advised and cautioned that any such motions that do not comply with this paragraph must be accompanied by an affidavit of counsel explaining the failure to comply. Following the filing of a motion for re-arraignment, and if the parties intend to proceed pursuant to a written plea agreement, a copy of the proposed plea agreement shall be submitted for the Court’s review within twenty-four (24) hours of any motion for rearraignment. {A re-arraignment occurs after the defendant negotiates a plea agreement to modified charges.  Under the sentencing guidelines, “acceptance of responsibility” can take 6 months off the sentence.  The court wants any plea agreement negotiated the week before the pretrial conference in mid-January.}
(b) The Court also alerts counsel to United States v. Rocky Miller, No: 6:08-23-DCR (E.D. Ky. July 30, 2008)(Docket Entry No. 50). The referenced Memorandum Opinion and Order sets forth Judge Reeves’s application of 18 U.S.C. §§ 3143(a)(2) and 3145(c) in the context of a defendant, otherwise subject to pre-sentencing detention under §§ 3142(f)(1)(C) and 3143(a)(2), who applied for release under the “exceptional reasons” language of § 3145(c). Counsel should consult said Opinion if such issues may apply, at any point, in this case. Per Miller, although the District Court has jurisdiction under § 3145(c), the Court will undertake the fact-intensive “exceptional reasons” inquiry only in “those instances in which a defendant is incapacitated (physically or mentally) such that he or she is unable to engage in further similar criminal conduct. Additionally, such a defendant must be capable of raising a legitimate issue on appeal. And as the statute plainly states, a defendant must meet a higher standard of proof by clearly showing that exceptional reasons justify release.” See Miller, No: 6:08-23-DCR, DE #50, at 18-19. The District Court will expect counsel to be conversant with this analysis as to any similar prospective release request in this case.{As I understand the referenced case and this language, Judge Reeves is not likely to allow Ron to remain on bail if convicted, but instead would go directly to jail, no passing “Go” and collecting $200}
4. Defensive motions
(a) Generally Defensive motions (except motions for discovery under paragraph 5) shall be filed within thirty (30) days after arraignment {or Dec 22, 2011}, accompanied by a memorandum of authorities. In the case of subsequent arraignment on a superseding indictment, any defensive motions shall be filed within the original (30) day deadline or within fifteen (15) days of re-arraignment, whichever date is later. All motions, responses and replies will be governed by Rule 12.1 the Joint Local Rules of Criminal Practice for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky, and shall be accompanied by a memorandum of authorities. An extra paper copy of such memorandum shall be filed for the convenience of the Court, with an electronic copy to be transmitted via e-mail to the Magistrate Judge’s Chambers at {redacted} If any motions requiring evidentiary hearings or oral arguments are filed, this matter is assigned for a hearing on pending motions before United States Magistrate Judge Candace J. Smith on January 4, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at the United States District Court in Covington, Kentucky. Counsel shall confer and have all necessary witnesses present and ready to testify at such hearings.
(b) Motions to Suppress Paragraph 4 of this Order shall apply to motions to suppress evidence, except that the opposing memorandum of the United States with regard to such motions shall be filed no later than three (3) business days prior {Dec 29, 2011} to the date of the suppression hearing {Jan 4, 2012, later delayed to Feb 17, 2012} before the Magistrate Judge. Supplemental memoranda may be filed after completion of the suppression hearing at the discretion of the Magistrate Judge.
5. Pretrial discovery and inspection
(a) The Government Within 10 days after arraignment{or Dec 2, 2011}, the Assistant United States Attorney and the defense counsel shall confer and, upon request, the United States shall fully comply with its obligation to disclose evidence in accordance with Rule 16(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. {There is certain evidence which the government must provide the defendant prior to trial.}
(b) The Defendant Within ten (10) days after the arraignment, the Assistant United States Attorney and the defense counsel shall confer and, upon request, the Defendant shall produce all items discoverable pursuant to Rule 16(b) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.{There is certain evidence which the defendant must provide the government prior to trial.}
(c) Declined disclosure If, in the judgment of the United States, it would not be in the interests of justice to make any one or more disclosures as required by this order and/or Rule 16(a) and requested by defense counsel, disclosure may be declined. A declination of any requested disclosure shall be in writing, directed to defense counsel, and signed personally by the Assistant United States Attorney, and shall specify the types of disclosure that are declined. If the Defendant seeks to challenge the declination, he/she shall proceed pursuant to subsection (d) below.
(d) Additional discovery or inspection If additional discovery or inspection is sought, Defendant’s attorney shall confer with the appropriate Assistant United States Attorney with a view to satisfying these requests in a cooperative atmosphere without recourse to the Court. The request may be oral or written and the United States shall respond in like manner. If the parties are unable to resolve their discovery dispute, the party seeking discovery shall file a motion not later than five (5) days prior to the pretrial conference, specifying the details of the dispute and legal authority supporting disclosure.
(1) Jencks Act material This order does not require the United States to disclose Jencks Act material to the Defendant prior to trial other than as required by 18 U.S.C. § 3500.{Any statements by government witnesses or documents to which they refer need only be disclosed to the defense after the witness testifies.}
(2) Brady material The Government shall disclose any Brady material of which it has knowledge in accordance with Rule 16(a). If disclosure is not required by Rule 16(a), said material shall be disclosed to Defendant in time for effective use at trial.{The government is required to disclose information which may tend to prove the defendant’s innocence.}
(3) Rule 404(b) evidence Upon service of a request from the Defendant for notice of Rule 404(b) evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts, the United States shall provide reasonable notice in advance of trial of the general nature of any such evidence it intends to introduce at trial unless the Court excuses pretrial notice upon motion by the United States showing good cause. Seven (7) calendar days prior to trial is presumed to be reasonable notice by this Court.{Rule 404(b) evidence is that which would tend to show the character of the defendant, such as prior convictions.}
(e) If the Government is unsure as to the nature of any evidence and the proper time for disclosure, then it may request an in camera {secret}hearing for the purpose of resolving this issue. A failure to disclose Brady material at a time when it can be effectively used at trial may result in a recess or a continuance so that the Defendant may properly utilize such evidence.
6. Voir Dire The Court will conduct the initial voir dire examination of prospective jurors. However, unless otherwise indicated, and in cases involving a single defendant, each party shall be given fifteen (15) minutes to conduct any follow-up voir dire. The Court may exercise its discretion to shorten individual voir dire in cases involving multiple defendants.
7. Jury Instructions Proposed jury instructions need not be filed in the record but the parties are advised to submit complete instructions to the Court’s Chambers prior to the pretrial conference. These instructions shall be submitted electronically (word perfect format) to {redacted} as well as in paper form. The proposed instructions shall cite supporting authorities. Whenever applicable, the parties shall follow Sixth {PDF File}, Fifth {PDF File} or Eleventh {PDF File} Circuit pattern jury instructions.
8. Statement of the Case The parties shall submit to the Court an Agreed Statement of the Case, or in the event they are unable to agree upon a statement, a separate Statement of the Case, no later than the pretrial conference. This submission should be brief and should identify primary issues raised by the parties (i.e., a basic summary of charges and defenses).
9. Witness and Exhibit Lists The United States (and the Defendant if he/she so chooses) shall submit its in camera witness and exhibit list on or before the pretrial conference. The witness list should identify any evidentiary or other issues which may delay the proceedings and include an estimation of the expected length of direct testimony regarding each person identified.
10. Miscellaneous Pretrial Issues In addition to the matters specified herein, the pretrial conference shall be the deadline for:
(a) filing any motions in limine;{a motion presented to the court outside the presence of the jury}
(b) premarking for identification purposes all exhibits to be used at trial; and,
(c) filing a stipulation as to the authenticity of the exhibits.
This 23rd day of November, 2011.
Signed By:
Candace J. Smith
United States Magistrate Judge

—————— End of text of judge’s order —————-

A Magistrate Judge has lesser powers than a regular Judge.  Magistrate Judge Candace Smith will be handling preliminary matters.  Judge Danny Reeves will preside over the pretrial conference and the trial itself.

Opportunity for comments or questions below.

God’s Diplomat Returns

Back on September 23, God’s Diplomat Presented his credentials. He stopped by again this morning to leave a comment, which I’m turning into a post.

Here’s what God’s Diplomat had to say on my About page.

Sadly friend, you do exactly what you accuse God’s Prophet Ronald Weinland of doing. You, without regard for Truth spew deception from your lying mouth. Your heart dwells with your father the devil and so shall you share in his eventual punishment.

You made comment as to why you decided to focus your despicable and unjust public depiction of the Weinlands rather than to attack others whom you have judged to be false prophets. I have to respectfully ask, who appointed you the keeper of Holy Scripture? Has Christ revealed the mysteries of the Word to you while abandoning His own? Truth is, even if you believe what you have stated I suggest that you have targeted God’s End-time Witnesses not compelled nor motivated by TRUTH but instead giving unto the influence of your master, Satan.

The Scriptures provides much insight as to Yahweh’s thinking. We are told in no uncertain terms that God considers man’s intellect pure foolishness. In this passage He was warning true Christians about the haughty, Law defiant and spiritually corrupt impostors of His Will, people who consequently believe only mortal thought for they cannot in sin receive God’s Spirit, the revealer of all things Holy. Without His Spirit Biblical mysteries are purposely concealed.

I understand that you do not believe that Ronald and Laura are God’s witnesses and that’s fine, but don’t you think it would be probably be best to allow God to expose false prophets? Do you honestly believe that God Almighty has ordained your mission, that He requires your assistance or possibly that you have the ability to do things better than God? You are obviously a very confused man. I will pray for you Mike, but sadly it is you who must realize your error and repent for your sin.


Diplomat, I never claimed to have a commission from on high. Who appointed you as God’s Diplomat? Talk about contradiction.

If I’ve said anything that’s incorrect about the Weinlands, point it out and give the correct information.

If Ron Weinland made any prophecy that is correct, that is a prediction that came true exactly how he said it would and exactly when he said it would, then point that out too.

Trial of Cruel Mockings

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Cincinnati yesterday, only 4 weeks after the last time he stayed in his home area. This time however his sermon went out over the Internet “live” instead of being time delayed to the following week.  His senior elders Ralph Dowd and Steve Dalrymple gave the prayers.  Ron reiterated the travel itinerary posted on his blog for the next several weeks.

Ron spent a good part of the sermon reading from his blog.  First, he read some more from his blog posting of November 8 (two days before being indicted for 5 counts of criminal tax evasion) which he started reading from last week.  He also read from his blog posting made just a few hours before the sermon, and added little commentary to it.  The rest of his response to the indictment was implied by the portion of the sermon prior to and after the reading of yesterday’s blog post.  He talked about prophets in the past who were ignored, hated, ridiculed, slandered, and even tortured.  Spiritual beings have been stirred up since the feast, and so have haters.  PKG members have had it easy so far. He talked about Jeremiah being stoned.  Also about how Jesus Christ was ignored as a witness. Being a witness is not an easy task (but someone has to do it and that’s Ron and Laura).

Israel will not listen to God’s messenger, so the Great Tribulation will not be held back from striking the nation as a whole, but protection is available for a select few.  He told the “sealed” that it didn’t matter so much if they didn’t survive the soon to come shortened Great Tribulation since they would be resurrected next May.  He promised the “non-sealed” that they would survive to live into the new age.  He is pushing for membership, promising those listening in but who haven’t yet made a commitment that they could be saved.  Ron must be desperate as several years ago he mocked that attitude as people just wanting to save their hides.  Ron can’t understand why people have stopped running the race so close to the end.  People have been running the race for decades, chasing an ever-moving goal line.  The only difference this time is that we’ll get a little closer to the goal line before God’s True Representative moves it yet again.

Ron still plans to hold his elders conference in Florida on December 17.  Yet more planning for the rush of new members joining the church when things really really for-sure start happening tribulation-wise. During the run-up to the first Great Tribulation that was to begin in April of 2008, he distributed cards advertising his books to his members to be handed out to their family and acquaintances.  Maybe he’ll print up some more cards, as he told his members that they would soon be told to start proselytizing (when the Great Tribulation really really for-sure strikes this time).  One aside when reading the blog post about the indictment after mentioning bringing back the funds from the Swiss bank accounts for spending on Google advertising is that he has some money on reserve for more Google advertising when the Great Tribulation arrives.

Indictment (Weinland’s Story)

False Prophet Ronald Weinland promised during last week’s sermon a blog post addressing the indictment this week.  The following appeared this morning on his blog, and since it’s prior to this week’s sermon he’s not a liar (on this point).

Below is his post and also an opportunity for you to comment here, since he doesn’t allow comments on his blog.

—————————–   Weinland’s Post responding to the Indictment —————————————————–

November 26, 2011

This will be my response to the indictment concerning the accusation of using Church funds for personal use (beyond normal income), which in turn is being used to say I did not pay taxes upon those funds.

I’ve rewritten this posting several times, as this entire matter has been rather difficult for me to digest. I have been waiting to find out the full details of the indictment and it has been somewhat unsettling as it simply takes time to receive all the information that it is based upon. Although we have known that an investigation has been ongoing since mid 2008, it has all been rather difficult to understand why.

There really is no basis for this. This investigation that covers several years has been difficult to understand, especially in the light of the fact that we have never at any time received any civil notice from the IRS.{1} There has never been a request for an audit of which we would have fully cooperated,{7} as our desire has always been to do things correctly in filing our taxes.{2} The Church has a great team of lawyers and an investigator who are vigorously working to defend the Church and myself.{6}

As people tend to believe what they will, I’ve decided that a posting is not the forum to address the issues at hand, but to fully use our legal system and the courts to do so.

Laura and I understand that this is part of what we must face as part of the work we believe God has given us to do in this end-time. We will continue to do as we have ever since we became part of the ministry of God’s Church back in 1981. That makes over 30 years of serving in the ministry. Indeed, we have always sought to faithfully and zealously serve God and His Church. Our plans have not changed and we will continue as we do now by visiting the many congregations of the Church which are scattered throughout the U.S. and other countries.{8}

It is true that the Church maintained funds in Switzerland for several years, yet it is also true that this was fully disclosed to the Church before that account was ever opened (, Audio section of Dec. 28, 2002, entitled “Planning Ahead”).{3} As it was stated in that sermon, those funds were placed in my name, yet there was also another name on the account, as an additional representative (an evangelist) of the Church, who had full access and legal right to those Church funds at any time.{5}

Consequently, because of our belief that 2008 was the beginning of trouble for this world and what would eventually lead to a complete global economic collapse, we began investing several hundred thousand dollars in advertising in order to warn people of what was coming and what was happening even then. Those Church funds were all brought back to the United States and all used in that advertising.{4}

This posting also provides me with the opportunity to remind our readers of two important doctrines of the Church. One concerns tithing and government taxation, and the second concerns our teaching of what it means to be a “good citizen” in the country where one lives.

Concerning the first of those two doctrines I have referred, we adhere to a strong belief in tithing and giving of offerings as many other Christian churches and those in Judaism also believe. We deeply believe the instruction of Jesus Christ who said that we should pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s (taxation to be paid to government agencies) and to God what is God’s (tithes and offerings). Members are to be as zealous in being faithful to God in tithing as they are faithful to God in paying their taxes to whatever government is over them.

Concerning the second doctrine to which I have referred, you can read on the Church website what the Church teaches about being a “good citizen” in a country, especially as we draw nearer to the end of the final three and one-half years of this end-time.{9} This is stated in the FAQ section under the “Topics” and is entitled, “Citizenship in a nation.”

As the Church continues to remain faithful to God, God is faithful to lead us and fight our battles for us. Indeed, we look to God and His Son Jesus Christ to guide our way and always deliver us.

————————  End of Weinland’s Posting ——————————————-

A few points to contradict what Weinland claims, the number in italics within the braces{} refers to a flag embedded in the copy of the posting above:

  • {1} Weinland was given civil notice when the criminal investigation was underway that summonses were being issued for his financial records.  This was in July of 2008 and he filed a motion to quash the summonses
  • {2} Normal practice of the IRS and of the Justice Department is to allow a taxpayer conference at which time he could have raised these defenses.
  • {3} A tape of this sermon was not sent out shortly afterwards as was the normal practice of his for sermons at the time.  The sermon was not posted online on the PKG website until around March of 2010 (and discussed in May of 2010 on this blog).  The copy of the sermon you posted was not an original recording, and probably was obtained from a member who recorded themselves at the other end of a conference line.
  • {4} The funds were not repatriated from Switzerland to the US until December of 2008.  This was after the main push of Google advertising.  And was after the investigation started.  By bringing the funds back during 2008, he ended the possibility of being charged with breaking the law during 2009, which would have been another count on the indictment.
  • {5} I wonder if this other evangelist (probably Johnny Harrell) acknowledged this account when he filed his income taxes as required by law.
  • {6} Why does the church have a lawyer?  Was the church charged in the indictment?
  • {7} Would have cooperated? Fully?  The same way you cooperated with the investigation?  As in your civil motion to quash the summons in July of 2008?  As you did in the fall of 2009 in having your daughter Audra resist cooperating with the summonses on vague Fifth Amendment grounds?
  • {8} So how are you going to visit congregations in other countries with your passport held by probation authorities?
  • {9} Now, Ron you hedged on that a bit back in 2007 when you thought the end was nigh.  See the video below.

The defense that Weinland raises is pretty much along the lines I expected.  But the IRS and Justice Department are not stupid people — I expect that they’ve considered these arguments already and have discounted them.  But Ron will have opportunity to raise them in open court.  Let’s see if he does that, or pleads out.

Now is your opportunity to comment.

Ronald Weinland Arraigned in Federal Court, Enters Plea

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has been arraigned in federal court before Magistrate Judge Candace J. Smith. A second attorney has been assigned to Ron’s case, Jon Christopher Coffman of the same law firm as his other attorney.

As expected, the Spokesman Witness entered a plea of “Not Guilty to the Indictment”.  At present, he is free on $20,000 unsecured bond and is required to surrender his passport to the US Probation Office among other conditions.  One additional condition is that his travel is restricted unless approved by the US Probation Office one month in advance.  Wonder if he got approval for the ministerial conference in Florida in a few weeks.

The prophetic timeline set by the court for the trial:

  • Government to meet with defense within 10 days (by December 2)  and provide discoverable evidence to the defense.
  • Defense motions (other than for discovery )to be filed within 30 days (by December 22)
  • Evidentiary Hearing on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 10 AM {Note: following later court action, this hearing was delayed until Feb 17, 2012}
  • Thursday, January 12 is the deadline for motions seeking discovery
  • Friday, January 13 is the deadline to file motion for re-arraignment should the final end-time Elijah decide to plead guilty to a negotiated plea agreement
  • Pretrial Conference on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 3:30 PM.  The parties are expected to have witness lists and exhibits for trial prepared at this time. {Note: following later court action, the pretrial conference is delayed until March 12, 2012}
  • Jury Trial set for Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 10 AM.  {Note: following later court action, the trial is delayed until March 20, 2012}

The Pretrial Conference and the Jury Trial are to be presided over by Judge Danny C. Reeves.  Could this be the beginning of the 5 months of torment foretold in the book of Revelation?  Weinland has not yet posted to his blog about the indictment as promised in his last sermon.

Weinland’s Attorney

As of yet, no news regarding the arraignment in federal court of False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

The arraignment was scheduled for late in the day (at 4 PM in Kentucky), so we may not be able to find out what happened this evening. Hopefully tomorrow. While we wait for further developments, here is some linked information for Ron’s attorney, Robert C. Webb, an associate of the Frost Brown Todd law firm. Bob has an impressive resume. When your end-time witness powers are insufficient and your ability to breathe fire on your legal adversaries is on the fritz, hire the best legal talent you can.

Blogga Blogga

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Detroit before what he said was a packed hall with people traveling from surrounding states.  Perhaps they were curious about Ron’s legal situation.  Ron did not expound but got the closest to revealing the situation, saying that there is an indictment (no clear statement that it is a criminal indictment of him).  He stated he will have a posting on his website next week responding to the indictment.  In the meantime he is distracting them with plans for the ministerial conference and another wave of ordinations with a reserve list besides.  And maybe God will have yet more mercy and allow them to assemble for Passover.

He spent a good part of the sermon reading from his blog posting of Nov 8, then reading from various headlines and even played a YouTube clip. After he cited a long URL for the clip but you can just watch it here.

Ron’s YouTube clip

Ron suggested how he would spin the indictment in his upcoming blog posting, with part of the sermon talking about Stephen in the book of Acts being killed by Saul who later became Paul and wrote most of the New Testament.  Stephen was a witness, not a martyr. So maybe the IRS special agent who persecuted Ron and puts him away will go on to repent and become the next end-time witness.

Ron had words for his critics, who all have such evil hatred and are leading miserable unhappy lives having suffered Ron’s death curse and died on the inside as a result.  Not like ChaCha’s husband who has followed Ron and now is in a psychiatric hospital.   We are struggling to find things to twist and distort since all of Ron’s prophesies have come true and not a single one has failed.  Nonetheless the Internet allows anyone to have a stage and a “blogga-blogga”.  I’m happy to be serving a purpose Ron, but it ain’t what you claim.

A True Bill

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made his initial appearance in federal court in Covington, KY today.  His arraignment is scheduled for November 22, next Tuesday, at 4 PM.  At the arraignment, the charges will be formally read and Ronnie will get to enter his plea.  At the arraignment other hearings will probably be scheduled, sentencing if he pleads guilty or other types of hearings if he doesn’t.

The text of the indictment was made available as well, and here it is:

————— Text of Indictment ————–



* * * * *

1. At all times relevant herein, RONALD E. WEINLAND was a minister of the Church of God -Preparing for the Kingdom of God (COG).
2. At all times relevant herein, COG was a tax exempt organization under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3).

COUNT 1     26 U.S.C. § 7201 On or about April 15, 2005, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2004, in the amount of $28,391.58, by filing a false income tax return, by under reporting his income, and using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.c. § 7201.

COUNT 2    26 U.S.C. § 7201 On or about April 15, 2006, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax due and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2005, in the amount of $46,116.03, by filing a false income tax return, by under reporting his income, and using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on his tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in Switzerland, by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7201.

COUNT 3      26 U.S.C. § 7201 On or about April 15, 2007, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2006, in the amount of $31,157.94, by filing a false income tax return, by under reporting his income, and using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7201.

COUNT 4      26 U.S.C. § 7201 On or about April 15, 2008, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax due and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2007, in the amount of $118,375.82, by filing a false income tax return, by under reporting his income, and using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on his tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in Switzerland, by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.c. § 7201.

COUNT 5      26 U.S.C. § 7201 On or about October 15, 2009, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax due and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2008, in the amount of $133,023.91, by failing to file income tax return, using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on his tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in Switzerland, by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7201.


COUNTS 1-5: Not more than 5 years imprisonment, a fine of not more than $250,000 fine, and not more than 3 years supervised release.

PLUS: Mandatory special assessment of $100 per count.

PLUS: Restitution, if applicable.

———- End of text of indictment ———–

——– Text of Order for Summons ————

* * * * *
The Court ORDERS that the Motion of the United States for issuance of summons is GRANTED, and Summons shall be ISSUED for the Defendant, Ronald E. Weinland, to APPEAR in United States District Court at Covington, Kentucky, on November 17, 2011, at 9:30 AM and shall DIRECT the Defendant to contact the United States Probation Office in Covington, Kentucky, at telephone number (859) 392-7934, within 48 hours of the receipt of the Summons, excluding weekends, in order to arrange an interview by the United States Probation Office for the purpose of obtaining information pertaining to the pretrial release of the Defendant.

————–  end of order for summons ————-

From the order for summons, it seems that Ronnie hasn’t actually been arrested and required to wear the metal bracelets.  His blog still has travel plans within the US up through January.

It’s also interesting that Ronnie is charged with income tax evasion and to the greatest dollar figure for tax year 2008.  By the summer of 2008, Ronnie knew he was under criminal investigation.  At least he shut down his Swiss bank accounts at the end of 2008 (according to his statements) so he wouldn’t be hit with charges for following tax years. In 2009, Ronnie applied for one filing extension but failed to file on October 15.  But my research indicated that the IRS will grant indefinite filing extensions while under criminal investigation, so I wonder what if any legal advice Ron was getting.  But then you have to wonder what an insane lying false prophet is thinking anyway.

Church of God PFK

For years, even before I began blogging, “Doctor” Bob Thiel has been blogging about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  Weinland has always used the initialism “PKG” to refer to his awkwardly named church (Church of God — Preparing for the Kingdom of God), Thielogical Bob decided to invent his own acronym “PFK” which he uses in his blogging.  I was perfectly happy to let Ron choose his own initialism, but Bob has been the only one to use “PFK”, or actually “CGPFK” — up ’til now, that is.

Earlier this year, Weinland’s evangelists Johnny and Terry incorporated a new corporation registered in the State of Georgia, named the “Church of God PFK, Inc.”   Interesting.  Could Johnny and Terry be getting ready to stage a palace coup?  Personally, I doubt that.

My guess is that Ronnie told them to set up this corporation.  And that when he did this, he was thinking of the Worldwide Church of God receivership in 1979.  When the state of California took over the church finances, Herbert Armstrong fled to Tucson Arizona, a short ride away in his Gulfstream jet and out of reach from service by the civil authorities.  Stan Rader set him up as a corporation sole, which is a legal entity separate from Herbert Armstrong as an individual but which Herbie could control.  Then the word was passed down through the ministerial hierarchy to the local congregations, so all the members then sent their tithes to Herbie’s new organization and starved the receiver in California from any more funds. Eventually Rader was able to stonewall the investigation for long enough that a political solution was reached with legislation removing the state’s attorney general from being able to pursue those types of investigations.

At some point during the upcoming tax fraud case, Ron may tell his members to instead send their tithes to the new organization, just like Herbie.  But there are some important differences:

  • Ron is under criminal indictment, Herbie never was.
  • Herbie could escape legal effects with a short plane ride in his Gulfstream jet, Ron really has nowhere to run to.
  • The IRS does not appear to be interested in church revenues.  Ron could have taken all church revenue as a salary, and the IRS would be completely happy if he had declared it as personal income and paid his income taxes accordingly.

It will be interesting to watch the Insane Lying False Prophet maneuver his way through the next 191 days before Christ doesn’t return.

Doing the ChaCha Slide

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is delivering his normally scheduled sermon from Bowling Green, with Curtis Fields delivering the open prayer.  He repeated his travel plans through December, and mentioned that he has plans for travel for the Days of Unleavened Bread.

When it comes to the criminal indictment of him on Thursday, he only alluded to it.  He said we’ll have to wait to hear more details.
Updated 11/13/2011 after listening to the sermon ————
Here is Ron’s statement regarding the indictment, around 22 minutes into the sermon recording:

And so we know that all things work together for them who love God. To them who are the called according to his purpose.   What an awesome thing as we have grown in the last few years more and more.   God is revealing to us more of His purpose in a deeper way, for the millennium. For the Great White Throne. For things that we haven’t been able to fully see that are going to be different in both periods of time. And why they’re different. That we see in greater way of why this end time has to happen in this way.  In ways that we couldn’t grasp in times past, that we see far more clearly. Far more powerfully the mind of God. That’s what it’s about. It’s learning about God and coming into unity with that. And not only being in unity but saying in essence: “Right on. Thank God you’re like that.” We’re learning, if you will, we’re coming in a deeper way to know God. That’s the part of the process of becoming at one with God

And so even things that are happening now, that so many of you have heard about this week that I can’t .. or won’t .. fully comment yet on today. Only in part. That I’m going to work on as far as some things to be said later on.  But everything works together for good. They’re not always fun to go through. But when you begin to see how God uses things for a positive purpose, in a way that has far greater impact in the way He does it, it is awesome. It is truly awesome how God works. And that’s what we have to always have to grasp and comprehend. …..

…. And I’ll just mention there. Just have a little patience And there are some out there today who’ll say “I’ve got to wait a little longer. Murmur, murmur.” Yeah, you’ve got to wait a little longer because there are some things that I’m not going to address yet today and you’ll understand why later on. Oh, you won’t understand, but the church will.

And later on, around 48 minutes into the recording:

And so we suffer through more.  And it’s not a lot of fun sometimes.  And it can feel like a knife ripping you apart inside, until you come back to grips with: all things work together for good.  Who can separate us from the love of God.  No one can.  God has a purpose in our lives.  Rather than defeating us, it makes us stronger.  Isn’t it amazing?  …….. Everything that’s happened since Atonement has worked to make me stronger.  It truly has.  I’m more convinced and more convicted of May the 27th 2012.  Something that just irritates the tar out of people.

So, the indictment is not Satan attacking the church — it’s God’s will.  Hmmm.  If a criminal indictment for tax evasion is God’s will, then why did Ron file suit back in July of 2008 to quash the IRS summonses for his financial records.  And why did Audra stand on vague notions of Fifth Amendment privilege to avoid answering questions about her daddy’s finances?  Will Audra be punished for trying to thwart God’s will?

The sermon included more of the mind twisting that began with the LGD sermon, how people had to resist the roaring lions by not stumbling and turning their back on them.  People are mocking and refusing to accept the two witnesses because one is a woman. I wonder who those are — there’s plenty to mock Ron for with the abject FAILING of everything he has pronounced.  But God is showing great mercy, as PKG survival rations are going bad from age as they’re not needed.  Maybe PKG will be blessed to be able to assemble to observe the spring holy days next March and April, as God can bring events on quickly.  And maybe he’ll enable all the associate elders in PKG to baptize millions in just a couple of weeks before Christ returns absolutely positively for sure on May the 27th two thousand and twelve.

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For now, I have other breaking developments.  ChaCha, who has been commenting here for several month, has reached her own important milestone.  Just before the sermon, she sent off her letter essentially resigning as a member of PKG.

ChaCha gave me her permission to share a copy of her letter, with appropriate redactions.  Here it is:

Hi ****,****, Terry,
I’ve been traveling back and forth to ________. ____[my husband] is still in the hospital.

He is improving slowly and they are going to try a new treatment.

As far as everything else goes in my life it is on hold. I will be honest and tell you that I am having a great deal of difficulty dealing with my husband being in a psychiatric hospital because he has lost all hope. He was convinced that god was gone and that he had no way back. He has convinced himself that he must be the world’s worst sinner and so I told him what would that make ME?

All of this talk of “overcoming human nature” and “thinking differently” is cult-speak as far as I can see.  I cannot continue to pretend I care or even believe anything that comes out of Ron’s mouth anymore. NOTHING that he has ever said has “come to pass” or it is all “spiritual”.  “Everything” in the 2008 book is supposed to come true “EXACTLY as written”. The funny thing is, he hasn’t told us the definition of “exactly”.

Yeah, yeah…the devil made me do it…I’m sure.  This is all a big test. I guess I’ll be counted among the ranks of those who left after the Feast.

I may listen to the sermon today, as I am interested to hear what Ron has to say, or if he will even speak today, since on Thursday he was indicted on 5 counts of tax evasion…

(yeah…his name is wrong in this link…but not in the indictment)

This story made me laugh when I read it…in light of the above.  [story was forwarded to me by the elder directly over me]

I was going to “wait and see” with many others I am sure…but I am not going to live THIS lie any more.  _____ is in no shape to make a decision on anything. So, I do not know what he thinks of any of this. In time, he will decide for himself.

As far as I am concerned THIS is true freedom. I am out of this brainwashing, mind-controlling DANGEROUS cult.
See you at the lake of fire…last one in is a…”***********

Congratulations to ChaCha, and best wishes to her for the ongoing transition. And for her husband’s recovery from Ron’s toxic emissions from the back of the bull.