Doing the ChaCha Slide

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is delivering his normally scheduled sermon from Bowling Green, with Curtis Fields delivering the open prayer.  He repeated his travel plans through December, and mentioned that he has plans for travel for the Days of Unleavened Bread.

When it comes to the criminal indictment of him on Thursday, he only alluded to it.  He said we’ll have to wait to hear more details.
Updated 11/13/2011 after listening to the sermon ————
Here is Ron’s statement regarding the indictment, around 22 minutes into the sermon recording:

And so we know that all things work together for them who love God. To them who are the called according to his purpose.   What an awesome thing as we have grown in the last few years more and more.   God is revealing to us more of His purpose in a deeper way, for the millennium. For the Great White Throne. For things that we haven’t been able to fully see that are going to be different in both periods of time. And why they’re different. That we see in greater way of why this end time has to happen in this way.  In ways that we couldn’t grasp in times past, that we see far more clearly. Far more powerfully the mind of God. That’s what it’s about. It’s learning about God and coming into unity with that. And not only being in unity but saying in essence: “Right on. Thank God you’re like that.” We’re learning, if you will, we’re coming in a deeper way to know God. That’s the part of the process of becoming at one with God

And so even things that are happening now, that so many of you have heard about this week that I can’t .. or won’t .. fully comment yet on today. Only in part. That I’m going to work on as far as some things to be said later on.  But everything works together for good. They’re not always fun to go through. But when you begin to see how God uses things for a positive purpose, in a way that has far greater impact in the way He does it, it is awesome. It is truly awesome how God works. And that’s what we have to always have to grasp and comprehend. …..

…. And I’ll just mention there. Just have a little patience And there are some out there today who’ll say “I’ve got to wait a little longer. Murmur, murmur.” Yeah, you’ve got to wait a little longer because there are some things that I’m not going to address yet today and you’ll understand why later on. Oh, you won’t understand, but the church will.

And later on, around 48 minutes into the recording:

And so we suffer through more.  And it’s not a lot of fun sometimes.  And it can feel like a knife ripping you apart inside, until you come back to grips with: all things work together for good.  Who can separate us from the love of God.  No one can.  God has a purpose in our lives.  Rather than defeating us, it makes us stronger.  Isn’t it amazing?  …….. Everything that’s happened since Atonement has worked to make me stronger.  It truly has.  I’m more convinced and more convicted of May the 27th 2012.  Something that just irritates the tar out of people.

So, the indictment is not Satan attacking the church — it’s God’s will.  Hmmm.  If a criminal indictment for tax evasion is God’s will, then why did Ron file suit back in July of 2008 to quash the IRS summonses for his financial records.  And why did Audra stand on vague notions of Fifth Amendment privilege to avoid answering questions about her daddy’s finances?  Will Audra be punished for trying to thwart God’s will?

The sermon included more of the mind twisting that began with the LGD sermon, how people had to resist the roaring lions by not stumbling and turning their back on them.  People are mocking and refusing to accept the two witnesses because one is a woman. I wonder who those are — there’s plenty to mock Ron for with the abject FAILING of everything he has pronounced.  But God is showing great mercy, as PKG survival rations are going bad from age as they’re not needed.  Maybe PKG will be blessed to be able to assemble to observe the spring holy days next March and April, as God can bring events on quickly.  And maybe he’ll enable all the associate elders in PKG to baptize millions in just a couple of weeks before Christ returns absolutely positively for sure on May the 27th two thousand and twelve.

—- Back to original post —————-

For now, I have other breaking developments.  ChaCha, who has been commenting here for several month, has reached her own important milestone.  Just before the sermon, she sent off her letter essentially resigning as a member of PKG.

ChaCha gave me her permission to share a copy of her letter, with appropriate redactions.  Here it is:

Hi ****,****, Terry,
I’ve been traveling back and forth to ________. ____[my husband] is still in the hospital.

He is improving slowly and they are going to try a new treatment.

As far as everything else goes in my life it is on hold. I will be honest and tell you that I am having a great deal of difficulty dealing with my husband being in a psychiatric hospital because he has lost all hope. He was convinced that god was gone and that he had no way back. He has convinced himself that he must be the world’s worst sinner and so I told him what would that make ME?

All of this talk of “overcoming human nature” and “thinking differently” is cult-speak as far as I can see.  I cannot continue to pretend I care or even believe anything that comes out of Ron’s mouth anymore. NOTHING that he has ever said has “come to pass” or it is all “spiritual”.  “Everything” in the 2008 book is supposed to come true “EXACTLY as written”. The funny thing is, he hasn’t told us the definition of “exactly”.

Yeah, yeah…the devil made me do it…I’m sure.  This is all a big test. I guess I’ll be counted among the ranks of those who left after the Feast.

I may listen to the sermon today, as I am interested to hear what Ron has to say, or if he will even speak today, since on Thursday he was indicted on 5 counts of tax evasion…

(yeah…his name is wrong in this link…but not in the indictment)

This story made me laugh when I read it…in light of the above.  [story was forwarded to me by the elder directly over me]

I was going to “wait and see” with many others I am sure…but I am not going to live THIS lie any more.  _____ is in no shape to make a decision on anything. So, I do not know what he thinks of any of this. In time, he will decide for himself.

As far as I am concerned THIS is true freedom. I am out of this brainwashing, mind-controlling DANGEROUS cult.
See you at the lake of fire…last one in is a…”***********

Congratulations to ChaCha, and best wishes to her for the ongoing transition. And for her husband’s recovery from Ron’s toxic emissions from the back of the bull.

128 thoughts on “Doing the ChaCha Slide

  1. Kirrily, I wanted to thank you for sharing your story with me. I love to hear stories on others and their searches and what they find. It interest me from all walks of the earth. I feel a story will always touch some others in a way they “needed to hear that”, “they aren’t alone”.. And when people can be open minded about it, it can be a really good thing..


  2. I think that’s what upsets me so much when people have said I am lazy, why didn’t I just pick up my Bible and I would have seen he was false. Problem is, I picked up my Bible and believed him. The same book can be used for each side. On top of that, I have then been accused of having a spoiled brat hissy fit because the nukes didn’t go off on April 17, 2008 – and like a spoiled brat turned to atheism and rejection of God.

    Oh yes, as Ava and I have stated – it’s a long, long, long search and journey. One that was painful, and based on seeking the truth.

    So either God rejected my search for him and ignored me and my attempts, many, many attempts to find, learn and then live his truth – or it’s all just wrong.

    Either way, I have found my answer, and like Ava (although I am still getting there!), have true freedom and peace since ceasing this time wasting and life destroying search.


  3. Thanks Avalo. I appreciate you saying that. That makes more sense to me in understanding others. REALLY… Now that has helped me so much in understanding how my one son who studied, mediated, checked out Budha, Zen etc… and he got nothing. Honestly, this has helped me a great deal in wondering and thinking “Why is someone an antheist?”. It was so hard for me to grasp. You are right then, it is more than just not believing in God. and yes that would be the lazy way. I guess. I really needed to hear this from you both and once again, thank you for sharing this with me.. To be honest I have been praying for years for God to open my sons hearts and let HIM into their lives. It scared me a bit when they say “Athiest”. I honestly would gringe, but never said a word. Me being totally ignorant to what it really means.. I really struggled with it inside..


  4. Kirrily:

    I too am really excited for you. My wife and I have been common-law until recently (I used to refer to her as my “girlfriend” when I first got here to DDTFA!), and thus had our kids outside of marriage. That is real love. We trusted that we would love each other without needing the government of Canada (or Germany) to approve of what we had. But our kids have since convinced us to get married (most likely so they could dress up and eat a lot of cake, knowing them! LOL!!). I could go on and on about what an amazing life my wife and I have had with them running the house with their little schemes and ideas. Throw in a rather lazy cat, and a Southern Vietnamese mother-in-law whose entire English vocabulary consists of the words “fat” and “stupid” (usually aimed at me and the cat), and you have the makings of a sitcom. The first word, the first walk, the first bike ride, the first time they swear at the dinner table and you have to correct them while laughing your a** off…amazing.

    My youngest was sitting at the dinner table and it was silent. We were all just eating and enjoying the food when all of a sudden she puts down her fork and with no emotion or purpose just says “F**king”. My wife turned white, my oldest daughter gasped, my mother-in-law said “Oh…so stupid”, and I burst out into uproarious laughter. I will NEVER forget it. It is our inside family joke now (between my wife and I). Whenever she or I have a bad day, we will just curl up together quietly and one of us will break the silence with that word. Absolute comic gold!

    That’s what you have to look forward to and it is completely great…


  5. Thanks Helen – I agree with you. Much of the reason I feel to share on Mikes blog – we are all just human after all, trying to find our way the best we can.


  6. May i share a little story with you too Kirrily.. My youngest is 33 now, but when he was really young and we would be at the dinner table he would hide something he didn’t like under another food on the plate. As to look like at least he ate something. Well i caught him one day. And i told him (as i was told when i was young) I said, “you eat that, don’t you know their are people starving in China who would love to eat this”. So quietly he put the food in a napkin, and handed it to me, and said, “mom, here is the food i don’t want to eat so please send it to someone in China who is starving”.. the funny thing is he was serious..


  7. I have to admit too that I really like wearing the ring. It is special, and represents to me the overcoming of my “previous” life. That ring is my reward for believing in myself when no one cared, and I clawed my way to inner freedom, event hough it seemed like I was destined to fail and Yahweh hated me, and my parents actually hated me, and the future was bleak because I had no help from God, etc. And watching my kids running around laughing and singing and dressing the cat up in their old baby clothes fills me with light. No tithing and 4 hour sermons for them. They will make their choices freely, and any/all Gods are open to them. They can become Hindu, or Muslim, or Baptist or Lutheran or atheist or Buddhist or, as my youngest proclaims daily, Justin Bieber’s wife.


  8. Haha. Justin Beiber’s wife. Now that is too cute..
    Avalo, like i said before, i am so happy for what you have now. I truly, truly am. I just can’t imagine what you went through. Does break my heart though you had to go through that, but i am so happy you have such a wonderful life now and a family who loves you. Man, what more could you ask for.. that is great!!!!!!


  9. Helen:

    Also don’t forget that atheism is not a belief but a rejection of “evidence”. If your sons are atheists in the way I described above, then you do not have to lose hope that they will always “reject” God. None of us reject “God”, we reject the claims made about/for God. The nano-second that there is a FACT or ANSWER that is good reason to worship God or Yahweh, the real atheists will be lined up right along side the theists. Your sons and I are not lost, we are living our lives wondering if/when a or “the” real God(s) are going to show up. So as much as I completely reject theism and Yahweh and Christianity, your sons and I don’t reject you, or your desire to believe.

    Atheism is personal…no more “against” mint if one loves raspberries.


  10. My parents are members of Meredith’s group. They will speak to me, but they are not to associate with me to any great extent as I am “of the world”. My relationship is civil, but I am their biggest disappointment for “hating God and what He has done for me” (up until I left WWCG). They don’t accept my wife, as she is a “pagan” (Buddhist), and Vietnamese. They are not racist per se, but they don’t see her as being good enough for me because of her English speaking level, family background (poor), differing culture, and such. They sure love the grandkids though. They spoil the crap out of them (no need to punish them for the great sins of their disappointing father). It’s all ice cream and presents for them every time. I don’t want to hate my parents or hold anything against them. But I WILL NOT let them tell my wife who she is, or accept them on their terms over her. My wife is an angel, and no amount of WWCG-style theology is going to reduce her to some random Asian stereotype, secondary to the great wonderful tribes of Israel who Yahweh apparently loves so much. My kids are German-Vietnamese-Canadian thanks to both my and my wife’s dual citizenships (there are a lot of passports in my house!). They are “kids of the world”, and are free to go out there and move FAR ahead of my generation.’s judgments, bias’, and failings. It gives me pride to think that my kids are growing up in a way I never had the chance to, and will never know how it feels to live like my wife (boat person) and I lived before they were born.

    Their “ignorance” of that manner of life is MY victory over Yahweh. Thus, I feel my pain is a just burden if it means my kids are prancing around on a Saturday afternoon with me at the supermarket making up stories about the vegetables and annoying their mother to buy them shrimp snacks, and begging me to buy them chocolate cereal, and laughing and making up songs about the cat. Every lonely night begging God to show my parents that they were hurting me, every nervous job interview, every rejection letter from publishers, every failed business venture, every one of them a victory over my former life as my kids grow up healthy, safe, and emotionally sound. All of my agonies cancelled, all fears removed.

    I have forgiven, but I will NEVER. F**KING. FORGET what has been done to me, and feel compelled to call theists on their beliefs as my moral duty calls me to when there is the potential for the innocent to believe in a imaginary God that approves of selling your daughter (Ex. 21:7)…


  11. Sorry, just read your second post – boy, it seems like you are making the best of the situation with your parents. Not easy I would imagine.

    Thanks for sharing that Ava.


  12. Thank you Avalo, you are so sweet and kind. I am very happy you wrote that to me. That is such a logical and comforting explaination. I can understand that. It makes sense to me. Some of us (me) needs to hear those explainations. Well, I do. I want to keep an open mind and understand things that I haven’t understood before. Well, like Atheism.. OH and we love Raspberries:)


  13. If I have helped anyone in any way, then that too is a victory over my former life.

    Keep in mind that hate is a pure and bracing tonic that gives you power. It is the most dangerous and wicked power on the planet, but when harnessed for certain modes of survival, it provides clarity and focus and superhuman strength. It is what lurks behind violent pornography, revolution, serious crimes, and certain types of emotional/spiritual pleasure. It is triple distilled and as powerful as a god. It is the deepest lust personified in humans. Real hate is joyous, not the anger you feel when you are cut off in traffic, or someone insults you. Hate is light and freedom when others seek your downfall. Hate is a stone fortress lined with cashmere that comforts you while your enemies are crushed at the gates. Hate has been my friend and loving guardian against the world. But it is a complete and utter liar. It eventually twists your judgment and consumes you whole. It must be rejected when it seeks to become your life. It’s entire nature is slavery and control as it nurtures your spirit towards its own ends. I know its erotic caress and its razor sharp fangs. It is sugar candy with cancer in the middle. It is the enemy of all mankind.

    My spiritual struggle (if you can call it that) is not letting my old friend hate back into my home, because now my kids and wife are at stake. They don’t deserve to be taken so early. When they are adults they can choose whatever life they want. But Hate will have to start fresh with them, because I am going to be staring it in the face and saying “No you won’t” until the day I am relieved of “guard duty”.


  14. My hate (in the general sense) died at the very moment my first daughter was born. She came out, as cleaned off, held by her mother, then I got to hold her. She looked up at me and her eyes said “Hi. I don’t know what I am doing here. Please hold me and love me.” I cried. Pure naive, innocent trust. She was TOTALLY dependant on my wife and I, and it was now up to us to save her from our collective past. Steep learning curve, but she seemed happy and healthy as the years went by. Then the next one came along and I held her in my arms and she looked at me and her eyes said ” Hi. I don;t know what I am doing here. Please hold me and love me”. And I looked right back at her and said with my eyes “Don’t worry baby, I got it. The bed is ready, your mother is lactating, I have a job, you have a sister, and I will be cleaning up all that strange stuff coming out of your backside. Welcome to the club. You’re not alone…”.


  15. Y’know it is amazing how my kids are so normal, considering both my wife and I have no idea what a normal childhood is. Hers was spent in a war and mine was spent in a psychological prison. She dodged bullets, I dodged Reality. I was, and in some ways still am, worried that I will be a bad father and mess up my kids somehow because I never learned the proper way to X, Y, or Z. So I have read books and discussed strategies and responsibilities with my wife, and together we seem to have come up with reasonable working answers to the challenges of raising two daughters. I had no idea how hard it was going to be…and how many of my possessions were going to be pooped on, cut up, coloured on, stolen to show people at school, or lost (“No sweetie, I DON’T think it was a good idea for you to cut up MY pajamas in order to make pajamas for the cat!!).

    Oh Kirrily, you have NO idea what is in store for you, and that is a really really great thing. You will experience the amazing joy/heartbreak/anger/love/peace of having to parent a child for the first time in your life. Your child/children are going to drive you crazy, even on a good day, and there is no more deeply satisfying life choice than having that chance to be driven crazy by your own children!

    One word of advice: Really try no to swear in front of your kid(s). They will repeat nothing BUT that word for the next three days if you don’t act quickly on it. I let one slip out one time, and my youngest heard it through the window outside. My wife came back from shopping, entered the house and asked me “Why is our youngest daughter dancing around the back yard in a circle singing “Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit”?”


  16. Our internet went out just minutes after my last post due to high winds. They thnk Chi-town is windy, try living in Idaho. Glad it came back on for now.

    Ava, your children are gong to be fine, and i will gaurantee that.. You chose to go a different direction in your life than what you had and I know with the experiences you and your wife had sounds like you have learned from that to the point that is not how you want to be with your kids. I know you and your wife show them lots of love and caring, and kiddo, that is very powerful
    in their life. They will remember that and grow on that love through their whole life. The rewards are tremendous.. And you and your wife will and (do) have so much joy in your heart because of your kids and the love you and your wife have for each other.
    Kirrily and Ava, Hey, I am not saying there won’t be bumps in the roads for your kids, and they will test you for sure, but when it comes down to it that love for each other won’t ever die. My sons in their 30’s, to this day they bring us so much joy and happiness still. I think as parents, well some of us, think, “Darn i wish i would have done this differently or that” then I would beat myself over the head. Hey, we aren’t perfect, but in their eyes I am glad they didn’t see the flaws or don’t remember them. All they see and feel is the support, love, caring and always be there for them..Raising children is learning as the time goes on. Just keep doing what you are doing.
    Kirrily, i can’t wait to hear about when you hold you baby for the first time..

    Hang on to your seats, times may get filled with different emotions, like Ava was saying. But it is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. HI KIRRILY, it is so hard sometimes to catch something that is written because new things all the time. HIT ME ON THE HEAD. I want to respond to what you wrote on Nov. 15. time 17:45,
    I just now found it and read it.

    I really want to respond. When you said you were searching all those years, I just thought it was searching for the truth in a church like me. Not the truth about God and what he wanted you to do.
    I never thought of that. I just prayed for the correct church. I thought to find the truth you had to go to a church. So it was a church I thought was the answer. Then finally it really really really hit me. A church is a building. as i said before, Place to fellowship with others. The church i found out is my body, mind/ He is with me, one on one, not me and a building. I figured that is why i went through so many churches, and never was totally happy with any of them. My search meant nothing really. I was looking at it in a completely “off the charts” way.
    When i found joy and content is when i finally realized that. I am a christian without having a church to believe in. Honestly Kirrley, that is when I finally start to read the Bible. I felt i always had God in my life, but didn’t study on Him becuase I didn’t have the right church..
    This is why I love to hear about your search..
    I just could kick myself because all the wasted years searching, building to building, disappointment after disappointment.. Now to know all this wasn’t worth a thing, is what set me free from feeling so bad i couldn’t find the right church. It weighed on me all my life..

    and on nov. 15 at 18:12 a response to your comment. . Never thought about God rejected on ones searches. BUT you are right. I think God has rejected, well my thoughts for me, rejected the churches because that isn’t the place where he dwells. It is within.. These churches who say “come to my church we are the way to God and heaven” or another church “come with us, we are way.. NOT TRUE..The only way is through His son Jesus Christ as it says in the Bible.. Not “Find the correct church on earth and you will be with me someday, if not, sorry!!”(I am speaking just what my thoughts are here, not everyones) Feels really great to hear these comments Kirrley, helps me to verify alot of my thoughts and feelings inside.

    And yes Kirrley, it can be a little nervous thinking about having a baby, especially when it is your first one and you think at the same time the baby comes out, instructions manual comes with him.. AHHH well, not really. haha But honey, you will have an instant attachment with your son, and you will know by mother instincts what to do.. I am so excited for you…. XXX
    I hope you find this letter to you i have just written.. still learning on how this site works..


  18. Hi all, especially Mike ( DDTFA ) , and chacha.
    I do not know how I missed this forum earlier, as I have followed ( closely ) since the emergence of Ronald ( Bible Boy ) Weinland, when a free book was offered through google back in 2007, and read his book ” end time prophecy 2008 “. I also listened to his sermons, downloaded every Sat. afternoon, down here in Aust. I listened and read, not out of need for ‘ searching for something ‘, rather from a scence of disbelief, that such an imbacile , could make so many follow and support him, whilst leading them astray, and his outrageous and extravegent lifestyle justified as ‘ doing God’s work ‘, enjoying cruises and expensive flights to destinations around the world, several times a year.
    Living the life of some kind of Royalty, whilst condeming his followers to a boring, costly and meaningless future through lies , and of his command of how they should live their lives.
    I know nothing of the two witnesses, except ( and I believe ) that it is largely symbolic, and in Rev. 12 mentiones and ties in ” a woman child, and dragon ” with the two witnesses story of Rev.11, also symbolic…………………… These references are not people, and is definately not twisted Ronnie, and his misses.

    Chacha, I’ve since reading your plight and others who followed Rons hideous interpretations of the word, and misleading, outrageous falseties, realised that if you wish to be at peace and find Jesus, and experience the joy of the ‘ kingdom ‘ he talked about, you will find these things if you visit the sick in your local hospitals, elderly nursing homes, childrens cancer wards, repatriation facilities for returned servicemen, virtually, anywhere that their is human suffering.

    This is where you will find Jesus, and this is the way you will discover and make scense of his plan for mankind, its also the best way to serve and repent for your place in God’s plan.
    I found this as my Father whom suffered a respitory illness, and eventually passed away from suffocation ( in my arms ). During his lengthy hospital stays toward the end, I started visiting others around him in his wards ( during his various treatments ). I am not a religeous person, but, i can say from experience, you will find God, one day you see him through a patient, the next in a doctor or a nurse, or the most lonely in the ward……… trust me , I’ve seen it . All the best for your husbands return to health , and peace in your life.. Pete.


  19. Hi there Pete,

    I agree with what you said about the places to find joy and peace…in helping our fellow man…(not cursing him to death).
    I am going on with my life…doing things I never thought I would do…(because the “end” was near) like getting a college degree. I am enjoying getting my education and working with the next generation in my studies. It is fascinating to work on projects with my fellow students, who are younger than my own children in most cases. I have learned patience and caring and understanding. I appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the individuals that I meet every day!

    I am happy to be free of this man’s cult and will never be in one again. As for religion…I don’t really know where I am on that right now. I am frankly quite tired of being lied to “in the name of God”.
    My husband is doing well.
    thanks for you good wishes,



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