What Happens in Vegas Happens in Vegas Again

Last year in October, False Prophet Ronald Weinland held a conference with his evangelists and senior elders in the  5-star Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.   They must have been quite satisfied with the accommodations including Egyptian cotton sheets under 400-count wool throws as they are gathering in the same location again this weekend.  According to the hotel web site, the price of the cheapest rooms has dropped a bit, to only $179 per night.  Isn’t it simply amazing that they can gather together there this far into the Great Tribulation, only 23 weeks before Jesus Christ returns.

The stated purpose is to get the church prepared for the influx of new members, which Weinland has been doing for almost 4 years now as he ordains more and more elders. While there, perhaps they can tour the facilities looking for places to baptize hordes of people.  The Venetian canals don’t look very good as it has steep banks which would be difficult for the baptizees to get in and out.  But the outdoor pool looks ideal.  Might be a bit chilly this time of year if the horde of converts starts arriving now, but when that time strikes there probably won’t be electricity to light indoor pools.

And while there, they can enjoy the hotel accommodations while they prepare to meet the masses.  I hope that Ron and Laura got the penthouse suite which is only $5000 per night.  They deserve this as their fate at the hand of the beast power is coming soon unless delayed by the US Federal Court system which might actually be the beast power and put him away for 3 & 1/2 years which would be like 3 & 1/2 days on the streets of Jerusalem.  Besides which they can put up Johnny and Myrtle in the suite’s second bedroom and save money that way.

Isn’t it just wonderful?!!!!!!!



50 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Happens in Vegas Again

  1. How else could I know? Ron didn’t put the location on his website.

    I think it will be “live” from Las Vegas tomorrow. He did it live from his hotel room in the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino last year.


  2. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m guessing Ron didn’t have to use his passport to go to Vagas? Or maybe he wouldn’t have had to for Florida venue either?

    Ooooooo, it warms my hear thinking of the hordes soon to be called to PKG 😉


  3. I wonder how much alcohol he will consume and gambling he will do while he is there. I would like to see the overall bill when he gets home, but of course, no one will. Why all the luxury? Why can’t they meet in someone’s house and stay in a bed and breakfast? I don’t understand the flamboyance in this “meeting”. Sounds more like a vacation to me. Makes me sick.


  4. Going to Sin City, sounds about right! Do you suppose Ron will concentrate on counting jurors rather than the millions that will not be flocking to be baptized?

    Mike you are soooooo good.


  5. It’s not the Kentucky courts that has Ron on a leash, it’s the US Probation Office. And I would guess that they gave him permission.


  6. Ron spiritualized his fire breathing ability as whatever he said would come about. So when the IRS Special Agent came around, why didn’t he just order her to drop the case. Or when the IRS gave him a taxpayer conference before referring the case to the Justice Department, why didn’t he just tell them not to do that?


  7. Maybe Ronnie can’t stay away from his favourite vegas prostitute. On a more serious note…all this money he is wasting on himself and his pathetic excuse of a “so called” wife that acts anything but….perhaps he could actually imitate the person he “claims” to follow and give some of the money instead to a better cause like homeless shelters/meals for homeless people ….especially this time of year when many freeze to death. But instead he treats himself continuously with his followers money and lives like a king.


  8. Hi.
    I get in here sometimes just to catch up on what is being said and what is going on , the RW thing is expected and is bound to come to some sort of conclusion whether it be jail time , home time , time time and half a time , lets face it this guy has sucked in a lot of people and taken there money , seen some sites , done some things , sent some post cards [not to me lol] Nice people have lost their homes , emptied their bank accounts , given up their jobs ,= these people have caused some pain , created some anger , turned some nice folks into zombies so they can follow them .
    I can tell you that the worst thing we can do is give these guys the recognition they desire by talking about them , thinking about them , wondering what they are doing or saying or teaching . the folks that chat here are Blessed not to be part of this evil show , there is not much you/we can do to talk people out of staying with the PKG but pray that they can be woken from their stupor and come the reality that Ron is NOT the way but GOD is . I think at this stage of our age we should more so be considering how we are going to survive the times coming – check out the news re the financial situation in all of europe and US, the situation in syria /iran/ afghanistan / the buddy up of china and russia , the rise in oil and gold , unemployment , famine, ect ect = this RW thing is a nothingness to what is a challenge for us all , he loves it = dont give him the time of day but rather consider your families , friends ect , I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because the situation of the world surely out weighs RW , he is not a prophet [der!] Personally I believe in the Word of GOD and know that times are lets say “interesting” but we need to get these negative time consuming influences out of our lives and concentrate on the things that will make our lives better and help those less fortunate .


  9. I see…so we should STOP calling out a false prophet? Nice try. I think you are a PKGer trying to use some kind of failed pop psychology on the rest of us. You are implying that we don’t help the less fortunate or that we should see calling out Ron as negative? Personally I can do all these things at once, it’s called ‘multitasking’. Small differences are still differences, and to imply that we should stop trying to keep Ron honest?

    Nice try Lenny…


  10. In a way, a lot of what Lenny says is true, but I disagree with his conclusion. Actually, Lenny is an ex-PKGer. Seems to have a focus on doom and gloom, perhaps a factor in his brief association with Rotten Ronnie. I wonder how he deals with the doom and gloom now.


  11. Atrocious, I wonder if Ron still has the “2 drink limit” he passed at the 2005 Feast. Set an example for those watching us. Just like how he changed our dress attire. Kirrily or Chacha, was the drinking limit still in when you were in? Maybe that was just for when we were around people. I don’t think it counted for the booze most everyone had in the hotel rooms.

    Steve, I was thinking the same thing. I thought Ron was putting money away all those years for PKG, followers as when the end-time comes. I know there are some people in the PKG who frowned on Ron and lauras lavish style, but too afraid to speak out. Then he started taking his favorites with them on their trips. I agree, keep it humble and go to a home. Like Ron’s home maybe?

    Lenny, if his followers are still giving him money for Ron’s lavish trips, well, I can’t feel sorry for them. Here they are at home listening to Ron’s sermon and knowing he is partying, then they deserve what happens.

    Mike, if Ron is saving this money for his flock, then I have news for them, there won’t be much left when Ron is done with it. I remember the last so called end-time, some of the people were telling me they were charging to buy thing they always wanted because they actually thought the end-time was coming in 2008 and figured they wouldn’t have to worry about paying it back. Hmmm, wonder how far in debt they got. What surprises me the ones who told me what they were doing is still in PKG.. Well, I guess they better rack up the debts again. they only have a few months left.

    So, Lenny I know you say you are a Christian. But come on already, there are good people I rather use my prayers on. I look at the PKGers, you reap what you have sowed.
    There (well to me) is nothing wrong with calling out the Beast and the Beastes, and their henchmen. I don’t feel God wants me to sit on my hands and tape my mouth shut. Epecially those who prey on others for their own gain. And you might as well hang up the thought of them changing.. It has gone far beyond help for most of them. They made their choices to follow Evil, then so be it. Didn’t God say, he help those who help themselves. Not God helps those who help Ron with his life style and false theology.
    If they are true believers in God then may they be helped. But they are true believers in Ron, their so called God. An idol to them which I think god says something about not worshipping Idols. Even the Athiest can tell you more about the Bible then Ron and his followers.
    The Athiest I know (3, and still counting) live the Bible more than most christians I know and they don’t even believe in God.
    I have learned so much lately from non-believers and I have had the best life learning eperiences from them than most people who call themselves christians. I am a Christian and love it, but i also have love for non-believers. But no room for people like Ron who feeds off of others. That makes me sick.. along with all the holier than thou people.
    I could go on and on about that, but i will stop so I don’t put anyone to sleep again.. 🙂


  12. May I add. I do HOPE everyone leaves Ron’s church, and people may think I am not a good Christian if I don’t pray for Ron and all of them. But I can’t lie either and say I will pray for everyone. I am not even sure if it say’s that in the Bible. I know to treat others as you would want to be treated. But about praying for deceivers, hmmm, I would be a hyporcrite if I said I do that. Not that I wish people harm who follow evil, I just figure they have a brain and choices, just like Chacha, Kirrily and I did.. I think it says God hates hypocrites. Does it say that? or maybe some church preacher told me that.


  13. Two drink limit? Question (since I know next to nothing about PKG specifically): Is a “drink” like a bottle of something, like a bottle of beer or a fifth of Vodka? If so, that would mean that drinking two fifths would still be within the two drink limit.

    Also, just how long between the two drinks can a person go? Four hours? Six hours? 45 minutes?

    Just wondering.


    And wouldn’t it be better not to drink at all? Especially if one were to be an alcoholic?

    Or is drinking require in the PKG, like it seemed to be in the old WCG?


  14. LMBO Doug,…drink of your choice. haha So maybe yes. “2 fiths of your finest vodka bartender, no glass please. We have to drink it from the bottle though”..
    Big, I mean Big drinkers in PKG when I was in.. The fun part was going to different peoples rooms and they had a nice little bar set up.. Make the rounds we called it… Just make sure we get up in time for Ron’s sermon. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the sunglasses to cover up the blood shot eyes!!

    Really Steve who knows by now what Ron has changed. If some one caught him drinking more than 2 drinks, he may have uped the limit to 4, 5, or even 6 by now at happy hour.. Really, no one got very happy when we had our 2 drink limit at happy hour. Turned to BoRING hour.. Honey, one needs to drink after his sermons. Trust me..


  15. Mike, can’t wait to hear the update on today’s sermon.. hope it is a whopper.

    OK. I am on this prayer thing again. Can’t help myself. What i really hate is when people find out I don’t believe in churches. The good Christian’s say “OH i will pray for you”. Not meaning it. One can tell. Anyway I have tried 8 different ones in my life. All different teachings. Gets confusing. I can read myself thank you. So the prayers didn’t help me any on that, but thanks anyways people.
    It would be like me saying to Avalo, “OH Avalo, i will pray for you being an athiest may God save you”. That would be like me saying that to my boys.. I pray that my family is Healthy, happy, gets through the hard times and struggles one is going through. Those are the things that makes me happy. They are happy, mom is happy. just like I pray for those on here with health problems, recovering from PKG, etc. When people say to me ” I am sorry your sons are Athiest, I will pray for them”. As if they even know them or care. Makes the hair on my kneck stick out.
    To me it is fake, and they just say that because they think by being Christian you have to. Well to me it make it worse and isn’t very comforting to me. They think they are bad because they are athiest. I really want to tell them what they can do with their prayers sometime. Praying needs to be true from their heart, not just becuase it is their duty they think they have to. I do pray everyday. But those things are between me and God. Not between me and anyone else.
    Ok, I think i am done now. haha


  16. Helen said: “I know there are some people in the PKG who frowned on Ron and lauras lavish style, but too afraid to speak out. Then he started taking his favorites with them on their trips.

    I wonder if that’s part of what the IRS has a problem with, if he used church funds to finance the travel of his entourage.


  17. That is a good one Doug. lol

    OH Yeah. sorry guys for putting you through hell with my venting today… Just touchy.. Now aren’t you sry you have to put up with me and my rants. lol 🙂


  18. You’re not the only one that rants now and then, Helen. We all do! That’s why this blog is so important to us…it not only gives us a means to comment to the pkg members and their ron-god, but it also gives us an outlet to vent about the injustice of it all. BTW, my first drink, IIRC, was at a member’s house (Old WCG) with the preaching elder and minister present, and I was only 16. It was a whiskey sour. I had two of them. And there was at least one pedophile present – encouraged to be “the head of his household” and “rule the roost”. What a group.


  19. I’ve known Lenny for years and years – maybe 10? Met him at Garner Teds splinter.

    Obviously he and I have come to a VERY different place.

    Lenny and his mother live on a mountain, and have done for years because his mother had a vision of a tidal wave destroying the east coast of Australia.

    I really like Lenny, but like most of us in a COG, it’s all about the f&@!ing END, the iminent END.

    Like me, Lenny thought he had the truth with Garner, then PKG (and probably many times before that, again, just like me).

    Of course, all the time thinking we were believing GOD.

    Difference is, Lenny thinks that NOW he is following God – but I now think, I’ve THOUGHT I’ve been following GOD, sooooooo many times before – found out I haven’t been.

    I would ask Lenny, what makes this time, following ‘God’, any different to the previous times?

    Nah, I’ve had more than enough of THAT merry-go-round thank you, it’s made me sick in the mind, soul and spirit. The God Delusion made me sick. NOT the delusion that there is a God, but the delusion of how man thinks we know him. IMO, THAT is the delusion that causes sooooooo much pain in the world, both for I individuals seeking ‘Him’ – and never finding, and collectively as a people – history shows all too clearly grotesque atrocities carried out in GOD’s name.

    The choice is of course the individuals – whatever rocks ones boat.

    But no matter where we have come to, no one is better than another.

    Different paths are taken by our DECISIONS – I have made mine to live and love as best I can, and leave the dooms day mentality behind. I like the mountains and all, but I’m not planning a move up there based on the fear of a giant wave.

    Again, I have always liked Lenny – and hey, are we EVER gonna catch up for that coffee at Nerang!! Sheesh!!

    Helen : re the drinking in PKG, when I was in I actually wasn’t drinking at all at the time – I’ve had problems with alcohol in the past (I either drink myself stupid, or I can drink nothing – can’t seem to stop at just a couple). But I’m pretty sure they were pretty cruisey with the alcohol comsumption – Wayne told me once that when I felt ready and satisfied I had conquered my drinking problem, I should take it up again to be more social, lmao.

    Of course I havent drunk a drop of it since finding out I was pregnant. Geez, can’t believe he will be here in about 7 weeks!!!


  20. When you conquer the drinking problem?. AHHHHHHHHHH does he have stupid written on his forehead?? Like telling someone who quit smoking or drugs., Here just have one it won’t hurt you.. what a dumbass. I never met Wayne. I was suppose to go to the Feast the first year he came. I am so glad I had my gallbladder burst. It was worth it not to have to go. (See prayers do happen. haha) All I heard about was this GREAT man who came to the Feast. His name is Wayne and when one talks to him you know he has something special..
    Is he really that Wonderful Kirrily.. He sounds stupid to me.. I heard a couple of his sermons in the past before I got out, but the was also BORING..

    7 more weeks. oohhh that is close girl… can’t wait!!!!


  21. I thought the world of Wayne and his wife. They did treat me very well, would have done anything for me. They were always there when I needed to talk.

    The only bad thing I CAN say about Wayne and Chris, is that they have people who look up to them (as I did), being more ‘mature’ in the truth – yet they continue to ignore that they were wrong in following Ron, and continue following a false prophet. They themselves in this way are also guilty by example, in leading people astray IMO.


  22. I hear ya Kirrily.. I thought, well really, I heard he was getting as haughty as Ron. True? They all seem to get this big EGO trip going. Of course I have NEVER met anyone who has a bigger EGO than Ron and Laura. I just don’t know why I could see it and if anyone else did they never spoke up. Those things I just have to say it as I see it. And dear, I saw it big time. Why are people still so scared of him.. besides his favorite pets. They benefitted from some of the profits too. Infact, that is fact! Maybe i would still be in too if I got a piece of the pie. haha

    BTW. Don’t mean to sound dumb. But what does IMO mean.. It took me forever to figure out LOL..:)


  23. Mike, I wonder though when Ron takes his entourage he puts it down as business expenses.. I bet you though they have to pay for their own booze. At least if it goes beyond the magic number 2 drinks minimum.

    I wonder if he will flew Wayne and Chris out here too.? If so, I bet ya 100.00 bucks it came out of church funds..


  24. Kirrily:

    That is completely stupid to tell someone struggling with alcohol to drink to “be social”! That is not only unwise, its un-spiritual! You drink as little as you want, sister.


    You can pray for me anytime you want. I don’t believe it “works” but in your case you would be doing it from a decent instinct. So feel free to do so. From Day One you have been a feisty debater and vigorous coversationalist. If you do so, may I request you pray for my family instead of me? My wife and I have made up our minds about what we believe but our children are being raised to be open to eventually choosing for themselves what spiritual system will be “theirs”.

    If you think that God really exists and that for example my kids would be wise to choose that God, then by all means pray for them. All I care about is them. If there is a God, then I want to see them find that God, whether I theoretically go to Hell or not.


  25. I doubt that the IRS would accept bringing an entourage of tourists as a valid “business expense” for a church.

    And PKG is spending big bucks for the party in Las Vegas this weekend. Besides Wayne and Chris, there are several other senior elders and wives brought in from overseas.


  26. wow eh , some interesting stuff here,
    I should clear up a couple of things that I said or didnt say ,
    I never said I was a christian – I have found hypocrisy in SOME christians and well as atheists and I’ve pulled myself up on being a hypocrite , I did say that I believe in the word of GOD , The thing that I do NOW other than before is do the best I can where the Bible is concerned and not follow any man or organisation , group, following , gathering and whatever else , This time I cant blame any person that I chosse to put on a pedestal but rather now it ‘Me and Gods word’ thats it-I feel thats more honest even though I’ll make mistakes no doubt.
    I mentioned the times we are living in not as a ‘Doom and Gloom ‘ situation or anything religious or panic attack statement but as a fact of living in an unsure world – it had nothing to do with prophecy or predictions or RW , GTA, LCOG,PCOG bla bla bla , I said it because my thoughts are that surely there are more important conversations to be had than about RW , I never suggested that no one cares about the less fortunate but in relation to RW there are better things to think about . If you want to expose the Beasts of this world then you’ll be busy – he is a grain of sand on the beach of millions .
    Yep I live on the mountain with lovely mother and yep she is a bit fearful of the water , wave ect but I am not , I spent alot of years as a lifesaver and lived most of my life over looking the beach and would again in a heartbeat , I am up here to give my parent a quality and comfort of life that she deserves while she is still around ,
    I did keep an eye on the doom and gloom thingy for a long time and not in fear but in the interest of what I believe , I dont worry anymore about all those things but one has to keep an eye on whats going on around the place so one can be prepared be it in banking , mortgage , work , family ect ect anything less is ignorance and that has nothing to do with the Bible .
    Kirrily — That cuppa is long overdue so anytime your in the area lets catch up .


  27. Long overdue alright! My boy arrives in 7 weeks, so maybe next time I see you I’ll have my little bundle of joy with me 🙂

    I hope your mum is well.

    I understand about ‘you and God’s word’ – why I haven’t chose that path however, is because that is what everyone does, really – even if they ARE ‘following’ someone else. I mean, the Bible does say there are prophets, teachers, apostles etc. That’s why I agreed with the ‘Gods Government’ stuff. Otherwise everyone would just go off with THEIR idea on what the Bible actually says. *yawn*. who is the author of confusion again? Maybe the same who wrote the most confusing/hypercritical/contradictory book in all history, lol. That’s why there are soooooo many Christian belief systems out there.

    Speaking for myself, I write here for 2 main reasons:-

    1. To help others that leave, simply by sharing my story.
    2. Helps me look at myself and understand why I have believed certain things in the past.

    As far as danger in the time we now live, sure. Be wise, be prepared. Nothing wrong with that if it doesn’t rule your life. I just feel that many focus on the bad news in the world and ignore the good (not saying you do this).

    I think one of the saddest things in life, is to live in fear.

    Helen : IMO stands for ‘In my opinion’ 🙂


  28. Good on you Kirrily , I get you !
    The GOD Government is understandable and your right , I dont go throwing my opinions at people and certainly dont think I’m better or worse than anyone else , Just want to do the best I can .
    Cant be any harm in that , we sure know who’s running the place but looking forward to the future . living in fear is certainly not the way to go although thats what a lot of these guys want us to do but live in awareness and do the good things ,
    Im really happy for you and bubba – little man eh – well done and tony too Der!
    wow eh , 7 weeks , good on ya mamma .


  29. That’s what I like about you Lenny, you believe what you do, but never try and shove down someone else’s throat (erm, like I used to do *blushes*).

    Thanks for your congrats! Exciting and challenging times await me 🙂


  30. Kirrily, I reckon you hit the nail on the head there. And what is more – look at you! Just look at you! Bold, positive, confident, speaking out proudly! A year or two ago you were all bruised and troubled, and now look at you! It is SO good to know that the likes of Ron may be able to suck all the energy out of someone’s life for a while, but that they cannot keep a good person down for too long. Good on you girl! You gie me hope for mankind!


  31. Avalo, I have a confession. I have already prayed for you and your family. BUT not because of you being Athiest, but to let you and my boys know in your hearts if you even have a moment of belief, to open the heart and be open to accept it. Does this make sense? I would never preach to another or judge good people as your family and my boys. I know where the hearts lie. I may not have met you Avalo, but it doesn’t mean I don’t pick up on the love you have for your family. And i know you want the best for them. That is such a wonderful quality. You would be surpised how many families don’t have that. I am a believer and for those who are searching the truth, I pray they find it. I am so glad you will let your girls search for what they are looking for, and I know you will support them in any choice of believing or not. So as an older lady with a little advice (who looks half her age mind you, haha had to throw that in.:) ) Just keep doing what you are doing Avalo and I know your girls will be a good example of what a good person is with whom ever they are around. Whether believers or non-believers. I think we will be judged on who we are as people. No matter what religion or any religion. JMO. that means Just my opion.. I will start some new lingo here.
    I do believe in God with all my heart and being. I know I have what I have (family) because of Him.. My boys think differently. They believe in evolution. Isn’t that when we come from Monkeys?
    We have our different opinion on that. But it is ok. We won’t know anything much until we die anyway.

    By the way Mike. Which God? is correct. Alot of preachers have different Gods. Speaking from trial and error, and of course I think it makes me a “proffessional” to know those things with all my experiences. Wouldn’t you say? haha

    Whew. You guys can call me the preacher lady from SNL. haha Now you had your sabbath semon for the day.
    Thank you to my dear friends on here..


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