The End of Tyranny

False Prophet Ronald Weinland visited in Richmond, VA yesterday.  He gave his upcoming schedule adding February 18 in Toronto.  I wonder how it is that he is going to be able to travel there with his passport surrendered to the US Probation office.  He also mentioned that the location of the elders conference last weekend was in Vegas, location hidden so the rank-and-file sheep could not drop in.  The hotel he mentioned was The Palazzo, another 5-diamond hotel next door to the Venetian with shuttles provided.

During the elders conference, Ron announced that people who divorced now would not be allowed to remarry before the “new age” as the time is too short. These people will be in the ministry and government during the “new age” but are not competent to run their own lives. Time is also too short for the 2700 “scattered” to be ordained as Ron has added so much to Armstrongism that they wouldn’t be able to wrap their heads around it.  (The “scattered” are former members of WCG who were baptized in that organization when the First Seal opened at Joe Tkach’s sermon in Atlanta 17 years and 1 week ago.)  So the several hundred elders that Ron has now will have to tough it out to ordain the 10 million people in the US who will join Ron’s church between now and May 27.

Ron doesn’t know what next week’s sermon will be, but has plans for the sermon of Jan 7.  Jan 7 is the end of the 6th of Ron’s 140-day “half-a-time”, each of which he likens to one day of the Israel marching around Jericho.  Perhaps he will explain away the 40 weeks of judgment on the US and other modern day nations of Israel which ends that day.  According to his blog posting of April 1, we’ll be able to relax as God’s judgment will then be focused on the other (gentile) nations.  In the meantime, Ron is amazed at the timing of the calendar this year that puts December 17 on the same day of the week as it was in 1994.

Except that we need to worry about the 5 months of torment which are to happen after the fifth trumpet.  Since tomorrow is exactly 5 months from the non-return of Christ by the Roman calendar.  Taking into account that a “prophetic month” is 30 days, Ron buys a delay until Thursday if you don’t leave any time for the 6th trumpet.  During the feast of 2010, Ron said that 5 months could be the last part of the 1st month and the first part of the 5th month with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in between.  Since Ron’s trial is delayed from January 31st, kind of takes the IRS situation out of the picture.  But Ron has painted a picture that the 5 months of torment was to be administered by the beast power, consisting of 10 European nations led by Germany and the Pope.  The beast power has some serious organizing to do very quickly.

Ron’s sermon was titled “End of Tyranny” (part 1).  The spirit world is stirred up mightily.  Demented attacks are coming from snakes in the grass.  Which includes: unconverted coworkers and family members, mocking websites, and while not mentioned of course the IRS and US prosecutor. It seems that I will have committed the unpardonable sin because I won’t repent and acknowledge Ron as a true prophet of God.

Ron learned a new word “throe”, as in “death throe”, and how to properly spell it (not “throw”).  Despite Ron’s literacy issues, he is an expert at anthropology and knows that the Germans are actually the Assyrians.

Ron, if you really want to end tyranny, then you can help. You asked if your members were experiencing the “oppression of tyranny”.  Indeed they are, and you are the source. End the tyranny you have imposed on your deluded followers.  Admit that you’re making it all up as you go along, at the expense of your deluded followers and their life savings and family relationships.  Set your people free so that they can salvage whatever they can of their lives.

Ron’s sermon was mercifully brought short a half hour early by some sort of technical glitch.  Hopefully his ministry will be mercifully brought short by some sort of glitch, such as being a guest in Club Fed for a period of time.