Babble-On Babylon

False Prophet Ronald Weinland and members from as far away as Georgia and Virginia were in Columbia.  Ron is getting lots of mileage out of the book of Daniel and plans several more sermons blathering about it.

Ron stated that since the dollar was going to be worthless by the Feast of Tabernacles that members could spend their second tithe to travel long distances to see their spiritual idol while they still can.  But save enough for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.  And if Ronnie’s criminal trial in March doesn’t end well for him, will people want to attend a feast with Johnny speaking for 8 days particularly since he won’t be a spirit being with the last name of Elohim.

Ron mocked the world for it’s buy-now-pay-later attitude.  But then he’s suggested that his members should buy stuff that way because after all the dollar will soon be worthless and you won’t have to pay it back.  But then he was suggesting that in 2008 and the bills have come due.

Ronnie made an odd statement, that this was the second day around Jericho. I replayed it to make sure that I heard it correctly.  I thought that one of Ronnie’s days of “marching around Jericho” was one of his 140-day half-a-times and that we are in the seventh and last of those.  But Ronnie has so much symbology to distract his membership from the fact that he’s batting .000 when it comes to fulfilled prophecy, that sometimes he gets his symbols confused, such as mixing up numbers for thunders, and the dates for seals and trumpets. Perhaps he’s thinking it’s the 2nd time marching around Jericho as the Israelites did 7 times on the 7th day.  If we divide the 140-day half-a-time into sevenths, each seventh is 20 days and today is the 21st day or the start of the 2nd seventh.  But if Ronnie explained that previously, I missed in amongst all his blather.  And what marching went on during the last 20 days?  Only thing Ronnie can point to is an interview on a low-powered radio station on the eastern shores of Maryland which convinced no one that he’s a prophet,  not even the host who evidently had not researched Ron and all his prior prophetic failures.  Maybe Ron will ramp things up and finally demonstrate one of his Witness Powers by calling down a plague or turning some water into blood.  Or who knows?  Maybe even striking down one of his mockers.

And maybe I missed his explanation of the fifth trumpet, which he promised at sometime on January 7th when he said:

…… I was asked a great question concerning the five months spoken of in Revelation concerning the events of the description of the 5th Trumpet. It’s a good question and it’s being asked a lot right now because it’s like – 5 months… wait a minute, we’re at 5 months! Just wait! God reveals everything in His time and it isn’t time yet for a specific sermon to be given on that. Maybe it’ll come next Sabbath, I don’t know yet. I have no idea what the sermon’s going to be!

A full month in and still no explanation from God.  And maybe I missed the outcome of this statement from March 12 of last year:

So again, some cannot wait for me to say that I am not a prophet, or to say that I am a false prophet.  Indeed, no one has long to wait do they? Isn’t that amazing? May 27, 2012 is not too far away and if Europe hasn’t risen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner, obviously. You don’t have to wait until 2012.  As far as the question they ask; what would I do? Well, first I’d repent before God and the Church. I’d acknowledge my sin and pray that God have mercy upon me for being so horribly presumptuous.

Have I missed Europe arising?  Have I missed the rampage of the Asiatic hordes led by China?  Or have I missed Ronnie repenting before the church?  Oh yeah.  Now I remember — to repent means to “think differently” which does not mean showing regret or remorse or acknowledging sin.  Just means that you changed your mind.  Which Ronnie has as he still claims that Jesus returns on schedule on the eve of Pentecost and somehow (we’re waiting to find how) the five months of torment following the 5th trumpet are going to be squeezed into just 3 weeks.


Redirect Redirect Redirect

False Prophet Ronald Weinland held an elders conference the weekend of March 29, 2008 for the elders he had newly ordained over the preceding several months in anticipation of the Great Tribulation scheduled to begin a few weeks later on April 17th as the pope visited the U.S.

I have been provided an audio recording of a Q&A session held during that conference.  No doubt my source will be early in the queue into the Lake of Fire 😉

Weinland begins the session by stating that the conferences are private, private, private and not to be discussed with members.  If asked what went on during the conference, the elders were essentially told to minimize and equivocate.  Which of course is not lying because that would be against the 10 commandments.

The elders were told to get speakers to go with the laptops that Weinland handed out for accessing the Elder Management Console, a website and software set up by Greg Chipps. The speakers were for the elders to conduct passover services for groups of members by playing recordings provided by Weinland.

There were a number of questions relating to baptisms.  One related to whether baptisms performed by other splinter groups were valid.  Weinland said that Garner Ted Armstrong’s baptisms were  not valid, and would have to have hands laid on. This would be true for any other minister disfellowshipped as GTA was.  In general each candidate would have to be evaluated by Johnny Harrell or Wayne Matthews.

New members would not be required to read the entire Bible, but would need to read Weinland’s books and Herbert Armstrong’s “Mystery of the Ages”.

A soldier in the military not able to keep the sabbath would not be allowed to be baptized.  Sabbath keeping and tithe paying were Weinland’s minimum requirements to join.  Other issues such as smoking and eating unclean meats could be dealt with later.

Weinland was asked whether the elders should quit their jobs.  Weinland said that was up to the elder.  Weinland always hedged on instructions of that type, making it the individual’s choice for decisions that would have a financial impact.  Wayne Matthews quit his job and later was looking for another as the Great Tribulation didn’t hit.

Ron mentioned that he got a letter from someone on limited income.  Too bad, they have to tithe to join his church.  Employer won’t let you off on the sabbath.  Too bad, you have to keep the sabbath regardless to join his church.

Ron was asked if elders should be licensed to marry.  He said it was up to them.

Question if people should announce new baptisms.  Ron replied “not on the Internet”.

Ron explained that the church does not as a group pray for those outside the church who have a personal tragedy in their life, although it is OK for individual members to pray for others.  So prayer requests for those outside the church were not to be passed along to other PKG members.

For someone to attend services, they need to be tithing and keeping the sabbath, same requirement as for baptism.  Otherwise, non-members are not allowed to attend.  If the non-member was invited by a member, allow it for one meeting if the non-member is not disruptive.  Police should be called if someone doesn’t leave when told to.  No open-door policy in Ron’s church.  {Ron has made exceptions for non-member spouses who are not hostile.}

Renting of a hall should not be done before a dozen or so, smaller groups can assemble in homes.  Johnny and Wayne were delegated to make decisions.

Ron cautioned against making it too easy for people to attend, by offering them rides, etc.  Or even encouraging them to attend.  Make them fight for attendance at PKG.

Question about minimum age for baptism.  General guidelines was 19 for guys, 18 for gals.  There was also some discussion about whether minors without members as parents could attend.  (There was also a 15-year-old following Weinland who participated on this blog during the spring and summer of 2009.)

Annointed cloths are not to be provided unless for members or their children.  What would be the point of annointing someone who doesn’t keep the sabbath?  Cloths are to be annointed with olive oil.  If done in person the oil is dabbed on the forehead.

The dunking part of baptism was discussed.  Men should not wear swim trunks, but rather dark slacks and shirt.  Ron doesn’t like to get in the pool, unless the dunkee is a feeble person and requires help. He prefers to stand on the side at a 4-foot depth and push them under.  The baptizee should be instructed not to resist being dunked but should come back up on their own.

The hotel should not be asked about wearing clothes into a pool, just do it.  Same with passover wine, just keep it in a sack when carrying it into the conference room.

During the meeting, the allocation of geographic areas between the elders. Providing good service to the deluded is important, so the closest elder should handle a member.

Weinland’s modus operandi was to make the prospective member prove themselves obedient by requiring them to show themselves to be knuckling under by keeping the sabbath and tithing.  If they weren’t showing themselves to be pliable yet willing to take care of themselves by reading the FAQs on the PKG website, then Weinland didn’t want to mess with them.  Back during the fall of 2008 I dealt with someone who would have joined, but since this person wasn’t the type to read FAQs and needed a bit of a personal touch, then a cold shoulder was the reception.  After discussing the issues for awhile, this individual came to recognize Weinland as a false prophet and moved on.

Tomorrow is 121 days prior to Ron’s scheduled return for Jesus Christ.  That’s 4 prophetic months for the remaining 5 months of torment of the fifth trumpet, and one day for the sixth trumpet.  Will the first 4 trumpets blow today to somehow fit it all in?  We’ll just have to wait and see, since God is progressively revealing Ron to be more and more of a false prophet.


Four Hours for the Five Months of Torment

From “2008 — God’s Final Witness” pages 125 and 126:

At the same time all these events come together at the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet, there will be an initial period of time (five months) when much human suffering will continue as a result of the first four trumpets.  …….  Those of the scattered Church of God, who are tormented during this five-month period, will suffer greatly for their stubborn pride and continued defiance against God….. This five-month period will also be paralleled by millions of people who will begin to repent and seek God.

A prophetic month is 30 days, 5 of those months is 150 days, and 4 of those months is 120 days.  The counter on the right shows how much time remains to fit in trumpets 2 through 4, the five month period of  continued torment and suffering, and the sixth trumpet.  Hmm — less than 4  3 2 months 6 5 4 3 weeks 20 19 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 days 52 47 42 36 30 23 17 14 13 12 5 4 hours now (or less, see the countdown timer at the top of the right column).    How many of the “tithe of a third of the scattering” have joined?  Are millions repenting and seeking PKG elders for baptism?  Oops, that’s delayed, but Weinland has rolled out the lying wonder of 70,000 -7,000 to distract.  And when exactly does the 5th trumpet happen?  After the 5-months? Seems now until the last hour before Christ’s return.  How is all this and a preparation for a criminal trial for tax evasion to fit into the remaining time? Inquiring minds want to know.

But there’s not much left to fit in, anymore. How soon will it be that Weinland spritualizes the return of Christ?

At four hours to go, I’m unsticking this post.  Ron has no public statements of any kind scheduled in the few hours remaining .Note: this post WAS stickied keeping it at the top of my blog until Pentecost unless the 5th trumpet sounds sooner.  Commenting to THIS post is disabled, but commenting remains enabled and welcomed on the other posts which appear below.

Less Than Seventy Minutes of Desolation in Dallas

False Prophet Ronald Weinland cut it short in Dallas yesterday.  The entire dis-services was just under one hour instead of the normal two hours, including the announcements and opening and closing prayers by his US evangelists Terry and Johnny.  People traveled from far and wide to hear his abbreviated sermon From outside of Texas: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Washington, Kentucky, Germany, and Moldova (since I have ancestors who lived there, I already knew it was a small state on the Black Sea near Odessa, Ukraine).  Ron blathered on and on with his interpretation of Daniel’s 70 years in ancient Babylonian history.  Perhaps Ron quit early being anxious to get the party started at a local member’s open house later in the afternoon.  Or maybe Laura said that she wanted to spend extra time with her childhood friend Lori Williams (now living in Mississippi) while she still has the opportunity, as being the Silent Witness is scheduled to be killed in 4 months on May 23rd at the hands of the beast power.

Ron reminded people of the significant date of January 7, 1972.  That was the end of Herbert Armstrong’s second 19-year time cycle which must be in the Bible somewhere as it’s so significant.  (A solar calendar such as the Gregorian calendar we use and a lunar calendar such as the Jewish calendar will approximately synchronize to within hours every 19 years .)  One of Weinland’s signs and lying wonders is that it is exactly 40 years from Herbie’s January 7 to his own January 7 of this year, the end of his 6th shortened half-a-280-day-time.

Not so fast Ronnie.  You don’t get to use the Gregorian calendar as a sign.  Turns out that Jan 7, 1972 was Tevet 20 on the Jewish calendar.  Jan 7 of this year was NOT Tevet 20.  Tevet 20 this year was last Sunday.  What significant event happened on these dates?  On Tevet 20, 5732 (January 7, 1972), Herbert W (doesn’t stand for anything) Armstrong was exposed as a liar.  Exactly 40 years later on Tevet 20, 5772 (last Sunday), Ronald Eugene Weinland was judged as a liar on this blog as to his “truth” that Joseph Tkach died 40 weeks to the very hour after delivering his sermon in Atlanta on 12/17/94.

In his blog posting of November 26 responding to the indictment, Ron stated “I have been waiting to find out the full details of the indictment and it has been somewhat unsettling as it simply takes time to receive all the information that it is based upon.”  His attorney’s filed a motion on December 22 with the court to obtain notes of investigation interviews with other people. The government’s case appears to be based on the testimony of others as to Ron’s activities in explanation of all the transactions covered in the 5000+ pages of discovery Ron has already been provided. The US attorney’s response to the defense motion was that under the Jencks Act it was not required to provide this information unless and until the inteviewee testified in court, and that the government did not want to volunteer this as discovery before being required to under law.

The trial judge, Danny C. Reeves, agreed with the government in an order issued on Thursday — Ronnie doesn’t get this additional discovery. So if Ronnie is really curious, he’s going to have to take the matter to trial and see who the government places on the witness stand and what they say.  I’d like to see him do that and lose as it would be further exposure of whatever he did plus he would get a longer sentence.  But he has the option of negotiating a plea agreement for lesser charges and a reduced sentence.  However, he has to get that in place during the week prior to the pre-trial conference scheduled for March 12.  Perhaps Ron is considering this, as yesterday he didn’t repeat his prophecy of Christ’s return on Pentecost.

I, Mike (DDTFA) now have a sign about a lying wonder, and I prophesy that Christ will NOT return on Pentecost.  Bow down to me and don’t forget to send me your tithes. 😀

Odds & Ends

Last week was pretty active on this blog with both False Prophet Ronald Weinland and his most public critic (yours truly) both having media interviews, followed by exposure of at least one and possibly two false very-hour claims by the Insane Lying False Prophet.

On the legal front, the two sides have traded motions, with Weinland’s talented legal team filing a motion for the government to maintain and make available as discovery the original notes from investigatory interviews of Weinland and others.  The government responded by providing the notes of the two IRS Special Agents from their confrontation with Ron and Laura on July 2, 2008.  (This was on a Wednesday, and in the following Saturday’s sermon Ron talked about “that being” (Satan) being stirred up as the result of his having given the 50th truth sermon, but wouldn’t get into specifics.  Now we know).  As far as interviews of other people, the government has refused to provide any memorandum as discovery since under the federal law and rules of evidence they don’t have to provide this information unless and until a particular witness testifies (that would be testifying with actual words, Laura) in court.

Back to the media front:  In Ronnie’s latest blog posting, he writes:

But with our recent advertising, as of today, I have only had a request for three interviews, one of which I turned down because of the attitude of the producer and host at WGN in Chicago (assuredly, one of the first in the Church that was scattered to ever turn down WGN).

As it turns out, I had a hand in the WGN episode.  Since Ron has had 4 interviews with talk show host Mike McConnell when he was on WLW in Cincinnati, I thought they both might like to have a fifth interview.  I contacted Mike’s producer in December and pointed out Ron’s ad.  Mike’s producer was interested and wanted to have him on the program that day (a Thursday).  Ron gave Mike’s producer the brush off saying he couldn’t do it that day.  So the manifestation of the host’s (Mike McConnell’s) attitude would have been at the time of the last interview, nearly 3 years ago.

Now, although I am Ron’s critic, I am not a stalker and didn’t do this to stir things up.  Three weeks after putting out the ad and no interviews, was curious as to what he’d have to say. I thought that Ron might really want the publicity and would be comfortable dealing with Mike McConnell.  But I have a feeling that Ron knows that the other Mike also has his number by now.  Best to have your interview on a secondary market station with a host who never heard of you and your past failed prophecies so you’d have a recording to post as a sign to your deluded followers.  Who instead of asking you about other failed prophecies, would have asked you about your own.

And who knows, might have even been aware of you mixing up your own signs, saying the first trumpet blew in November of 2008 instead of December of 2008, and that the first trumpet is the economy instead exactly one-third of all plant life.  And that you predicted “nukular” explosions in US port cities 45-90 days after the blowing of the first trumpet, then changed it to within a year from March of 2009, and immediately waffled saying that God might give a little more time.

I wonder what happened to the third request that he didn’t characterize?

In Ron’s posting last week he said:

As a matter of other dates that God revealed to me, through Jesus Christ, it was given earlier that Trumpets of 2008 was the beginning of the 1335 day count in the Book of Daniel that leads up to the return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012.

I wonder if this was the same God who gave him the first timeline?  Has God explained why we don’t have jack-booted German soldiers marching down our streets, now less than 5 months before Pentecost?  And when this timeline fails, will he find a third God to give him yet another timeline?

I leave you with a few points from someone who was a minister for Herbert Armstrong before Weinland but who isn’t competing with Ron for followers:

  • Please do not let Ron Weinland chide you for your lack of faith in his opinions.
  • Please understand that the way he sees and filters the Bible through his brain is his opinion.
  • Please understand that if you are to ‘prove all things’ then you have no proof that Ron is in touch with God nor God with him in any real way that can be proven.
  • Please realize that any real God is not out to trick or deceive you and that these theological disasters in the making is merely due to the lack of wisdom and common sense of your pastor.
  • Please give if you must.  If that is where your treasure is then let your heart follow, but please use your own common sense and provide for yourself and your own “just in case.”  Just in case is not a sin.  It is being responsible.  You know…’if a man provides not for his own household he is less than an infidel..” or something like that.
  • Learn to say directly to Mr. Weinland, should the need arise, “please mind your own business on how I perceive my family responsibilities should this really be the end of the age or really not.”
  • Please find a way to disconnect the ring in your nose that Ron has the lead firmly attached to.  Follow if you must but follow on your own terms.  Ron can never prove to you that his ways alone are God’s ways or that your caution is unbiblical or a total lack of faith.  Remember, Ron is actually asking you to have faith in him while he makes it sound like you are denying your faith in God.  Apples and oranges…

Dennis Diehl’s entire article can be read on the Banned! blog.

Ron’s Lying Wonder

False Prophet Ronald Weinland often makes date relationships between certain events, claiming prophetic significance.  One such claim, posted on his church website as part of his 23rd “truth” is:

Joseph Tkach, Sr. died 40 weeks to the very hour that he delivered his sermon of apostasy, which was a sign to God’s Church that Jesus Christ was now coming and that final end-time events had begun.

The False Prophet repeated this in his latest blog posting:

The truth is that this apostasy occurred on December 17, 1994, when Joseph Tkach, Sr. gave his defiant sermon against the truths of God and the Church became scattered as a result of that rebellion. It was from this time that God began to reveal dates and the importance in their timing. It is astounding how anyone who was scattered can deny the importance of the timing of Joseph Tkach’s death and God’s hand in its revelation.

Joseph Tkach, Sr. rebelled against God when he declared that the Sabbaths of God were no longer binding on God’s people. It was exactly 40 Sabbaths later, to the hour, that Joseph Tkach, Sr. died. Such timing should thunder loudly to God’s people, but it hasn’t.

I decided to check into this claim.  I found the “Servant’s News” September, 1995 issue (PDF download from Servants New website).  In it, Norm Edwards includes the text of a WCG Press Release on page 2.  The text reads:

WCG Press Release:
On Saturday, September 23, 1995, Joseph W. Tkach, Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God, died in Pasadena, California, Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God., In May of this year, Mr. Tkach underwent gall bladder surgery at which time it was discovered that he had cancer. After a four-month fight with his illness, Mr. Tkach died quietly at Huntington Memorial Hospital at 2:20 p.m. (PST).

Let’s analyze this further: 2:20 PM Pacific Standard Time was 5:20 PM Eastern Standard Time.  It was also 12:20 AM IST on the following day (Sunday) and well after the sabbath had ended in Jerusalem.  Furthermore, as shown in my last post, it was almost 4 hours AFTER the time (1:30 PM EST, 10:30 PST) that Joseph Tkach was kicked out of the hall in Atlanta, ending his prophetic sermon.

Whom do I believe?  Do I believe Norm Edwards and WCG, who have no dog in this fight?  Or do I believe a demonstrated insane liar (by his own definition)?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland, your pants are on fire.  Will you correct your “truth”??  Thought not, you liar!!

False Prophet Ronald Weinland, let me put that in terms you will understand.  You are a liar, liar, liar!!!!  But really, the 40-week thing doesn’t matter.  Even if the events could be traced to be exactly 40 weeks to the very minute between Tkach’s death and the exact statement he made in Atlanta that made him the “Son of Perdition” and “Man of Sin”, it still would not trump all of your failed prophecies.  Less than 5 months before Christ returns.  Where are the jack-booted German soldiers that are supposed to be tormenting us?


Ron Astounded and Bowled Over

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the Vancouver WA area this weekend.   Since God is showing the mercy of continuing to delay the Great Tribulation, PKG members are taking advantage of this while the opportunity presents to travel to meet their spiritual idol.  He announced trips through the end of February, stating that it’s difficult to plan ahead.  I agree, as Ron will be occupied with his criminal trial in March and if he decides to make a plea agreement has to do so early in the month.

Ron is astounded that some of his elders are hedging their bets by setting funds aside in case Jesus Christ doesn’t return.  Bet-hedging is reserved for the false prophet, who paid his property taxes even though that would not be necessary if Christ really returns in May.  He recommends they listen again to the Last Great Day sermon to reestablish their confidence.  I have a feeling they are thinking of what Ron said in the LGD sermon when deciding to hold back.  I say “Shame on you elders!!  Send it all in!! Ron has an expensive legal defense team to pay for.”

Ron stated that Joe Tkach’s apostasy took place to the hour 13 time 70 weeks before Christ returns.  Ron has scheduled Christ to return at sundown in Jerusalem, which is when God’s day begins.  The time for sunset in Jerusalem on December 17, 1994 was 4:38 PM Israel Standard Time (IST).  IST is UTC +2 hours, while Eastern Standard Time is UTC -5 hours for a 7-hour difference.  So sunset in Jerusalem on 12/17/94 occurred at 9:38 AM Atlanta time.  Was Joseph Tkach speaking at 9:38 AM?  Below is a picture of the Atlanta congregation bulletin for that momentus date. 

Note that they were required to clear the hall at 1:30, and other reports indicate that Joe had to cut his sermon short.  Had Joe started his sermon by 9:38 AM?  I doubt it.

Whether or not Joe’s sermon took place exactly 13 x 70 weeks to the hour before Ron’s prophesied return is beside the point.  It is trumped by current events.  Or non-events.  Thielogical Bob just posted breathlessly that Obama was pulling half of our troops out of Germany.  This would be the President Obama who did not take office in January of 2009 because Weinland prophesied that we would not have a new president.  And wait a minute!!! We’re now less than 5 months from Pentecost.  Germany was supposed to be the beast power occupying the US and tormenting us.  Instead, it sounds more like we’re occupying them.  How could that be?

Ron said that he was crunching numbers during the morning before the sermon.  Looking for more signs and lying wonders to distract his following from his continuing prophetic failures.  Ron is bowled over by those still blogging about Herbert Armstrong 26 years after his death.  And by those who blog against him.  By the way wRonG, I don’t need to mention your scatological references, you provide a target-rich environment otherwise.

God Discussion Show Available Online

The God Discussion pod cast show is now available online as an archived MP3 file.  Right-click and then save-as this link to the archive file (about 42 MB). My part starts about 1 hour and 10 minutes into the file.  Ronnie’s first death curse on me and you other mockers was replayed as an introduction.  After a bit of theme music I come on at 1 hour and 12 minutes into the file.

This was a new and interesting experience.  Thanks to all my readers who tuned in.  I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out and I listened to myself that I do sound a bit like a famous someone.  If I can learn to repeat words three times in a row I’ll have him nailed 😀

Seventy Weeks Prophecy

In this morning’s posting, I commented on how False Prophet Ronald Weinland had not conducted an interview since advertising his availability for one at the beginning of December.  Turns out that he has just done so along with a post on his blog republished below for your comment.

I listened to Ron on the way home from work, about a 40 minute program.  He dodged the question as to why we should listen to him given all the false prophets who have preceded.  If the interviewer had been familiar with Ron he could have asked about all of Ron‘s false prophecies that have preceded.

I’m still scheduled to be on the God Discussion pod cast show.  Here is an updated link to tonight’s program with some additional info:

There is a web-based chat room that appears automatically, also, and it tends to be a hoot.

When it is live, the page notes that it is ON AIR and it will play from your computer speakers (you might have to press a button — BlogTalk keeps updating but generally, the show automatically plays).  About 10-60 minutes after the podcast concludes, it is available for download as an MP3 from BlogTalk and shortly thereafter, is available on iTunes.”

I’m scheduled to be on in the second hour (7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern)

————Here’s a repost of Ron’s posting: ———————————————

This post is being written to address the Seventy Weeks Prophecy in Daniel and to inform everyone of a newly posted interview that I gave on a station in Cambridge, Maryland, today. It was on the station, WCEM 1240 AM, with the host, Cleveland Rippons.

At the end of last year, we ran an advertisement about the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, and myself, as the author, being available for interviews if any in such media markets were interested in the subject matter. What has transpired is very reflective of the time we are currently experiencing. To me, this is so very reminiscent of what the Church experienced at the time of the apostasy in 1994. The Church had grown complacent and lethargic concerning the many warnings of what was looming. Continue reading “Seventy Weeks Prophecy”

Sixth Thunder on Blog Talk Radio

As far as I know, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has not had any media interview resulting from the advertisement he put out last month.  But yours truly, the Mike-who-advocates-not-drinking-the-Flavor-Aid, will be on Blog Talk Radio on the God Discussion show tonight (Thursday, Jan 12).  The show starts at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern and I am scheduled to be on for about 15 minutes during the second hour of the show.

At the appointed time, click this link for the show page.  I’m not sure exactly what link to click once you reach that page, once the show goes on the air we’ll have an hour to figure it out.  I may update this post when we figure it out.  And if you miss it somehow, the archive of the show should be available later in the evening.

I imagine the show audience will include a number of PKGers curious to hear the voice of a dead man.  Given that Ron placed a death curse over 3 years ago against anyone who would criticize him, and I have been his most consistent public critic since then, I must be dead. 😀