Ron’s Lying Wonder

False Prophet Ronald Weinland often makes date relationships between certain events, claiming prophetic significance.  One such claim, posted on his church website as part of his 23rd “truth” is:

Joseph Tkach, Sr. died 40 weeks to the very hour that he delivered his sermon of apostasy, which was a sign to God’s Church that Jesus Christ was now coming and that final end-time events had begun.

The False Prophet repeated this in his latest blog posting:

The truth is that this apostasy occurred on December 17, 1994, when Joseph Tkach, Sr. gave his defiant sermon against the truths of God and the Church became scattered as a result of that rebellion. It was from this time that God began to reveal dates and the importance in their timing. It is astounding how anyone who was scattered can deny the importance of the timing of Joseph Tkach’s death and God’s hand in its revelation.

Joseph Tkach, Sr. rebelled against God when he declared that the Sabbaths of God were no longer binding on God’s people. It was exactly 40 Sabbaths later, to the hour, that Joseph Tkach, Sr. died. Such timing should thunder loudly to God’s people, but it hasn’t.

I decided to check into this claim.  I found the “Servant’s News” September, 1995 issue (PDF download from Servants New website).  In it, Norm Edwards includes the text of a WCG Press Release on page 2.  The text reads:

WCG Press Release:
On Saturday, September 23, 1995, Joseph W. Tkach, Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God, died in Pasadena, California, Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God., In May of this year, Mr. Tkach underwent gall bladder surgery at which time it was discovered that he had cancer. After a four-month fight with his illness, Mr. Tkach died quietly at Huntington Memorial Hospital at 2:20 p.m. (PST).

Let’s analyze this further: 2:20 PM Pacific Standard Time was 5:20 PM Eastern Standard Time.  It was also 12:20 AM IST on the following day (Sunday) and well after the sabbath had ended in Jerusalem.  Furthermore, as shown in my last post, it was almost 4 hours AFTER the time (1:30 PM EST, 10:30 PST) that Joseph Tkach was kicked out of the hall in Atlanta, ending his prophetic sermon.

Whom do I believe?  Do I believe Norm Edwards and WCG, who have no dog in this fight?  Or do I believe a demonstrated insane liar (by his own definition)?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland, your pants are on fire.  Will you correct your “truth”??  Thought not, you liar!!

False Prophet Ronald Weinland, let me put that in terms you will understand.  You are a liar, liar, liar!!!!  But really, the 40-week thing doesn’t matter.  Even if the events could be traced to be exactly 40 weeks to the very minute between Tkach’s death and the exact statement he made in Atlanta that made him the “Son of Perdition” and “Man of Sin”, it still would not trump all of your failed prophecies.  Less than 5 months before Christ returns.  Where are the jack-booted German soldiers that are supposed to be tormenting us?