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False Prophet Ronald Weinland held an elders conference the weekend of March 29, 2008 for the elders he had newly ordained over the preceding several months in anticipation of the Great Tribulation scheduled to begin a few weeks later on April 17th as the pope visited the U.S.

I have been provided an audio recording of a Q&A session held during that conference.  No doubt my source will be early in the queue into the Lake of Fire 😉

Weinland begins the session by stating that the conferences are private, private, private and not to be discussed with members.  If asked what went on during the conference, the elders were essentially told to minimize and equivocate.  Which of course is not lying because that would be against the 10 commandments.

The elders were told to get speakers to go with the laptops that Weinland handed out for accessing the Elder Management Console, a website and software set up by Greg Chipps. The speakers were for the elders to conduct passover services for groups of members by playing recordings provided by Weinland.

There were a number of questions relating to baptisms.  One related to whether baptisms performed by other splinter groups were valid.  Weinland said that Garner Ted Armstrong’s baptisms were  not valid, and would have to have hands laid on. This would be true for any other minister disfellowshipped as GTA was.  In general each candidate would have to be evaluated by Johnny Harrell or Wayne Matthews.

New members would not be required to read the entire Bible, but would need to read Weinland’s books and Herbert Armstrong’s “Mystery of the Ages”.

A soldier in the military not able to keep the sabbath would not be allowed to be baptized.  Sabbath keeping and tithe paying were Weinland’s minimum requirements to join.  Other issues such as smoking and eating unclean meats could be dealt with later.

Weinland was asked whether the elders should quit their jobs.  Weinland said that was up to the elder.  Weinland always hedged on instructions of that type, making it the individual’s choice for decisions that would have a financial impact.  Wayne Matthews quit his job and later was looking for another as the Great Tribulation didn’t hit.

Ron mentioned that he got a letter from someone on limited income.  Too bad, they have to tithe to join his church.  Employer won’t let you off on the sabbath.  Too bad, you have to keep the sabbath regardless to join his church.

Ron was asked if elders should be licensed to marry.  He said it was up to them.

Question if people should announce new baptisms.  Ron replied “not on the Internet”.

Ron explained that the church does not as a group pray for those outside the church who have a personal tragedy in their life, although it is OK for individual members to pray for others.  So prayer requests for those outside the church were not to be passed along to other PKG members.

For someone to attend services, they need to be tithing and keeping the sabbath, same requirement as for baptism.  Otherwise, non-members are not allowed to attend.  If the non-member was invited by a member, allow it for one meeting if the non-member is not disruptive.  Police should be called if someone doesn’t leave when told to.  No open-door policy in Ron’s church.  {Ron has made exceptions for non-member spouses who are not hostile.}

Renting of a hall should not be done before a dozen or so, smaller groups can assemble in homes.  Johnny and Wayne were delegated to make decisions.

Ron cautioned against making it too easy for people to attend, by offering them rides, etc.  Or even encouraging them to attend.  Make them fight for attendance at PKG.

Question about minimum age for baptism.  General guidelines was 19 for guys, 18 for gals.  There was also some discussion about whether minors without members as parents could attend.  (There was also a 15-year-old following Weinland who participated on this blog during the spring and summer of 2009.)

Annointed cloths are not to be provided unless for members or their children.  What would be the point of annointing someone who doesn’t keep the sabbath?  Cloths are to be annointed with olive oil.  If done in person the oil is dabbed on the forehead.

The dunking part of baptism was discussed.  Men should not wear swim trunks, but rather dark slacks and shirt.  Ron doesn’t like to get in the pool, unless the dunkee is a feeble person and requires help. He prefers to stand on the side at a 4-foot depth and push them under.  The baptizee should be instructed not to resist being dunked but should come back up on their own.

The hotel should not be asked about wearing clothes into a pool, just do it.  Same with passover wine, just keep it in a sack when carrying it into the conference room.

During the meeting, the allocation of geographic areas between the elders. Providing good service to the deluded is important, so the closest elder should handle a member.

Weinland’s modus operandi was to make the prospective member prove themselves obedient by requiring them to show themselves to be knuckling under by keeping the sabbath and tithing.  If they weren’t showing themselves to be pliable yet willing to take care of themselves by reading the FAQs on the PKG website, then Weinland didn’t want to mess with them.  Back during the fall of 2008 I dealt with someone who would have joined, but since this person wasn’t the type to read FAQs and needed a bit of a personal touch, then a cold shoulder was the reception.  After discussing the issues for awhile, this individual came to recognize Weinland as a false prophet and moved on.

Tomorrow is 121 days prior to Ron’s scheduled return for Jesus Christ.  That’s 4 prophetic months for the remaining 5 months of torment of the fifth trumpet, and one day for the sixth trumpet.  Will the first 4 trumpets blow today to somehow fit it all in?  We’ll just have to wait and see, since God is progressively revealing Ron to be more and more of a false prophet.