How to Treat Others

During yesterday’s sermon, False Prophet Ronald Weinland mentioned varying attendance.  Not sure what that means exactly, but I expect he will still have followers when he finishes his prison term.  J Snowdeal traveled from Maine to deliver the opening prayer.  Ron says he has now finished 5 of the feast sermons but plans to redo the last one for technical reasons, a scratchy microphone.  The deadline to consider applications for second tithe assistance is close.

Having beat to death the analogy to Moses, Ron is switching gears.  The title to his new sermon series is “Going to a Brother”.   God is in us if we love others.  How spiritual one is comes from how he treats others. Telling others that the world was about to end and that his members should send their life savings to him to help others is not mistreatment, since Ron, Laura, and Audra are the others who needed help to get Beemers to drive around.

When someone mentions something personal in a private conversation, it is wrong to gossip about it to others.  No doubt Ron has never been guilty of that.

Ron said it is wrong to practice favoritism toward family members.  But it was not wrong to pay the living expenses for his daughter for essentially being a bank messenger.  Nor was it wrong for the church to pay for his son’s education under an unannounced scholarship program.  Nor was is wrong to spend the church’s tribulation fund on bling for his wife’s fingers.

I wonder what other gems Ron will come up with next week as he continues his sermon series.  Now 9 weeks before his rescheduled sentencing hearing.  And now into the seventh “hour” of the “day of the Lord”, the Lord is taking his time pouring out his wrath. Probably will be in the last hour, an actual hour that is.


God Places His Name in Ron’s Basement

As previously reported, Judge Reeves issued an order on Monday delaying the sentencing of False Prophet Ronald Weinland to October 29.  This morning, Ann shared a copy of the email Ron sent out following this development.  Thank you, Ann,

From: “Ron Weinland”
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 8:34:20 PM
Subject: Some good news

Hello to everyone,

This afternoon I received a call informing me that the sentencing had to be moved forward to October 29th from September 24th. The reason for the extension is that there is such a large volume of documentation and financial information that must be analyzed before recommendations can be made within the court system.

This of course has come as good news since if fully relieves us of all stress concerning how to plan for the upcoming Feast. Laura was still a little uncertain how to plan since nothing was definite concerning what would happen to me. Now we will be able to observe the Feast right here just as we do the weekly Sabbath. We will likely have a few come here from the Lexington site each day I am speaking so that there will be an audience. It will be handled on a rotational basis like the Cincinnati congregation that is divided into smaller groups for each Sabbath service held here.

The Lexington site is about at an hour away from our home, so this will work our fairly well for everyone who will be driving here. There is still some planning that has to be done to make this work well, but it is welcomed planning.

All Feast sermons are still being prerecorded and will be posted so that everyone can download them well in advance of the holy days. The reason we are still going to do this is because we simply do not know when things in this world are going to break loose and thereby restrict or prevent travel.

Today I finished the fifth sermon and tomorrow I plan on prerecording it. After that there are two to go. Please continue to pray about these sermons and for those that the evangelists are working on and then later prerecording.

You are welcome to share this good news with others, but it may make it completely around before I actually get this email posted. News does have a way of traveling quite fast in the Church. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. This was all quite unexpected to say the least, and it is awesomely exciting to see how God works things out.

Our love to all of you,
Ron & Laura

Hopefully that large volume of financial data will result in a nice long vacation for Ron in Club Fed.


A New Feast Site in Kentucky?

Linda P left a comment about a change in the criminal case of Ronald E. Weinland.  Judge Reeves issued an order today which reads:

The Court having been advised that additional time is needed for preparation of the Presentence Investigation Report in this matter, it is hereby ORDERED that the sentencing hearing previously scheduled for September 24, 2012, is CONTINUED until October 29, 2012, beginning at the hour of 2:00 p.m., at the United States Courthouse in Covington, Kentucky.
This 20th day of August, 2012 /s/ Danny C. Reeves, United States District Judge

Per the judge’s order issued on the day that Ron was convicted of 5 counts of criminal tax evasion, the presentence investigation report was due with copies to be provided to the parties.  I hope the delay is due to the probation office finding additional facts requiring further investigation which will lead to an extension of Ron’s vacation at Club Fed.

So Ron will be able to deliver his feast sermons “live” from the basement of his mansion on the golf course instead of pre-recorded as per current plans.  Or if he sets up a feast site within the boundaries of the federal court’s eastern district of Kentucky and convinces the probation office that it really is a religious observance, then he’ll be able to speak before a few people there.   On the other hand, if the wrath of God during his 357-day-long day is released on the unrepentant Earth before then, won’t happen either way.

Itchy Sackcloth is the Best Thing to Wear

Shawn Christal traveled all the way from Missouri to deliver the opening prayer yesterday for his tethered spiritual idol, False Prophet (and convicted felon) Ronald Weinland. Steve Dalrymple gave the closing prayer, still convince that Ron is God’s prophet.  But then he was convinced that a deep tissue massage for Ron on one of his cruises was a church expense.

Ron made much of last sabbath having been the twelfth sermon since “the day of the eternal” began, including the sermon he gave on Pentecost.  Twelve being the number of perfection. Another way to look at it is that we are nearly 1/4th the way through that “day” with the eternal’s wrath not yet poured out, although Ron and his faithful are mining web sites like World Nut Daily looking for evidence of such and settling for speculative articles.  Have there been 12 sermons?  Depends on how you look at it.  While there had been 12 occasions at which PKG members assembled electronically for services, Ron has only delivered 11 sermons and there have been a total of 13 sermons counting the ones delivered by Johnny and Wayne on the Saturday following Ron’s criminal conviction.  But maybe it is 12, if you don’t count the ones given by Johnny and Wayne and count the first version of Ron’s Pentecost sermon pre-recorded for his followers in earlier time zones.  Confused?  Perfect.

Ron is getting ready to go to prison. While speaking of the affliction imposed on the faithful, as an aside he said: “That’s a joyful one right now — imprisonment”.  Since Judge Reeves likely will choose a feast site for Ron with limited provisions for speaking, Ron has recorded 4 sermons for the feast and plans 3 more.

Weinland also is setting up another communication method for his elders which includes a different email address for elder communications.  He already had something setup which he referred to as the elder management console which I understood to be a computer server somewhere at which elders could download materials and works with an email server providing a domain for elder email accounts.  With only 4 Saturdays remaining before Ron is before the mercy seat of Judge Reeves, we have yet to learn exactly how PKG operations will continue after September 24.

The title of this post is a quote from the sermon.  But it seems that suits made of itchy sackcloth are sold by Nordstroms and rather expensive at $1700 a pop.  But no doubt Ron was quite humble when he explained that during his court testimony.

When Ron gets out of prison, I expect he will still have enough of his following paying tithes to support him and the Silent Witness but probably not enough to put 3 new rings on Laura’s right hand.  While there have been a few defections, most notably Adrian Gray now drinking Dave Pack’s flavor aid, as Ron said most have come through with “flying colors” which means that they are continuing to drink Ron’s flavor aid.

One of his members stated that he didn’t want to hear murmuring and complaining from other members as he didn’t want to be here another 40 years. This comment would allude to Ron’s sermon series comparing himself to Moses.  There are lessons in that story for PKG members.  But they are not like the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years.  They are like the Israelites before that, enslaved in spiritual Egypt by the spiritual pharaoh Ronald Weinland.


Rings and Things

I have a little artistry to share, courtesy of Atrocious.  If the following picture doesn’t quite make sense, maybe a hint in a comment following my post about this weekend’s sermon.

And here’s another, adapted from the picture on the right.

Not being a personal fan of jewelry, I don’t notice it except when it gets in the way.  Such as when I’m dancing with a woman who has too many rings on her right hand, or stones which cut into my hand during certain leads.  From the picture, I can’t tell if the rings have stones.  But Laura does wear rings on the three smaller fingers of her right hand, also as shown in the clip in the right from another photo I have of her.

Today has prophetic significance.   Forty days from now will be the day on which Judge Reeves pronounces his judgment on Ronald Weinland, the insane lying false prophet by his own definition,  a convicted felon as determined by 12 jurors, and who is also regarded as a thief (“Mr. Weinland has blatantly robbed God (Mal 3:8).” Adrian Gray).




Consternation in Kentucky

Since False Prophet Ronald Weinland isn’t allowed by the US Probation Office to globetrot the way he used to, his followers are traveling to see their spiritual idol.  Several drove down to Kentucky from Detroit, and also represented in Ron’s basement were Oregon and Tennessee.  Update: a commenter seemingly in the know has stated that this weekend’s meeting was in someone else’s house, and next week will be in a nearby hotel.  That would be within the parameters of Ron’s pre-sentencing release conditions if coordinated with the US probation office.  I expected he would have met in a nearby hotel before, perhaps he had difficulties persuading the probation office that it really was for a religious observance.

Ron encouraged people to apply for second tithe assistance.  He is working on feast sermons.  He plans to pre-record the sermons by the first part of September and make them available to his members by special download at that time, but they are not to listen to them before the appointed time.  The explanation for this approach was so the members would have the sermons just in case the wrath of the Lord struck before the feast.  No mention that the wrath of Judge Reeves will probably be meted out before the feast, on September 24, and Ron will most likely be vacationing in Club Fed.

The ironic title to his sermon was “A Reasoned Judgment”.  Uh huh.  It was basically a review of sermons delivered since the Day of the Lord began on May 26th.  Members are not to be embarrassed by Ron’s prophetic failures, but remain vigilant and ready for God’s timing. God delays new truths by design, to test his followers.  And all this time I thought it was to confuse Satan, who listens in to Ron’s sermons.  Truth is progressive.

Ron read several articles predicting war with Iran soon.  He had a segue to a rant on the poor treatment of veterans.  Ron, if that really troubles you then you would be spending money to help the vets instead of promoting your lame book with Google ads.

Last week, Adrian Gray, his senior elder in New Zealand, stopped drinking Ron’s flavor aid and started drinking Dave Pack’s.  Satan is stirred up and attacking the body, stirring up strife. Ron mentioned an email, but did not mention any names so any members who didn’t hear of Adrian’s defection are scratching their heads.   Ron spoke of shattered trust, being blind-sided and lied to.  He likened Adrian to the board members who in 2000 wouldn’t let him have his way with the finances and had to be disfellowshipped.  But Ron didn’t get to disfellowship Adrian, who voted with his feet before Ron knew what was going on.  Adrian has his own opinion on who lied to whom, having cited Ron’s misuse of tithe money after reading juror statements on this blog.

Doing a bit of math, we are now in the “6th hour” of Ron’s 357-day-long year/day of the Lord’s wrath.  Time is growing shorter, with less than 40 weeks remaining.  And 43 days remaining until Ron’s sentencing.

From the Frying Pan into the Fire

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s senior elder from New Zealand, Adrian Gray along with his wife Cindy (also one of Weinland’s elders) have grown impatient with Ron’s ever moving goal post and have left PKG. This morning I found an email on another blog written by Adrian, but just now able to finish a post after a long day at work.  In Adrian’s email he made the following statements which I have excerpted:

For many years I have been a senior elder in The Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God (PKG). Both my wife and I have been deeply troubled over the last number of years with the teachings of Mr. Weinland.

Despite being deeply troubled by Ron’s teachings, Adrian was around to attend the sermon and give the closing prayer on April 7 when Ron visited New Zealand for the last time before being convicted.

As is often the case, our concerns started with a question about one doctrine, but this one problem quickly grew into many, and then became a virtual avalanche of questions. We sought answers, but there were none to be found. One evangelist even remarked to a member that it was not his job to explain Scripture!

Adrian could have read the last on my blog, or perhaps Christian’s email was circulated directly to him.  Adrian went on to address a number of Weinland’s “truths” that he disagreed with now.   Some he mentioned are:

Second tithe is commanded by God to be used at the Feast of Tabernacles (Deut. 14:23-27), with certain other uses permitted on other Holy Days. Mr. Weinland informed all the brethren that a Google advertising campaign was needed and that all second tithe was to be sent to him for the financing of this campaign. Again, another violation of God’s commands!

The PKG websites say that a remnant of the Worldwide Church of God is to be awakened and will join PKG. This will supposedly consist of 3.3% (10 percent of a third) of those who were members of the WCG before the apostasy began: a total of 3200 people (32,000 x. 0033). If that seems confusing to you, that’s because it is utter nonsense and unbiblical!

This number has now been changed to 63,000 people.

Why have so many of his prophecies failed? Are all these new truths really truths at all?

They have failed because he is a false prophet and none of what he says is truth at all. He does not speak for the God of the Bible. God’s instruction regarding false prophets makes this point perfectly clear. Are we willing to listen to Him?

Recall the book 2008: God’s Final Witness. Has anything come to pass as he said it would?

Mr. Weinland keeps saying it will come to pass exactly as he has written it. It hasn’t—and never will! Time has come and gone—and nothing has happened as he said—nothing!

He will twist the recent events about his conviction of tax fraud just as he has twisted Scripture for his failed prophecies. But his actions are not those of a man of God. Never in the history of God’s Church has a man lied and stolen like Mr. Weinland has. He has been found guilty and he will be punished—and rightly so. Unless he repents, the punishment that God will deliver will be far worse.

Adrian definitely has been reading my blog.  He included in the email he sent out..

… an extract of comments from two of the Jurors. Their account of the court case leaves no doubt as to the corrupt nature of Mr. Weinland and the evil mind that leads the PKG. The juror’s letters reveal what he has been doing with God’s tithes for years. Their reports leave you wondering how he could only face five years in prison.

Though Mr. Weinland views New Zealand as a bastion of loyalty and stability (he has said this) I know for a fact this is far from the truth here. Many are discontented.

Having had Ron Weinland do all our spiritual thinking for us for many years, it is time to prove all things for ourselves. We cannot simply blame Ron Weinland for our being led astray. We are responsible for our own actions and decisions.

While that makes sense, Adrian shows that Flavor Aid can be quite addicting:

At the start of this letter, I said that after much searching and prayer, my wife and I have found where Christ is working—a group that is holding fast to ALL of what God restored to His Church through Mr. Armstrong—a group that has the full Truth of God, the Government of God and is doing the Work of God.

That church is The Restored Church of God.

Ron’s Flavor Aid went sour so he decided to try that of Clarion Call Dave.  Interestingly, Ron’s 2005 origin of Christ doctrine wasn’t mentioned in the doctrines that Adrian disagreed with.  Dave will have to give Adrian’s eyes an extra special washing.

David Pack teaches that the Two Witnesses will come from his church.  But  Dave won’t be one of them, as an apostle he’ll just supervise them.  So who knows?  Maybe Adrian and Cindy will be the Two Witnesses.  In any case, Dave Pack will have his hand out for whatever assets the Grays didn’t give to Ron  (“Get those assets and get them here”, from Pack’s 2007 Clarion Call sermon).

I expect along with Adrian that Ron will have something to say about it:

Finally, I expect to be accused of every kind of misconduct imaginable: financial malfeasance, unethical behavior, sowing division, betrayal and more. Ron will almost certainly declare, “Satan has struck PKG!” Realize he has to say this. But the truth is that the devil struck all of us long ago, but now GOD has shown us His way out! We must TAKE it!

You can read the complete mixture of sanity and silliness in Adrian’s complete email posted on Dave Pack’s blog.

The Hook at the End

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was live again this week.  Last week was the ministerial meeting during which his US evangelists and most of his North American senior elders crammed into his basement.  Recordings of the meeting were sent to the rest of his elders, and he wondered why some of them hadn’t yet listened to them.  Ron — some people have to actually work for a living.

Ron talked about second tithe assistance for the feast this fall.  Maybe he thinks that Judge Reeves won’t throw him in jail and he’ll be able to give the sermons he’s working on “live”.  But then Ronnie thought he would be acquitted, and a trip itinerary for the weeks following the trial was on his website until the day he was convicted of five counts of criminal tax evasion.

Ron read a letter from a member who was critical of a video of Herbert Armstrong that was being circulated among the membership. It seems this video has “wonderful” footage of Herbie, but concludes with a message that doesn’t include the modifications of Ron’s new “truths”.  Ron had an interesting commentary on that:

The danger is that with so much that’s true, it’s like a fish hook.  It’s the bait at the end.  And by that time you’ve taken enough of it that you get caught.  That’s what happened to a lot of people.  People swallow then that last part.  Because they’ve heard everything that’s true, they’ve been pulled into it. …. There’s great wisdom in being careful, making sure that everything is true.

Since PKG members haven’t taken their irony supplements, they won’t recognize that they should have applied that to Ron.  Ron went on to remind his elders that everything they need to know, the answers to all questions are contained on the church website. In another moment of irony, Ron said that being great with Strong’s Concordance can be a detriment.

Ron continued his sermon series comparing himself to Moses.  Moses was trying to lead them to the promised land, but despite all the miracles performed providing them with quail and manna, the ungrateful Israelites continually wanted to return to Egypt.

At several points through the sermon, Ron emphasized that the answers are on the PKG website.  Since Ron’s sentencing is now 50 days away (Pentecost ;), that may be part of his Plan B should Judge Reeves not have mercy on him and allow him to continue to serve up his flavor aid.  Maybe more and more PKG members will come to realize that Ron is not Moses.  But rather Pharoah, enslaving them for their tithes and adulation.


One Purpose Only

On various occasions, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has explained the bling on Laura’s fingers.  Here is his statement on October 24, 2009:

Laura and I do something else a little unique because of our traveling.  We’ve had and do carry with us certain jewelry, of which some of the church has purchased portions and we have others as well ourselves.  That we are using for one purpose only.  And that’s bartering.   Wherever we might be, at some point in time — I don’t care where it is, that we be prepared for whatever takes place.  The ability to barter — transportation, or whatever thing else we need to do to get from one place to another to do something else that might need to be accomplished.

Laura’s jewelry was discussed during Ron’s criminal trial.  Here is the summary of that testimony summarized by one of the jurors on the trial:

Jewelry, jewelry, who’s got the jewelry?
As part of the testimony, we heard from an employee of Jared Jewelers who handled much of the Weinland’s jewelry purchases and repairs.
We saw receipts and statements for jewelry purchases and payments, spanning 2007 to 2009. There were several quite expensive rings, totaling a couple hundred thousand dollars, if not more. It seemed that Laura had quite a taste for diamonds and opals. The defense for these purchases, of course, was that they were a safety net to be used to barter when the end came, and when money was worthless. They would take this jewelry with them when they traveled the world, in case they suddenly found themselves in a place that didn’t take American Express. They claimed that this was the church’s jewelry, not Laura’s. It just happened to be sized to fit Laura’s fingers, and custom designed to fit Laura’s taste.
As is the practice with this jeweler, customers with good taste do not generally buy something “off the rack.” The stones are selected first, and then the setting/ring is selected and purchased, and then the two are combined into one piece of custom jewelry. As we were given descriptions of each piece, the prosecution asked the witness from Jared if it would have been more economical to just purchase the each of the stones without having them made into elaborate rings, and of course the answer was yes.
The point that the prosecution was making was that if the sole purpose of these jewels was for bartering in an emergency, they wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of having them made into custom-designed jewelry for Laura. The actual role that these pieces were serving (in REALITY, not in the fantasy of post-apocalyptic trading that may happen someday) was to feed Laura’s vanity and to give her something shiny to wear on each of her fingers.
Not all of the pieces of jewelry were designed and purchased by the Weinlands at Jared, yet Jared had a record and an appraisal for each of the pieces, including the ones purchased in Australia. Jared had these records because earlier THIS year, April or May of 2012, Laura had all of her jewelry taken to Jared for the purpose of cleaning and repairs. Each piece was photographed, evaluated, appraised and recorded for insurance purposes, and to make sure that there could be no confusion as to the description of each one-of-a-kind ring. It was noted by the witness that Laura, Ron and Audra were all present when the rings were being dropped off at Jared and the instructions given to the jewelers as to what repairs should be done to each. Mysteriously, many of the rings were being resized. The prosecution did not ask WHY they were being resized, but the answer was hinted at with the next pieces of evidence…
For each of the pieces dropped off for repair, a receipt was signed when they were picked up again by the customer. However, it was not Ron who picked up this jewelry, nor was it Laura. It was Audra who picked up and took possession of all of the expensive rings, containing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of diamonds, opals and gold, just a few weeks before Ron’s trial was set to begin. Were these rings being resized for Audra’s fingers? Did Audra give the rings back to Laura or was the intent for her to keep them? Was Laura trying to shift ownership of some of their personal wealth in case the trial did not go as planned, and the government decided to seize their assets?
Unfortunately, these questions were not answered in the trial. So the burning question still remains- “Who’s got the jewelry?”
 I have a feeling that the answer to that burning question will soon be: “The IRS”.
Yet PKGers prefer to believe the nonsense put out by Weinland’s spin machine.  Such as arguing that Ron was convicted of 5 counts of criminal tax evasion because his church doesn’t own a building.  Or expressed in comments such as “I’ve previously talked to Laura about a bit of the history of it… personally I’m not surprised it turned out this way – it is man’s system after all… We know what the money was used for and I don’t have a problem with it…. ”  and “it had to do in part about the money they had over in Switzerland then brought back to use on the Google advertising, etc.. issue was whether they had to pay taxes on it because it was for church use”.  It turns out that the IRS started the investigation, not because of the Swiss bank accounts, but rather because of his profligate spending.
And this comment by a member: “I know in my mind this is God’s church, and I know Ron well enough that he wouldn’t swindle it for his own personal gain.”  Twelve jurors obviously thought differently about that.  Perhaps you will come to understand that as well.
In related news, the horse did not learn to speak.   Judge Reeves has ruled on the motion Ronnie’s high-priced legal team filed for acquittal, and it didn’t turn out in his favor.  The government had a powerful response to the defense motion.  The judge’s ruling concluded:
At the conclusion of its case-in-chief, counsel for the United States outlined and summarized a great deal of the evidence it had presented. Without repeating this summary, the Court noted then – and notes now – that the evidence presented was more than sufficient to overcome a motion for judgment of acquittal. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that the defendant’s motion under Fed. R. Crim. P. 29(c) to set aside the verdict and enter a judgment of acquittal is DENIED.