First Phase of the Fifth Seal

Unconfirmed Confirmed reports are that Dennis Luker, United Church of God president, has passed away.  There have been previous reports that he has cancer.  As of now, his death has not been announced on the UCG website.  (Reported on the UCG blog. )

On page 107 of “2008 God’s Final Witness”, Ronald Weinland described the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder

The most notable deaths early on, which are yet to come to pass, will be the two remaining television presenters in the Living Church of God. The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God. Then, those in the largest scattered group, who think they have escaped, will be lifted up to believe that God is with them because they are so filled with pride. But, when that happens, the deaths of many in the United Church of God will begin.

How much more specific can one be to show that he is either of God, and indeed His prophet, or someone who has clearly stepped over the line to be dealt with by God in a speedy manner. Time will tell! And, you don’t have long to wait!

Ron prefaced this by stating that he had petitioned God “that this first phase of the Fifth Thunder be fulfilled exactly as it is written here”.   Since none of the five CoG leaders mentioned in the first paragraph of the quote have died, seems that Ron’s place on the #3 spot below God and Jesus is not very secure.  Maybe he should have gone up the chain of command and petitioned Jesus instead.  Perhaps that’s why Jesus has been rather obstinate about returning on Ron’s schedule.

35 thoughts on “First Phase of the Fifth Seal

  1. “How much more specific can one be to show that he is either of God, and indeed His prophet, or someone who has clearly stepped over the line to be dealt with by God in a speedy manner. Time will tell! And, you don’t have long to wait!”

    One can be ENTIRELY more specific. Because that prediction had 0% accuracy. It is likely pkg will read one random guy dying of cancer as a fulfillment of prophecy, out of desperation for their reality to be correct.

    One more time I would like to point out that there is basically no Godly qualities shown whatsoever – forgiveness and reconciliation. Only negative. Only wishing for each other to die as they compete for tithe market share. Does not seem like a healthy association at all.


  2. Right you are, Bilbo. Regrettably, there are those who will take a sick delight in the man’s death, seeing it as proof of their own rightness (notice I did not say “righteousness”) with God.

    All that matters is that their prophet is right (even though, as Mike pointed out, he is glaringly wrong). I think they stopped searching after righteousness a long time ago.

    Unhealthy and pathetic.


  3. For contrast, may I repost here the comments made by the Dali Lama about the selection of the new Pope. Note the sharp contrast in love, grace, and attitude. Allowing for cultural and religious differences, understanding that they spawned from different cultures and that people tend to stick with what they know. Placing emphasis on having the right attitude toward others and toward life. That is the Dali Lama. What a contrast to COG pastors wishing death on each other so that their Church is proven right with all gloating rights therein. God will shepherd the poor lost people by murdering them all. We will strut our stuff and whip rocks at anyone who does not take Saturday off. Paradise indeed (gag).

    Apprised of the election of a new Pope, His Holiness the Dalai Lama lost no time in writing to him to express his congratulations.

    “May I offer you my greetings and sense of joy on your historic election as the Pope.”

    Acknowledging the new pontiff’s historic choice of name, he wrote:

    “Although I am not very familiar with many Catholic saints, I do know about St Francis, having visited Assisi and attended inter-religious gatherings there. His discipline, the simplicity of his way of life and his love for all creatures are qualities that I find deeply inspiring. I am moved to know that his is the name you have chosen for your papacy.”

    Recalling his cordial meetings with Pope Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI and other Christian brothers and sisters, His Holiness looked forward to meeting the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church:

    “I am very pleased to have met and enjoyed friendly conversations with your immediate predecessors and, for the last forty years or so, have participated in fruitful exchanges with my Christian brothers and sisters. I hope that I may have the honour of calling on you too sometime in the near future.”


  4. It would be in bad taste for any PKG member to claim that Mr. Luker’s death was fulfillment of RW’s “prophecy”. For one thing, the timing is all off. Secondly, he was never named, nor was UCG named. Thirdly, he wasn’t even president when RW made those claims.


  5. Psssst ……. ( * whispering * ) , folks, don’t mention this to Ron, ( he may have a panic attack )……… but everyone dies eventually,………. thats not prophesy, its a fact of life ……… 😀
    However, Ron claiming to be the #3 or third person of GOD (thereby insinuation he replaces the Holy Ghost ? ), sure is provokng providence, relating to his own mortallity .


  6. This is all B S. The whole damn lot of you are going crazy with this Weinland B S. IF YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE. Weinland will be put to death sometime in the near future. WHY, for using the name of God in vain and out right lies. If you understand the history of the bible and GOD. This guy Ron is on his way down the toilet. To use GOD`s name in lies to advance you own game means one thing, DEATH. No, if and or but`s about it. Death to any one as per the word of GOD, who uses it for his own gain. Mr Ronald Weinland will be dead within one year and it won`t be a very nice out going party. Put that in you pipe and smoke on it for a while. A member of the Church of GOD. REAL CHURCH, which Ron screwed up.


  7. I guess the Council of Elders of the UCG will have to convene a conclave by locking themselves up in the conference room of a nearby Motel 6 to elect a new pontiff…

    I wonder if yet another splinter group(s) will emerge as a result of the death of their fearless leader- there has been a Flurry of such occurrences since Mr. Armstrong bought the farm.


  8. D D says: ” Mr Ronald Weinland will be dead within one year and it won`t be a very nice out going party. ”

    You are quite right, there is a death penalty for false prophets (which will be carried out by angels at the end of the age)

    But why do you say Ronald Weinland will die within one year? Is this a prophecy from a minister?


  9. Ronnie will be just fine, and if he has a health problem he will receive the best medical care in Club Fed at taxpayer expense…


  10. DD:

    You are right. This whole thing about Jesus being the Messiah and God existing is complete B.S! Glad we are on the same side!



  11. “This letter is to inform you…”

    Whaa? How about “It is with great sadness that…” or “It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you know…”

    Seems to be no loved lost there.


  12. Kirrily ………. I’m inclined to think that the attitude displayed by D D is rather more like uncertainty during a leadership shift, and subsequent unrest of some, trying to adjust …… or decide weather they can continue to afford such a blessed and heavenly apostle, witness and man of GOD, who is so GOD-like and good, he has to relay his latest communiques from the bowels of his Federal Prison cell……..
    or even whilst he’s passing a motion ? ( Phew! talking s&it ) Hahahahahahahaha , man ! now thats committment for ya ! 😀 ( NOT )


  13. It’s rather difficult to determine where DD is coming from.

    Was he a PKGer?

    Did the revelations of his abuse of tithes for hedonistic living and subsequent conviction for tax fraud open his eyes?

    Did he believe Ron + wife were the Two Witnesses (despite the bible explicitly stating that they will be two men, not a man and a woman)?

    Did subsequent failed prophecies wake him up? (2 failed returns of Christ, with another one on the way)


  14. As the Christian feast of Easter approaches ( Hmmmm ginger bread figures, hot X buns and yummy Easter Eggs ) 😀 , Its funny how Ron , vehemently denys that Christ rose on the third day, from his entombment, and insists that the mainline Churches have got it all wrong by saying the resurrection took place on Sunday ………. regardless of the fact :

    Christ was interviewed under Praetorian Guard by Pontious Pilate sometime on the friday morning
    Pilate was like the Govenor of the Roman Government ruling Jerusalem at the time
    Pilate, in spite of heckling and accusations from the pharassies present in the chamber, said, That Christ was a man of peace, was no evidence of any crime he was supposed to have commited, and said he cannot hold Christ any longer , and turned him over under pressure from Pharassies ( Jewish Elders ) to answer their ‘beef’ with him……..
    Anyhow, the upshot was a scourgeing ( whipping ) and then crucifixion by noon.
    Christ died at around 3pm on that day. ( Friday )
    He was laid to rest in a tomb later on ( Friday )
    He lay in his tomb on Saturday
    He was resurrected on Sunday morning

    From the ‘Nicene Creed’ :
    “For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate;
    he suffered death and was buried.
    On the third day he rose again
    in accordance with the Scriptures;
    he ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
    He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead,
    and his kingdom will have no end.”

    Ron insists that Christ lay dead for three days, and could not therefore have risen on Easter Sunday ……… ( no one ever said Christ lay entombed for three whole days )
    So for a bloke who calls a year a day, and 3 1/2 years , 3 1/2 days and one hour can be either one day or one year, by his determination ……..his claims and denials are pretty bloody Rich! 😀


  15. Personally, I find the Crucifixion a waste of time. A carpenter from the Middle East 2000 years ago decided he had to die because I lived with my wife before we got married? Moron. That makes exactly the same amount of sense as him gouging out his own eyes to make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t attack me.

    Didn’t ask for it, don;t need it, don;t want it…waste of time and a waste of human life.


  16. Avalo, it does’nt matter, what people think…… its a fact and an undeniable pinnacle and basis of Christian faith …….. I brought it up, because those points mentioned , are what any Christian Minister should be teaching on ……. Ron was not there, at the trial of Christ, yet he insists his version of events is more believable, so, once again, he ignores and overrides what is written, by witnesses recollections and what the Apostles’ wrote from and of that time ?

    Its just another one of many points that Ron, is actually a non-believer, and his whole effort and reason for his ‘Business’ is not of God, but for his own selfishness and self proclaimed glory, to make money, cheat people out of their family and friendship relationships, and place a mind control mechanism over peoples lives.

    Just like he’s say’in, “Well if ya don’t believe what I teach, you’re a moron and a loser, and we don’t need you in OUR Church, and you’ll miss out on what we have to offer”
    I say ……. offer what ? What does Ron have ? He’s in Federal Prison, ( with mounting debts ) , he has less followers, they are no more favored by God, as anyone else, they have to pay heaps more, ’cause Ron has to pay at least 4 other people for the job he used to do, plus travelling time & expenses etc …….. for a less result ! Geez all makes sense to me ? ( NOT ) 😀


  17. I went back and looked at the transcript of the first part of Johnny’s latest sermon series, and I was disappointed that the *DING* didn’t make its way into the text…


  18. So….in the next 8 weeks…..just so you know (as the ministers at PKG don’t think this is important enough to discuss)

    1/4 of all humanity will die
    1/3 of grass and trees will burn up.
    More will be killed for rejecting the mark of the beast
    A false prophet will perform miracles and a beast leader will unite Europe into a 10 nation combine.
    another 1/3 of humanity will die
    Many will suffer for 5 months (oops, maybe shouldn’t mention this one)
    The sun will turn black and the moon into blood at noon, probably Jerusalem time, at some point.
    All sea will turn to blood, killing all sea life

    But I guess the minister don’t think it’s necessary to bring this up, better to concentrate on bible fundamentals 101


  19. Martin, don’t forget the frantic preparations for the 63,000 new members that will have to be baptized before May 18! More elders….quick!!


  20. Just over two months to go and the Day of the Lord’s Wrath is still the fake prophetic thing that we all knew it to be 10 months ago.

    The pile of grand lies that Conald Swineland hopes we have forgotten are still piling up. remember these?

    1. MILLIONS of people were to be flocking to the PKG to be baptized before 2012, or up until days before Christ’s return in May 2012.

    2. Everyone here, especially Mike (DDTFA) were to die quickly from an interior disease, nearly 5 YEARS ago.

    3. If the Asian Hordes did not start rampaging across the planet before 2011 then Weinland would admit he is a false prophet and STOP.

    And the lists goes into the hundreds of falsities. AND STILL the PKG pop up every once in awhile here and call US liars!!

    MESSAGE TO THE PKG: Remember this from 5 YEARS ago?


  21. Well, he pulled his scam, sucked a few folks in for their money, ……… told everyone he was ‘sealing the 144,000’ , and if he’s alive when he gets out , he’s a-gonna do it all again.
    I’d really like to know how he’s a-gonna ‘ascend’ the ‘sealed’ into Heaven, seeing he is now the #3 person of the Trinity ? ( He’s again forgotten that he’s not immortal )
    Just like a Judas, he has betrayed Christ with his lies, ( for money ) and now he’s really looking for trouble by suggesting he takes the place of the Holy Spirit.

    MESSAGE TO RON : You are playing with death Ron , ya mess with the Holy Supernatural and you will be made an example of …….. Satan was the only one to claim and immitate ( by visual ) appearance of saintly figures or Angels, and that was to tempt or try to fool influential people who were much better than you …and ya know what ? It did’nt work, because they believed the word of GOD , You don’t !
    And you are not ‘the One’, (who is the only one) , permitted to break the seal and read from the book of life !


  22. What I find so hilarious about Conald Swine-gland is how he keeps on talking about how “powerfully” and/or “awesomely” God is working with the PKG.


    NONE of your prophecies have come true, thus proving conclusively you are false, you have lied to the government, you are rightfully in jail for theft, you have not fulfilled your own promises to quit if even a TINY bit of your own prophecy is proven wrong, you have changed scripture which the Bible (God’s Word) said is a hallmark of a false prophet and enemy of God, and you have spent the money of seniors, widows, and orphans on massages, cruises, and expensive underwear for your wife. And what does Ron call awesome and powerful? How “God” is working with him and his church! LOL! Guess what, Ron? They are poor and stupid, you a re a criminal, and you church is a giant scam. Sounds like SATAN is the powerful and awesome power in charge of that giant toilet you call a church…


  23. Sealed up in prison. LOL
    Good one Randy. That was a great one liner. That sounded like something Bill Maher would say in his monologue. Awesome.


  24. wRONG seems, unless I read his writing amiss, to see tithes as for the “Levites” and is going to go all the way to his grave believing this. Why? Because if so then wRONg and family reap all the benefits of the “Money” system and it is there specifically for him, a Levite, to live. This $$ is not to better the church, it’s not to help it’s people, it’s not to help the poor – the hungry – the thirsty – the downtrodden, it’s there for wRONg the Levite to live off. This dovetails with his current use of money rather well. So what if hundreds of people give 10% of thier $$ for this “levite” to live on. Technically it would take 10 people giving 10% for such a person to live a life on par with the givers. So what if thier might be hundreds… So what if wRONg lived in the lap of luxury while people game upon hard times. Who cares if nothing is ever given to make peoples lives better and help them, sustain them in times of trouble. That is not what the $$ is for, never was – never will be. It’s for the Levite and his family who are/were given a place of relgious teaching and sheparding and so did not have the time to make a living. So the money rolls in, Laura and Audra put it in the bank and Laura and wRONg spend it. Easy peasy!
    Interpretation of scriptue is fun when you only out for yourself, just read a passage with a “ME” mentality and presty chango your rich and who give a flying &%$%* about anyone else?

    Go figure? Makes one want to believe there is a God if only to have justice served upon the likes of the wRONG Wienlands of the world.


  25. Ron is at it again and he’s setting the footwork for the failure of May 19th.

    Read the first paragraph under the heading “It all happens in God’s time”.


  26. Now the asshole is saying we have a lot to learn, before for he said god gave him this information . What a nut case !!!!


  27. Now the asshole is saying we have a lot to learn, before for he said god gave him this information . What a nut case !!!!


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