Out of the Fire

This last week or so saw several prominent defections from PKG.  There was also a prominent defection last year shortly after the trial, that of Senior Elder Adrian Gray in New Zealand.  His defection was also notable as he went to Clarion Call David Pack’s RCG and a public announcement was made on one of Pack’s websites with a copy of a letter written by Adrian.

But since then Adrian has thought differently and repented of joining RCG.  The public announcement was removed from Pack’s website.

Adrian has recently sent another letter to a number of PKG members, and I have obtained a copy which is reproduced here:

­­­­­­­­­­­————————————————  Adrian Gray’s letter —————-

Hello to PKG Members,

I understand that a considerable number of you are looking into leaving PKG after Pentecost, with this in mind I need to retract a recommendation I made to you about Restored Church of God.

Nearly one year ago I sent a letter to a number of you, in it I strongly recommended  The Restored Church of God as a church that God is working through his ministry.  After attending, listening and watching I have come to the conclusion that just as there are members with Gods spirit in PKG there are also members in Restored with Gods spirit.

But I do have to retract my recommendation to go to Restored, as there are a number of things that do not sit right. Mr Packs focus on members is to get as much cash from them as possible, he uses not going to the place of safety and hellfire for those who do not give all, and laying up your reward in heaven for those who do give all.  A small portion of what I heard:

  • Take out a mortgage on your house and send the cash in to Restored.
  • Time is short sell your assets and send in the cash
  • Have fundraising events and send in the cash.
  • 1st, 2nd, and third tithe, all on the gross.

Any one that was baptized  in PKG did not have a  valid baptism. I know of one ex PKGer that that went to Restored was not allowed to keep Passover as he was baptized in PKG.

They have what they call a splinter pack for any one coming out of a cog.  It is several hundred pages of reading and many hours of sermons, you have to then be in full agreement with it all before attending services. It is mainly pre 86 worldwide teachings with a few changes, this is a type of indoctrination that slowly draws you in, but once in you see it isn’t like worldwide was nor are some of the teachings.  But for most that get to this point it is to late as their minds have been conditioned to D Packs teachings.

Most doctrine is as taught in Worldwide under Mr Armstrong, but not all.  Changes are classed as new understanding. (present truth type of situation)  A lot of mind control takes place, as one ex Philadelphian member said:: this lot are tougher than in Philadelphia under Flurry.  Never having been in Philadelphia I cannot say if that remark was accurate or not but I would not be surprised if it was.

As you may have guessed by now, my wife and I resigned our membership in Restored and are no longer members of that church.

In conclusion I would say that for those of you looking to move on, please take a long hard look at whoever you are going to. (do not just give up, God is still doing a work in many of you)   This in no ways negates what I said about R Weinland being a false prophet,  it just means D Pack is another wolf in sheep’s clothing to watch out for.

Wishing you all the best.

Adrian Gray.


David Pack has been circling PKG like a —-  well, like a pack of sharks.  Hopefully he will not snare any more departing PKG members.  I hope that PKG members will have learned that it’s best to think for themselves, and not let others do it for them.

Ron’s House of Cards

The following was left in a comment on the previous post.


It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people.  They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.

Beth Bucheit
Sr. Elder the COG-PKG

I don’t have verification but it seems authentic.  If true, it calls Steve Dalrymple’s position in PKG into question, as he has been the Cincinnati senior elder for some time and before that one of Ron’s flunkies so if a recently promoted female senior elder is doing this …..

So the list of possible but not necessarily confirmed defectors includes:

  • Ramona Weinland, Ron’s own mother
  • Kris Cameron, Ron’s sister and senior elder
  • Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law and senior elder
  • Ralph Dowd, long time member and senior elder
  • April Combs, long time member
  • Hope Henson, long time member
  • Donna Kautz, long time member
  • Chris Little, Ron’s son-in-law (though the legality of his marriage to Audra is in doubt considering how Ron handled their marriage certificate)

These are all long time PKG members, and include Ron’s family and senior elders in PKG.  I hope this list is true, and will soon expand to include more from PKG.


Are You Living the If?

With only 3 more weeks before the end of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord and the return of Jesus Christ, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continues to lounge in Club Fed.  Perhaps he is using his sabbath to compose a post for his blog which is more rational than the one earlier this week.

Therefore, it was up to one of his flunkies to deliver the sermon.  This week it was Terry Wrozek.  For some reason, Terry’s sermon was not delivered “live” but was pre-recorded.  Maybe PKG has only one laptop with software installed to connect to the streaming audio server.  Seems to me that it wouldn’t be that difficult to set up another so Terry could take it on the road, maybe to Denver.  It’s been a couple of weeks since a trip for one of Ron’s flunkies was posted on Ron’s blog.

Terry’s sermon was directed at retaining members.  He asked rhetorically whom they were listening to.  PKG members need multiple layers of filters to protect their minds from rational thinking.

At one point Terry said “Blog, blog, blog” in a mocking tone.  Perhaps this blog and its commenters are having a greater effect than I thought.  I have received several reports including in comments that the following individuals have left PKG:

  • Senior Elder Ralph Dowd.  Ralph has been a PKG member since the 90’s, and often traveled on his own nickel to hear Ron speak at distant locations including Hawaii.  Ralph was called by the government as a witness at Ron’s trial, and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • April Combs.  April I believe was an elder and at times ran mail lists for PKG member.  April also testified as a government witness and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • Hope Henson, another Cincinnati area member and related to April.
  • Shawn Christal from the St Louis area (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)
  • Senior Elder Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law.  (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)

Whether or not this blog had anything to do with this, I hope it is true and that more will soon join them.  Three more weeks to the very minute of this posting until the next time Christ doesn’t return.


A Rapidly Approaching Pentecost

This week’s blog posting by God’s most formidable prophet is a day later than last week’s.

_______ False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest _____________

As I begin writing this post on the Sabbath, I am nearing the end of a Church-wide fast. We have focused on our individual need to repent of sin, and we have also taken the next step of seeking to be shown more sin within ourselves    that we do not readily see. Our desire as God’s people is to get rid of all leaven and to become more fully humbled in order to grow in greater unity and oneness with God’s perfect way   with God. We understand that growing in unity is a life long process of which we must continually embrace and submit to.

Our way of life includes a continual process that enables us to grow spiritually closer to God by His revealing sin to us and our choosing to continually repent as He reveals it. Our evangelist in Australia, Wayne, gave a sermon last Sabbath, entitled, “A Way of Life.” It would be good to quote part of what was addressed in that sermon, as it speaks of the importance of seeking out God’s favor (especially as we did in fasting) to see sin of which we are blind.

This is the quote from that sermon: “If we don’t see sin or spiritual faults, how can we choose to change? So how can we choose to repent if we don’t see it? If we think we’re right and God doesn’t reveal sin to us, we’ll just continue on with that sin for the rest of our life. God must correct man’s thinking to bring him to Elohim.”

Although we always use Isaiah 58 as our guide in fasting, as each of us seeks repentance and greater harmony and oneness in spirit with God, this fast has also had another important focus. It is not only that we desire to have God and Jesus Christ dwelling more fully within us in order to stand stronger against an evil spirit world, it has also been for the purpose of seeking God that He would remove more and more of the power of Satan and the demonic world to the day that they are spiritually bound for 1,000 years. The removal of Satan and the demons will help fulfill, in a most powerful way, the result for mankind that is pictured spiritually in Isaiah 58.

We are now just a few weeks away from Pentecost and of our hope in the return of Jesus as the ruling Messiah   the Christ. There is much to be fulfilled and a very short time for it to happen. For “what is” now, as always, we press forward and battle against that which fights against God. In the present truth, we are focused on the fulfillment of Pentecost on its grandest scale yet.

In the last post, a spiritual world war was addressed that revealed our need for this Church-wide fast. With the added important focus we had for this fast concerning an evil spirit world, there is more clarification that God has now given regarding our past and current understanding of the Trumpets of Revelation. This reminds me of a recent post where it covered that the ongoing revelations of God to His Church is likened to a puzzle where pieces are continually being added that clarify and more fully picture for us what God is working out. As with any puzzle, sometimes we find ourselves fitting a piece (or pieces) in the wrong place when God reveals truth to us and He does not reveal everything of that truth in some specific aspects. It is a process of ever moving closer to God in truth as we follow the “present truth” He has revealed to that moment in time. This process is also used by God to test and mold His people. It is like the important example of Herbert W. Armstrong’s life where God revealed to him the truth of the holy days, including Pentecost, but it was nearly 40 years later before God revealed the correct time to observe it.

This example of fitting some pieces in the wrong place as God is revealing truth, has been especially true over the past few years where timing has been a factor. This was true about when the job of the two witnesses began. Who they were was true, but He then revealed that the timing for their job was to begin later. Though we knew the countdown for Christ’s return had begun, we did not know God’s timing would alter that count until He revealed Christ would return on a Pentecost and not on Trumpets. As we came to Pentecost 2012, we had to address timing again as we entered the “Day of the Eternal.” Once again, the picture of what God was doing became clearer as some pieces of the puzzle were simply not yet fitted to the puzzle or had been placed in the wrong area. Such things are fully in God’s control as to how much truth He gives and when he chooses to give it.

For the sake of this world and for the sake of God’s people who have been fighting a long and draining battle, we are prayerfully at a time now where no more important pieces are out of place. Yet again, this process of how God reveals truth does show much about the means by which God has led His Church and through which God has tested and refined (by fire) us. Regardless of what is before us, we do move forward and never give up the fight.

The Prelude to WW III:
With a more meaningful understanding that God has recently given us concerning the use of the term “Assyria” for this end-time, coupled with the strong reality of a great spiritual war that has been raging against God’s Church, God is giving more insight into meaning contained in the Trumpets of Revelation. Over the past few years, God has been clarifying more and more to us about these Trumpets. One thing that God has clarified concerns the timing of a trumpet blast with timing of the actual occurrence of the event portrayed by the story in scripture of a specific trumpet.

The description of the trumpets were not written in a manner so that anyone could simply read and grasp truth about either timing or order contained in them. That is true about parables, prophecy, and actually the Bible itself for that matter. God must reveal the true meaning of it all. It was God’s purpose that mankind and the spirit world could not know what was written until God Himself reveals it. This is especially true regarding how God is dealing with Satan and the demonic world in this end-time.

In another recent post, the question was asked if we know for certain that the Second Trumpet did or did not sound in early April. We do not know. God has not revealed when the trumpets are blown, except for the first and the last. God has inspired it to be written that we will not know these things until they have already occurred. God has also revealed that there are many overlapping and intertwining events within the fulfillment of these trumpets.

God has not revealed it, but it may be that all seven trumpets were blown at the beginning, setting in motion those things that are to be fulfilled by each. We do not yet know, but we must understand that one cannot sit down and put these together in any kind of order, except for that which God has given as specific numbered trumpets. As physical human beings first, we generally try to reason along narrow physical parameters to put everything into place in a nice, neat, and orderly fashion. There is order to the degree God established it, according to His purpose.

Having said all this, we have been waiting, with the limited knowledge we have for the effects of the Second Trumpet to be made manifest so we might more clearly see where we are in timing and in the order of events. But God is letting us know that simple physical observation does not reveal such matters. This is akin to some limited knowledge God has given concerning the description of the Sixth Trumpet. This trumpet involves a massive nuclear exchange that isn’t made manifest until we are near the very end. It is because of this exchange (Armageddon) that God must quickly intervene with the events described in the Seventh Trumpet to stop this war. However, the events of the Sixth Trumpet are set in motion “an hour, a day, a month, and a year” (Rev. 9:15) in advance of their occurrence. God is now revealing to the Church that the Fifth Trumpet is the real prelude to World War III.

The Fifth Trumpet:
Close to a year ago, a sermon was given that addressed some of the issues of the Fifth Trumpet that did not fit into the original puzzle. This part of the picture was clouded and God began to help us see there was more we needed to understand, but that was only the beginning of His revealing more truth to us on this subject. It is truly a beautiful manner in which God progressively reveals truth to us, always moving toward greater unity and oneness with Him. I always marvel when I see the building process in action, as one thing is fit into place so that another can be built (added) upon it.

In the last few posts, God has been leading us to this post. Our Father has shown that we have not fully grasped the use of the term “Assyria” in prophecy. In this end-time, that term is not specifically about Germany any more than the term “Egypt” is about that actual country. Throughout the time during Philadelphia and Laodicea, it was believed that the captivity of Israel would be by Germany (Assyria), instead of understanding that it is about a captivity of government that has engulfed the scattered nations of Israel. It is with the physical interpretation of this that this piece of the puzzle seemed to fit into the Fifth Trumpet. Although it is through the leadership of Germany that the Euro and European Union brings to light the kind of captivity that has taken Israel, the Fifth Trumpet is actually about God’s Church, both the remnant and that which was scattered. Germany’s involvement is about events that occur throughout the fulfillment of the First Trumpet as a result of the resurrection of the old Roman Empire.

The greater meaning of the Fifth Trumpet is about a spirit war in this time we are in now. It is about power that is unleashed by a demonic world and yet there are specific restrictions upon that spirit world that God controls. Recently, the Church was given a four-part sermon from our senior evangelist, Johnny, on the subject of Christ’s final journey to Passover day. In that sermon, he referred to scriptures that revealed there was a great demonic war being waged against Christ at that time. God allowed this for a great purpose, but in the midst of it all, He was always in control of what could and could not happen.

The same is true for Satan and his demons concerning this final struggle before the Millennium in their fight against God. God has allowed them a time to stir the world into a final war, but they are highly restricted in what they are able to accomplish during that specific five-month period until God allows them to influence the final catastrophic events. Man, of his own doing and at some moment in time, would engage in great war that would end all life on earth, but God is controlling the timing for His ultimate purpose of salvation. Understanding what the world and the Church has experienced over the past few months will help give understanding to the meaning of this Fifth Trumpet. As I am unable to go into this in greater detail in a sermon series, a condensed overview will only be given in this post.

Attacks Upon God’s People:
God’s Church has been experiencing some of the most massive attacks ever from a demonic spirit world over the past few months. God has allowed this as a testimony to His remnant Church that has been growing in spiritual strength and has been fighting off such perverse abuse from that spirit world. As the last post indicated, there is a night and day difference in the condition of God’s Church today compared to the time of the apostasy when these beings easily defeated large numbers at that time. Yet during the past few months, this spirit army has not been able to defeat God’s people, as God is more fully dwelling in His people at this time. This is an awesome witness of the spiritual Body of Christ today just as it was such an awesome witness Jesus Christ gave in his life toward the end of it, as he stood firm against such power with dignity, honor, and grace as the Passover of mankind. These are things an evil spirit world cannot comprehend and neither do people who are guided by selfish human nature. Only God can reveal such importance, purpose, and beautiful meaning.

We have been in such a great spiritual battle that a Church-wide fast was called to address this and to seek greater strength and intervention from God. It was during this fast that God revealed what we have been living through. The demonic spirit world has continually fought against God and His purpose for human life. There have been times when these battles have been more intense, as in what the Church has now been experiencing. Those who are young have been the primary targets, but overall the young have stood firm. Some in the Church that have had greater experience in battle have not been attacked as severely as others. Yet there are some in God’s Church that have had great experience in battle but have been attacked on every side in a concerted effort because they are a part of the primary structure of the Church and have been targeted because of that. Again, the demonic spirit world has been losing their battle against God just as it has throughout time.

This five-month period described in Revelation 9 is poorly translated, as the translators did not know the specific intent (true thought) of what was originally written. Translations from one language to another cannot be done simply word by word, but must be done by the intended thought of the true meaning contained in the words. It is easy to read personal interpretation into such translating.

These beings emerging from the bottomless pit are the army of the demonic world and Satan is their king. God allows them to emerge in power one last time during the close of this final 6,000-year period.

The demonic world does not grasp what God allows them to do nor do they grasp they cannot accomplish more than what He lets them. This is just like the time God let them have power to stir up those who put His Son to death. The faithful angelic world was pulled back from intervening at that time, although Christ himself could have called upon legions of angels to fight; but instead, he submitted to the suffering that was necessary to fulfill the purpose and will of his Father concerning Passover.

Over the past few months the thrust of this evil army has been two-fold. First of all, it has been against God’s remnant Church and against those who were scattered due to the apostasy. Secondly, it is about the world, which will be discussed later in this post.

The Church and Those Who Were Scattered:
Over this period of five months, these evil spirit beings have been given power to attack, hurt, and mentally harass “only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads” (Rev. 9:4). This has nothing in context to do with people in the world, but is about God’s people. A distinction is made concerning those who have the seal of God on their foreheads. These people are those who are to be resurrected as part of the 144,000 and cannot be “hurt” even if they were to literally lose their physical life, as they will be in the first resurrection. Yet this evil spirit world attacked many of these, but could not “hurt” them because of their part in God’s plan, for they are sealed and have already been tested to be those who will always stand firm until their change comes.

Then there are the others of the remnant (Church) who have suffered the most because most are younger (newer) in the Body, yet as a testimony to God, most have stood firm. This demonic world has also harassed and attacked many of those of the scattering whom God is preparing to draw as the 63,000 and who will eventually benefit from what they have been experiencing. Even though they are unwittingly unaware of it.

As verse five states, “They were not given authority to kill them.” God did not allow more affliction to be upon the Church (both the remnant and those of the scattering) than this torment and hurt, as most are to live on into a new age.

The World:
The first part of this two-fold attack from the demonic realm was upon the Church, and the second part was about their attack upon the world as they are seeking to destroy as much of God’s creation as they can by pushing mankind into an all-out nuclear war. That is their motive and that is their purpose. But for five months, God holds back what would otherwise lead into WW III much sooner. God is in control of all timing and what He commands is what happens: “And it was commanded them that they could not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree” (Rev. 9:4). This has literal meaning and it has prophetic meaning as with the First Trumpet.

It has been rather strange that this world’s economic system, and especially that of the United States, has held on as it has without already collapsing. Now it is easy to understand why that has been so. The reality in all this is that the timing is God’s. Much of His purpose in this involves the very means by which He uses to apply the greatest humbling impact possible upon the scattered nations of Israel. This command of God has also held back the massive destruction that will come in God’s time toward the very end. Once the five-month period is up, these beings will have great power to influence the final conflicts that will destroy so much of this earth. It is for this reason that nations have done much threatening and have rattled sabers, but nothing has happened on any large scale.

In the midst of these verses about this trumpet is an awkwardly translated verse that is about the world and has nothing to do with the Church: “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall seek to die, and death shall flee from them” (Rev. 9:6). Without spending much time to fully review all the meaning contained in some of these words and the misinterpretation of intent, I will only give an overview of what this is about.

It is not about people who are somehow seeking to take their own life, but it is partially about the insanity of many who desire to enter into war (which would eventually take their own lives), but have not been able to achieve it as of yet. It has been held back by God, and if it had not, this evil spirit army would have moved the world into a nuclear war already. There are men who seek to enter into war, but they truly have no concept of the devastation that will follow their foolish intentions.

As with God’s perfect timing that led perfectly into a very specific and narrow moment in time when Jesus Christ was to be nailed to a pole, so is God’s timing to intervene and prevent man from annihilating himself in order that large masses will live on into the Millennium. As with the perfect timing to bring about the Passover death, so God has perfect timing to bring everything in this world together to that specific and narrow moment when Pentecost begins.

As this post needs to go out right away, I do not have time to cover matters of the Second, Third, and Fourth Trumpets which already have events set in motion that will bring about their fulfillment. The affects of their blowing will become manifest at the end of this five month period of time. These also include in their midst a quick and final resurrection of power within the old Roman Empire that is short lived but produces devastating results for the world, including the United States.

The demonic world has already been moving this world into its final war and it has been waging a great spiritual war against God’s people. It is indeed a great “woe” to mankind. God’s people are being made stronger, though suffering in battle, and the world is about to be thrust into battle that has been thus far held back by God.

Once this five-month period of this First Woe comes to an end, the United States and the other scattered nations of Israel will begin their collapse, quickly leading to a final nuclear conflict unleashed as described by the Sixth Trumpet (the Second Woe). The Fifth Trumpet is the First Woe and it truly is the prelude to World War III.

Beware of Being Beguiled

As the Day of the Lord has not yet become Great and Terrible enough to free False Prophet Ronald Weinland from his imprisonment for criminal tax evasion, Johnny Harrell gave the sermon.

He warned PKG members to beware of being beguiled by intellectuals who would logically point out facts.  Perhaps facts such as that none of Ron’s prophecies have come true.  The demonic world is very persuasive, and PKG members are no match for the spirit world.  Instead, PKG members are to keep the faith that we are facing the most destructive times that will happen in a short time.  But if not, they are to be prepared to turn right and left as God progressively reveals the Present Truth (TM) when Christ does not return for the third time in 27 days.

War in the World

Here is False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest missive from the bowels of the US federal prison system:

————- Weinland’s post ——————

In September of 1969, I was baptized into God’s Church, and in 1981, I was ordained into the ministry of God’s Church. Through this period of time, I have witnessed much concerning great spiritual struggles in the lives of brethren and of the Church itself. God’s people (individually) and God’s Church (of the collective body and of the structural organization) has been the object of constant spiritual attack through time. Satan loathes God, His Church, and His plan for the Kingdom of God.

We know and believe that we are now nearing the very last phase of this end-time. We believe we are about to witness man’s last war World War III. Over the weekend, rhetoric out of North Korea and Iran has only intensified, and at some point there will be some incident in the world that triggers a rapid escalation of events that thrusts the world into nuclear war. It is a horrifying thought, but it is our reality.

In the news this past week there has been a lot of bantering back and forth as to whether North Korea has the ability to strike the United States with nuclear missiles. They have mostly dismissed and ridiculed such a possibility. Yet another source has just brought to light that North Korea does have the ability to put a satellite into orbit (as it did in December) that passes over the South Pole at a 300-mile altitude, which could easily carry a nuclear device. This report states that if a single device exploded over Omaha, Nebraska, it could generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would be able to collapse the United States electric grid and other critical infrastructures. South Korea has warned the U.S that North Korea has been working on a super-EMP warhead with Russian help. China’s military claims North Korea has such warheads and data from North Korea’s nuclear tests are stated as being consistent with super-EMP warheads. It has been confirmed that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would be sufficient to create an EMP from coast to coast in the U.S. A former ambassador and director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization said that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would blanket the entire continental U.S. with EMP effects with consequences that would soon lead to the death of millions of Americans and the end of our way of life.

We live in a precarious time, when at any moment, the first nuclear device will explode and lead to many more. Though the world is about to plunge into WW III, the Church has been experiencing world war for some time now. At the time of the apostasy, the First Seal of Revelation was unsealed and then a great spiritual war engulfed God’s Church on a worldwide scale. As I mentioned at the beginning about my time in the Church and the ministry and of witnessing great spiritual battles, what God’s Church is experiencing now is by far the most powerful and continuing attack I’ve ever seen throughout all my time in God’s Church.

Some may wonder how, in this present time, there could be the greatest spiritual attacks, when in 1994 there were over 60,000 casualties that quickly resulted from the apostasy, and there were over 30,000 who were scattered as they struggled to remain alive. During that time, there was great spiritual power, signs, and lying wonders that worked to devastate God’s Church. But the reality was that the entire Church was so spiritually weak, lukewarm, and filled with pride that God would not accept her any longer in such a condition, so at the opening of the First Seal, He removed Himself from the Church vomited it out.

When separated from God, with Him and His Son no longer “dwelling in” the church, it was prime picking for Satan and the demonic world, and so this separation was followed immediately by power (demonic spiritual power), signs, and lying wonders within the organization of the Worldwide Church of God.

So how is this time we are in now, a time of greater spiritual warfare and attack from that demonic world upon God’s Church? During the apostasy, the body of the Church was removed from God dwelling in it. The Church was without God’s spiritual strength, power, and protection in it. However, the Church today is not weak! Since 1969, I have never witnessed the Church being nearly as spiritually strong and unified as I now see it. Some few may feel otherwise, but that could only be the result of their short-time experience and/or spiritual weakness at this time. I know what I have witnessed, and that witness is from God, and it is true.

Over the past few months, in personal experience and upon hearing from so many brethren about their own experiences, there has not been a time in all my time in God’s Church when Satan and the demon’s attacks upon God’s Church have been so furious. This is simply a testimony to the time we are in and the reality that they know their time is nearly over.

Though these attacks are making many much stronger on one hand, they are never the less very wearisome and spiritually draining, which is dangerous. If the Church were not as strong as it is, it would have been devoured long before this, but God’s people are being resolute, persevering, and continuing at the battle that is before them, and not giving up. This is a battle to the completion, when God sends His Son in His Kingdom. There have been very few casualties, but there are still a few more who are weakened and will not survive if they do not turn things around in their spiritual lives and take heed and practice what has been written in recent posts and in letters to the ministry, for this includes a few in the ministry as well.

Urgent Fast:
Since the spiritual battle has been going on for such a long duration of time and has been working to make people weary in battle, it is time to fight ever harder and press forward spiritually more than ever before. It is time for a church-wide fast in order for us to be strengthened with greater power from on high power that Satan cannot battle. Satan and his demons can fight against the angelic realm and they can attack God’s people, but they cannot attack God and the power of His spirit in our life. That power God’s spirit in us is our power and might by which we are made strong against attacks and are able to move forward against that evil spirit realm unto the day that realm itself is placed into captivity.

It is with such knowledge of all this that I have often quoted a powerful scripture. “You are of God, little children, and have overcome (Gk. – conquered) them because greater is He (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) who is in you, than he (Satan and his demons) that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

As God’s Church, we are going to engage in battle, as God will pour out more strength and power upon us and in us. We will fast this weekend. For most, this Sabbath is the primary time set-aside for this fast; however, it is perfectly fine to fast on Sunday. It is your choice. If you do not receive this notice of a fast before this weekend, then participate in it as soon as you can once you receive the knowledge of it.

We are following the outline of Isaiah 58 in which we are to first cry out to God for forgiveness of our own personal sins and also ask for help to see sin in ourselves of which we are blind. Then when God helps us to see that which only He and His Son can see, we repent. Next, we are to follow this by praying (using this same outline) for God’s strength and power to fill us more fully in order to accomplish the spirit of battle of Isaiah 58 in diminishing the power of Satan (power to bind, deceive, and hold captive because of human sin).

We are small and our numbers are small, and an evil spirit world is about to be chained and imprisoned, but at present its numbers are large against us. God’s power in us makes them small and reduces their power and will bring them to nothing. This is a great war and we should be sobered by it and thereby be diligently on guard and fighting it, but our Petra is all-powerful and Almighty, against which nothing can stand. We keep moving forward.

A Way of Life

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s imprisonment for criminal tax evasion is scheduled to continue on until February 17, 2016. Absent intervention by Jesus Christ, he was not able to deliver this weekend’s sermon so Wayne Matthews stepped in.

Wayne’s sermon is entitled “A Way of Life”. God’s way of life is perfect. According to way, PKG members look odd because they follow it and therefore are regarded as belonging to a sect. But they can look forward to the resurrection, beginning with those in the 144000.

What makes PKG an insane cult is that the God and Jesus which PKG members follow is the one between Weinland ears. Who is not the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. But who makes up new Preset Truth (TM) when his discernments fail to materialize. A PKG member’s way of life is work to support the Weinland family’s lifestyle and turn left or right depending on the whim of the god between Weinland’s ears.

I wonder if we’ll get some new “truth” in this week’s blog posting from Weinland’s. Less than 5 weeks before the next time Christ doesn’t return.