A Way of Life

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s imprisonment for criminal tax evasion is scheduled to continue on until February 17, 2016. Absent intervention by Jesus Christ, he was not able to deliver this weekend’s sermon so Wayne Matthews stepped in.

Wayne’s sermon is entitled “A Way of Life”. God’s way of life is perfect. According to way, PKG members look odd because they follow it and therefore are regarded as belonging to a sect. But they can look forward to the resurrection, beginning with those in the 144000.

What makes PKG an insane cult is that the God and Jesus which PKG members follow is the one between Weinland ears. Who is not the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. But who makes up new Preset Truth (TM) when his discernments fail to materialize. A PKG member’s way of life is work to support the Weinland family’s lifestyle and turn left or right depending on the whim of the god between Weinland’s ears.

I wonder if we’ll get some new “truth” in this week’s blog posting from Weinland’s. Less than 5 weeks before the next time Christ doesn’t return.

27 thoughts on “A Way of Life

  1. A,azing how each new lie is still considered “truth” by the PKG.

    Just how many diamonds, panties, bottles of wine, cruises, deep tissue massages, luxury hotel stays, casino trips, and BMWs are they going to buy for the Swineland family while their own life gets destroyed and they have to scour the streets for used bottles to recycle so they can afford to take the bus to the local soup kitchen?


  2. Douglas:

    Don;t you know? Weinland has told members to NOT pray for anyone outside the PKG…because their misery and pain and suffering is God;s way of reminding them they are not int eh PKG!

    You know, just like Jesus said in his “Sermon On The Mount” in front of all tose people who were not Christians yet (Matthew 5:38-48):

    “Make sure you NEVER help anyone other than those you like because my way is NOT about forgiving enemies or having mercy or turning the other cheek. It is all about praying for the misery of others, just like Ronald Weinland will say in another 2000 years. Y’know, God’s Way. Oh, and also all about prophecies never coming true, don’t forget o=about that either, that;s another one of my Father;s great truths that Weionland is going to finally tell every. prophecies are true UNTIL Ronald Weinland changes them, then they are true again, until he decides that they are truer yet again, most of which will completely negate my ministry here in Jerusalem and negate my Crucifixion…don’t forget about that. Oh, and one more thing before I go, make sure you don’t forget to curse people to death as your first act as one of God;s Two Witnesses if you decide to award yourself that title. Can’t have any mercy or forgiveness for anyone, don’t forget…”


  3. So by that reasoning, if the PKG becomes so poor and destitute by providing the Weinlands with luxuries, it is because they are not really in the PKG and God is reminding them of it through their pain and suffering?

    So the other PKG members that are left and not destitute (both of them) cannot pray for the PKG members that are starving and looking for a soup kitchen?

    Just wondering: I want to get this straight.

    Well at least we know that Weinland is of God, since he doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal is coming from, unless, of course, some other inmate has taken it from him.

    But you know, the godly do need to fast once in awhile.


  4. Riiiiiiiggghhhtttttt, so now it’s about the way of life.

    So then Wayne, you know Christ will not be returning in 5 weeks. But as you once said to me ‘where else can you go?’.

    Well let’s see now, Ron states in his book and in many, many sermons – his PROPHICIES coming true was to be Gods ways of differentiating PKG from aaaaallllll the other splinters. Otherwise PKG would just be another (splinter).

    So, when Christ doesn’t return in 5 weeks, yet another Ronald false prophecy, when will you admit to yourself that you are in just another splinter, where god has certainly not displayed where he is ‘clearly working’ as Ron said he would.

    Ah, but you won’t. Your PRIDE, yes YOUR pride, will keep to holding to the false belief in Ron, despite all evidence and logic.


  5. Jocko:

    Zerubabel is really boring these days. His entire message has become “you all have rejected Yihhhwhooowuh’s statutes and his Torah” blah blah blah. Since everything he has prophesied and predicted has completely failed he now just looks through the Bible for numbers that fit his special “restored” calendar of God that he has put together in his nutty head and gasps in amazement when all these “exact fits” pop up. It’s now all about: “Today is the seventh day of the second month of Yeshua’s restored calendar and it also happens to be 7 hours since 7:00 am, and I napped for 3.5 hours today, which multiplied by 2 equals 7” *gasp!*

    I did get a good laugh a couple of weeks ago when he was putting up his Days of Unleavened Bread videos you could hear a goat bleating in the near foreground. He had his goat right with him there in his tent of righteousness out in the mountains where he has fled with his family according to Yihwhey’s Word!! LOL!

    That’s the sad part about lunatics. They tend to settle into a holding pattern once they have been totally discredited…and thus Zerubabel is merely rehashing his supposed credentials and calling us the same old names. Sad, really.

    I was hoping for a remix of some of his greatest hits:

    1. Telling everyone to not take off their shoes for the three days preceding Christ’s Return (July 19th, 2012).
    2. Wearing a linen towel on his head (which he still does) as a sign of his following Y’whey’s precise word.
    3. Not touching anyone else’s hands (seriously!) because we are all spiritually dea to him and thus “unclean.”
    4. Wandering into a Pentecostal tent meeting and getting violently tossed out for trying to “preach” during one of their services (LMAO!).
    5. ALSO getting kicked out of Israel only a couple of hours after arriving from Greece after being deported!!
    6. Proclaiming that his lost luggage (from Greece via Israel) was a sign SATAN was trying to stop him from preaching, and thus he was one of the Two Witnesses!
    7. Proclaiming his own SISTER was a murderer for teaching her children about Jesus as opposed to Zerubabel’s teachings, thus she was dooming her children to the Lake of Fire – in effect “murdering” them!

    All gone…it’s just numbers and ‘return to the Torah’ now.



  6. You are so right, Kirrily!

    It has been “prophecy! Prophecy! PROPHECY!!!!” for years, and now that ALL of these 100% correct prophecies that prove that God is speaking through Ron exclusively have FAILED (and thus are a sign, by his own words, that he is a FALSE PROPHET), now its all about “the Work” and “love.” There wasn’t supposed to BE a f -ing Work right now because Jesus was supposed to return, RON!!!
    And now he is acting like it was always “grow and learn, patiently wait for the Lord.”

    It is in print and all over the Internet, Ron! You can’t lie your way out of this…


  7. But, but, but! Avalokiteshvara, Swineland did find a new line of work. He is a prisoner in Federal Prison and his line of work is being a felon. Tax evasion has such limited potential, maybe he can learn something valuable like safe cracking.

    Aside: Does Zerubabel have aluminum foil covering his head under that linen towel? It would give him maximum protection against Extraterrestrials and / or the CIA as the case might be.


  8. Strangely enough, no:

    I have corresponded with him, and he is completely sincere in his beliefs. If you watch his very first video, he is really pleasant, and seems to be very thoughtful and humble.

    …nothing like his pseudo-authoritarian proclamations that come later…

    My guess is that as he got further into his studies he got carried away and he has now hypnotized himself into believing his increasing insanity is spiritual progress…


  9. Zeru-bum-rumbles is an absolute fool.

    If Christ was here 2000 years ago, he would have dressed acording to clothing that was available at the time.
    So if Christ were to come back, why would he dress in 2000 year old clothing , when he may be more of a jeans and T-shirt sort of guy ?

    Also, it is said that he helped his father in the carpentry business until he was nearly 30, he was not a minister of religion.
    Makes one wonder what profession he would choose, now ? The guys at Chrysler Corp. built the 1957 Plymouth fury, and they said in an advertising campaign for it ” If Christ came back, he would prefer to drive the 1957 Plymouth range, as this car is that ” good “.
    I don’t think he would choose to be a minister of religion, or a car-parking attendant ? He would probably work in the energy or construction business ?


  10. Another thing is, if Christ were to come back, he would laugh at these so – called ministers, for teaching a much older version of the O.T. , now shockingly out of date ……… humans have evolved in the last 2000 years, both phyisically and mentally, so why would the teachings be based on stuff, that was intended for a much simpler time and people ?
    And Christ was born in the middle-east, and never said anything about B.I., even though there is evidence that Britian, Europe the Americas and the Pacific nations were already populated.
    So why do these IDIOTS teach and copy, what was not intended for them, or their cultures ?

    These Fools overlook such elementary things ……… not too many folks these days turn up for work on a donkey or a horse, unless your in the entertainment business !


  11. Douglas says: “Just wondering: I want to get this straight.”

    We can wonder all we want, but you need the spirit of ron’s god to understand ron’s mind, otherwise it will not make sense. So ron is happy as larry when things don’t make sense to anyone, as it only proves to him how right he is in his own eyes.


  12. Quote from Avalo…

    “Zerubabel is really boring these days.”

    “I did get a good laugh a couple of weeks ago when he was putting up his Days of Unleavened Bread videos you could hear a goat bleating in the near foreground. He had his goat right with him there in his tent of righteousness out in the mountains where he has fled with his family according to Yihwhey’s Word!! LOL! ”

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who regularly takes the time to check in on Zerubbalube for a good laugh… Cable TV sucks!!!

    Turn from your rebellion!!!


  13. I wonder how much roughing it Zerubabel is doing….

    Does he live in a trailer? Or does he live fully out of a tent??

    I’ve seen survivalists videos on youtube, where people try to live independent and off the land, it can be an admirable thing…a sort of adventure, or it can come out of paranoid isolationist madness. The former is fun to watch and learn from, the latter is boring.


  14. Avalo, Thanks for the update on Zerubabel. I like number 4 the best.

    Wandering into a Pentecostal tent meeting and getting violently tossed out for trying to “preach” during one of their services.

    Where can I find the YouTube video on that?


  15. Ronco:

    Oh yeah, I check in on him regularly to see just what nonsense he is pumping out in case there is a doozy. There is another one I didn’t mention:

    He found a way to make the 96 stone/bronze pomegranates adorning the Temple of Solomon into spiritual symbolism for 2013!! The 96 pomegranates supposedly symbolized 96 days before or after something or another, and Zerubabel was completely amazed at how timely and “relevant” this was!! I nearly soiled my underwear I was laughing so hard.

    Yup, all that deportation and irrational prophecy and fresh air and camping, and living with your wife and your favorite goat while wearing a towel on your head and commanding people to not remove their footwear for days just doesn’t get all us millions of false idol worshippers to put down our careers and life goals in order to listen to what he says!


  16. I can’t remember the name of the video but my favorite Zerrubabull quote pertained to baptism.

    ‘If you can’t find someone of like mind to baptize you, than you must submerse yourself!’

    Yeah, I can just see someone trying to submerse himself in the bathtub…


  17. This is one from Zerubbabel, that I haven’t heard about….

    Zerubbabel the lunatic said….”There will only be 153 who will still be alive in the flesh when His Son returns who are of this number. (John 21:11 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] )”

    John 21:11
    Simon Peter joined them and pulled the net to shore—153 big fish! And even with all those fish, the net didn’t rip.

    If this is true, exactly what army will Christ face if they are already dead except for 153 followers?
    What about the many Jewish people (as well as other Israelites), that God will plead to face to face at Christ’s second coming?
    What about the vast multitude that survive at the end of the Great Tribulation?

    Rev 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
    Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    No, Zerubbabel has clearly not though it through.


  18. Laura give it up go get a real job, it’s over nothing going to happen may 19 and u already stole all the money the old people have. 🙂
    Live people like my mother alone bitch !!! 🙂


  19. On Zerubbabel’s web site (I didn’t realize he had one), there is this gem:

    “July 19th (2012?) of this year represented the completion of His first fruit harvest of the 144,000 into His family.
    His son did come on this day like a thief in the night to complete this harvest whether you can accept this or not.”

    His website design is pretty horrible, why do all false prophets have such a terrible design ethic????


  20. NOTE:

    The Pentecostal Tent Service Interruption is NOT on video unfortunately. Zerubabel mentions it in passing in one of his videos, among other little incidents where he tried to get people to listen to him and they vehemently opposed it. But believe me, if such a video existed I would track it down and post here for you all! Incredibly stupid of Zerubabel to interrupt someone else’s service in order to get attention: just shows how completely insensitive he is to the idea of private property or spiritual privacy!


  21. Speaking of religious lunatics:

    Dave Pack (RCoG) has now proclaimed that God has revealed to him, among other things, that:

    “God will bring a culminating event, which could be called the eighth thing to happen, in a way that implodes these groups OVERNIGHT and leaves thousands of people in utter shock at what they just witnessed. Those who are regularly reading these announcements will be somewhat less surprised, but also stunned. This event will be explained in the future.”

    So the PKG are going to fall apart and be disbanded in a SINGLE night? Hardly. Pack grossly underestimates how completely stupid the PKG are. Ron has lied and falsely prophesied dozens of times, and they STILL keep on giving him their money!!

    COG theology = childish nonsense.


  22. Speaking of the COGS, Weinland’s new post is another whine-fest about how hard being a (false) prophet is:

    “Satan loathes God, His Church, and His plan for the Kingdom of God…”

    Nope. Satan can’t hate you and your church, Ron, because you serve HIM!

    Who hates you?

    Those who hate lies and your federal crimes!


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