Beware of Being Beguiled

As the Day of the Lord has not yet become Great and Terrible enough to free False Prophet Ronald Weinland from his imprisonment for criminal tax evasion, Johnny Harrell gave the sermon.

He warned PKG members to beware of being beguiled by intellectuals who would logically point out facts.  Perhaps facts such as that none of Ron’s prophecies have come true.  The demonic world is very persuasive, and PKG members are no match for the spirit world.  Instead, PKG members are to keep the faith that we are facing the most destructive times that will happen in a short time.  But if not, they are to be prepared to turn right and left as God progressively reveals the Present Truth (TM) when Christ does not return for the third time in 27 days.

41 thoughts on “Beware of Being Beguiled

  1. Yeah, how dangerous: reading, writing, measuring, testing, sampling, studying, analyzing, thinking…all those terrible habits that led us to inventing glasses, scalpels, medicine, compasses, writing, music, literature, metalworks, cars, airplanes, computers, satellites, and all that other beguiling stuff. Welcome to CoG theology: where lies are truth, and facts are Satanic. Here’s a fact for you, Johnny: JESUS CHRIST IS NOT RETURNING ON MAY 19TH.

    Just curious, Johnny:

    1. How is thinking about things and testing them anti-Christian? (1 Thessalonians 5:21)
    2. Isn’t saying the opposite of 1st Thessalonians 5;21 AGAINST God?
    3. If God is so true, and his word is true, what do you fear from testing it?
    4. Wouldn’t telling the PKG to NOT think be Satanic? You have to think in order to understand…

    Your fake church is a nest of scumbags, your false prophet is a criminal, and your theology is nothing more than the lies of cowards for the purpose of theft.

    I mock and oppose your fake church and the crimes it has committed. You are scum, Johnny.


  2. It always amazes me how Weinland and other scumbags like him always use “logic” to prove everyone else is wrong, but then demand everyone throw that same logic OUT when their own authority is rightfully brought into question, e.g., their ‘true’ prophecies fail.

    1. “You see? The RCG is clearly not the right church as you can see. Their reasons are totally wrong.”
    2. “The LCG reasons that X is Y, and thus they are wrong.”
    3. “Now…don’t you DARE think ANY of those same thoughts or ask US those same questions, because reasoning is WRONG!”

    1. “God is perfect, Thus his way is perfect, and his thoughts are perfect.”
    2. “DON’T question his perfection, because it is perfect.”
    3. “Don’t understand how jesus not returning is NOT a deception, since it was a true prophecy? You can;t understand it, because it is too perfect to be logical and understandable.”

    And the PKG morons lap it up like it is true. I hope they all end up on the street with nothing…


  3. Yesterday the Devil went down to Georgia because he was looking for more souls to steal. He ran into a man who said “My name’s Johnny and I have plenty of souls for you right here in pkg”.

    But the devil said “forget it boy, I made a deal with your boss Ronnie years ago and as long as Charlie Daniels aint around here playing his fiddle I’ll be going about my business and aint nobody gonna stop me”.

    Chorus::Fire on the mountain run boy run, Devil’s in the house of PKG, Ronnie’s in the big house three more years, demons all around you have nothin’ to fear…………………………


  4. Yup. “The PKG are under the greatest test of their spiritual lives because Satan is stirred up, and…” blah blah blah! Weinland is going to pull the rug out from underneath them again, and then blame them for feeling like they have been abused.

    Weinald : “Satan!! Demons! Nuclear War!!! The Day of The Lord’s Wrath!!! Testing!!!!! Fire!! Asians!! Hordes!! Millions dying a screaming death!!!”

    (may 19th, nothing happens)

    Weinland: “isn’t it amazing how God leads us to true happiness?’ And what you believed about May 19th is between you and God, and has nothing to do with me. Now don’t forget to show god how happy you are by tithing extra for the Work, make sure you don’t neglect Jesus by not sending me all your money…”



    26 days left…. and? Nothing. Zero. No nuclear strikes, no millions coming to be baptized, no Asian Hordes, no destruction of the USA, no beast Power, no Anti-Christ, no signs int he heavens, no stinging locusts plaguing mankind with misery for 5 MONTHS, no plagues…nothing. Can you read? NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    RONALD WEINLAND IS A LIAR. he has lied to you aboUT everything he has done. He has promised to quit/repent and hasn’t. He has made exact prophecies that have failed. he has stolen form the government and has been jailed for it. He has spent YOUR money that you gave to GOD on panties for his wife, and SHIPPED a custom BMW to his son in Germany as a present. with GOD’S MONEY…and on and on. HOW IS SHIPPING A CUSTOM BMW to your son as a present (when Europe is filled with BMWs) God’s Plan?

    Jesus Christ is NOT returning on may 19th and you know it.

    wake up…


  6. Let’s review:

    Weinland said this on Pentecost (may 2012):

    “The heart and core of the written word of God, the parables, prophecies, and teachings of Jesus Christ are all spiritual in nature. Those who are not baptized, and all those who are spiritually asleep (do not have the flow of God’s spirit constantly IN their life at this time), cannot “see” what is basic and truly spiritual. Hence, the true “spiritual” meaning of Matthew 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2 that we have just addressed cannot be “seen” by such people. Instead, what is heard sounds like a “spiritualization” of something that they can only see in a “physical” manner.”

    1. If THE HEART AND CORE OF the written word of God is spiritual, THEN WHY PROPHESY THE EXACT PHYSICAL RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST IN THE FLESH? jesus said he would PHYSICALLY RETURN. That is not a spiritual metaphor. he said you will SEE HIM IN THE CLOUDS.
    2. How can you “spiritually’ SEE someone in the clouds, PHYSICALLY?
    3. That is not twisting words or using “intellectual” logic. Those are the EXACT words of jesus Christ!!
    4. The ONLY way to make THE HEART AND CORE OF Jesus Christ’s prophecy about his PHYSICAL return is to CHANGE it…the mark of an Anti-Christ.


    You are all doomed…(if it all was real…)…


  7. Speaking of tithing, no special instructions for 2nd tithe this year? Isn’t that the tithe where funds are set aside to attend the feast each year. Weren’t second tithe funds used last year to follow Ron and Laura around the country.

    If I recall correctly things got a little testy when word got back to Ron that a handful of pkgr’s were planning to use second tithe funds to follow the “two witnesses” over to Israel. Wonder why Ron was so upset about that?


  8. Jocko:

    I’ll bet there won’t be a Feast and that everyone will be required to send all their money in for the latest ‘final’ push before Christ (doesn’t) return in May 2014. The Feast this year will be gatherings in members’ homes. That way, Laura can spend all that hotel/conference booking money on wine, panties, diamonds, and gifts for Audra…y’know…the Gospel…


  9. Good News, everyone!

    You don’t have to go to the Feast this year (you never did)!

    All you have to do is give money to that felon in prison who lied to you!

    Your salvation depends on your sacrificing yourself for your cult psychopath!

    You too can be in blackness and darkness forever, so give generously until it goes beyond just hurting!


  10. OR:

    He recycles the ‘Day Of The Lord’s Wrath’ concept somehow, since he is so stuck on Pentecost. Days and numbers and Feast days are so important to him, he can’t just pick a regular day for the Great (Non)-Return of Jesus. It has to be based on something Biblical that makes his lie(s) plausible to idiots. 40 days and nights, seven days around Jericho, 1270 days of whatever. he also has to avoid correlations or numbers that can be linked to an allegory of Satanic significance. So even he knows he is eventually going to run out of Jerichos and lamps and prophets and Egypts!

    He just needs enough Jerichos to fill his retirement fund, before he invents an ‘out’ for himself and lets Harrell/Wrozek take over the family scam. He’ll make up so story about how God is progressively working with the Church and has decided that Ron, because he is a criminal, can’t go to the “Promised Land” like Moses, and thus Harrell is the new Joshua, and Matthews ai the new whatever, and there will be weeping and sorrow for Ron, and he will smile and comfort them, encouraging them to keep on working for the Work and the Kingdom, and then he will go home and go straight to the travel agent to book a luxury cruise, buy some more expensive panties for his wife, and go buy a couple of new BMWs.

    And a new era of lies and theft is born…


  11. Yes, Douglas:

    Now is the time that Jesus™ wants you to keep on giving to Ron because God™ is revealing the Truth™ to them exclusively. Jesus™ is returning™ on May 19th and he wants Ron to have more cars and wine and diamonds in case he sleeps in and forgets to return, which is awesomely spiritual and powerful in a way that we don;t understand because we don;t understand how lies are truth shipping BMWs to his children in germany is how God™ wants his money™ to be spent, which is The Truth®.

    ©2013 PKG Incorporated.


  12. Preaching the Kingdom of God Industries® does not seem to be taken (although Church of God Industries™ is and PKG Industries in Meridian, Idaho already has the name).

    Perhaps the PKG follow on Industry needs to patent it’s doctrines — that way, no one could use them for 17 years (and the patent could be extended) without paying stiff royalties within cross-licensing agreements.

    Hopefully, it is not too late in life for the young PKG members to get an education to become wily lawyers to make a fortune off of patents, copyrights and trademarks surrounding the PKG.

    Unfortunately, if they were smart enough to do that, they would be smart enough to know that Conald Swineland is a scam and would sue the socks off of his Weinland Family Industries™ for a real profit (and it all the more easy because the false prophet is now a convicted felon).

    Next time they see him, they could greet him with “We’ll be seeing you in court… again!”


  13. Amazing how God can only work with tiny cults whose leaders go to jail for breaking God’s and man’s laws. The God of the Universe who is responsible for its creation can’t get more than a couple hundred people to follow him via a crappy website and false prophecy?

    pathetic church, pathetic god…worthy of non-stop mocking…

    See you May 19th, PKG fools! 🙂


  14. “Amazing how God can only work with tiny cults whose leaders go to jail for breaking God’s and man’s laws. The God of the Universe who is responsible for its creation can’t get more than a couple hundred people to follow him via a crappy website and false prophecy? ”

    The most amazing part of all is being given this remarkable conscious feeling brain that is capable of probing the deepest mysteries of the universe, deriving the mathematical equations governing the operations and structures God put in place, understanding ourselves and wondering where we came from and where we are headed, creating wonderful and scary technologies that seem like magic to people that came only a few years before …

    … and yet thinking and logic are prohibited.

    Awesome to understand, truly, powerfully. Barf.


  15. While Weinland The Sub-Human insults and degrades humanity, the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy are not with us, as well as yet another fantastic Australian musician who has left us way too soon.

    R.I.P Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi, and Krystle Campbell.

    R.I.P Chrissy Amphlett


  16. Fooled once = shame on you
    Fooled twice = shame on me
    Fooled three times = fool
    Fooled 200 times = member of the CoG-PKG.

    May 19th, 2013 = International Idiot Day.


  17. Unfortunately, the PKG doesn’t seem to be in the state of panic many of the other ACoGs are here in 2013 where things are just not working out.

    The lack of manic panic seems to be an indication of the cluelessness of the blind and deaf followers of a cult religion insane lying bottom feeding false prophet convicted felon in prison.

    That should be enough to give any sane person pause.


  18. We’re nearing another déjà vu when ron will be pleased again when some PKGers looks up into the sky on the DOTL. Although, ron would really laughing hard inside, wondering in amazement how people can continue to believe in his lies.


  19. Yeah, the CoGs are all in a flap about shrinking budgets and members. Shows you just how fake they are.

    Jesus Christ supposedly died for their sins and a wondrous Heaven on Earth awaits them, and they are scared and angry about money? If they REALLY believed any of what they teach, none of this would matter at all! If the glorious return of the Saviour of mankind takes a backseat to auditorium building and tithe collecting, then it sounds to me like any/all CoGs are EXACTLY the kind of fraudulent church a devil/Satan would rise up to destroy the hope and salvation of anyone arrogant enough to believe they are that special and set apart from the rest of humanity.

    Thus, Zerubabel is proudly trumpeting his own stupidity from a tent in the mountains of new mexico, Flurry is a closet alcoholic who demands respect he has not remotely earned, Thiel hides behind fake science and predictions in order to satisfy his own selfish desire to be thought of as an actual intellectual AND a prophet, Weinland is a criminal who refuses to repent, Pack is an arrogant blowhard whose self image is exclusively based on how gloriously similar his fraudulent church is to the fraudulent church that spawned him, Meredith is an angry old man who is losing his control over his own little scam/church, and so on. And through all of this not once is the hope of the Cross preached, the supposed ‘happy ending’ to all their “imminent nuclear wars, ” and “special tithes.” The fear of war and desperate attempts at increasing tithes: it’s all they have, and it is all they will ever have.

    Watch out, CoGS: You can only cry ‘Tribulation wolf!’ so many times before the sheeple get tired of it and wander off to find a new shepherd!


  20. Case in point. Here’s Thiel on the terror plot that was stopped here in Canada:

    “But it is good that some potential terrorists were apparently stopped. Yet, like the USA, without national repentance, Canada itself doomed. Since Canada seems to be going more into sin nationally, that type of national repentance seems unlikely. Yet, personal repentance is still possible. Do you see the winds of change in the Canada and elsewhere?”

    Canada is “doomed”? ONLY a stupid f-ing CoG false prophet can take a POSITIVE event like STOPPING terror, ans say that this shows that Canada is DOOMED. The Canadian police STOPPED an act of terror that was to be committed in the US once the train crossed the border. WE stopped the TAKING OF AMERICAN LIVES. And Thiel says we are DOOMED? How is acting like Christ and stopping evil a sign of going into “more sin?” And what does Thiel even mean by that? What “more sin” is Canada going into?

    1. Boston marathoners are horribly attacked = “see, God is punishing”
    2. Canada STOPS such an event = “see, Canada is still doomed because it is only a matter of time…”

    Only a CoG a***hole could equate SAVING LIFE with sin and spiritual decline…Thiel/the COGS are anti-LIfe, anti-Goodness, anti-Peace, and anti-CHRIST.

    Like comedian Patton Oswalt said after the Boston attack (about the evil among us), “the good outnumber you and we always will…”

    Hear that, Thiel?


  21. The thing most missing from the Cult of Herbert Armstrong is the message of Redemption. It is the hope and promise that everyone will be redeemed, have their problems solved or show them how to solve their problems, spawning an attitude of interrelated cooperation as a true worldwide community to bring peace, prosperity, mental health and sanity, healing, acceptance with great harmony without threats and abuse.

    If only someone could bring that message, they would have quite the following without the hyperbole.

    Too bad they all missed the boat, or, rather, the boat sank before it got out of the harbor.


  22. Ah yes, Douglas, but you are forgetting one thing:

    There’s no GLORY and PRESTIGE for Weinland in peace and love. There is ONLY glory for them when they get to control others and make them fear a false future in order to be the wondrous Prophets and Apostles that get to save them from this and be the “answer’ to their fears. Peace and love mean no ATTENTION paid to Weinland;s message of fear, and that is unacceptable. Weinland MUST be the focus of everything or else he is nothing: a lie he tells himself and the world. I’ll bet Ronald Eric Weinland could have been a great friend and neighbour to many, and beloved in his community. NOW, he is Ronald Weinland the Self-Appointed False Prophet and Criminal: a selfish lunatic who has destroyed his soul by destroying others in order to feel glorified.

    Ronald Weinland hates himself so much that he must attempt to fill that gaping wound in his soul with the meaningless approval of people who are afraid to disagree with him, thanks to his manipulative use of God as Solely Ron’s to manage. His sickness and lies = anti-Christ.

    Strange, since Jesus message was one of peace and hope and encouragement…


  23. Ronald Weinland = “don’t you dare leave me!!!”
    Jesus Christ = “join me and let me comfort you and take away your fears…”


  24. PKG is kinda like the tv show “The Following” except without the killing and without a leader who knows how to escape from prison. Johnny is Roderick and Mike is Ryan Hardy. Oh and I can’t forget that Wayne is Emma and Terry is Jacob.


  25. Its quite ironic that these ministers including Weinland, always look for some ‘punishment theme’ from on high, in equating some localised terrorist act, or natural disaster to ” see, I told you so , this is what can/will happen “…. especially Weinland. And he’s say’in it, and writing about it while he is being punished himself ! ……..And from behind bars ? UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!! 😀


  26. What happened with the DOTL???

    Isn’t a whole bunch of stuff supposed to happen?

    First Ron said it was a year long…that was a bust….

    So he decided it was 6 months long….that too was a bust….

    The he decided it was between Passover and Pentecost… far….a big bust….

    Is he going to compress it down to 24 hours AGAIN? (of course this won’t happen either)


  27. Some amusing history for PKGer’s who forget (or most likely never knew).

    Ronald knew that the bible prophecies states that BEFORE the Day of the Lord starts (it basically signals the start of it), that there is the Sun and Moon sign that occurs. The Sun turns black, and the Moon turns blood red.

    Since this did not happen, Ronald came up with the ridiculous explanation….

    There are 2 main verses that state…(paraphrasing)
    The sun/moon sign will occur BEFORE the Day of the Lord.

    So Ron tries to explain it this way….

    The sun/moon sign is the pre-Face of the Day of the Lord….(of course preface still means before in this context)

    But Ron tries to weasel out an explanation and says it is the “Face” of the DOTL, in other words, it does not necessary mean BEFORE in any chronological sense.

    But of course even this did not happen (nor will it, at this time).

    Any PKGers reading this…go and ask Ron, WHY THIS SIGN HAS NOT OCCURRED.


  28. “Any PKGers reading this…go and ask Ron, WHY THIS SIGN HAS NOT OCCURRED.”

    ….And they’ll be Dis-fellow shippy, shippy, shipped-out !

    Jesus sure ain’t play’in the Wienland games ……… is he ?” ol Bubble-‘ed must be a-gett’in sooooooo frustrated, with the way things are shaping up in the “land of the eternal light” ?
    Such things are not usually revealed to mere mortals …….. But, shhhhhh …… don’t tell ‘ol Rotten Ronnie ! ( Its kinda fun having him chase his tail ) 😀


  29. You know, I don’t even read his stuff anymore, because just reading it makes me angry and who wants that crap in their mind anyway? He’s done, and the realization may be beginning to sink in. One can only hope. 😀


  30. Hi LeftAtLast. We all hope you are doing well. Your statement means you are healing from the abuse and programming. Constant negativity, fear, and lies, naturally repulses a healthy mind. This means you are returning to mental health.

    I agree he is possibly slipping into dementia trying to hold this scam together. I don’t think anyone is trying to attack God by telling Ron he can’t run a church. Ron could have acted with decency and humility. He probably would have avoided jail by settling the case with the government. He would have shown himself a repentant decent man. He could have admitted he got carried away with fantastic tales and stories that belong in a movie. That he wants to run a sabbath keeping church focused on healthy fellowship and personal/spiritual growth and glory to God. Those who wanted to stay together as a congregation and worship would have done so based on truth, not pretense. But getting greedy and dishonest and rewriting history threw up all the warning signs of a scam, God has done nothing to back these “prophecies” at all, and the people left just see him as a celebrity figure and dont care whether right or wrong. And a few people I keep in touch with are actually moving on with life realizing it is probably fake, but don’t want to get kicked out of fellowship because they value their friends and family in the congregation! And are probably afraid of getting disfellowshippied out. So individuals meaning to worship God with sincerity are left in a group glued together by pretense, fake stories that are not even coherent anymore, and fear induction. That, my friends, is spiritual extortion.

    Congratulations on having the courage to take control of your thinking. The bible tells us not to fear a prophet whose prophecies have not taken place, therefore whom God has NOT spoken through.


  31. I’m doing well, Bilbo. This is the last “instruction”week @school. Next week, (for internet students the weeks go Tues-Tues), is studying for finals, and the week after is final exam week, Hooray! Then I have a whole month off before summer semester. :).

    My Dad had a triple bypass on Monday, made it through okay, and is recovering well. 🙂

    I feel badly for those with family in pkg. It is hard enough when almost every friend you’ve had for decades is in the church and you know it’s not the place for you, to up and leave. With family it would be so much harder.

    There’s a lot of ‘class distinction’ in the Armstrong groups. The higher the office is, the more holy you are perceived to be. I think those who look up to those holding office will only go if the ‘stronger in the faith’ leave first. That is what the Armstrong churches do to the weak. They take away any confidence in your own discernment. They actually discourage people thinking for themselves. And you end up following a man, or group of men, and their party line. And what if you realize the truth, but you hold office and it’s your sole source of income? You have to find work so you can continue to pay your bills. There’s different issues to grapple with .. almost as many issues as there are people, when it comes down to getting out.

    What is that saying? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  32. You are so right LeftAtLast – I believe I would have left after April 17, 2008 if Wayne had have left. I looked up to him, being ‘longer in the faith’, instead of trusting myself and being prideful. That’s why in many ways I think those around Ron, enabling him, in some ways are worse than Ron!

    So glad to hear things are going well, and your dad going well after his OP.


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