Are You Living the If?

With only 3 more weeks before the end of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord and the return of Jesus Christ, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continues to lounge in Club Fed.  Perhaps he is using his sabbath to compose a post for his blog which is more rational than the one earlier this week.

Therefore, it was up to one of his flunkies to deliver the sermon.  This week it was Terry Wrozek.  For some reason, Terry’s sermon was not delivered “live” but was pre-recorded.  Maybe PKG has only one laptop with software installed to connect to the streaming audio server.  Seems to me that it wouldn’t be that difficult to set up another so Terry could take it on the road, maybe to Denver.  It’s been a couple of weeks since a trip for one of Ron’s flunkies was posted on Ron’s blog.

Terry’s sermon was directed at retaining members.  He asked rhetorically whom they were listening to.  PKG members need multiple layers of filters to protect their minds from rational thinking.

At one point Terry said “Blog, blog, blog” in a mocking tone.  Perhaps this blog and its commenters are having a greater effect than I thought.  I have received several reports including in comments that the following individuals have left PKG:

  • Senior Elder Ralph Dowd.  Ralph has been a PKG member since the 90’s, and often traveled on his own nickel to hear Ron speak at distant locations including Hawaii.  Ralph was called by the government as a witness at Ron’s trial, and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • April Combs.  April I believe was an elder and at times ran mail lists for PKG member.  April also testified as a government witness and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • Hope Henson, another Cincinnati area member and related to April.
  • Shawn Christal from the St Louis area (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)
  • Senior Elder Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law.  (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)

Whether or not this blog had anything to do with this, I hope it is true and that more will soon join them.  Three more weeks to the very minute of this posting until the next time Christ doesn’t return.