Ron’s House of Cards

The following was left in a comment on the previous post.


It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people.  They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.

Beth Bucheit
Sr. Elder the COG-PKG

I don’t have verification but it seems authentic.  If true, it calls Steve Dalrymple’s position in PKG into question, as he has been the Cincinnati senior elder for some time and before that one of Ron’s flunkies so if a recently promoted female senior elder is doing this …..

So the list of possible but not necessarily confirmed defectors includes:

  • Ramona Weinland, Ron’s own mother
  • Kris Cameron, Ron’s sister and senior elder
  • Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law and senior elder
  • Ralph Dowd, long time member and senior elder
  • April Combs, long time member
  • Hope Henson, long time member
  • Donna Kautz, long time member
  • Chris Little, Ron’s son-in-law (though the legality of his marriage to Audra is in doubt considering how Ron handled their marriage certificate)

These are all long time PKG members, and include Ron’s family and senior elders in PKG.  I hope this list is true, and will soon expand to include more from PKG.