Ron’s House of Cards

The following was left in a comment on the previous post.


It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people.  They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.

Beth Bucheit
Sr. Elder the COG-PKG

I don’t have verification but it seems authentic.  If true, it calls Steve Dalrymple’s position in PKG into question, as he has been the Cincinnati senior elder for some time and before that one of Ron’s flunkies so if a recently promoted female senior elder is doing this …..

So the list of possible but not necessarily confirmed defectors includes:

  • Ramona Weinland, Ron’s own mother
  • Kris Cameron, Ron’s sister and senior elder
  • Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law and senior elder
  • Ralph Dowd, long time member and senior elder
  • April Combs, long time member
  • Hope Henson, long time member
  • Donna Kautz, long time member
  • Chris Little, Ron’s son-in-law (though the legality of his marriage to Audra is in doubt considering how Ron handled their marriage certificate)

These are all long time PKG members, and include Ron’s family and senior elders in PKG.  I hope this list is true, and will soon expand to include more from PKG.


49 thoughts on “Ron’s House of Cards

  1. Congratulations, to those leaving.

    You have seen the evidence against many of Ronald’s claims and that he is false.

    I hope you inspire and lead others out of the “snare” of a false prophet.


  2. I also hope this is true.

    The one thing that is sure to do in a one-man-cult is to oust people who most of the others support and value — it’s a good way to get your cult to go bust.

    And if Conald Swineland’s mother is out (if), well… it’s the kind of damage from which it is not possible to recover.

    One who would do real damage is Joyce across the street — if she were to leave, there goes the fall back….


  3. I would love to have been the proverbial fly on the wall when Ron’s mother announced she was leaving the PKG. I really wonder about what went on. Did she recognize that her son was a false prophet or is there some sort of infighting going on? Does she know that the PKG is about to be wrenched away from Ron, and is she leaving (with others) to form the basis of a new Ron-controlled group? The PKG would keep the remaining membership and the mailing list, but the new group would have their prophet with them.

    If anyone has details, we’d all love to hear them.


  4. Beth my dear sister how did you get so screwed up?! Am I going to get another goodbye from you like last
    year? And then when Christ doesnt return again are you going to slobber at weinlands feet just so you
    can sign senior elder under your name? he preys on weak people and it makes me sick!!


  5. It has not been completely confirmed, so I don’t particularly believe it. But if it is true, then we are seeing something very VERY rare. A couple of GOOD Weinlands!! Who knew?!

    A WEINLAND that does the RIGHT thing, and follows Christ’s example to flee from evil and seek what is GOOD?

    Unbelievable!! :0


  6. This is embarrassing! Some Weinlands, Ralph, April, and EVEN Chris Little??!!??

    I didn;t see that coming at all…if it is indeed true…as much as I HATE all of them for supporting Ron…I will put down my sword and secretly kind of hope that they left.


    If it is true and you all are leaving…Holy Cow! That in itself is more of a miraculous sign from God than any fake prophetic, lying word out of Ron’s sick mind.


    This must be so hard on you to have to leave your own son’s church, especially when he keeps on saying it is the ONLY one and yet you know otherwise. You and Zerubabel’s mother must really ache inside seeing Ron persist in his sickness, and even though I am a complete atheist, I hope you find some kind of spiritual comfort and continue to seek God, truth, righteous, or whatever it is you believe in.

    As a parent, I can (partially) understand the pian you must feel seeing your own child doing things that are clearly not healthy, and I hope you find new hope and peace as you progress away from Ron’s sick theology. I HATE your son…but that hate is contingent on repentance and humility. Hopefully one day you and I both will get what we want: Ronald Weinland to stop lying and stealing, and start giving to people instad of destroying them.


  7. Hmmm, not knowing much about the internal politics of COGs and PKG in particular, this smells to me more like schism then leaving the church – *if* it is true. A schism of this sort though would have dire consequences on the church, so I certainly hope it is true!

    Of course, it would be even better if they were really and truly leaving the church completely 🙂


  8. A schism is possible, but unlikely(?)

    On what basis would they split off and form a new splinter?

    “We believe Ronald Weinland to be a false prophet, but we want to teach all the same things he taught”


    On what point of disagreement would they hold, to support splitting off?

    Unless they want all the tithe money sent to themselves, which is entirely possible.


  9. A SCHISM…Interesting! That would be even better! A splinter of a splinter of a splinter? My God, pretty soon there will be 30,000 splinter COGs each containing a single member!! LOL!!

    The Church of God – A Steve Association.

    The Alicia Church of God – Preparing Alicia For The Kingdom Of God.

    Jack Smith’s Cleveland Basement Missed E-mail Church of God – ‘Wondering What The Hell Is Going On’ of God.


  10. That’s right, Randy mentioned it.

    Y’know? I like Randy, so I will take HIS word for it. If Randy said it, I’ll have a little faith in him.


  11. Either way, I am REALLY looking forward to Ron’s blog this week! Should be a real whopper.

    I am guessing it will be about how ‘sad’ he is that people are leaving God;s way because they X-ed, and didn’t Y, and Satan got them to Z!

    translation: “Help! Stop taking away all my tithes!! I want more diamonds and massages and BMWs and luxury cruises…I mean God wants you to follow his way…and you are defying me…I mean God…and my…I mean God’s tithes are necessary for buying expensive cars…I mean doing God’s Work! Since jesus isn;t…I mean IS coming in May you will all be sorry!”


  12. AND let;s not forget, Ron just called for a church wide fast – and now a bunch of people are leaving. He asked them to call on God for wisdom and forgiveness…and people are leaving. Careful what you wish for, Ron! YOU asked them to be shown what sins they need to cleanse from their lives, and then these SAME people left YOU. Looks like God has finally spoken to HIS people there, Ronny: the ones that reject YOU, the False Prophet!

    1. Ron calls for the PKG to go before GOD and repent of their sins.
    2. People repent of following a false prophet and leave the PKG.

    I am not a theist AT ALL, but I will say this…

    …Hallelujah! 🙂


  13. And how hilarious is it that Ron said this in his last post (about the big super-duper spiritual fast):

    “Our way of life includes a continual process that enables us to grow spiritually closer to God by His revealing sin to us and our choosing to continually repent as He reveals it.”

    Well Ron? Looks like God is taking you up on your word and revealing to your victims how to grow spiritually closer to Him – by leaving you and your sick, false church! Better not call for any more spiritual fasts/repentance, Ron. You won’t have any victims left to fund your luxury cruises, and your wife’s diamond/gold/expensive panty collection!

    Ronald Weinland – defying Yahweh and Jesus Christ since 2006! LOL!


  14. “YOU asked them to be shown what sins they need to cleanse from their lives, and then these SAME people left YOU”




  15. Looks like Ron has some ‘splainin to do!

    Almost guaranteed he is going to play the “little old me: I’ll just keep humbling moving forward in time as God reveals..” card.



  16. Point of order if the email is true

    “It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people. They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.”

    Once someone leaves an organisation like a church they are no longer members and their names no longer appear on the membership records of the church. If you no longer hold the records you can’t disfellowship them.

    Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted for the sake of image (if the email is correct)


  17. Ronald Weinald is like the high school band dude, marching in one direction, while the entire band is marching in the opposite direct.


  18. He’s been in the slammer for 2 months? Let’s hope that within 4 more months the COG-PKG will be completely defunct. Maybe it is time the members started praying that an angel of God comes down and anoints Laura’s tongue to lift the curse of silence Ron has placed on her.

    So sad Ronnie ole boy. You could have admitted back in 2008 that you were a false prophet like you said you would do. Instead, you proceeded with your arrogance, got arrested, convicted and are fighting for the remote in the common TV room of a federal prison.


  19. Eric and I,m smiling:

    Happened to my wife and I when we resigned, by letter to our local pastor, from Worldwide. We were immediately sent a letter announcing we had been disfellowshipped. Toads. (Apologies to amphibians).


  20. Ron can’t “GRASP” the fact that::

    (A) he’s a proven false prophet.
    (B) not one of the two end time witnesses.
    (C) not an apostle.
    (D) nor the Elijah to come.


  21. Yes, indeed.

    Ron is like a sulking teen who says: “My girlfriend has left me and said she never wants to see me again. Therefore I have decided to no longer date her!” How fitting that the PKG are emulating Ronald WHINE-land’s style in these matters!

    1. “I can’t believe how I just hide interest from, and lied to, the IRS for 5 years – and used Church tithe money to buy luxury items for my family, and they threw me in jail! Clearly they hate God’s Way…”

    2. “All I did was curse those ‘mockers’ to a quick, miserable Death, and look how mean they are!”

    3. “Look! It’s not my fault Jesus hasn’t returned!!! How would I know the exact date and time?!! I’m just God’s End-Time Prophet who has revealed God’s exact timing to the world as the one and only sign I am God’s True Witness and End-Time Elijah.” It’s not my job to tell you what to believe!”

    4. “You are all giving up on God’s Church!!! There is nowhere else to go to be saved, no one else’s name you can call on for Salvation! I am the ONLY one who can decide who gets into the Kingdom! Who else has that power? Who else can forgive your sins and petition God on your behalf? Certainly no one born 2000 years ago…”


  22. 5. “There will be no US president in 2009. That;s God;s Truth not mine! There is no way God will change his mind, and anyone who would change their mind about that event and call it spiritual is disobeying God”

    6. “Millions of people will come to be baptized in the few short months before Jesus returns in may 2012! I mean, why would I waster your time and energy worrying about the timing and organisation of such a huge =task if it weren’t true. That would be a really deceitful scare tactic to get you to keep tithing to me!”

    7. “Look! All I said was that there is an exact timeline to the exact order of Seals and Trumpets in 2011 – 2012 that is timed down to the exact hour that Joseph Tkach, Sr. became apostate, that exact moment being when Jesus will return physically! I didn’t say I knew exactly what was going to happen!! Geez!!

    8. “There will be exactly 5 months of torment. Exactly five. But it doesn’t mean that there will be torment for 5 months, just that 5 months will be the period of torment, exactly…”


  23. 9. “First I thought, “what if May 2012 will not be the Return of Christ? But then when I remembered that I am God’s End Time prophet and, because of that, I would have to be a False Prophet in order to have that prophecy fail, thus I realized I have nothing to worry about! Only Satan could tell a lie that big about Jesus returning on an exact date if it wasn’t true!”

    10. ” Only God can show you the true meaning of the Bible. Now let’s turn to Ezekiel 13:2, and I will show you it’s true meaning…”


  24. Note to PKG (and others with the same mind-set);
    YOU do NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to disfellowship anyone from “GOD’S CHURCH”. You may have the authority to disfellowship them from the PKG, but they have already taken it upon themselves to leave, so I do’t think they really care. Can’t you let them go in peace and love?


  25. LindaP:

    Keep in mind these are the same people that said NOTHING when Ron cursed me and my CHILDREN to die. My kids sometimes read the blog, thus they are to Ron his ‘mockers’ who gather here, and are included in his death curse. My kids were preteen. Ronald Weinland cursed two cute, innocent little girls to death…

    Ronald Weinland’s mind is toilet into which some sick spiritual entity defecates…


  26. The excuse Ronald gave for the “5 months of torment” was just embarrassing.

    But then all his excuses for all the failed prophecies is embarrassing.

    A TRUE prophet is only a true prophet if 100% of his prophecies comes true.

    Ronald Weinland has the noble distinction of have ZERO of his prophecies come true.

    That’s 0%.

    PKGer’s how are you going to stand before God and say that Ronald Weinland is a true prophet of His??????


  27. The same way they stand in front of Weinland himself right now…without compassion, shame, or humility. Knowing this bunch they will tell God that he doesn’t understand how spiritual everything is!

    GOD: Before the heavens and the Earth were formed I summoned forth Light from the Void, and Jesus spoke with great joy, saying unto Me…

    PKG member: Uh, God? That’s not what we were taught…you see? Ronald Weinland said it’s all spiritual…


  28. LindaP :

    There is no such thing as “GODS CHURCH”, here on earth ? No where in the bible , or in any text from the time states that Jesus, or GOD had a church.

    Jesus apparently visited Pharasees temples, and Synagogues ( to teach ) , And said to the faithful : “measure the walls of a Temple of his father”, But no one knows that he was’nt talking about a heavenly Temple of his father ? that was recorded, but he never started a Church as such. ( on the Earth )
    He had twelve Apostles, which he told to go out in the world and preach his words and way of life. ( They did not record Christ’s life until 40 years after his death )
    Jesus mentioned a Church only once, when he said of Peter, that Peter was the Rock, ” and upon this Rock, I shall build my Church”.
    Who knows if he meant, a physical building, or Peter was the most knowledgeable to lead after Jesus ? ( He was called the first PoPE ) The Catholics seem to think that St. Peters Basilica, in Rome was the fulfilment of Christ’s intention, but I doubt it, as St Peters ( the origional ) Basilica was’nt built for 400 years, after Christ, and it was not built by or for “Catholics”.
    There was never any mention of the “Church of God” in any transcripts of those times …….. Herbie started his unauthorized Socialist blasphemy of a “business church” ( WWCoG ) in circa 1937-39.

    I’m no scholar neither trying to be a smart-arse, Its just what I’ve read since Ron raised his ugly head ( to my notice ), some years ago . 😀


    All sin is sin, but some sins show a more wicked heart than others.
    A Christian must have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness
    but must reprove them (Eph. 5:11). Sinning willfully (deliberately)
    shows a very corrupt condition of heart (Heb. 10:26—31). Continuing in
    sin or sinning until death has no chance of forgiveness (I John 5:16).
    Therefore, any member’s sin which is open and seen by others, which he
    refuses to repent of even after seeing the truth about it, is worthy of
    disfellowship (II Thess. 3:6, 14). Certain such open and deliberate sins are listed in 1 Cor. 5:11 as
    requiring withdrawal of fellowship: (1) fornicator (Rom. 7:3; I Cor. 7:2), (2) a covetous man (A
    Greedy Man), (3) an idolater, (4) a railer (a slanderer, a man with a foul tongue), (5) a drunkard,
    (6) an extortioner (a swindler, a cheat, one with the heart of a thief). Titus 3:10 also lists “a heretic” to
    be rejected. The Revised Version says “a factious man.”

    Rom. 16:17 says to mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the
    apostles’ doctrine and avoid them. Division-causers often arise in the church bringing
    false teaching (Acts 20:29, 30). II John 9-11 shows that anyone going beyond the
    doctrine of Christ, instead of abiding only within the Scriptures, is without God. He must
    not be received nor approved lest we become partaker in his evil deeds. Teachers of false
    doctrines who cause division in the church must be disfellowshipped…………………………………source :

    Seems to me that these heirachy @ PKG are committing the very things ( sins ) that they are disfellowshiping their ordinary members for not doing ? So, they are actually doing the disfellowshiped a great favor IMO ? 😀


  30. Budgie:

    Just more human history based on an imaginary desert god, and a lying carpenter named Jesus. No matter how many basilicas, Popes, and so on there are, the Bronze Age fairy tale they are based on remains just that. Let the morons believe it if it makes them feel special. They love their fantasies, and encouraging them to believe in less poisonous versions of Ron’s theology is a good way of saving them from him.

    There are EIGHT MILLION species on the planet, 2 million of which are marine. So two of each of the remaining species ended up on the Ark, 12 MILLION in all (6×2). 12 million animals living in a boat smaller than a football field for 40 days? What about fresh water? What about manure? What about the animals that eat other animals? What about grain? What about leaves for the tree dwelling creatures? What about all the MILLIONS of kinds of insects that can’t live in water?

    Fairy tale…


  31. “Jack Smith’s Cleveland Basement Missed E-mail Church of God – ‘Wondering What The Hell Is Going On’ of God.” – Avalo

    Sign me up for that one!!!


  32. Yeah, I’m no Christian , in the sense , my partner is, but she does’nt attend any Church ……… I do however, try to live by the ten Commandments though.
    The Commandments are just common sense, ( for life ) and when you think about it, if ya don’t at least try to live by them, you could end up very lonely, unemployed, a substance abuser, or dead ……. IMO 😀 ( I reckon Ron has openly disregarded all of them ……… Some Christian Minister , Huh ???? )


  33. Let’s see…

    1. Ron most certainly has other gods before God: the almighty dollar and himself.
    2. Graven images? Unknown
    3. Lord’s name in vain? He denies Christ, which is close enough.
    4. He failed to keep the Sabbath holy those couple years he told his followers to not keep the Feast.
    5. Honors his mother? New developments say otherwise.
    6. Ron has committed murder in his heart multiple times with his (failed) death curses.
    7. Adultery – unknown
    8. Ron’s favorite commandment to ignore. He’s stolen from God, he’s stolen from man, and he’s stolen from Caesar. He’s covered all the bases.
    9. Ron lies and lies and lies and lies. He lied on his taxes. He lies to his followers on a weekly basis. .When’s the last time he’s been truthful?
    10. Covet a neighbor’s house – Does allowing one of his neighbors to use her house as bond count? He sure seemed to covet specific BMWs, going out of his way to have a US BMW imported from Germany, and another exported to Germany.

    So, off the top of my head, he breaks 8 out of 10, and at least 5 on a regular basis.


  34. Why could this evil scum at least put his own house up for bond?

    Why did he go to this widow? And ask her to put up her house? What kind of scum does that?


    1. When I checked up on the false prophet at the county courthouse, discovered that he has within the last year or so refinanced his house and still owes a substantial sum. Meaning he has little or no equity in it.


  35. Ahhhh-ha!! The story is slowly unravelling! Ron has no money if he has a home equity loan (house as collateral) or home equity line of credit. And you MUST have good credit to do both…UNLESS you have been jailed for FINANCIAL FRAUD…in that case your credit is in the toilet! LOL!! The ONLY way he could have his luxury cruises, and ship BMWs to Germany, stay in 5 star hotels, and buy diamonds/gold/wine/panties is if he STOLE it from the PKG! And now he desperately needs the PKG to stay to help him finance his way out of debt and bad credit…let alone get rich!!

    Amazing how Jesus Christ’s return gets thrown out the window when you bank account starts running dry, eh Ron?! No more prophecy, he now needs contrite, ‘repentant’ PKG members who just quietly go about heir business paying tithes and not asking any questions. No BiG Return = no difficult questions. Ron’s desperate attempt at turning the PKG into the nice little church down the street is back-firing! He PROMISED a Returning Messiah, and he MUST deliver one, or his entire ministry is a LIE!!

    Live by the dollar…die by it! Watch out Ron! There are only so many retirement and college funds you can steal from before the PKG start wondering why Jesus hasn’t returned and you arre spending THEIR money on wine and cars when YOU SAID it was for the Church’s Google ad campaign…which now does not exist. These are TITHES, Ron…tithes that you said GOD required of them. Aren’t you REQUIRED to spend them on the CHURCH and not your lifestyle?

    Your mother Ramona TITHED to GOD when she gave money to you. WHY DID YOU SPEND IT ON A COUPLE OF SPORTS CARS?

    May 19th = “Weinland Lied Again” Day


  36. Don’t mean to appear overly fippant, but Hahahahahaha, seems that maybe Jesus ( or some kind of spiritual justice ) is finally at work to bring Ron to repentence ?
    Without necessarily danc’in on the man’s grave ( he doug for himself ) , but its kinda “interestingly amusing”, the speed, and corelation turning out for that Church business ?
    Is Ron & Co. finally getting the “message” ? 😀 And what ‘Truth’ is HE learning or ignoring from all this ? 😀


  37. Ron repent?!! LOL! This guy will repent exactly two minutes after never…

    False prophets don’t repent, they reload…


  38. “No more prophecy, he now needs contrite, ‘repentant’ PKG members who just quietly go about heir business paying tithes and not asking any questions.”

    Sadly some are already craning their necks to the sky expecting the entire world to come crashing down any day now. Will be on the roof of their house on May 18 waiting for lights and missiles. We may think they are the biggest fools alive but they are afraid he might be right this time. Extend the time line, make up more bs, repeat. When the elderly are being scammed they often keep sending the nigerian prince money until they run out, or a relative takes over their finances. Some can’t even *consider* that they are being scammed. Ron would never do anything like that, how can you even think that, and has never told anything that was untrue. Green is silver, and the moon cat does saucer the trumpet of fish, as avalo might say. Others maybe just love signing with a nice title under their name.

    But apparently some are retaking responsibility for their lives, so lives are being saved from slavery to this stupidity.


  39. What a shocker for Ronnie and the sheeples that Ronnie’s own mother & sister have left PKG – I sometimes wonder if my past friend, who introduced me to PKG back in 2007, is still a member – especially since she was good friends with Ramona. I say past friend because we have had no communication since the day I told her I didn’t believe as she did with regard to Ronnie & PKG.

    That is what disfellowship entails – it sets a boundary for the remaining PKGers as far as who they are not to communicate with. It is a form of control put upon the sheeples by Ronnie or whomever is the ‘leader’ of the cult – supposedly to protect the sheeple from being influenced away from their ‘truths’ – similar to the control effort of Ronnie telling the sheeple which internet sites they can/cannot access.


  40. I know I’m a little late to this conversation, but I felt it important due to the original message…

    Steve Dalrymple died several months ago (sometime last year, but I can’t seem to find the date).


    1. Steve Dalrymple’s son “Stevie” died early last year after some other events including his being disfellowshipped.


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