Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years Part 1

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s weekly posting is up, a bit late this week.

But before we get to the reposting, we note his birthday, the first of 3 to be spent in Club Fed.  Here is a song in honor of the occasion that Ron may want to dedicate to Laura.

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This new post will be delivered in two parts, as there is too much to cover in a single post. God continues to reveal more understanding and clarity to all that we have experienced over the past 4 1/2 years in the Church and in the world. We are living through the most intense prophetic times of all human history, yet the world is totally oblivious to what is taking place. Even the scattered body from the apostasy is in deep darkness to the realities of what God is working out at this time.

Nearly a third of the Bible contains prophecy and the overwhelming majority of it is about this end-time. We have been living through it, and the closer we come to the return of Jesus Christ as the world’s Messiah, the more intense the fulfillment of prophetic events will become. We have learned and are still learning that much of that which is prophetic for this end-time is about God’s own Church first. These events are completely unseen by the world. Yet the major events to occur next and take place in the world will be clearly seen by all. We have already seen most of what has been prophesied about the Church, and we will see all that has been prophesied about the world.

As a result of all that we have now experienced over the past 4 1/2 years, God is now revealing more about what and why we have experienced things as we have. There is more to understand about Daniel’s prophecies and about the awesomeness of prophetic events that we have just finished living through. To fully explain all this, this post is being divided into two parts. Most of this post will be the background and basis for understanding what God is now more fully revealing to us as we move from Pentecost to Pentecost   until Jesus Christ returns.

Learning From A Personal Experience:
Shortly after I became baptized into the Church of God, I moved to Wichita, Kansas, for a few months so I could get away from the pulls of my previous friends and the kind of party life I had been living in college up through age 19. After being baptized right after the summer of 1969, I returned to college to begin my senior year, but as I started back, I quickly dropped out because I knew I had to get away again from that past environment. It was then that I decided to head out to another city in Kansas to find a job and not return to college until I knew I was strong enough to refuse my past.

Right away, I found work and a place to live. Each Sabbath I met with a congregation of the Worldwide Church of God that numbered over 500 people. That in itself was an incredible experience for me, since I had gone through high school in a town of only about 100 people. It was there in Wichita that I was invited to join a unique speaking club that Herbert W. Armstrong had established for the men in the Church who wanted to improve themselves through such an opportunity. The club was fashioned after the manner of other speaking clubs, self-improvement clubs, and the Rotary Clubs, but was designed to the special needs of God’s Church at that time. There were 12 speeches that one could give before being able to graduate from the club. There were also many other speaking opportunities, including discussion of topics relating to world news events, family life, scripture, and doctrine.

This Spokesman Club was highly intimidating to a very pride-filled young man at that time, especially when faced with 29 other men (30 max to a club) from all walks of life whom I did not yet know and some of which who would have the responsibility to critique my speaking. The first speech was called an “Ice Breaker” where you were to stand up in front of the group for five to seven minutes and tell them about your life. When it was my turn to stand and give my speech, I was so nervous, petrified, and scared by the experience that my mouth was so dry that at times my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I did manage to make it through the speech; however, one of the things that stuck out in my mind at that time was how I felt concerning what I could tell about myself. I didn’t think there was anything interesting, outstanding, or important that I could share with them. Instead, I felt it would be rather ordinary and boring.

When I look back at that experience now, I think of how much more could have been said and the excitement with which it could have been told. As we live our life, it seems that most of that time we seem to think it is very ordinary and that there isn’t anything outstanding one could share with others if we were in such an environment to do so. Yet, we often respond differently to hearing from others and have often been inspired by someone telling us about their calling.

As we grow spiritually, we come to see more fully the extra ordinary lives God has blessed us to experience in His calling. We come to grasp how rare such an experience has been over the past 6,000 years of all humanity. We become more excited about how blessed we have been to experience how God has brought us to where we are in the transformation of our mind since being called. We often marvel at all the wealth of knowledge about God and His plan He has given us, along with the understanding and wisdom we have been blessed to receive from it. We come to see more and more how deprived and in bondage this world is to ignorance and confusion about God.

The process of how we change and grow in faith, character, conviction, truth, greater love and caring for others, along with the understanding and wisdom we develop over time is not ordinary by any means, but involves the extraordinary experience of the very life of the One Eternal Self-Existing God and His Son dwelling in us. Sometimes that can begin to be taken for granted and seen as ordinary, and that is a very dangerous mindset. Taking such a thing for granted can happen if a person begins to forget the awesomeness of their calling and of how God has taught them His truth.

I’ve related all this to you because we do not yet grasp the magnitude of what God’s Church has experienced over the past 4 1/2 years, but God is revealing just that to us. It has been difficult and a great struggle at times, especially over the past year and a half. That 4 1/2 years was not designed by God to be easy, especially over that short time, with the level of difficulty increasing the farther we moved into that period of time. Through a highly sped-up process crammed into a shortened period of time, God’s Church has experienced a level of learning, testing, trying, molding, and change that has often taken a life time for others in the past to have experienced.

That which we experience in God’s Church once we are called will either make us or break us, and that is by our own choices that we must make in response to God’s offer to make (create) something truly great within us. There have been all kinds of intense trials and testing we have experienced throughout this period of time, but this is beautifully unique to God’s Church at this very end-time.

There has NEVER been a time like this one for God’s people. We are clearly told that all of God’s people have had to go through great tribulation to enter into God’s Kingdom, yet this past 4 1/2 years has been designed to be a unique witness to God’s great power to create Elohim. God has been doing this (creating Elohim) for 6,000 years with the 144,000, but this period is a “unique witness” of a progressive process through time, until now, of His creating power in His quest for Zion   in His work concerning the controversy of Zion.

So, what are some of your experiences that have raised some doubt, question, or angst over the past 4 1/2 years concerning how God has lead you, through His Church, and what have you been taught   or what have you learned as a result? These are the very things that have either made individuals far more spiritually mature or have led to their own spiritual destruction   all as a matter of personal, individual choices.

God’s Work:
When we are first called, we simply do not grasp the magnitude and importance of a most unique calling God has given us. As we develop spiritually, we begin to see the importance and greatness of being called by the Eternal God himself. We can then begin to increasingly grow in gratitude and thankfulness the more we see how awesomely blessed we actually are. It is in this manner that we will come to grasp far more deeply what we have now experienced over the past 4 1/2 years of God’s extraordinary work that He has been doing in His Church during that time. Within this post, only a glimpse into this great process will begin to be made, and as we continue to mature we will far more fully come to grasp just how great and awesomely unique this experience has been. This will happen precisely in the same manner as to how we are able to grow to more deeply grasp the magnitude and opportunity of our original calling.

So, how can we come to more deeply grasp this experience and its importance in God’s plan just before His Son is set up as King of kings? God tells us! He is sharing with us what He has done, and we will increase in our ability to see how exciting an experience we have lived in a very meaningful phase of God’s great controversy over Zion.

Eight Months Previous:
Before we begin to focus on our experience over the past 4 1/2 years and those things that God wants us to see more clearly concerning His work in the Church, we are going to back up a little farther to the beginning of February of 2008. It was at this time that the stage began to be set for where God was leading us. At that time, there were important things God was revealing that we needed to learn, but He did not reveal everything all at once. Why? God could have, but there is an important purpose to why He didn’t. Such is designed to try and test our obedience and faithfulness to God in the way He leads us.

As we approached February of 2008, the book 2008  God’s Final Witness was just beginning to really grow in distribution. At this point in time, we believed Jesus Christ was going to return in the fall of 2011 at the time of the Feast of Trumpets, however, in some sermons before and after this, I stated that there was still a period of six to nine months that were not fully clear as of yet, concerning all this timing   there was still something missing. Although I was given to know this, I did not yet understand what it meant.

Starting on Pentecost in 2008, God began revealing more. The timing of everything was about to change as God began to reveal the importance of the timing of the wave loaves being of the same kind of importance as the timing of the Wave Sheaf that Jesus Christ fulfilled perfectly according to God’s time.

It was conveyed to me that the importance of this knowledge and the change it would have upon our understanding of timing should be covered in the sermon that would be given on Trumpets that year. This was exciting as it now fit into “timing sequences” that did fit into specific important dates, whereas before, it didn’t. This will be covered more when we begin to focus on the 1335 days in Daniel.

Therefore, well before we even entered the 3 1/2 years of witness, this change in dates was causing a stir, questioning, and great doubt in the minds of too many in God’s Church, so God gave us mercy and revealed important lessons that needed to be learned at that time, before entering the age of the “final witness.” In His mercy, God conveyed to me the importance for the sermon that was designed for Trumpets to then be given early in June instead. That sermon was given early, along with correction God gave concerning such attitudes of doubt and resistance to how He was leading His Church. If that sermon had not been given early, God revealed that there would be many who would not have spiritually survived to Trumpets. But God was preparing the Church for an important period of time that it was about to enter.

So in that sermon, God revealed that Christ was not going to return on a Feast of Trumpets, but on a Pentecost. This timing was critical to God’s plan concerning the fulfillment of the wave loaves being offered up before God that pictured His acceptance of the 144,000. This was of the same importance as the acceptance of the wave sheaf during the Days of Unleavened Bread that Jesus Christ fulfilled. We then changed the dates of our previous understanding of timing as soon as God revealed the truth of this matter of Christ returning on a Pentecost. As a result of this understanding, the beginning of the 3 1/2 years of witness was pushed back by nearly 8 months to the end, rather than at the beginning, of 2008.

As of February 2, 2008, we were at a point where we believed that the beginning of Daniel’s 1335-day prophecy had just begun. As we continue on, some may get a little lost in all the dates that will be mentioned, but the dates are not so important compared to the “big picture” contained in this complete story and what we can and are to learn from it.

Two Means by Which God Has Led His Church:
As I continue to explain some of this recent history, there is something of real importance I need to share with you because it is only in recent days that I have come to more deeply understand this process. This involves two issues of how God has been working through me. The more you see how God has been working to reveal prophecy and how God has been teaching His Church, the more you will come to appreciate the way in which God has led us.

As we were moving through the 3 1/2 years of witness, things were not happening on a level of what we had anticipated for this period. There came a point during this time, due to this anticipation not materializing and our not yet having seen the events of the Second Trumpet come to pass, that I shared my personal conviction in the matter. There were many outsiders who were trying to find fault and error in what God’s Church was teaching and they were ridiculing this matter of the events of the Trumpets not occurring. I then stated that if nothing were to come to pass in what was written in the book that I would acknowledge I was not a prophet and I would go before God and throw myself before His mercy seat in repentance and desire for guidance. Yet I believed that what was written in the book was given by God. I did not consider the “if” a reality.

Some time after this, I came to an even deeper conviction regarding my relationship with God and Christ, and I shared this with the Church. It was that even if I was not a prophet, although I still fully believed that I was, I undoubtedly was an apostle. The evidence was contained in all the truths God had given through me. God was strengthening me in my role and the commission He had given to me. God revealed to me and convicted me even more deeply that I was not only a prophet, but more importantly, I was an apostle to His end-time Church.

As a result of these events and God’s convicting power, He has led me to more clearly understand how he has been working in and through me. There is a different function and way that God works through a prophet and an apostle. Their job and function is not the same. The only one I can compare this to is the apostle, John. John was an apostle first and foremost. Later in life God used him as a prophet through whom He gave the Book of Revelation. John clearly saw the distinction through what he experienced. He knew from the beginning that he had been chosen as an apostle.

This was nothing like my experience. There was never a time before all this that I would have remotely considered myself an apostle. That would be one of the furthest things from my mind, as I know I would have considered such a thing a horrible presumption. Even when the time came when writing the first book that God was revealing to me that I was to declare I was His prophet for the end-time, I resisted for quite some time and somewhat argued with God over it.

Yet from the moment God had reestablished His remnant Church on Pentecost of 1998, God was using me as His apostle to the Church. However, He kept my eyes closed to that until the later portion of those 3 1/2 years of witness. It was then that I announced it to the Church, as being clearly evidenced by all the truths God had now given through me. So I began by seeing first that I was a prophet, when I was actually an apostle well before that time.

The purpose for mentioning all this is because I function differently depending on which role God has given me to do at any moment in time. The function and work of each is different. This is something that I am only now finally coming to clearly see and understand. It is something that God has to give in order to see it, and He is now doing so.

Although I wrote the book 2008   God’s Final Witness, I have not understood all that is written. God inspired me to write about prophetic events, but as with so many of the prophets, I have not understood all that He has given. In God’s time and according to His purpose that He is working out, He reveals more and more about the prophetic events He has inspired to be recorded.

It is because of this that I do not always know or understand what God has given me that is prophetic. Then as an apostle and minister, I have taught about these things God has revealed through me as a prophet. A prophet’s job (function) is not like that of an apostle. A prophet simply writes or speaks what God has given him and he does not expound or elaborate on it; however, an apostle does teach and expound on truth, doctrine, and prophecy to the Church.

Herbert W. Armstrong expounded upon truth concerning prophecy about the modern day nations of Israel, as God had given him knowledge of who they were. God gave him the “Key of David” (Rev. 3:7), which was about the identity of these nations and the identity of the monarchy that has descended from King David to this time and is still upheld as having some rule in Ephraim (United Kingdom). Many of the teachings during that era of Philadelphia about prophetic events for the end-time were centered upon knowledge of the identity of the modern day nations of Israel. Those teachings were based upon what was known to that point in time of the “present truth” Mr. Armstrong had.

God’s apostle, Paul, knew of the prophecies and promise of Jesus Christ’s return as the Messiah and he spoke in the context of that happening in his lifetime. Yet later, God revealed to him that it would be farther in the future.

This gives some context to better understand how God has been working in His Church. There are people who have rejoiced in what they believe proves I am not a prophet as a result of some things I have stated in sermons. Yet these individuals have no understanding of the job and function of a prophet or an apostle. Candidly, these same people would reject me as either anyway without any so-called “proof.” It obviously doesn’t really matter what others think or believe about such things, but what does matter is that God’s people know and understand the differences. Such understanding leads to a better grasp and appreciation of how God is working in His Church.

Back to February 2008:
On the first Sabbath of February of 2008, I gave a sermon entitled, “The 144,000 Are Sealed!” This sermon was given and based upon what God had just revealed to me about timing in Daniel’s prophecy about the 1335 days. Even now, God is revealing more that we have not known. These things that were revealed back then, and those things that are now being revealed in greater detail, were done so as a function of being God’s prophet.

However, the sermon I gave on that day was fully about my job as an apostle. These differences are being pointed out so you can come to see more clearly how God has been leading His Church and why He has also allowed us to conclude things that were not fully correct   primarily in timing. By design and by purpose the apostle, Paul, was allowed to believe Jesus Christ was returning in his lifetime. As an aside, what do you think some of that purpose was?

The subject of that sermon was about the sealing of the 144,000, which was based on what God was then revealing concerning the meaning of the 1335 days in Daniel. This revelation was given to me as a prophet. It was simple fact! It was the revelation of the meaning of the 1335 days that revealed the sealing of the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation.

However, my speaking (preaching) and teaching in the sermon was in the function of an apostle. As an apostle, I based what was given in the sermon on what was given prophetically about the meaning of the 1335-day prophecy and the “present truth” we had at that time. That present truth we had was that Jesus Christ would return on a Feast of Trumpets. An additional present truth was that God had revealed that His final witness was to begin in 2008, which was revealed as a simple fact as a function of a prophet.

There are some direct statements I made in that sermon, as an apostle, that were not correct   not for February 2, 2008. It was stated, “This is given by revelation only and by no other means. Let me say this another way. This is given by prophetic revelation and by no other means.”

Indeed, what was revealed to me concerning Daniel’s 1335 days being about the sealing of the 144,000 was a prophetic revelation given to a prophet. It was simple fact. However, as an apostle whose responsibility it was to preach about this was based on what knowledge we had in the Church to that moment in time   the present truth. This revelation of Daniel’s 1335 days being about the 144,000 being sealed was given to me on that Friday evening before the sermon was to be given the following day. My conclusion was based on the belief of Christ returning on Trumpets of 2011 and the fact (prophetically revealed) that 2008 was the year God’s final witness would begin. My conclusion was wrong.

This example is being given to show there is purpose to the process God uses to lead His people and different means by which He does so.

Faith and Righteous Judgment:
God does not give us all truth that there is to know and we do not have the capacity to receive it anyway. We will ever be growing in that. God has been revealing truth to mankind for 6,000 years in a progressive manner AS His plan is unfolding. This has been often pointed out over the past few years, as it must become deeply engrained in us. This in itself is an important truth that aids in sharpening righteous judgment and works to build stronger faith.

We are judged by what we see   know and understand   at any moment in time. Abraham and Sarah were judged by what God had given to them to know up until that time in God’s unfolding plan. They did not have the teachings Christ gave his disciples and they did not have what was later added as God gave even more through the early apostles that were to be recorded in the New Testament. They did not have what is written in the books of the Kings, nor in Psalms and Proverbs, or what the prophets recorded.

Abraham and Sarah were judged first and foremost by their desire and willingness to live by a “basic way of life” that was founded upon two basic relationships in life   love toward God and love toward fellow man. They sought to live by the laws God had given them regarding how to love both. This is the most important part of one’s spiritual life. If God’s laws about how to have a right relationship toward others and toward God are not what regulates our behavior, then all the rest of the knowledge, understanding and prophetic revelation God can give would have no meaning and purpose whatever (1 Cor. 13).

Although Abraham and Sarah did not have the slightest fraction of all the vastness of knowledge and understanding of God’s greater plan and purpose for mankind that we have available to us today, they will be very great in the Kingdom of God. This knowledge alone should stir people to examine how they live toward and treat their fellow man.

God’s desire in us is to transform our minds so we can become Elohim. He desires to mold righteous judgment into our thinking   the mind becoming capable of formulating right conclusions and making righteous decisions. Righteous decisions come from basing our judgment of every matter in life by God’s revealed truth to that moment in time. So God tries and tests us by how He leads us and by what He has revealed up to any specific moment in time.

There are different examples of this in the early Church. One important example early on that was difficult for some to receive, was God’s revelation that the gospel was to now go to the gentiles. This was new and it was a great change being required in the thinking of most. This put the Church to the test to see if all would continue to follow how God was leading them. The response from each person would determine if they had the ability to judge various situations in a righteous manner involving the gentiles   according to that new truth God had revealed to them.

This example can be likened today to what God has revealed to His Church about true freedom that is being restored to women by removing them from the kind of bondage they have been experiencing in the world for the past 6,000 years. In the Church now and in the Millennium that is coming, women are not second-class citizens who can be treated as inferior by men or looked upon by men as being in subjection to them. Such subjection would only be the case if it were on a spiritual plane when the need to administer God’s government might arise. In like fashion, there will be women who may also need to administer God’s government toward a man who in turn should be in subjection to God in such a case. In the Church now and into the future, God is removing the “curse” that started in the beginning due to the sins of Adam and Eve.

Some in the Church are still battling this and being tried by it, although this truth began to be delivered to the Church more than two years ago. This affects how husbands sometimes “think” it is permissible to treat a woman in a controlling manner as though they are in subjection to such demands or in how they might speak in a commanding manner when they have no right to do so. Not only is there no right to do so, but it is also sin. Even a few (a very few) men in God’s ministry are dealing with this new and “present truth” in how they are responding to a woman who is over them in the administration of the government of God in the Church. In some cases, there is more than one woman over them as a matter of God’s spiritual government. The one whom a few are having a difficulty with is ordained a prophet, as Deborah was a prophet. These few must fight this battle (if it is one for them), just as some in the early Church had to fight their wrong thinking concerning the gentiles. A person must change in their thinking as God reveals more truth to them in order for them to come into greater unity and oneness with Him. Such changes of new revelation of truth often test and try people as to their faithfulness to God and their willingness to follow when, where, and how He leads.

So as God reveals more to us we have to address changes in how we think if we desire to truly judge matters of life in a righteous manner   according to the ways, standards, truths, and righteousness of God’s word. We cannot serve God if we rely on our own ability to discern right and wrong, righteousness and unrighteousness, truth and error. After all, that has been the problem from the beginning.

[The rest of “Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years” will be in Pt. 2 next week.]


False Prophet Ronald Weinland sent some fatwas from his prison cell for his Deputy Sheriff Wayne to read.  Despite a special trip announced for Laura and Audra to visit Detroit, Terry did not deliver the sermon.  No doubt Laura and Audra performed some ecclesiastical function while there to justify spending tax-free funds on this to the IRS.

The first fatwa concerned the use of second tithe.  While awaiting the second return of Christ last year and the third return of Christ this year, members were allowed to use second tithe if short of funds to travel long distances to gather for weekly sabbaths.  Since the great and terrible Day of the Lord has been delayed indefinitely, members are to save their tithes to attend the Feast of Tabernacles.  Laura is trying to arrange a site in Hawaii.  The wanderlust for travel must be overwhelming since Judge Reeves put the ankle bracelet of humility on Ron last year and confined him to this basement and then later to the Terre Haute Federal Prison Camp.

The next fatwa concerned divorce and remarriage.  Prior to the second return of Christ last year, Ron decreed that members were not allowed to remarry since after all Christ was about to return.  Since the great and terrible Day of the Lord has been delayed indefinitely, members are allowed to remarry.  And with Ron confined to prison, members will have to get their counseling from evangelists.

The third fatwa concerned relationships with those disfellowshipped recently after recognizing Ron as the False Prophet that he is.  Members should not shun the disfellowshipped if they happen to meet on the street or at social events, and seemingly in one case of an employer-employee relationship.  But should remain distant.  The wayward sheep need to be shocked into realizing that they’ve left their relationship with the god that lives between Ron’s ears.  More evidence of the fracturing of PKG.

With all the elders departing, PKG needs new elders to handle the hordes of people who will soon desire baptism.  Bob from California and John from Erie have been made elders.  These are names I can’t place, so Ron must be really scraping.

In the comments section of the last post, the following departures were announced:

  • Larry Spivey from Georgia.  Larry was an elder, gave prayers when Ron would visit, and also edited Ron’s books.
  • Adrian, who is the brother of Christian who created a stir last year among the Australian brethren with emails sent out including an acrimonious exchange with Deputy Sheriff Wayne who was in Cincinnati for Ron’s trial.  Adrian was sharing living space with Jonathan Baillie, another young man who is unfortunately one of Ron’s elders still drinking his Flavor Aid, but since he has disfellowshipped himself has to move out.

Christian’s emails indicated that he had chosen to think for himself.  Hopefully Larry is doing the same and has not simply turned his allegiance to another guru.


Still Pentecost to Pentecost

Ron’s weekly posting up in record time.  Given that it’s only 12 hours since the non-return of Christ, and Ron’s weekly posting have been  no earlier than Monday, the cynic in me thinks that Ron has had this post ready for some time.-

——–Ron’s new Present Truth (TM) ———————

Since God has revealed it is not yet time for His Son to return, there are areas of our websites that must be updated to reflect what God is revealing. As I was beginning to rewrite some of this and more thoroughly explain some areas that need to be addressed, it struck me that I should first write a post. This post will explain some of those matters that will be addressed on our websites, but those issues are going to have to wait a while because it is more expedient that the Church receive this information first without having to search for it. This post is also very timely to Pentecost.

You should find it exciting as we address several issues because it is as a result of all that we have experienced (witnessed) that God is now revealing more to us. As we go through these things that God is clarifying and magnifying for us, try to consider how God has used our experience(s) to increase our ability to more fully grasp why and how we have been molded as we have. Experience can be an incredibly powerful teacher, and God is using this to reveal greater understanding. This process, that would have taken many years and has now been shortened dramatically, has brought about understanding with deep spiritual insight and a much greater measure of faith.

There are always those who find fault and seek to discredit God’s servants, and undoubtedly, some will also foolishly recount their misunderstanding of “no man knows the day or the hour” of Christ’s return. They would still be wrong. God is not at this time giving me a specific year to announce, but He will. Yet for the Church, He wouldn’t even need to give that specific date now, as the Church will know well in advance when Christ is coming   to the “day” and to the “hour” because of truths God has revealed to the church.

Someone was recently heard saying, “Why does he (me) have to set dates?” The simple answer is that it has been God’s will. All prophecy will come to pass, but it may also change along the way in both timing and magnitude if God reveals He has changed it or has not yet revealed all the truth in a matter. Not everything that God says in matters of prophecy for the future is written in stone, for God can and does change His mind, and when God does so He also reveals that to (through) His prophets.

There are Biblical accounts of those who have prayed and even fasted before God in order to seek Him and ask that He change an event that was to come to pass (prophecy). Isaiah told King Hezekiah that he was to get his house in order because he was about to die. After Hezekiah sought God in prayer, God told Isaiah to return to Hezekiah and tell him that he would be given 15 more years of life. Yet it later states that Hezekiah did not render according to that benefit that God had shown him. Instead, Hezekiah’s heart became lifted up with pride and God then sent the prophets Isaiah and Micah to tell of the destruction He was then going to bring upon Judah and Jerusalem. “Not withstanding Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart, both he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that the wrath of the Eternal did not come upon them (Judah and Jerusalem) in the days of Hezekiah” (2 Chr. 32:26).

Another well-known account is that of Jonah who was sent to Nineveh to tell them God was going to destroy them within 40 days for all their evil, but the people repented and fasted before God. “God saw their works that they turned from their evil way and God changed His mind of the destruction that He had said He would do unto them, and He did not” (Jonah 3:10).

As God molds His way of life within those who desire that and if they yield to that process then who is it that can stand before the Eternal God and tell Him what He can give or cannot give unto His own Church? Can God change what (or to a degree of what) He says through His prophets? Whenever God changes, or reveals a specific purpose, or a greater truth in any matter, especially about prophecy, He will reveal it through His apostles and/or prophets. That is exactly how God has always led and worked with His Church. Truth, however, never changes, but it is clarified and magnified to God’s people as He leads His people farther and farther out of error and into greater unity and oneness with His word   His truth.

Having said all this, if the exact year of Christ’s return is not given before hand, it will most assuredly be known once the events of the Second Trumpet occur and are made manifest to the entire world. Then the exact day and hour will be known as God has revealed it through two great truths concerning this matter. First, it is that Christ will return on the Day of Pentecost. So God’s Church is still moving forward, just as we did last year, from Pentecost to Pentecost.

The second great truth regarding this matter, which will be discussed more in this post, is that there are two periods of time with the same name   “The Day of the Lord.” We, as God’s Church, have just finished experiencing the first one, and the one that follows is the one in which the Second Trumpet will become physically manifest, with that “Day of the Lord” then ending with the Seventh Trumpet on the beginning of Pentecost. That will be according to Jerusalem time, and not only will that exact day be known well in advance, but the hour and the very minute.

Sealing of the 144,000:
As a result of all that we have experienced in this past year, God is now clarifying more concerning the 1335-day count in the Book of Daniel. He could not have revealed more than what we were given leading up to the Feast of Trumpets on September 30, 2008 because of what the church would first have to “experience” in his creation process.  At this time, God gave us to know that the count and the sealing of the 144,000 began on this day. So God is now giving us more. Pay close attention to what you now read as God is clarifying much about this account.

The Feast of Trumpets 2008 was the day for the beginning of the final sealing for those who would be included in the final count of the 144,000 who will come with Jesus Christ to set up the reign of the Kingdom of God on earth. The 144,000 will reign with Jesus Christ, and the reign of Satan will no longer exist over the earth.

This process of sealing all those remaining who would be added in order to fulfill the complete count of 144,000 began on that Trumpets of 2008, but was not completed until Pentecost of 2012. Some were sealed on that day of Trumpets 2008, while others were sealed throughout the following 1335 days, including the very last day. During that period of time and into the period of “final witness,” some would still be tried and tested to determine the final individuals who were yet to be added to this specific count of those who would reign with Christ.

Throughout this period of time, as individuals were tried and tested, some were sealed, and others were judged that they would continue living (physically) on into the Millennium to continue serving God during that time. Yet a few others were judged that they should not live into the Millennium due to their response to God regarding those trials and tests. These will be among the 7,000 “mentioned by name” who are not to enter that new age as described in Revelation.

This period of 1335 days ended on Pentecost 2012. That day was a momentous time in God’s great plan and so much so that we (God’s Church) had believed this would be the day of Christ’s return, but God had more that He was going to perform and reveal that must first be fulfilled. God’s Church has always believed Jesus Christ would return at the end of the 3 1/2 years spoken of in the Book of Daniel and at the end of the corresponding time of God’s two witnesses. God had not yet revealed that there was more to follow that must first be fulfilled before Christ’s coming.

Pentecost 2012 was indeed a momentous day in God’s great plan because it revealed a process that had now become complete in the first great phase of God’s “new creation” of fulfilling His work of preparing 144,000 people over a 6,000 year period of time. All these people through time had now been made ready to reign in the Millennium. The completion of this process of all who have been made ready to reign with Christ and have waited in faith for the promise of God’s Kingdom are spoken of in the Book of Daniel. By the day of Pentecost of 2012, all 144,000 had been sealed and God’s Kingdom had been made ready to reign. “Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty fifth day” (Dan. 12:12).

However, before the day of Christ’s reign with the 144,000 can come, there are two other great periods of timing in God’s plan that must first be fulfilled. These events are referred to by the same name   the Day of the Lord. Both are “prophetic days” that are an actual year in length and both run from an annual holy day of Pentecost to the following Pentecost.

The first “Day of the Lord” was from Pentecost of 2012 to the Pentecost of May 19, 2013. This prophetic day was all about God’s Church and not about the world. We (God’s Church) had first believed that this Day of the Lord was about the world, which would mean that upon its completion, Jesus Christ would return. We believed that Christ would return after the 1335 days of Daniel’s prophecy and after the related period of the “final witness” of God’s two witnesses. But on that day of Pentecost (May 27, 2012), God revealed to His Church that we had entered a new period of time called the “Day of the Lord.”

At that time, God did not reveal that there were two separate days of the prophetic Day of the Lord. Since God’s Church had no such knowledge of another prophetic day with the same name that was about the Church, we believed it was the one about the world, which was the only one we knew anything about. We knew that the “Day of the Lord” about this world would end with Christ’s return. So God’s Church believed that the prophetic Day of the Lord from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013 was about God’s final judgment on this world. Before that “day” was over, God revealed that this particular Day of the Lord was about His Church and that the one about the world was yet to follow. It is at the end of the prophetic day concerning this world that Christ will return.

The Church’s Day of the Lord:
The “day” following the 1335 days of Daniel’s prophecy is the first of two “prophetic days” that are each an actual year in time. This first day that is about God’s Church is also referred to in prophecy as the “year of recompense (retribution)” and as the “day of the Lord’s (Eternal’s) vengeance.” Yet these same terms are used far more often in reference to God’s relationship with this world and only a very few instances relate to God’s relationship to the Church.

Because of this, the use of these terms are indeed a two-edged sword, for one concerns God’s judgment in His relationship with the world and His punishment that is the result of that judgment. In the case of the world, the Day of the Lord (Eternal) is about God’s retribution, recompense, and vengeance upon unrepentant mankind in the year it is executed.

These same terms, although used only a few times in this context, are in regards to God’s relationship with His Church and His judgment to recompense and avenge (translated as vengeance, but also carries the definition of avenge) His people. The word translated as recompense means retribution, as to repay in the sense of “punishment” for evil that has been done, or to “reward” for good that has been done. In this case concerning God’s Church, this involves both consequences, depending upon whom it was that was judged.

In the “Day of the Eternal” that was about God’s Church from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013, the judgment of God had been “executed” upon God’s Church. In this case, it was primarily to give “reward” to His people (to be received both now and in the future) for the good being done (through God in them). This period of the execution of God’s judgment followed 3 1/2 years of witness the Church lived, which reflected 6,000 years of man’s response and attitude toward God. That spiritual response to God is primarily revealed in the treatment of God’s own people by the world. It should also be noted, as it has always been through time, that not all who have been called can stand in such times of opposition against themselves. They choose the easy way of self instead of yielding to God to live his way of life. That inability to fully yield to God continuing in them always reflects one’s true relationship with God, as it is only through Him that each person can stand.

So how was this first prophetic day a blessing and reward to God’s people? In the thinking of the world and of Satan, it is ironic, but it is by going through great trials of adversity and refining through fire (trial) that we can actually grow faster spiritually and be tried and proven in greater (growing) faith. This process has been covered in recent posts. We were blessed and rewarded beyond measure because of what we experienced in the time of witness and of our holding to God’s truth. As a whole, we have been made many times stronger and blessed (rewarded) with greater spiritual character, strength, and resolve that was molded (created) in us. This does not account for how God will reward His people once the Millennium has been established, which is far beyond what we can know at this time. Those things (future rewards) have now been set if we simply continue in the faith.

Hidden in the midst of scriptures about God’s judgment to come upon this world and the punishment He will unleash upon it is a verse that is dual in fulfillment, as one leads to the fulfillment of the other. It is a progressive revelation similar to the revelations given in Joel that are all about the complete fulfillment of the “Day of the Lord.” Although focusing on the final prophetic day that ushers in the age of God’s Kingdom on earth, these verses in Joel are even referred to on Pentecost in 31 AD as being partially fulfilled in the beginning process that was being experienced at that time by God’s spirit being poured out upon all flesh. It was not yet happening upon all flesh, but was leading to that time as a progressive and continuing process of God’s new creation of Elohim.

This scripture being mentioned that has remained hidden and is dual in fulfillment is in the midst of the Book of Isaiah: “For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion” (Is. 34:8). Although this verse has been quoted in the past, it has only been partially grasped. God is now revealing its duality.

The “day” of the Lord’s vengeance is both a simple statement that it is God’s “time” to avenge His people as well as a “time” to pour out vengeance upon the world for rejecting Him and His people. It speaks of a year of “recompenses,” as it is about a literal year of recompense for His Church that followed their experience of living the “final witness” to this world   about this world. It is also about a literal year of recompense that will follow that is upon this world. That year of recompense for the world is for the evil it has lived by always rejecting God and is the result of God’s final judgment based on 6,000 years of human history and magnified with final judgment in the time of the final witness of 3 1/2 years.

Controversy of Zion:
Judgment carried out (executed) upon God’s Church in the year of recompense and vengeance from God was based on the final witness of 3 1/2 years that God’s people lived. It is about God’s ability to create Zion   to live in His people in order to transform them into Elohim. It is a battle that has been waged for so long as Satan and the demonic world first rebelled over the news of Zion   God’s future creation   Elohim. That battle over the controversy of Zion has also been waged with mankind for the past 6,000 years and has now become fully established by mature testimony over 3 1/2 years of God’s final witness, which also includes the final sealing of the 144,000.

The sequence of events have now been more fully illuminated to God’s people concerning Christ’s coming, revealing God’s work and purpose for doing everything as He has. God could not reveal everything about specific timing before hand as it would not have produced the same results of transformation and the production (creation) of strong standing faith as it has. If we had known in the beginning of the 1335 days what we do now, it would not have produced what it did and most would not have survived spiritually to this day. Instead, the spirit of Laodicea would have been awakened, come to life, and would have destroyed most in God’s church.

What is next? We have experienced the 3 1/2 years of God’s final witness upon which God’s final judgment regarding the Church and the world is based. That judgment is being carried out as He is avenging Himself upon Satan and the demonic world. God’s ability to avenge was manifested through infallible truth that has been revealed through Satan’s failure to destroy the Church over the five-month period when he was given power to deliver torment upon it. This also revealed God’s great power to create Elohim at a time of strong adversarial attacks in this continuing controversy over Zion. This was also an avenging victory against what Satan had done during the apostasy. The apostasy took place in God’s Church because it was weak through sin and not as a direct result of Satan’s power and ability of his own. This first “Day of the Lord” ended on Pentecost of 2013.

So what is next? The second (last) “Day of the Eternal” will follow. This will be God’s time to execute His final judgment of vengeance and recompense on a pride-filled world as well as binding Satan and the demonic world for 1,000 years. “For the day of the Eternal of hosts will be upon everyone who is proud and lofty (self-elevated), and upon everyone who is lifted up, and they shall be brought low” (Is. 2:12). As mentioned before, we look to the physical manifestation of the Second Trumpet which will reveal that final time. God has given us incredibly important dates in time (though we haven’t been given all understanding of them before they occurred) and every one of them has been prophetic in fulfillment about bringing His Kingdom to reign on this earth and about the day of Christ’s coming.

As we go forward, God will continue to reveal more as He magnifies and clarifies what He is working in and through our lives. Just as it has already partly been covered in this post, there is no need to now give the “year” of Christ’s coming. We do know the day and the hour and we may even know the year. But just as it was in the beginning before our “final witness” actually began when we were not to discuss or reveal the second witness, this too is not to be given. Most in the Church knew who that witness was because God had revealed it plainly to them by His spirit and what had been given through sermons to that time that were inspired by Him.

In a very short time, God will more fully reveal why He is not making the “year” public as the controversy of Zion is still being waged. As God’s Church moves forward, we are still moving from Pentecost to Pentecost.

Follow God

This post is timed for release at the very minute of sundown in Jerusalem on the eve of Pentecost.  Which is the third time prophesied by False Prophet Ronald Weinland for the return of Jesus Christ.  Unless you see something in the skies that looks like it could be a UFO, then Ronnie was correct in retracting his prophecy in his blog post earlier this week.  Which in no way makes up for having made the prophecy in the first place, his retraction was in the nature of damage control.

As Jesus has not release Ron from his 3-years-plus prison sentence, Johnny Harrell recovered from his reported heart issues to deliver the sermon.  Although his sermon title was “Follow God”, the more appropriate title would be “Follow Ron” as he leads PKG members by the nose from one failed date to another as he picks their pockets.  The majority of Johnny’s sermon was reading some of Ron’s blog postings.

Since Johnny spent most of his sermon quoting Ron, I think it fitting that I do something similar.  I have a great group of commenters, although sometimes it gets a little out of hand.  Here are some great comments from the past few days that are worth publishing on the front page:

JK described Ronald Weinland for what he is:

Ronald Weinland, you are a liar, a fraud, a thieving hypocrite and a hellbound false prophet. You have duped and manipulated hundreds of innocent people, taking their money so that you and your loathsome wife could live in luxury. You deserve far worse than a few years’ prison sentence for all the lives you’ve ruined. Your lies and self-contradictions are both revolting and pathetic. How many more false prophecies will you issue? How many more years will it take before you admit to your followers that you have wilfully deceived them? You know as well as I do that you are not the “end time apostle” of God – if you were, your prophecies would not have failed over and over again. Now you bleat more lies from a prison cell where, if there was any justice, you would stay for the rest of your worthless life.

Many will never forgive you (myself included), but you owe it to those who you’ve wronged to confess your crimes and beg their forgiveness all the same. However, I do not expect you to do so, selfish and narcissistic coward that you are.

Ronald Weinland, you are a vile, unprincipled, shameless and utterly dishonorable man.

“Left at Last” left a comment describing some of the behavior of her family as they awaited the horror that was to precede Christ’s return.  She finally recognized Ron for the False Prophet his his.  Her comment ended:

Since March, life has changed a LOT and for the better. Living it as it is meant to be lived is a whole new ball game. Now it’s all about living and loving life. The whole world is open with endless possibilities and choices to choose from. There are people out there that could use a helping hand or an encouraging word. What you think is a small thing, (or a post of small importance) can be a huge thing to someone and change their life. I’m living proof because your posts changed mine.

Pkg’rs…Take it from someone who’s been on the dark side all chained up in mental torment; and is free from all of that now. There’s joy and happiness out there if you work for it and look for it, and you can be a part of that. Or, you can look for the suffering and horrifying tribulation..to me it’s death versus life. I’d rather look for life. :D

Montayo has some great advice for PKG members who leave:

I cannot say who has gained what from all the posts over time on this blog, but for any PKG members reading this since Ron’s (fudged) capitulation in his latest blog post may I encourage you to take what you find resonates with you and focus on that. Pretty much anything that you have experienced in PKG has also been the experience of at least one other person here, and pretty much whatever path you follow in the future at least one other person here will have started down it before you and survived. From now on, please, please follow no more leaders, no more prophets, evangelists, imams, gurus, rabbis, pastors or anyone else without remembering how wrong you were in following Ron.

Hear, hear, Montayo.  Just like I always say — do your own thinking and don’t turn it over to others to do for you.

Timing and Our Commission

Looks like Ronnie has made it official — Christ is not returning this coming weekend.  Darn it!!!!

——– False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest epistle from the bowels of the prison system —-

Over the past few posts, God has been preparing us for this one. There are things we have been given that have helped us to focus upon where God is leading us and to give us better understanding of what and why we have experienced such a strong spiritual assault (far, far greater than the norm) over a five month period of time. This knowledge has also opened a door so that we can more clearly see that God is giving us more understanding in regards to the Thunders and Trumpets of Revelation.

It is not an easy process for us to learn in such a manner (through suffering), but there is great purpose in how and why God reveals these things to us in the manner He does. We have touched upon some of these reasons in the last few posts. What is most important to understand more deeply is how God is trying and refining us individually and as a body. For those who will yield themselves to this process, God is molding a maturing faith, godly character, conviction, and spiritual strength within us. It is like the example of refining gold mentioned in the last post. We are tried and tested in fire and the impurities will then rise to the surface in those conditions. When this happens in our life individually, we can then see the dross and we are to work at getting rid of it, for it is impure and not to remain in us. This process heavily involves repentance and the exercising of humility, whereby we can grow even more. God also uses this process to purify the Body of Christ in order to remove what He has tried and tested in fire that will not humble itself before Him, but has instead become lifted up with pride and self-justification for not following His way.

Another purpose for God revealing things to us as He does is because of what He is working out in order to bring Satan and the demons to a time of great judgment upon them, and because of the spiritual wars that are part of this process that include strategies and timing that are critical in great wars.

There is yet another great purpose God is working out in how he is revealing truth to us. The example of our experiences through such suffering will benefit those who live in the Millennium and in the Great White Throne time period because they will be taught this lesson and be able to learn through it. As a result of our experiences, people living during those periods of time will be given clearer insight into God’s transforming power that works in human life. They will be given a better understanding of the process that works to produce a strong and mature faith in one’s life and they will be given greater help in their conversion process apart from the kind of trying through fire that those in Satan’s age of influence over mankind have had to endure.

Matured Faith:
As with the example of Job that was covered in the last post, Satan and the demonic world have had an open door to torment and harass God’s Church in their pursuit to separate all whom they could from God. Yet God’s Church has grown strong in His love toward one another (love waxing hot) and individual faith has been rapidly matured by God’s own power to create His “new creation”   Elohim   in a continuing progressive manner and purpose He has been working out. We are very blessed to be experiencing (living) this heightened progressive phase of His creative power at work that has been constructed (built) to be what it is today and where it is at this point that is concluding 6,000 years of God’s building process (progressive process).

We are awesomely blessed to be experiencing this time when this process for accelerated growth and rapidly maturing faith has been put to work in God’s end-time Church. We have been blessed to live a greatly enhanced stage of development (creation) toward the end of 6,000 years of construction just before entering the Millennium when God’s continuing creation of Elohim will be brought to its fullest and most mature stage yet, far greater than even now.

This brings us to the matter of God’s timing within His creating process, where the focus is Elohim and how it is most perfectly created. Yet, an adverse part of this process is reminiscent of clay arguing with the potter. In one example in Isaiah, God speaks of those who go through the motions of religion and approach Him (His House   His people) and speak as though they are at one with God, yet their heart becomes removed from following His way and is instead turned to human reasoning and intellect. It no longer remembers how God molded and lead them through faith and that it was not by what a person “thinks” (reasons) they can see and/or prove by their own ability.

How do such people remove themselves from God and turn their heart from following God by faith? “Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel from the Eternal, and their works are in the dark, and they say ‘Who sees us?’ (by their true activities) and ‘Who knows us?’” (Is. 29:15). In other words, they change. They begin to be more secretive in slyly seeking out others who will listen to their reasoning and their interpretations of God’s ways. If they do not find audience with some whom they approach, they will leave them alone (ignore or evade encounters with them) and continue to seek out others while they hide themselves (their true motives and true actions) from discovery.

Why some eventually remove themselves from following God and turn their heart in another direction is because of the age-old reasons and motivations that have remained the same; if such things take root in the heart, the mind will turn inward and away from God. Satan began his course of moving away from God by letting jealousy and pride grow in his reasoning. The same is true throughout the history of the Church as well. Jealousy of others, especially in areas of ordinations, has led to the fall of many such people who turn away. If people begin to judge unrighteous judgment and fail to see God leading His Church, then jealousy can become too over-powering for them, especially when Satan and demons are constantly searching out such attitudes to infect.

This kind of jealousy just in ordinations alone and the accompanying personal misjudgment by such people is something I have witnessed throughout my years in Worldwide. I’m not speaking of a few times I’ve witnessed this, but of dozens upon multiple dozens of times. In thinking of some who recently have harbored such jealousy over another person who was raised to a senior elder, they judged that I had been in error for allowing such a thing and that I really didn’t know this person and their past as I should have. Wow! It is amazing when people lift up themselves and cease to see the magnitude and evil of their own sins and unrighteous judgment of others whom God had long forgiven, just as He had done concerning their own sins. At some point in the future, this matter of God having so many in the Church to be ordained will likely be addressed further, although we were already told why   and that will yet come to pass. However, there has also been another purpose in timing with the number of people ordained. It was for the very reason (at this stage of the end-time) to try and test the Church in a powerful way. There were other ways of testing as well, but this one tends to bring unrepented dross to the surface quickly.

This process spoken of in Isaiah 29 of people who “remove” themselves from God and of their heart turning farther from Him has been the age old way of self deception, pride, and of turning away from what God had before so freely given them. They turn from the truth God called them to and/or had given them along the way after being called. “Surely your turning things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay (such will believe they have come to “see” something God has given to them instead of how they had received everything in the past), but can the work say to him who made it, ‘He did not make me,’ or can the thing that has been framed (molded, fashioned, constructed) say to him who framed it, ‘He has no understanding?’” (Is. 29:16).

God is saying in Isaiah that by turning from what He called them to (His true Church) and from where they were being fashioned (in His true Church), that although they seek to find fault with the organization or the leadership where God is working, they are actually arguing with God Himself and the means by which He is leading and fashioning His creation   Elohim. Some believe they have found fault or error with what “they believe” is unfulfilled prophecy in Thunders and Trumpets, but in doing so they no longer choose to be led by faith in all that they should have proven (by what they could have and should have lived through personal experience) to themselves of where and how God was leading them.

The object of pointing all this out is that God does not lead through human intellect and reasoning, but through spiritual revelation of living faith. The revelation of God’s will, purpose, and truth is fully in God’s control and timing   not in any of us   not in God’s prophets or apostle either. This reminds me of Ezekiel who was given much prophesy concerning the future captivity of Israel. The people mocked him and considered him a false prophet because their human reasoning was centered on what they could “see” in that Israel was already in captivity. Everyone is tried and tested often as to their oneness and unity with God. Some will seek to hold to what God has placed before them, for they see the great value and treasure it is, and have chosen to always fight for it until God’s will and purpose in them is completed. However, some will choose otherwise as has recently happened to a few and even tonight, when another has followed suit as part of this same group.

My own focus and maturity over this subject, of people choosing to leave, has grown even more as we have come to this moment in time. It has often been stated that there will be those who turn from God all the way up to Christ’s coming, and I have come to greater peace in this process as well, although it does carry certain regret (of the wrong choices of others) and sorrow for those who turn away, but I know that God will still visit them at some future time and give opportunity then of repentance that they have failed to choose now.

As for God’s Church, we must always continue to press forward and to focus on one another in a deeply caring and maturing fellowship (in God’s love being lived more richly toward one another), for what we live toward one another and toward God is the most important part of our spiritual life. We are a family   God’s Family, and we must reflect that in how we live toward one another.

It is my hope that all will choose to continue moving forward once May 19th has come and gone and Christ has not yet returned. That is the thrust of this post, for I believe God is showing us we have much to do before Christ returns and that this world has much to suffer before that day. Christ will return on a Pentecost, and we will move from Pentecost to Pentecost looking and waiting for his coming. Be patient, for all will become clearer as we move forward. There is much to give and only so much can be organized and delivered in each post. Some may not be able to do so   to continue forward. I feel badly for any who would make such a choice, but I can only answer for myself before God what I will do. Hopefully, those who choose to leave will be very few and become less and less as we move forward. Most all of you have already chosen to continue past that date because you are living by a faith that God has matured within the Body of Christ to bring us to this day and that which is yet before us.

This news may be deeply disappointing, as it is for me, for I hate this world and the ways of spiritual Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon. This world so needs God’s Kingdom, but it must come in God’s perfect time and it must fulfill His perfect purpose. As we do move forward, we will become more and more filled with excitement for how we will now be able to better serve in preparation of the Kingdom in God’s preparation for this world, for as of now we have largely been made ready as the primary structure of the Church that is to press forward! Now, a greater work is in front of us!

Know Our History:
As God was reestablishing His Church after the Apostasy, He led us to understand what our focus and work would entail by the additional description He inspired to be in our name   the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God. Since the time we were fully reestablished on Pentecost of 1998, we have been living that preparation. That is what God is doing. We are His vessels through which that preparation and work is being done.

In the beginning, God was awakening a core group, basically, a tithe of the tithe of the third of the Church that was scattered. Our focus during that phase of preparation was to reach out to and preach (and witness) to those who were scattered. There was no focus to reach out to the world as we were too puny, and more importantly, God was not calling people out of the world, but He was primarily working to mold and refine a core remnant.

The next phase began with a gradual change as a result of the first book that was written, as God was beginning to slowly shift our focus more toward a work He was going to do in the world in preparation of His coming Kingdom. All along the way, we have sought to follow where God was leading us because we did not know where to go. Then we came to 2005, and a much greater shift in the direction God was leading us, as the focus began turning more fully toward a work to be done regarding the world. It was in the middle of that year of 2005 that God began to inspire the knowledge for the need of a second book to be written. This was going to be much different from the first book and written in a far different manner. In the first book, God made it clear what needed to be covered in the chapters well before they were written. In the second one, I did not know the beginning from the end and was only given what was to be written as I was writing.

The timing for writing this second book was delayed, however, since I had a triple bypass in August and then a recovery that forced me to slow down for a time. As I was toward the end of recovery, the focus then became the sermons that needed to be prepared for the Feast of Tabernacles. Amazingly so, it was at this Feast that God brought the Church forward in a very great way   farther out of spiritual Egypt and Babylon, just as He led His Church throughout the era of Philadelphia through Herbert W. Armstrong. However, during that era there was one part of the false doctrine of the Trinity from which the Church had not yet been freed. It was during this entire Feast of 2005 that God chose to reveal Himself and His great glory more fully to His people by clearly revealing that He alone has eternal self-existing life. God revealed that He alone is Yahweh Elohim and that His Son had no prior existence to his human birth.

Knowing our history is important for where we are now, for if all do not see God leading His only Church for great purpose in this end-time, then such a person is not grounded spiritually and can easily be led away. It was in this Feast of 2005 that God chose to reveal such clear and great truth, as this separated any doubt concerning all who were scattered from the Apostasy as to where God had established His name once again and through whom He would finish it in this final age of the end-time. For those who have recently left, where do they go? To what group do they go to follow God and be taught by Him from Sabbath to Sabbath? Of all who were scattered, who knows this great truth that clearly identifies where God is? Or are some so presumptuous to believe that God is now working through them to finish His end-time work? Have such questions been asked and answered? If they have not then everything has been thrown away that God so graciously gave.

The building, establishing, and maturing of a Church   a body of people in God’s Church   does not happen over night. The greater the commission and work to be done, the longer it will take to perform it through human instruments. Even with an almost unimaginable and seemingly unsustainable growth rate of 30 % per year, the era of Philadelphia took several decades to get it to where God was going to do great work through Herbert W. Armstrong in taking the gospel into all the world.

After all that God has done in bringing His Church to this time and clearly revealing by numerous truths revealed to it up through 2005, with the most powerful revelation given in that year at that Feast, all who have been called are without excuse to deny where and with whom God is working. So does one go all the way back to the era of Philadelphia to be fed because they do not see God’s Church anywhere? If God’s Church is not out there, then there is no God, for God said it would endure to the end   that nothing could destroy it.

Then God inspired 2008   God’s Final Witness to be written. Before this book was written, following God as He led us was easier   much easier than now. The truths revealed after the Apostasy and up through 2005 were revealed as matters of reality (truth) where evidence from the past existed, and then God revealed what had been fulfilled. This included all those things written about the Apostasy, the man of sin, God’s people being scattered, the stones of the temple all cast down, the Church being spewed out of God’s mouth, etc. This also included prophecy about a Messiah and his birth, life, then death, followed by immortal life as the first of the firstfruits of God’s “new creation.”

All these truths that were revealed, with God’s Church following Him as they were revealed, were much easier to receive spiritually than to follow spiritually in those things that concern prophecy that were yet to be fulfilled. Since 2005, and especially since 2008, the truths God gave His Church required a greater faith   a maturing faith   as it was no longer a matter of having things revealed that were founded in prophecy that had already been fulfilled, but now God was revealing truth contained in prophecy that was to happen in the future. It is for this reason God has molded and fashioned us through many different experiences since 2008 that we have now been brought to this time so that we are able to be led by God on a greater spiritual plane and through a matured faith that God has molded, fashioned, and constructed within us. We follow God and turn to the left or to the right quickly. We fight on and push forward with greater boldness and confidence, for we more fully know who we are   we know and live God’s Church.

Following God as He leads, through His work of fulfilling prophecy, is fully a matter of faith   not by evidence of what you can see physically   humanly. AND there has never been a time remotely like this in which a body of people has been led through so many prophetic events being fulfilled   and the greatest are yet still to come. Now we have been made ready to do that work that is before us.

People often have some funny ideas about a prophet concerning what they can do or know. There are “expectations” of a prophet that often times are not real. People are much quicker to judge and then condemn as false when things do not happen as they “think” they understand it should, but this should come as no surprise to God’s people because none of it has been meant to be easily understood, but as that which must be spiritually revealed. Then in God’s perfect time (which we will always come to see and understand) the physical manifestation and fulfillment will come to pass and only God’s own people will hold fast in faith to what has been prophesied.

I follow God where He leads. I don’t know the turns until we are there and only God through Christ reveals them. As an example that was recently mentioned about a GPS, we follow a spiritual one that is always true   always right. If there is a problem, it is only with us in our following it.

Since I wrote the second book, I believe there are probably many who think or believe that I know everything about what is written. I don’t! It is prophetic, and most of it has not yet come to pass concerning physical fulfillment. We have learned much about a spiritual fulfillment as with the 3 1/2 years of witness from God to mankind and their response. That witness is a final one and it is upon this that God places His final judgment that is to come upon mankind.

As with all prophets who wrote many prophetic things, like Daniel who declared he did not understand what he wrote but wanted to know, a prophet simply writes or speaks what is given from God. That is basically what I have done in the writing of that book. The apostle John did not know nor understand the vast majority of what he wrote in the Book of Revelation. As John’s counterpart, I have been given more about the meaning and eventual fulfillment of much of that prophesy he recorded, especially within the context of this modern age. Much has been fulfilled in the Seals of Revelation as God has revealed that the first five seals were fully about events fulfilled in the Church   events of the past. The Sixth Seal was the beginning of a transition of events within the Church that were to begin moving more and more toward the world, but the Church would always be in the midst of it all.

Since the end of 2008, we have been living by a faith that God was rapidly constructing and strengthening in us. I do not know all the events that must take place (prophetic and yet to be fulfilled) that are revealed in the Trumpets of Revelation, and not even in the Thunders, which have only partially been fulfilled. God is clearly revealing that there is much more to come.

Where We Are:
So where are we? As that question is posed, I cannot help but think of the timing that has worked out so meticulously to this time and of the mathematical probabilities for so many periods of counting that fit so precisely. This is so far past being a coincidence or a matter of chance that it becomes akin to the foolishness of the mathematical probabilities for evolution to be true. Since the day the First Seal was opened on Dec. 17, 1994, numerous periods of “count” have so perfectly fallen into place. It is with this that I think of all that the Church has been through where Satan has exercised such power against God’s Church since the Apostasy to this time when his reign of terror and torment was concluded at the end of a five month period of time. All this fits into what God has allowed him, even with his signature of the multiple of thirteen that we have addressed in the past. How fitting that the counting will now continue without any identity of Satan in it.

God’s work is simply awesome! It becomes more and more exciting the farther we go forward. There is much yet to come and the majority of prophetic events covered in 2008   God’s Final Witness are yet to come to pass, and even greater events that have not yet been mentioned.

So where are we? We are at the end of the Day of the Eternal, but not fully what we anticipated in that Day, but instead about a time that has been about God’s Church and not about this world. As we go forward, we will become more in awe of sermons God inspired from the beginning of this prophetic day and forward. God told us much, but we could not yet digest it all. This prophetic day has defined God’s Church. This Day is ending with a people who have been made to stand, having been matured in faith, molded and fashioned by God and His Son during His Day, for His people.

There is indeed more than one prophetic “Day of the Eternal” for this end-time. There will be another   the one we thought would usher in God’s Kingdom. That year will come, but God has not revealed when it will be, but when it does come we will know it and the world will see it. It is as the description of the Second Trumpet, for when that happens we will know exactly where we are in those physical prophetic events that are to unfold.

So how much time do we have? I don’t know and will not know it until God gives it. God has shown we do have a focus for timing and it is from Pentecost to Pentecost. Could it be over in the following year? Yes, and if it is, we do not have too long to wait before the effects of the Second Trumpet are seen because God is also clearly letting us know that will be more time for the events to be completed between the Second Trumpet and the time God intervenes on a Pentecost with the Seventh Trumpet. This cannot be fulfilled in just a few weeks or a couple of months. We may have several years before us, but know that the longer it is, then the greater the work God will be doing through us. God simply has not shown at this time how much more there is or how great that work will become, but it is to be more time and a greater work through us. These things may be given to us soon. We just have to look to God and wait upon Him to reveal these matters to us in His time.

If it is a few or several years more, the reality is that some of you will die in the faith. So we are to plan ahead, year by year as we go from Pentecost to Pentecost, and forward looking as well so that we can be prepared for a longer period of two, three, or even more years.

This world is on the verge of a world war that can commence at any time, but it can also be held back. We must be flexible, always on guard spiritually, and ready to move in whatever direction God leads. Right now we need to exercise some patience, for it will take time for God to work through me to give you answers to questions that are there. Answers will come   they always have   but in God’s timing as well. Hopefully all of you recognize a difference between this year and last year. God led us into His prophetic day for us and gave us a focus for that year to come   from Pentecost to Pentecost. He let us know by a post on the Sabbath of May 26th that there was more in front of us. Then this was quickly followed by a sermon that revealed even more. This year, especially within our unique condition and organizational structure, God has been preparing us over the last few posts for this post. I wasn’t sure that was the case, but had suspicion that it was, and now looking back it is obvious. We are even being told a little more in advance (than last year) that we have more before us and perhaps quite a bit more. It all depends upon how much work is before us.

It is my hope that next Pentecost we will see the return of Jesus Christ. If it is, we will not be uncertain for long because God is letting us know that what He will perform and allow to come upon mankind will not happen over one day, one week, or even over a few months, but will instead be experienced longer by mankind because it is the only way to bring the measure of despair and humility to mankind that they must experience, that which is necessary before God’s Kingdom can be established.

Fifth Trumpet:
An elder asked a good question about the post that spoke of what had occurred in the Church as a result of the Fifth Trumpet and the five month period we have just experienced. This person was unclear about what was being said about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Trumpets as well. It is a good question as statements in that post were made without any explanation at all. The truth is I couldn’t give more, but only gave what was being given to me as I wrote that post. I did not understand it fully either, but knew that it was what I was to give. I knew it was the truth, but I did not understand it all either. God is now giving more, and more will be given in future posts about other matters such as the Day of the Eternal and other similar areas where questions will naturally occur and where we have desire to see more. God will give more as He leads us, but only when He determines to do so.

It needs to be stated first that we do not know when (the actual timing) the Trumpets of Revelation are blown. This was mentioned in a recent post that if it were God’s purpose He could have had them blown at the very beginning. They could have blown together at the same time, or one right after the other, or at other intervals of time, but we do not know. Anyone who “thinks” they know or believe that they have figured it out is incredibly foolish, for this can only be known by direct revelation from God. Who is the prophet to whom this has been revealed? I know of two who have not had this revealed to them as of yet, and I know of no other prophets who live.

Candidly, what can be known is what God has given to His Church to this moment in time. People can tend to look at these trumpets as only physical fulfillment that happen at the moment each trumpet is blown. As it has been pointed out, that is not so. Before this is over, you will come to clearly see that there is also some overlapping in these events. Over a period of time, God has been leading us to come to see that the Fifth Trumpet is not about a single great physical event that involves Germany and a United Europe taking the United States into captivity in a literal sense as having full control over the U.S. and then capturing hoards of people and placing them in prisons and concentration camps.

This trumpet is the most difficult to see because it is the only one that involves spiritual revelation of events that involve God’s Church, and those events had to be fulfilled at a specific moment in time apart from the actual physical affects that will yet come as a result of the blowing of all the trumpets. God has not revealed everything about this Fifth Trumpet, but has given us a much clearer picture now that we understand that Satan and the demons were given free reign to torment God’s Church for five months. This should now be easier to see and understand. It is much like the Church knowing very little about the Apostasy before it actually came and with no indication of when it might occur specifically in time. God was unable to reveal very much because it was to try, test, and become judgment upon God’s Church. In a similar manner, we could not be given to know what was to come upon us during that five-month period of time or it would not have produced the witness and result that it did. It would not have been “just” to reveal anything about it in advance for it to accomplish what God had given Satan to do. We simply could not be given this knowledge in advance anymore than what happened before the Apostasy and nothing more could be given in advance about it, for then it would not have been true and just either.

Suffice it to say that the first phase   a spiritual one   the only spiritual one within any trumpet   was laid out within the Fifth Trumpet. This was only to be revealed to Satan and the demons just before they were given way to attack God’s Church through a specified period of time. There is also a duality in this trumpet fulfillment that is tied directly to Satan and the entire demon army. It is also described as a woe   the First Woe.

Satan was highly unsuccessful in his attack upon God’s Church because of what God had fashioned and matured within us. There is no more that applies to God’s Church from any of the trumpets except for collateral effects that may be experienced from the physical fulfillment of the trumpets. However, there is a duality of torment that will also be upon the scattered nations of Israel that Satan and the demonic world will inflict upon. It will involve Europe and it will involve war. There will be another fulfillment of five months wherein Satan and the demons will wreck havoc and torment upon these nations.

God also revealed long ago that the effects of this Fifth Trumpet would also be used to bring about a great change within the Church of God that was scattered after the Apostasy. It will have much to do with the 63,000 whom God will bring back. As I write this I know that God is giving us much insight concerning this trumpet, but far from all. I know we understand that, and some of its purpose, so be patient and be thankful that our Father who loves us so very much is giving us what He is.

So when will the physical events of this trumpet come to pass? We don’t know and we are not to know until they have begun. We have survived a spiritual “woe” upon the Church and have done so in great victory (the word “overcome” quoted so often in the N.T. is from the Greek word “conquer”) because of what God has molded and fashioned within us   all to God’s glory for what He has given us to conquer. The world will not fair so well when the physical phase of this woe is unleashed. That phase   the physical fulfillment of the Fifth Trumpet   will not occur until after the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th Trumpet effects have become physically manifest.

The Church of God – PKG presses forward. “The wars are not over!” as was stated in the post “One War is Over and Another is About to Begin.” War in this world is coming. It is not long into the future, but it is not this week either. We will wait upon God to lead us and reveal to us what we need when we need it. One of the greatest spiritual assaults ever waged is now over, but the war itself will continue. Satan and the demons will now turn more of their attention upon this world. Although the power of these beings against us has been greatly diminished in power and strength, because God and Christ dwell more fully in us, they will still seek out that which becomes weak. Don’t let up in battle and don’t let down spiritually by slipping into a lukewarm and sluggish spirit. We must fight ever more determined as we press forward to the Pentecost of Christ’s coming.

A Faithful Witness Does Not Lie

On this, the last sabbath before the third time that Christ returns, Johnny Harrell did not take his turn at filling in for False Prophet Ronald Weinland who claims that he is falsely imprisoned.  Perhaps Johnny is still recovering from the reported heart attack.  Instead, Terry filled in with a pre-recorded sermon that was posted on Thursday evening.

We massive destruction imminent during the next 7 days before Christ returns making the beast power think that aliens are invading on UFOs.  Did Terry give a message on how to prepare?  No, instead he blathered on about mundane topics such as favorite seasons.  He did make an ironic statement chosen for the title of this post.  Continued reports are that Laura is claiming either that Ralph Dowd either has dementia or suffered a stroke, or plans to start his own church.  I believe the reports that none of this is true about Ralph Dowd.

Indications in comments are that PKG is crumbling under the weight of unfulfilled and Ronnie’s dissembling blog posts.  A commenter going by “Foxglove” who I believe is in a position to know is reporting that others in the Cincinnati area besides the ones named have left, and others in Missouri and Louisville.  “Frank” reports that Charles Blummer down in Texas is no longer an elder.  Charles has other relations from the area in PKG as well.

This posting is being published exactly one week before sundown on the eve of Pentecost in Jerusalem.  From indications, I believe that there will be a significant Exodus from PKG on Pentecost.  Ron will probably have yet another incoherent post on his blog next week.  I certainly hope so, as I think his post are counter productive to his purpose in writing them — they will cause more PKG members to leave sooner.

The Road to Pentecost

Ron’s weekly blog post is later than usual this week.

——– Yet another blessing ——

As I write this, as of this moment (the weekly Sabbath), we are two weeks away from Pentecost 2013. Today, we as God’s people are being blessed to receive another sermon, to hear what God has inspired to be given to further mold and fashion us, to help our thinking come into closer unity, oneness, and likeness with His word (logos – His mind, His revelatory thought), and all of this within the realm of God’s creating power to transform our minds.

What cost, what price could you place upon this creating process? God has already shown the value He has placed upon our transformation, and it came at great sacrifice. It began with God sacrificing peace for over vast millennia upon vast millennia by allowing an angelic rebellion within the spirit realm. This was followed by another great sacrifice in this present age of man by the torture and killing of His own Son, who lived a righteous life, and thereby became our Passover and our High Priest. The Eternal’s sacrifice for our sake has been beyond what we can begin to grasp or fully appreciate, and He has had great patience for His greatest work yet of creation   Elohim (the Family of God). What is our cost and our sacrifice in comparison? It is so very small.

It is relatively easy for the human mind to magnify the suffering in life that we experience, and although all suffering is distasteful and at times seemingly impossible to bare, the reality is we can bare it, but how we bare it determines what we become, even in God’s Church.

In the last post, I said I did not know if it might be my last in this age, but here is another one   another blessing we can receive from God as we willingly participate in God’s creation into Elohim through the continuing process of the transforming of our mind. Much of that transforming process is delivered in large part through sermons, posts, and other communicated information that God gives to us. The end result of such transformation is truly glorious, awesome, and far beyond our ability to fully comprehend, but what we do see is so incredibly exciting and inspiring.

There are times, probably far more than most (just as a simple reality), I have felt great weight and concern for God’s people concerning the day of Christ’s coming and of his standing once more on the Mount of Olives. But then God helps me bring that “into check” and proper focus by giving me to know that His love is so very much greater and mine is so very, very, very small in comparison and that His people are fully in His power to deliver. Just thinking about how we could even have such pressing concerns or weight sounds so foolish when we see it in this proper perspective, but we are still very human indeed. Christ also makes it clear that he will carry that which we simply cannot and that by such faith and understanding, our weight is not heavy at all.

The reason I mention all this is because we are two weeks from Pentecost 2013 and no physical consequences of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Trumpets have yet been made manifest. To the normal human mind this can carry great weight and concern, especially if we consider May 27th of last year; but we are to put it into a proper perspective of what God is doing, along with the knowledge that God is in full control. So with that perspective and no burden of weight to carry, today I still wait and I look for those things to become manifested from those Trumpets before Christ’s coming. It is with this that I must pause and explain what I have been blessed to see over the past few weeks that has given me greater peace and a growing excitement on a spiritual plane that is beyond anything (in maturity) I have experienced in the past. Just as a few have written and stated the inspiration they have received recently as they have recalled Herbert W. Armstrong stating, “When it is all said and done, we win.” He explained how he had good news because he had read the book (the Bible) to the end and it says (paraphrasing the Bible) “we win.” It is within this context that I am going to explain the excitement and inspiration I have in terms relating to where we now are in time.

Observing Patterns:
Our senior evangelist, Johnny, recently referred to “patterns” in the sermon he gave. There are patterns we can observe and learn from concerning how God is working in the Church and in the world. After the apostasy, this matter of patterns had a lot to do with how God worked with us to teach and lead us as a remnant of His people.

Over the past few posts, God has given me much greater insight into His creation process at work in His Church through the time of His final 3 1/2 year witness (living testimony) and His judgment concerning this world and the Church that was scattered. In this end-time, we have learned much more about God than we already knew or fully understood, and God has given us more of both (knowledge and greater understanding). As the Church, we have lived a strong revelation of the Seventh Thunder, but the world hasn’t yet experienced this.

As we focus on what we have gone through during this time of witness and then this additional prophetic Day of the Eternal, there are patterns and truth (reality) we can draw upon to see and learn much more, for we have been living what God has given to His Church. Before this period of time of the final witness even began for God’s Church, God began drawing larger numbers into it to become part of His work and witness in this final time of the Day of the Eternal, as well as being part of the witness (living it) of those first 3 1/2 years. Over this period of time, God was going to do something new (a special witness) and mold (build and fashion) something new that has not existed in the same manner or to the same degree as in the past. Look at our recent history.

Although we have not fully understood it, it was given to us from God that we had come to the end of Laodicea once we had come to the time that the 3 1/2 years of final witness were to be fulfilled. God revealed that we had entered a different time for God’s Church, not one identified as one of the seven eras, but one that would be part of God’s final witness. It really is so awesome when you see it! What did God do?

The remnant out of Laodicea   those brought to repentance from that era   remained small and of similar size for years, even as there were continuously those who would leave and others who would come. Then something changed. God began to stir up interest in a book entitled, 2008-God’s Final Witness, and through that process God began to draw larger numbers to live into that time of 3 1/2 years of witness and still more were called once it had begun. We grew so fast that in our current state of organization (at that time) we were overwhelmed and began to address needed changes that led to a much stronger means of caring for God’s Church, including those who were being called to participate in a powerful witness about this age of mankind.

God enabled us, as a very small group, to be able to send out approximately 750,000 books into almost every country of the world, with another 1,500,000 books downloaded from our website, which have all been translated from English into six other languages. We cannot know the number of people who have read these books, but it was all about God’s witness and a matter of His work. God could have chosen a much smaller number to be sufficient for that portion of His witness (testimony), but this is what He did. It is God’s work.

As only God does the calling, one can look at the numbers of those called at any time to see what God is doing. Over the past few decades, this pattern reveals much about specific moments in time and reveals much about what God is working out at that time. We are to learn from such things. One can learn a great deal about how God was building the Church through the time of Mr. Armstrong that gave real encouragement and strength to him as His apostle by God giving growth to the Church at the rate of 30 % per year through His calling. That is an incredible rate of growth to experience in an organization over such a long period of time. God was doing a great work that was to go out into all the world in a powerful manner and that was accomplished by the kind of financial strength that was given to Mr. Armstrong to accomplish God’s purpose of Mat. 24:14.

Then this pattern changed throughout Laodicea as there were great fluctuating changes that occurred at different times (of which there is not time to go into that now). Just before we entered the time of the final 3 1/2 years of witness, and then increasing even more toward the beginning of that period of time, there is a pattern that reveals God had strong purpose for increasing our numbers in a manner of giving incredible growth in size, and then just as abruptly God decreased that pace dramatically by calling fewer and fewer the closer we came to the end of this 3 1/2 year period. There are awesome things to be gleaned from all of this, but the primary one is to recognize and remember that only God the Father does the calling, and it is evidence of that which establishes a pattern from which we can learn much as is being covered in some of this post.

Inspiring Witness:
So what occurred in the lives of those who have yielded to God’s calling through that time of witness? As you step back and look at it with the focus on that aspect, it is beautifully inspiring. As a prelude to the new age of the Kingdom of God reigning on earth, God is revealing as a witness concerning His Church what He has molded, fashioned, and built within His Church at this unique time when 6,000 years is being brought to a close. It is a witness against Satan and the demonic world, and in contrast, it is a witness to the glory, power, majesty, and creative excellence of God Almighty. This is so powerful and awesome because this witness has occurred at a time when Satan’s deceptions upon the world in the form of spiritual Assyria, spiritual Egypt, and spiritual Babylon have reached their pinnacle of evil influence over this world. Now, Satan’s way   his system   is starting to implode upon itself, while God’s way   and the witness of it   has become so very spiritually strong in His people that they are now filled with great faith on a scale and in a manner never before revealed within the Church.

I have witnessed   we have witnessed   maturity and spiritual strength living in a physical spirit begotten people on a level not seen before in God’s Church. Though we have been blessed to witness it and to have been living it, it is not something to be lifted up by, but to be humbled to know we have been so blessed to experience such power at work in the Church   in us   for this is the fruit and result of Christ and His Father’s work in the Church.

What is being said here? There has never been a time in history where people have been given so much spiritual insight as they are now, nor over such an incredibly short space of time. Not only are the tools available to quickly and easily dispense such a large amount of knowledge from God, but never before has so much spiritual knowledge (truth) been available to God’s people. God’s plan being carried out through progressive revelation has been to bring the Church to this time and prepare us for the most incredible time of all   the time for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth and a new age for mankind in the Millennium.

At this end-time, Satan has been lifted up with some of his greatest pride ever as he believed he had dealt a powerful death blow to God’s Church from the time of the apostasy. However, this has only been a service to us since that time, and it will only serve over the next 1,100 years to strengthen God’s people due to the lessons that have been magnified as a result of the apostasy. One of the greatest lessons is that a person who is begotten of God’s own spirit can be easily lifted up with pride by the vastness of the wealth of knowledge God gives His people, and those spiritual riches can be mistakenly thought of as coming from self. Another powerful lesson that is magnified by the apostasy is that no one can let down spiritually, become lukewarm, and then expect that God will continue dwelling in them. There is no meaningful commitment in a spirit that is lukewarm about their calling, and God cannot and will not dwell within, nor work His new creation in such a person’s life. These are great lessons not grasped before the apostasy occurred, but now carry great meaning and motivation for God’s people.

God’s remnant Church has learned these lessons well. As a result, by the means God has used to magnify a singular unified message to His people with a vastness of truth never before revealed on such a level, God has refined His people through fire that has been unique to this end-time through the very truths He has revealed. Over this period of such a short time of witness, God has more quickly fashioned and produced a powerful living faith through His spirit working in us. As it was with the apostasy, Satan believed he would destroy us, especially over this period during the past five months, when he and his demonic army were allowed to have power to wreck havoc, pain, and torment upon God’s people. Why would our Father who loves us so very much allow, and not just allow, but open the door for Satan, giving His permission to do this to His own people? To understand this is to become even stronger in faith and gratitude for living at this time to witness (to live) this to God’s great purpose. As for Satan, as always, he does not get it. He does not understand the power of spiritual faith that God can mold and fashion in the mind of those with whom he is transforming.

The Witness of Our Life:
Can you grasp the sheer awesomeness of what we have been blessed to live? How much more could be stacked against a people so that they could so easily be scorned, ridiculed, and mocked by the world, so easily scorned by God’s Church that was scattered after the apostasy, and so easily scorned by Satan himself? Even before we entered the time of our “witness,” it was openly declared who the two end-time witnesses were. This revelation alone painted a giant target on ourselves because this sounds so outrageous and preposterous to others. Yet that was minor compared to the fact that one was a woman, and then secondly, that they were husband and wife. In the eyes of others, how “far out” does that sound? Then before it had actually begun, God revealed the truth that Jesus Christ would be returning on Pentecost instead of on the Feast of Trumpets as we had believed, and it was then announced that all our timing was now pushed forward by about eight months. God could have revealed this well before, but for the very purpose of what He was working out concerning His Church, He revealed it later.

God’s people will follow Him wherever and however He leads them, and all this is a matter of our living by faith and truth that God reveals to us.

We could list many other things that are seemingly preposterous to others about what we believe (as with women ordinations), what we have taught and followed, but you should get the point of all this by now. Yet there is one more thing that needs to be added. The “topping on the cake” or the crescendo to all of this is that the one leading this group is in prison, having been convicted of purposely evading the payment of taxes to his government, which is so very untrue, and those items picked out to prove the case were twisted, untrue, and conjured up to paint a picture that was also false. This has happened throughout time to God’s servants and even to His own Son. So yes, we have been made an easy target for the Church that was scattered, for this world, and for Satan himself. But that is exactly what God has purposed in order to reveal the Seventh Thunder in a manner that will, in God’s time, shake this earth!

Considering what has taken place over these past five months with Satan attacking God’s own Church, and that God gave him free reign to do this to the people He loves so dearly, reminds me of God’s conversation with Satan when He said to him, “Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one who fears God, and eschews evil?” (Job 1:8). God then allowed Satan to move against Job in a very devastating manner.

What did this matter of God allowing Satan to attack Job accomplish? It produced deep spiritual conversion, understanding, and living faith that Job had not known before. The same has been accomplished in an even more powerful way within the Church. This account about Job established a story that carries incredible lessons and spiritual inspiration that can be received from it. And we are still learning because what has been allowed to be upon us has produced much, much more in the lives of many, and this has established a powerful witness to the glory and power of God due to His producing and fashioning such a creation within His begotten Family   minds that have been transformed that have lived incredibly strong faith and have exercised such focus of purpose to fulfill God’s will against the strongest of adversities, mockery, and attacks from Satan and his demons over such a long period of time. What happened to Job has happened to the Church in a much greater way and for a far greater purpose.

As I am writing this, I am truly moved as I consider the product of what God has created because I have never witnessed such a powerful thing in God’s Church to this time. It is a testament to God’s power to mold and fashion each of us in such an awesome way. During the apostasy the Church had grown horribly weak spiritually and was so very lukewarm that God spewed out the entirety of the Church and ceased to dwell in it. The Church had become an easy target for Satan and the demonic world. This time, over the past 5 months, it appeared to Satan (from his viewpoint), as it did to all who have mocked and ridiculed God’s Church, that we were easy targets and would be defeated, but none of these grasp the level of faith, perseverance, and steadfastness that God had molded and built into His people. Candidly, God’s people are strong in faith, as this past period of five months now testifies. It is from the work of God and Jesus Christ! Over the past couple of months, the cards and letters I’ve received echo that faith in such a powerful way, as so many have shared their personal experiences of strong trials and attacks while on the other hand relating the incredible ways in which this has made them so much stronger.

Just stop and consider how people in the Church went through great adversity as they approached May 27th and then moved forward through that time and on into another year   the Day of the Eternal. Then in your own life, consider the changes that have taken place that have made you stronger, bolder in confidence, and more deeply determined to fight on to live God’s way of life in God’s Church   not to some specific date, but throughout your life. We have gone through great fire and testing over this period of time that has made us what we have become and has produced in us a much stronger faith and boldness in God’s way   in His truth. We have grown to shrug off what the world thinks of us and are far more concerned with what God thinks. We are a family   God’s Family   that He has chosen, molded, and refined.

Less Than Two Weeks:
Today, as I continue to write this post, it is now two weeks to Pentecost. In the back of my mind I have had concern about how well God’s Church would do if there is more that will be revealed to us (more to learn and have molded in us) if Christ does not return on this Pentecost. Today, I am not concerned, but I am bolder, more confident than ever, and filled with the strongest faith yet concerning God’s perfect creation that He is working in His Church. We live by “what is” and we do not panic and we do not fear the “what if’s.” We know we are on the road to Pentecost and that Christ will return on Pentecost   a” Pentecost   whatever Pentecost God so determines. My hope is that it is still this Pentecost of 2013, but I also know we could be given more from God   much more   that we do not yet have.

I also know that whatever God gives us and whenever He gives it that it is what is best for us and it is what is true, as we are ever growing in greater truth the more God reveals to us. He is the Creator and He molds and fashions us according to His perfect will. Even as Christ said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” I hear his voice and am following him as I always have (by God’s grace, favor, and design), and I have the peace to know that everyone who is beside me is doing the same thing. In contrast to that, I also know that those who are not beside me will be as those who have recently left and no longer hear Christ’s voice. We can only fight for this way of life by our own individual choice and determination before God, and we cannot give it to anyone else, but we are so incredibly thankful for all the others who make the same choice and continually press forward in the same Family together. That is where our peace is. If someone chooses otherwise, then I feel badly for their choice and I know they will pay a horrible price in this world for such a choice, but I do not need to carry any of that for them because I cannot.

What I see today in God’s Church truly moves me and excites me so much so that whether Christ comes now or later, God’s people have awesome times before them. God has not only strengthened His Church with powerful faith, but He has refined it by making the gold more pure by removing the dross   both done in the same refining fire! We have grown in much greater faith, unity, and purpose of spirit, unlike that which led to the apostasy as the love of many was waxing cold. The love of many today is waxing hot. We are so blessed to have gone through such refining fire and to have become such a strong Family! I find it difficult to explain in words how grateful I am to have seen this in God’s Church, to understand it, and to be a part of it with each of you.

Brethren, it is easy for the natural carnal spirit that seeks self justification to find fault with prophecy and those things written in 2008   God’s Final Witness. All prophecy is written in such a way that it lends itself to being picked apart with human reasoning, but it is from God and it is based first upon that which is spiritual and only God can reveal what it means, just as with all truths that God must reveal to the human mind by the power of His spirit. All prophecy will come to pass in exactly the way God purposes to fulfill it, and it will come to pass in His time. We learn from that process as we do in the revelation of all truth. We have lived the 3 1/2 years of witness God gave for His two witnesses to establish in that final witness. Is our job over (of the two witnesses)? Not yet. How long will it go? My hope and present belief is it will continue up to May 19th, as far as living in this physical life, but on that day our work will certainly continue on in greater purpose and power, regardless of being human or spirit.

The Prophetic Day:
We have also lived in a prophetic Day of the Eternal. It is my hope that there is only one such prophetic day in scripture that must be fulfilled, but I also know there can be more if that is God’s will and purpose that He is working out. As with God revealing the meaning and identity of Melchizedek during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2005, I now have even bolder confidence and inspired faith that if there is more work before us, God will show what it is.

The world can easily move into WWIII before May 19th, requiring God’s intervention to prevent mankind from self-destruction. I still watch (physically and spiritually) and wait upon God to fulfill His word and His promise of Christ’s coming. For the sake of this world that is held captive and is in bondage to Satan’s ways, I hope and pray Christ returns this Pentecost of 2013. If it is not, we will go forward and God will reveal far more to us about the greater purpose He has as to what we are to live.

God has brought us to this time. Whatever comes to pass, God has prepared us for it. We are strong in faith, of good courage, and we are Family.

Blasphemer Ron

Wayne Matthews gave the sermon for the 14th sabbath of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s imprisonment for criminal tax evasion.  “The Promise” refers to that of eternal life for the 144,000 which is to begin for certain PKG members, not on the first or second scheduled return of Jesus Christ then it must happen really-for-sure-this-time on the third return in less than two weeks, right after the blowing of all 7 trumpets.  Since time is so short, will be like a marching band.

It is OK for PKG members to be mocked for obeying God.  But if they are mocked for derogatory actions, then they blaspheme God’s name.  Let’s review the record: court testimony was that Ron spent God’s tithe money, on BMWs, deep tissue massages, and custom suits and then did not follow Jesus command to render to Caesar that which is his.  As a result, he has been roundly mocked.  Ron the Blaspheming False Prophet.

Some have commented on this blog that Laura is telling PKG members that ex-senior elder Ralph Dowd has suffered a stroke.  I am not confident in that report as it may be second-hand and I don’t know what Laura actually said.  I am much more confident in a report that Ralph Dowd did not suffer a stroke, regardless of what Laura might or might not have said.

Just under 13 days now until the next time Christ doesn’t return.