What Prophet?

As US federal prisoner #15344-032 AKA False Prophet Ronald Weinland was not available to give this weekend’s sermon, Johnny Harrell filled in for him.  Johnny announced that the dial-in phone hookup was being discontinued, those few oldsters still using it will have to buy CD players to listen.  He also announced PKG policy for second tithe assistance, those getting assistance will not be allowed to transfer to a site more expensive than the one closest to them.  Any private assistance must also be included in the equation when asking for assistance from the church.  PKG would also no longer provide rides from the airport to the feast site for out-of-town members.

The title of the sermon was “What Profit?” with the wrong version of the second word.  The world doesn’t have a clue as to what’s about to take place.  But PKG members know or at least maybe eventually will as God reveals the new present truth week by week in sabbath sermons.

PKG members groan when other members lose the plan of God and start thinking for themselves.  Which according to a comment left yesterday has happened as two more exPKG members are out there:

Parker (elder) and Heather W_ are no longer in agreement with the Church of God-PKG and have therefore disfellowsipped themselves from the Church of God-PKG. No one should contact them about this matter as it is between them and the Church of God-PKG.

Travis and Debra Luksich will now be the elders over Colorado.  I have CC them on this email so if you need to contact them you have their email address.  If you have any questions, please let me know.



I take “Beth” to be newly minted senior elder Beth Bucheit who also issued the fatwa disfellowhipping Ron’s mother and sister.  Parker is the elder son of Evangelist Terry.  Parker and Heather were married early in 2008 just prior to the detonation of “nukular” bombs in US port cities.  Terry has another son and two daughters who may still be PKG members.  As far as I know, these are the only remaining relatives of Ron and the three evangelists who are PKG members.

In Ron’s posting, he stated:

The Greek word translated to the English word “prove,” is a word that means “to test, examine, and try.” The use of the word, however, is in context with the process of making a judgment or decision as to whether something or someone is “approved or disapproved” in how it or they perform, work, or accomplish (do) a task.

The Merriam Webster’s dictionary provides the following definitions:

1 archaic : to learn or find out by experience.
2a: to test the truth, validity, or genuineness of <the exception proves the rule> <provea will at probate>
b: to test the worth or quality of; specifically: to compare against a standard —sometimes used with upor out
c:to check the correctness of (as an arithmetic result)
3a: to establish the existence, truth, or validity of (as by evidence or logic) <prove a theorem> <the charges were never proved in court>
b: to demonstrate as having a particular quality or worth <the vaccine has been proven effective after years of tests> <proved herself a great actress>
4: to show (oneself) to be worthy or capable <eager to prove myself in the new job>

Here are a few passages in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”:

Why should anyone believe what is written in either book? Again, the answer is twofold. The answer is not in anything that is stated or written because words by themselves do not prove credibility and truth. That which man has written about God does not prove it is true. Only God Himself can prove what is true by bringing to pass exactly what He has said. Only the next few years can prove whether or not these two books are true and of God. If nothing happens, then you can know positively that this is complete fiction. [pg 8]

It was not Moses’ responsibility to try to prove this in some way; it was God’s. God showed the Israelites and Egypt that Moses was His servant and His prophet by fulfilling what He said through him. [pg 12]

It is not my job to prove this to anyone—it is God’s! He will do so by His great power. [pg 17]

Yes, this book is the truth. God is about to prove that this book is telling the truth! He will do so with power unleashed beyond any that He has ever used to reveal to man that He is their Creator. [pg 51]

God will prove whom He sends. Just as prophetic events will unfold with increasing power and frequency, so will I increase in power and recognition by others because of the job God has placed before me. It is God’s purpose, and He will do it. Either I am an eloquent, rationally-sounding lunatic or I am sent from God. [pg 58]

Because we are so stubborn and filled with pride and will not accept this, God must allow us to prove this truth to ourselves. [pg 173]

Seems to me that last one contradicts Ron’s last posting.  Look this over, and decide for yourself if “prove” as used in his book is the same archaic meaning for “prove” that he now prefers.



77 thoughts on “What Prophet?

  1. Foxglove, when were both Christopher’s brought to Cincinnati? Just curious. I remember in 2008 Laura was trying to convince one of our new members to meet Audra. I think she was the one looking for a husband for her daughter. I had no idea. From what I know Chris Little first came into the church during the FOT of 2007 and then they got married in Sept 2008. So how long did they date? I feel awful for Chris that he got involved with this family. I never met him but I did meet his best friend also named Chris.

    I’m glad he’s out. Good for him.

    Just an update, I’m am extremely happy since I got out. I am slowly but surely getting my life back on track. I recently started communicating with another ex-member who got out earlier this year. I’m happy that I can continue that friendship.

    Once again I want to thank everyone for helping me get out. This website was extremely helpful. My only hope is that more people start leaving. I can’t believe how much information they try to keep hush hush.


  2. Good to hear you are doing ok MMH – it takes a while.

    A couple in my group also got married after a short courtship just before April ’08. As far as I know they are still together, they are still in PKG however, so they don’t speak to me. She was like a little sister to me, loved her to bits. Still miss her even after all this time, and mad at her at the same time! Grrrrr.


  3. They were legally married but it was all about the dates. The date they put down for their marriage in Ky. was the date they got married in Germany. It was just a legal thing. All they had to do was file a different date. I guess it was no big deal or the IRS would have done something. This would have to have been shortly before Ron went to prison because he had his ankle bracelet on. I didn’t mean that it was an arranged marriage. I think that Laura was bringing in men for Audra to audition. Both Chris’s came here from New York at the same time.They are both from Long Island, N.Y. I remember Laura bringing them to service. I think Chris and Audra dated for about 6 months or so but can’t be certain. But it was not much longer than that. No I don’t think they could take away his marrying rights but I don’t know who he can marry where he is.


    1. On the afternoon after the sentencing, I went to the Boone County courthouse. At that time, I discovered the discrepancy in the marriage certificate that Ron filed, which claimed the ceremony was conducted in Union, KY when it really happened in Germany. A few days later I wrote this up a blog post. All this in November of last year. Are you saying that it was after that when this marriage filed in Frankfort happened? Or did the IRS discover this during the course of their criminal investigation of Ron and make an issue of it earlier?

      As far as the courtship of Chris and Audra, I understand that the two Chrises and Audra hung out together at the FoT in Lexington in 2007. So maybe Audra and the Chris she selected did not start getting serious until later in 2008, about the time of the first sealing?


  4. “What was the whole point in getting Audra married off?”

    To set her up in a church financed condo. Jeremy won the pkg college scholarship fund. Audra won the pkg condo contest.

    How many other young adults were in the running for these prizes? Answer-None.


  5. Foxglove,
    If you think about it the marriage was pretty much so arranged. An outsider of PKG would have never been approved by Ron nor Laura. I think Chris finally opened his eyes and maybe started thinking or asking questions once he saw things at the trial. He was there most days. Seemed like a stand up guy that just fell into love and was taken for a ride. I am sure it was easy since Ron was shuffling “Church money” Audra’s way. The vacations etc; Chris more than likely realized it was just ONE BIG CROOKED LIE after the trial.

    This along with the Weinland Fund cash crunch (IRS, losing tithers) and the aftermath likely put an enormous strain on Daddy’s lil’ girl and her marriage. Chris probably realized he was fighting a losing battle and daddy would always control Audra. I feel for the guy because I was once in his shoes with the cult leader daddy’s girl scenario. I never married her and was forced out within the first year. I QUESTIONED things and psycho pops did not like that at all. CRAZY STUFF!

    Before I thought of Chris as a guilty participant. Guilt by close association and involvement. However, since he is separating himself from the SCAM I will gain some respect for the young man. I am sure he can do MUCH BETTER THAN AUDRA! The control Ron and Laura have over Audra is borderline incestuous and creepy. If Chris reads this I am sure he will understand that last statement. RUN, DUDE, RUN!


  6. I base my thoughts on observations of Chris Little sitting there during the trial. That is all I have to work with. I am usually a pretty good judge of character. I have been wrong a time or two,,,, but I also pegged Ron Weinland and the Clan at the end of the first day of his trial. Definitely, after the third day. Still giving benefit of the doubt until the conclusion of the trial and Ron and his team of lawyers provided ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to redeem Ron the Con. The more I saw and heard, the more terrible the scumbag became. Ron and Laura Weinland are predatory, lying, con-artist, tax cheat frauds. Avalo, that is a FACT! Am I incorrect? Anyone disagree with that?


  7. 1ofthe12 juror bags, did Audra seem frightened, scared, or nervous when it came time for her to testify? Did she tremble at all? When one is raised under very controlling circumstances and is treated like a slave/servant/non-entity, and doesn’t have an identity of their own, but only that of their parent(s), they lose who they are. They become fully indoctrinated with the do’s and don’ts of the parent(s). Usually, if they disobey, there are dire consequences to be had (up to and including death). I once knew a daughter of a of a very sick, abusive pedophile who used the threat of severe bodily injury or death if she disobeyed. Her whole goal in life was to survive. I wonder if Audra (and I’m not saying her father is a pedophile – far from it) is suffering from PTSD and has turned into a sort of zombie when it comes to her parents. If that is the case, what needs to happen is for her to get far away from PKG, her parents, and anyone associated with them, and find a competent, highly qualified professional who specializes in psychological, emotional, spiritual and any other kind of abuse.

    I find it hard to wrap my mind around Audra being as her parents were of her own accord, of her own choice.


  8. I think I missed something in this really crazy, nuts, screwed up weinland story. Either; weinland, is just down right nuts or I am losing touch with the real world ?. This whole weinland story becomes more and more nuts with each passing week. When weinland gets out of jail he can always write history books for a living… I used to think that HWA was bad news but this guy weinland: ?????. What the hell has religion turned into ? beyond me. This COG has left nothing but a trail of heart arch, behind itself.


  9. Ronald is nuts.

    Ron’s perception of reality in any shape or form is so twisted, he does not know up from down, or left from right.

    He’s convinced himself that he is in jail for persecution, rather than for known tax fraud (he knew, let’s not kid ourselves)


  10. Ron and the Clan knows exactly what he is doing and why he does it! $$$$$$$$$$ FREE $$$$$$ AND $$$$$$$ EASY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. With slim to no work for that cash! Protected by the U.S. Constitution. wRONg, wRONg, wRONg!!!!

    No, Audra seemed a lot like her dad and mother from what I’ve gathered here and saw in the court room. She was slightly uneasy at times trying to skirt the issue or questions because she knew what the truth entailed. She is just as guilty. She did not show any fear. Her “church position” and duties were way to lucrative for her to throw daddy under the bus. She has benefited in a large financial way playing dumb and doing whatever mom or dad tells her to do. So has her brother Jeremy. It all revolves around large sums of cash.

    Like I have said before. I can not believe all of the Weinlands were not indicted. Laura, Audra, and Jeremy seem to be some more pawns that Ron can use. Ron even filled out Audra’s tax returns for all the same years. That kept her a little cleaner than she actually was and is. How does Audra afford $140,00 condo payment with an additional $160-$200 per month homeowners association fee to boot, a new $40,000+/- BMW and expenses, unlimited shopping sprees, utilities, taxes, insurance, food, etc; on a $19,000 per year salary? SHE DOESN’T! They also both took large tax write offs each year for donating to their “church.” Yea, right! What did they do? Take the money out of their left pockets and stick it right back into their right pockets! That was a simple math problem for the jury to figure out. SNEAKY SCUMBAGS!!!!! Fooled us, didn’t ya!! What we saw in court was blatantly obvious and disgusting. A bunch of it!

    She doesn’t pay for anything! Daddy paid for all of that with “church money.” My gut feeling is the $19k was her running and spending money. Her “church allowance” so to speak. I am not even sure Chris had a job. He sat in the courtroom the whole time. He could possibly have some tax issues if they filed jointly from 2009 to present if the IRS opens those cans of worms. Maybe that is part of why he is leaving. He did see what happened to Ron. Personally, I would want no part of any of it.


  11. I agree that Audra needs to get away from it. SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! Unfortunately, she would likely take an extremely huge PAY CUT!
    Not going to happen living the luxurious lifestyle she is so accustomed to.


  12. Atrocious,
    I dislike being the bearer of bad news, but I do not think she is the same sweet little girl you once knew. Sorry! Money and greed have turned her into a younger slimy shadow of mom and dad. She’s a big girl now and could walk away at any time. Yes, I am very sure she is brain washed but the large piles of cash ease the pain. While in the court room she struck me as slightly arrogant, uppity, better than thou, and cocky. Just like her con-artist parents. Believe me. If she and her mother would have been on trial their butts would be sitting in the Women’s Club Fed Facility. Just like daddy! They are all criminals in my opinion.


  13. OK, Last rant.
    I truly believe that Ron is involved with his “internet church” for one reason. Ron and Laura, for that matter, are in it for the MONEY. Plain and simple! I am confident in saying that they place the money above God and all else religious. They disguise it with God but what truly motivates the Weinland Clan is the money. I feel they could really care less about the religious aspect. That is merely a vessel to deliver their cash. They are greedy with their “church money” too. That greed is what landed numb nuts in prison. There is no doubt in my mind and obviously the other juror’s minds that the CASH and luxuries it provides is Ron’s main true objective. He plays God for a fool! His problem, huh?

    That’s what pissed the jury off so badly! The fact that they abuse and use people wrecking lives for their OWN PERSONAL GAIN. Then the greedy con-artist had the audacity to not only NOT pay taxes on his deceitfully stolen “church money” but on top of that burn Uncle Sam (IRS) for a refund on their tax returns to get more money each year! More than the $4.5 million he controlled and spent in extreme ways on his OWN PERSONAL GAINS. That was not good enough because Uncle Sam had not sent his tithe into Ron. Ron made sure he received his tithe TAX REFUND from the tax payers too. Audra cashed in on refunds as well. They did have a very small percentage of legit church deductions and expenses for the make believe non existent internet church. Merely a front to launder money for the Weinland Luxury Fund.

    Ron could star in an American Greed Documentary episode. Along with beating up pensioners and followers on social security. Makes me sick! Playing the part and lying to followers just to screw them out of money to pay for their rich and famous lifestyle. These greedy scumbags never help or have helped followers in need nor anyone else. At least they could not show ANY PROOF of that during the trial. It was asked. Hell, they are too busy to even offer moral support or counseling! Unless that includes shit talking and gossiping about the very people who FUND THEIR LUXURIES. Wait! They did give the PKG “scholarship” to their son. Another lie. That was only a ploy to explain away getting caught paying Jeremy’s PERSONAL EXPENSES out of the “church funds.” Ron deserves to rot in Hell! They all do! Scumbags!


  14. How do all of the tithing followers fit into that P.O. Box in Cincinnati, Ohio for church services anyway?

    Keep sending your money! The Weinlands really enjoy it!


  15. What amazes me is that we are talking about $4.5 million for 5 years.

    No doubt there are millions more to account for.

    It takes real talent to run through that kind of money and have nothing to show for it… well, OK — Victoria Secret underwear… no! Wait! PKG members aren’t allowed to see that! They have to be satisfied seeing diamond rings and things and catch an occasional glimpse of a BMW or two.

    But even so, Millions of Dollars?

    Freaking amazing!

    PKG: You got nothing for it! Ha! Ha! Keep on giving!


  16. “It takes real talent to run through that kind of money and have nothing to show for it”

    If he knew how to manage that kind of money he would be running an honest business of some kind. Or at least an honest church.

    When you gain something with no effort whatsoever, you normally lose it very quickly. This is why lotto winners often go broke pretty quickly after winning their millions. You respect something that you worked hard for with your sweat and tears. Ron found an internet church cash machine and had no mindset whatsoever to be wise with it. Easy come, easy go. In this case, good.

    It is also very good that the true personalities of the ministry are coming out, and that good samaritans like Mike and Bags are exposing what they are trying to hide. Saves a lot of lives from being totally lost to this scam.


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