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I was beginning to think that maybe God didn’t chose to reveal new truth to Ron this week, but since we just now have a blog post from him, maybe God was busy with other matters.  Ron discusses the maturing of his diminishing church that continues to wait Pentecost to Pentecost for Christ to return.

————–  Ron’s post ————————————

A recent post covered some of the history of the Church and the process of how God led Herbert W. Armstrong to see and then correct the day of the week in which Pentecost should always be observed. That specific account in our history teaches much about how God works with and leads His Church – even trying and refining it. Although it was mentioned in passing in that series of posts, there is one aspect of this account that will be focused upon more fully in this post. It is the awesomeness of the process of God’s creation being accomplished within the Church.

Directly after a person is baptized, they then receive the laying on of hands from the ministry, which is when they receive the impregnation of God’s spirit. It is at this time we are begotten by God, receiving his spirit with our spirit – God’s mind with our mind. It is the beginning of God’s active creation of Elohim in a newly baptized person. It is from this moment of receiving this impregnation that life takes on incredible meaning and purpose. The fullness of such an event cannot even begin to be comprehended by the one who experiences it when it happens.

The experience first consists of a “calling” that draws an individual to God’s Church. That person begins to come into the knowledge of truth by which they become convicted that they must obey. They then come to see the need for forgiveness of all past sins, and therefore, the need of baptism to accomplish it. Along with this desire for baptism and the forgiveness of sins is the ability to see the need for God’s spirit in one’s life.

This process just mentioned is basic to the most meager beginning of spiritual insight and understanding. The actual ability to grasp the magnitude of what is actually happening at such a time is not possible. That appreciation and spiritual understanding is something we can grow in through time. Such understanding, deep thankfulness, and amazement (wonder and awe) on our part will grow and be developed over a life-long process of maturing spiritually. This is something that not only happens individually as a process of individual growth, but it is a process of growth and development of “the Church” that God is also maturing through time.

A Maturing Church
Individuals can mature spiritually, and “the Church” matures as the instrument through which God is creating His Family. As a result of knowing how God has worked with mankind over the past 6,000 years, with the primary focus during that time being the creation of the 144,000, we can see that God’s method (process) of the creation of Elohim has itself been a maturing process (or growing method for development). Over this period of time God has progressively revealed more and more about His purpose and plan. God keeps building, and by doing so, His plan continues to unfold, and even the means of growth, development, and maturing of the Church itself increases. For lack of a better expression, this is awesome! What God does and how He does it – ­­how God creates Elohim – is indeed filled with awe. To see all this more fully, it is important to step back and simply look at how God has been developing a growing (ever maturing) means whereby He is creating His Family.

In the first 4,000 years, God primarily worked with a single individual or only a very few at a time. The structure whereby God’s creation process could be increased dynamically, in a vastly matured fashion, had to be meticulously and precisely built (constructed) over a long period of time in order to build what was necessary to give great stability and proper framework for what was to follow.

After that time, Jesus Christ came to fulfill the role of Passover, and also, to fulfill more concerning this “maturing process” of creation. He came to be established as the “corner stone” of God’s creation. Once he was “set” in place within this growing development of God’s creation, a giant step forward in that process was established – “the Church.” At that point, the process of creating Elohim was stepped up mightily.

“Then they who gladly received his (Peter’s) word were baptized, and in that same day there were added about three thousand lives” (Acts 2:41).

On that day of Pentecost in 31 AD when Peter spoke those words, the method of developing (creating) Elohim took a great step forward (matured) when three thousand people were added to the Church in one day. As the apostles were inspired to teach and write what would later become scripture, this process in the development of Elohim was enhanced more and more. John was the last living apostle among those original apostles, and he led the Church in his older years. By the time he wrote the Book of Revelation and the letters of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, God had blessed him with deep spiritual insight into such subjects as antichrist, the means of God and Christ continually dwelling “in” a spirit begotten person, and the subject of love (agape) itself. This matured teaching that came through John to the Church helped advance the creation process even more and helped to “set” the Church on a path to continue in its basic framework (established by that time of John) for the next 1800 years. During Sardis, the Church began to lose what God had given it.

Preparation for the Millennium
After 4,000 years of working more on an individual basis at any single time, the creating of Elohim was advanced dramatically by God having structured (built) a second powerful means whereby larger numbers could be created over the next 1900 years to become apart of His Family. When God called Herbert W. Armstrong and began to work through him to restore truth to His Church, He began to do much more as well. Two great phases in God’s creation process had been at work for the past 6,000 years with the first being when God worked more directly with an individual (or very few) at a time, and then the second phase which was established upon Christ’s first coming that led to the formation of the Church. Through Herbert W. Armstrong and this final era of the Church of God – PKG, God has been preparing for the next almost unfathomable giant leap forward for His Church in the Millennium.

Through Herbert W. Armstrong, God not only restored great truth to the Church and gave great power to its dissemination through an ever-increasing technological world, but He began to construct the framework for the molding and construction (building) of the ever-maturing process for the third great means of maturing “the Church.”

After being molded and fashioned to lead God’s Church through the era of Philadelphia, God inspired Mr. Armstrong to write the book Mystery of the Ages which outlined, in the most detailed and matured manner yet, the plan, purpose, and work of God through the ages. This book was the accumulation and final product of what God molded, taught, and revealed to him for over five decades. Mystery of the Ages reflected a vastly increased maturity God had built within His Church to prepare it for what He would build even far more upon after the Apostasy. The clear and concise outline of God’s work through the ages contained in that book was the framework and catalyst that enabled the remnant of God’s Church to become established so quickly after the Apostasy. This was all by design and God’s working to build and prepare His Church for the next great phase of His ever-maturing creation of Elohim.

Do not misunderstand how the term of “the Church” and its ever-maturing process is being used in this post. This does not mean that individuals in God’s Church are more mature now than those in the past. That is not true. God molds, fashions, and does a work of creation (of Elohim) in each person who continues in God and Christ to bring each to an individual maturity whereby they can be changed from mortal to immortal in His Kingdom. However, the maturing of the process (especially within the Church) whereby individuals can grow and become fashioned more quickly is the result of God’s progressive revelation and creative process through time.

Once the construction of God’s design and plan over 4,000 years had been accomplished and written in scripture, the introduction of the Passover, who would become the Messiah, brought so much of God’s plan together in such a way that thousands could now be worked with in a more matured (developed process) and effective manner. But even in this, the numbers called were controlled because only 144,000 were going to be developed, molded, and created to be in the Kingdom of God at Christ’s coming.

God has now completed that structure of His spiritual government and priesthood for the Millennium. As He completed that phase of building His Kingdom, He also simultaneously prepared the final events for His Church at the end-time that have now been fully lived and will serve as a kind of cap stone to all the history, experiences, and teaching that have paved the way for the next great phase of God’s creation. After 6,000 years, the complete structure of God’s priesthood and government for the next 1,100 years has now been established. Through this period of time the creation process itself has now been fully matured and developed to enable those who will live during that time that is now just before us to more quickly, more readily, and far more easily be created into Elohim ­– even simultaneously by the millions and billions.

God has just shown us the power of His matured creation process that has been experienced by those of us in His Church over the past five years. The greater marvel is that it was accomplished in the age of Satan’s reign, and additionally, that within that time Satan himself and the demons assaulted and sought to wreck havoc on God’s people. God’s controversy over Zion for millennia upon millennia has now been settled. God “is Almighty” and brings to pass all that He says. What we have lived is so very awesome indeed!

Pentecost to Pentecost
What we have covered in this post was to bring us to this point. We have grown to embrace a unique, incredibly meaningful, wonderfully beautiful phrase – Pentecost to Pentecost. This expression we now use at this time in earth’s history is filled with vision, focus, and fully anticipated expectation of the fulfillment of God’s promise recorded in Daniel of the final completion of this end-time and the establishment of His Kingdom over this world.

Past posts have spoken of the marvel of the creation of the galaxies in which there are a myriad of intricacies within the universe that cry out to the majesty and supreme greatness of Almighty God, who is our Father. Yet the creation of mankind into Elohim is the greatest marvel and creative excellence of all. David spoke of the stars in the heavens and pondered the importance God placed upon mankind that He would be so mindful of him (mankind). That which we can see and know of the universe today makes what David saw and knew then as very small indeed. Our appreciation, thankfulness, and awe today should also be that much greater because of God’s progressive revelations and vastly matured creative process that is now at work in our lives.

The design, planning, preparation for construction, and the building taking place in each of our lives in order to create Elohim is so far beyond anything we can truly grasp. However, we must indeed know it and be convicted of this truth of God, who works in our lives. Yet in the midst of our inability to grasp it fully, God is giving us an increasing appreciation of the work, intricacies involved, exactness, and absolute marvel of what we have been living through in the final years of this end-time.

This post was inspired by a comment made by a person whose letter I received this week. This individual referred to how I had spoken of Pentecost of 1974 several times in relationship to what was mentioned in the beginning of this post about when God led Herbert W. Armstrong to see and then correct the day of the week Pentecost should be observed. This person then wrote, “I keep anticipating that you will say something about the next Pentecost (in 2014) being exactly 40 years from then (1974).”

So much of God’s plan concerning the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and the end of Satan’s reign over the earth is about Pentecost to Pentecost. On a Pentecost, God gave us a codified outline for His way of life to be lived in the form of the Ten Commandments. The next great Pentecost was in 31 AD when God revealed that the only true way this spiritual law can be kept (lived) is by the receiving of His power, His spirit, to dwell in our life. The next great Pentecost is when the firstfruits of God’s Kingdom are resurrected into Elohim to serve under our Messiah to govern this world.

It was on Pentecost of 1998, one year exactly after God separated me from the scattering of the Apostasy in order to lead His Church, that this remnant of God’s Church was fully established. Now, we well know the purpose and meaning associated with Pentecost of 2012 and 2013. But what about Pentecost of 2014? What about the timing of 40 years? Is it coincidental that we are coming up to a unique count contained in the meaning of 40 years since God revealed the correct timing for the observance of Pentecost to be observed in His Church at the end of the age? Brethren, all I can tell you at this time is that it is not coincidental. There is great meaning in this, and God will reveal it more fully in His time. God’s timing and preciseness in all things in our lives and within the Church are by great design, especially with something of this importance relating to the meaning of Pentecost, 40 years, and the end of this age. Nothing like this is of coincidence or a matter of chance.

What I am able to say now is what God has already given me to say. His “promise” is sure and absolute as it is recorded in Daniel. God will now bring all things to a close for this end-time in order to fulfill the removal of the rule of this world away from the hands of mankind and away from Satan’s reign. On a Pentecost Jesus Christ and the 144,000 who will come with him will set up the reign of the Kingdom of God on earth. God’s promise is certain and we will know that timing once the Second Trumpet has been made physically manifest.

So we continue to watch, both physically and spiritually. We continue to wait upon God – to look to God to lead, guide, and direct us as we continue to live His way of life toward Him, His Son, and toward all others. We have experienced many hard trials, but they have worked to create God’s mind more fully within us, as we have been blessed to continue moving forward in faith. Yet many are still suffering from the effects of the trials and onslaught of last year.

The Pains of Labor
We must be mindful of another great aspect of suffering and pressure (stress) in force and growing stronger now that it is at work in this world (the pains of labor). It is a combination of what is simply “in the air” (in life around us) as the stress of life (in politics, world conditions, family life, the economy, etc.) is growing and the unseen sense (not understood or recognized for what it is) of pressure that is coming from a collapsing world (Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt) around us. This is not about specific attacks from Satan and the demonic world upon us as during the five month period when they were given free reign to do so. But this is about those stresses of this world becoming so great that the ways of the world are starting to implode upon itself, in addition to a mounting evil spirit world that is stirred up mightily and striking out at the whole world in any way it can.

Pentecost of 2014 will prove to be awesomely important to all that God is working out in the transition of this world’s government to His government reigning on earth. So we are to keep focused from Pentecost to Pentecost until the day of Christ’s reign begins, when our true “great work” will begin in peace, fullness, and joy of life. We are now not far from the Kingdom of God.

We have now entered a very unique time, and it should not be confused with the direct assaults of Satan and the demons. Though they still try to harass God’s people, there is the unique stress and pressure of life that is a reality around us and is simply coming from a world that is growing in momentum toward imploding upon itself. It is simply everywhere and growing in intensity. There is a section of scripture that applies to our lives more perfectly than ever as we are at the peak of its application to the changes now before us. This is where we will conclude this post.

“The spirit (God’s) itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God” (Rom. 8:16).

There is that which we simply “know.” We know the truth God has revealed to us. We know how God called us and continues to work with us. It is a personal “knowing” God has given us about our relationship with Him, His Son, and those in His fellowship.

“And if children (of God), then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if we also suffer with him, that we may be glorified together” (vs. 17).

As we grow spiritually and as we have gone through a very troubled time that has been upon the Church in these final stages of the end-time, we learn more and more what it is like to suffer “in” Christ in conquering self, this world, and a demonic spirit world. We know what it is like to suffer for righteousness sake for God’s way – over the cause (controversy) for Zion.

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (vs. 18).

It is the greatest struggle of life to fight for the Kingdom of God. It does not come easily, but through intense battles, especially now as this world is beginning to die. What ever it is that you “carry,” God will use it to mold and fashion that which will be unique to you in His Kingdom. That is certain! Our lives are not random, though some things of chance will happen to us, but God is always there to bring good from it all.

“For the earnest expectation (we have grown mightily in our earnest quest and faith-filled expectation of Christ’s coming) of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God” (vs. 19).

We eagerly look forward to Christ’s coming and the resurrection of the 144,000 into the Kingdom of God, who will establish God’s rule on earth.

“For the creation (the basis and purpose for physical human life that can enable the further creation of Elohim) was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of Him who has subjected the same in hope. Because the creation (with the beginning being in human life) itself shall also be delivered from the bondage of corruption (the spirit of Babylon, Egypt, and Assyria) into the glorious liberty of the children of God (as Elohim). For we know that the whole creation groans and is in labor pain until now” (Rom. 8:20-22).

From the beginning 6,000 years ago, God has called and created Elohim in those who are firstfruits. We are now nearing the end of the greatest struggle in time (in this world of Satan’s reign). God has forewarned us that the struggle will intensify as labor pain will more fully reflect our final struggle. Although it has been a great battle over the past 6,000 years for all whom God has called, this final struggle rises to the top of them all.

I remember well when I was called in 1969. In my experience in Philadelphia, in the era that ended in January of 1986 when Mr. Armstrong died, there were various battles, stresses, and hardships within the Church from time to time. However, that period of time would have to be regarded as quite smooth compared to the past five years, and especially now, as we have entered the final stage of what God is working out in order to usher in the Millennium.

We are now at the stage of increased birthing pain where the intensity is becoming greater and we are to begin “bearing down” ever more in labor – not letting down and looking for an easy way through this, but fighting for “this way” and working zealously to help usher in a new age by keeping focused on God and His way of life to live.


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  1. …since German is my first language, let me put it as simply as possible:

    Ronald Weinland ist ein psychisch kranker Arschloch…


  2. Parasite is a good word to use: The Swinelands are parasites, sucking life’s blood (including brains, it seems) from the PKG as the host.

    It does look like these parasites are killing off the host….

    And “less than useless” — it’s like a negative IQ where when someone like Laura enters a room, everyone’s IQ drops.


  3. Considering how blatantly obvious Ron’s badly designed lies are to anyone who can ‘think’ even in the most generous sense of the word, I would question whether the PKG sheeple have an intellectual value/quality that can even be measured by quotients, in this case intellectual.

    Anyone who can believe Weinland has any authority under or relationship with the God of the Bible falls outside of ‘intelligence’ and inhabit a special inner zone where Star Wars is real, the sky is made of chocolate cake, and golf clubs speak Portuguese…


  4. I was just sure that golf clubs speak Italian… but other than that….

    (Hey, what do you mean, “inhabit a special inner zone where Star Wars is real”? — no, it’s real and exists one sector away from Babylon 5!)


  5. AVALO: You are very right in what you say about religion and what it has done to not only itself but the world in general. I can not change what has happen to people. What`s done is done. Weinland is just one more knife in the back of human kind. All I can do is hope that some few will hear us and help to stop this travesty on humankind and the world in general. There are a very, very, very few of us, left out there, believe it or not. IN no way can we few make amends for these great wrongs to people. We can only hope, with time, that people understand, that there are some few of us trying to make things right. Anyone, { in so-called religions} who thinks the world has only been around for 6000 years is an ass. Human progress and science always helps, people into a much better life. Any religion that is against this, is an ass. My belief in GOD is something that has grown well over the pass 35 years. I know first that, weinland lies….I also know that there are many, many more weinlands` out there with the people. I also know that with time this weinland thing will end. Than, A better life for people will grow, with human progress, science, working hand in hand to advance humans to a new understanding of life and how to live it. All the weinlands` of this world will be gone for good.


  6. Conald Swineland has done a great deal of damage to the Armstrongist Churches of God.

    Cult of Herbert Armstrong members tend to want to quietly leave when the topic of the PKG comes up….


  7. Avalo refers to a fantastical bizarre place “where golf clubs speak Portuguese…”

    Avalo, I’ll have you know that I was in Lisbon some years ago. Some golfing friends took me to their Club, and I soon realised that the whole golf club was speaking Portugese! So here’s my great idea – maybe PKG members ought to settle permanently in Portugal where they can hear golf clubs speaking Portugese all the time!!

    Trouble is, I’ve just heard that the Portugese immigration authorities now give all applicants an IQ test to determine eligibility to enter their country. Maybe my great idea is not so practicable after all….


  8. People suspected of mental problems are often asked, “who is the President of the United States”.

    It is wrong to say, “Hillary Clinton” which only indicates that you are ahead of your time, but it is still viewed as some sort of indication of a mental problem.

    Like I said, the Weinlands have a negative IQ and lower everyone else’s IQ when interacting with them.

    Then again, life may be easier and a happier place if you can lower your IQ.


  9. Eze 13:3 I, the LORD God, say those LYING PROPHETS ARE DOOMED! They don’t see visions–they make up their own messages!

    Eze 13:6 Those prophets lie by claiming they speak for me, but I have not even chosen them to be my prophets. And they still think their words will come true.


    Eze 13:8 So I am going to punish those lying prophets for deceiving the people of Israel with false messages.


  10. This coming punishment is NOT just Ronald Weinland’s punishment.

    It is for many false prophets that speak on Ron’s behalf, as well as other false prophets outside of PKG.


  11. LOL! Wayne’s new sermon talks about how thinking and deciding for yourself is carnal/evil, and God made us that way, intentionally. Then he says, “what we become is based on attitudes we have chosen.” How true! The PKG have chosen to be enablers of evil, of a con artist who rejects God and enjoys breaking His Commandments. The PKG have chosen to be evil by proxy, by a transitive property, by vicarious desire.

    See you in the Lake of Fire! LOL!


  12. Eze 13:8 So I am going to punish those lying prophets

    Hear that speakers? Do you wish to continue backing a lying false prophet? Do you want to wait till the hammer falls to decide “well maybe he is a false prophet since every single prophecy that’s come out of his mouth has failed”? Not to mention the added blasphemy of blaming God Himself for the lies he spoke.


  13. I love how Weinland continuously makes God a lying, untrustworthy, petulant child who is incapable of wise or just action…just like the Bible does, but Weinland really drives it home.

    Man is bad? God made it so.
    Prophecy fails? God wanted this to happen.
    Ron is caught stealing and goes to jail? God is OK with it.
    Ron dismisses and changes the Bible? God wants contradictions and scriptural errors.

    There is ZERO difference between this and the description of yahweh by us atheists! We just see the BIblical God’s stupidity as a giant negative – and Ron sees it as a giant positive! 🙂

    Ron = “God is petulant and untrustworthy…Hooray!!”

    Atheist = God is petulant and trustworthy…booo!!”

    Ron is an atheist…


  14. “Ron is an atheist”

    Yup. A person cannot break every Christian principle….. and change the words in the Bible at will……. and self appoint himself “prophet of the god of Abraham”, if he believes in Jesus Christ.

    Ron is an atheist.

    Ron is a con artist.

    Ron is in prison. (3 more years)

    So……why do people send “tithes” to a convicted felon doing time in prison? Could it have something to do with the fact that he is a con artist? He must be a skilled con artist to get people to send him money when they know he is in prison.


  15. Avalo, Aren’t the evangelists are doing a hell of a job filling in for Ron with their sermons? Wayne has started off his last six to seven sermons with the same exact message. The evil human carnal mind, incorrect thinking, how to think correctly, etc. This is all this guy talks about and I’m sure others are taking notice.

    How anyone can sit there in silence and listen to an hour and forty-five minute sermon from the likes of Wayne, Johnny or Terry is beyond me. Personally I can only get through the first five to ten minutes worth and that’s more than enough for any sane person.

    Wayne must be teaching the latest version of pkg 101 mind control to the others because even Johnny mentioned something about “our carnal thinking” in his last sermon.


  16. Have you noticed that Ron has changed the 50th Truth (on the Publications page of the Church website)? It used to say that God had revealed Christ was returning on Pentecost 2013. Now it doesn’t.

    He’s also changed the 47th Truth. There are now apparently three “Days of the Lord”, two lasting a year and one lasting a day. The one we’ve just had, the one that’s still to come, and the last day of the one that’s still to come. A bit confusing I would have thought.

    And he’s changed the “Christ’s return – timing” section of the FAQs, and removed (at the moment) the “Timeline questions answered” section.

    All most amusing.


  17. Plimsol that is not surprising that the truths are being rewritten to suit Ron’s convenience, when and how he pleases. And he just blames it on God. And the mice are too stupid to realize the maze is shifting so that they never reach the cheese, while the cult leader enriches himself.

    I think even Ron is surprised at how effective his cult 101 has been.

    Still feeling sorry for loved ones inside whose lives are hell for no reason whatsoever. But it’s their problem now. There is more than enough evidence that this is rotten.


  18. Nice one, Douglas! 🙂

    Believe me, I would love for there to be a God who cares about all of what goes on here, but since Yahweh is too busy being detached from humanity, I will continue to know his irrelevance/non-existence through the ONLY thing that has not lied to me about Reality: proper science. Calcium has never lied to me…it is knowable and understandable. I trust gravity. Gravity is a better god than Yahweh…


  19. Plimsol rightly points out the latest (and amusing) changes to Ron’s TRUTHS and his FAQs. The only RELIABLE thing about Ron Weinland is that you can depend on him to keep changing what he’s said previously, once those ever-so-certain claims have turned out to be wrong, mistaken, or just plain lies.

    HOWEVER, there is always one section of the cog-pkg.org site that Ron forgets about until I remind him of it on this blog. And that’s because it’s in one of the FAQ-TOPICS where you wouldn’t expect to find it. I refer to the TOPIC of CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

    Today is 16 July 2013 (at least it is in Australia!), and the entry for this Topic still concludes with the following:

    “The truth is, we are at the very end of man’s self-rule on this earth, and even Satan’s rule is about to end. The government of God is coming to this earth on May 19, 2013. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!”

    Perhaps Mike could start a count-down to see how long it takes for this little bit of embarrassment to be changed and “updated”, and Ron’s latest blatant FAILURE to be air-brushed out of existence. The dates have been altered three times over the past 4 years. To Ron’s annoyance, SOMETHING and SOMEONE DID STOP THIS FROM TAKING PLACE on the three dates progressively revealed to Ron. (Yes, girls and boys, that’s how PROGRESSIVE REVELATION works! It’s AWESOME isn’t it? But it’s SUCH hard work trying to think of ALL the web pages of failed prophecies that need to be “updated”!)

    You’d think by now that Ron would have developed a COMPREHENSIVE PROGRESSIVE REVELATION CHECK-LIST so that he doesn’t miss the odd out-of-date entry somewhere. But this time it will need a bit of radical re-wording, now that God has got tired of disclosing to his End-Time Prophet the EXACT WRONG DATE of Christ’s return.

    As Plimsol says – AMUSING!


  20. The truth is, we are at the very end of man’s self-rule on this earth, and even Satan’s rule is about to end. The government of God is coming to this earth on May 19, 2013. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!

    Except this blog.


  21. I am reminded of the book 1984, where Winston Smith is constantly updated reality, by modifying newspaper print.

    It’s such an absurd notion, but this has actually been done from time to time. For example, I heard that the Russians erased (literally) somebody out of a text book they didn’t like.


  22. Hey Martin, Herbert Armstrong did that with his son, Garner Ted Armstrong — totally erased him from books, booklets and magazines.

    But then… all of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong is about revisionist history, much of which — such as Swineland’s offerings — never happened, and, indeed, never could happen.

    How do we know for certain Jesus will not return in our lifetime?

    Because Conald Swineland says he will.


  23. Seems to me that if the PKGer’s were reading the topics and other things they would catch the wrong dates and information. Seems like we are reading more then them. But if you don’t read and just listen to the false teachings it doesn’t make any difference. Just like the all the wrong and out dated stuff still in the 50 untruths they are supposed to be getting grounded in. Either they don’t care or don’t understand what they are reading.


  24. some one is not keeping up with the present truths. How do you expect PKG study the lies when you can’t even update your truths.

    He changed this truth from trumpets to may 27, 2012 would be continuing sealing and not just that day.((50) The revelation for this timing is very much about the Feast of Trumpets 2008. This is the date that the last stage for the final sealing of the 144,000 began, which was completed 1335 days later on Pentecost of 2012 (May 27, 2012).)
    45 (24) Not all baptized members, including many in the remnant, will be part of the 144,000. Once the sealing of all the 144,000 has been completed on Trumpets of 2008,

    He says now all trumpets have been blown:
    Once the Fifth Trumpet of the Seventh Seal is blown, God will begin awakening most who will make up the actual remnant of those who were once part of the scattering from the Worldwide Church of God

    I would like to know where in the bible it says God only uses 1 apostle an era. Eph 4:11 says he uses apostles not apostle.
    46 There was one end-time apostle during the era of Philadelphia, and this apostle led the only physical organization that God worked through for His Church. Likewise, there is one apostle who leads God’s Church today.

    Here again he is back peddling. He has all ready stated all trumpets have blown in the post A RAPIDLY APPROACHING PENTECOST:
    47 (26) The day Christ returns is the same 24-hour day when all seven vials (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out, once this Seventh trumpet is blown.

    I could go on but the point is they can’t keep up with the lies.


  25. I don’t see how anyone can keep up with Ron’s lies. I couldn’t several years ago, and now there are way to many to count or keep track of.


  26. Johnny Harrell has recently been brushing up on pkg’s cult 101 mind control course as taught by professor Wayne Mathews.

    Below are some words of wisdom from Johnny’s most recent sermon.

    “Once God opens this mind and reveals his way of life and his truths to us, then we have choices. And we saw how Moses chose to suffer with the children of Israel, because God was delivering them. And the way that God reveals truth is no different today, it is through the present truth, that’s how God does it, and that’s how it will continue to be done”

    “Progressive revelation of new truth that then becomes our present truth is some times primes rejected by God’s own people, as we’ve learned, those that God has called”

    “And there have been a few that have rejected what God gave us as his prophetic day to the church. From Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013. It’s always sad when some come to believe they are right, and this could not come from God, and then the present truth is brought forth”

    “And some times when that carnal thinking rejects what it does not like about what God is revealing, than those individuals have to justify their thinking, by twisting scripture to fit their disapproval, or they seek to find some fault in the new truth from the one that’s teaching it. And this has happened as long as I’ve been in God’s church. Even in the time of Philadelphia. Rejection of the present truth is not a new thing”

    “God will not allow a mind that does not fully agree with him”

    With several of the above sentences if you substitute the name “Ron” in place of the name “God” some of it actually begins to make sense.


  27. I pity him. There is no hope for him. He will believe until he falls into the “ditch”, and even then, he’ll keep believing.

    The blind lead the blind, and they both fall into the ditch.

    “Ditch” is really better translated as cistern, or a well, if you fall into a well, it’s usually not possible to get out without outside intervention.

    The bible supports no notion of “present true”, it’s a brilliant word game where “lie” is substituted for by “present/past truth”


  28. “Present Truth” always seems to be derived from past error.

    If that logic were applied to payroll programs running on a server, people would not get paid.

    PKG: You should learn something from this — it is high time for you to cancel Conald Swineland’s payday and make that a “Present Truth”.


  29. I don’t pity any of these toilet-dwellers at all. They are vile, they are fully aware of what they are doing to people, and they like it. Them and the maggots that feast on their theological waste a.k.a the PKG. I truly hope they are all destroyed by Ron’s theology and suffer as much as possible…


  30. Congratulations to Mr.Johnny Harrell for winning this months pkg evangelists total incompetence with infinite boredom award.

    The combination of Johnny’s southern accent, long pauses between sentences and incorrect pronunciation of numerous words would have most sane people headed for the door. Unfortunately most pkg members probably just fall asleep during Johnny’s sermons. If one or two actually stay awake and decide to head for the door they’ll be free from the insane asylum before the door hits them in the ass on their way out.

    It’s also obvious much of Johnny’s sermon content as well as sermon content from the other two imbeciles is being dictated directly from Ron. When Johnny spits out a sentence such as “so how can we grasp the magnitude and the power that our God has” we know he’s just a puppet on a string being controlled by a five time convicted felon from behind prison walls. (Side note to Ronald-Please don’t snag yourself on any razor wire while performing roofing work at Club Fed)

    One day Johnny, Wayne and Terry will all learn they’re all just as guilty as the false prophet himself. All three of these men are ignoring the biblical command not to follow false prophets. Not only are they ignoring the biblical command, they’re also leading others down into the ditch behind them and there will be serious consequences for their actions

    One day the entire pkg membership will be in shock and awe and it won’t be from marveling at the results of one of Ron’s false prophecies.


  31. Yes…I wonder how these people react, when they FINALLY realize this guy Ron is an anti-christ and a false prophet.

    How did they think such people would appear? With horns? With a curly mustache? With a hunched back and long cape?

    No, they appear as ministers of righteousness, they have a lot of spiritual sound speech, they sound spiritual, but you example the objective fruits.

    Ronald Weinland is in jail for tax fraud. That’s the objective reality. Ron says he’s in jail for persecution, that’s just another fraud coming from his lips.


  32. “No, they appear as ministers of righteousness, they have a lot of spiritual sounding speech, they sound spiritual, but you examine the objective fruits.”


  33. Or, in the words of the poet-

    Well, he catch you when you’re hoping for a glimpse of the sun
    Catch you when your troubles feel like they weigh a ton
    He could be standing next to you
    The person that you’d notice least
    I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.


  34. Wayne, you need to wake up a few brain cells.

    Ron calls each new lie the present truth.

    You let such petty simple word games sway you, without blinking an eye. Where is your mental fortitude?

    When you stand before God, how are you going to present your case?

    Wayne “Ron lied, then told a new lie, then another new lie, and another new lie, and another one, but he called them all “present truths”, so I took it as ok”

    God: **** stares at you in disbelief ***


  35. Just a little update on the problems facing the PKGers in updating their website to accommodate Ron’s numerous failures as a PROGRESSIVE REVELATION End-Time Prophet.

    Not only does the FAQ TOPIC of CONSPIRACY THEORIES still conclude with the boast that nothing and no-one can stop Christ returning on May 19, 2013, but the Holy Days page
    is woefully out of date as well.

    Under the heading of “God’s Plan of Salvation Revealed through His Sabbaths”, in the PENTECOST COLUMN we are still being informed by God (aka Ron Weinland) that “God’s Plan” includes the following:

    “The 144,000 are resurrected and return with Christ to the earth at the blowing of the Seventh Trumpet in 2013.”

    Yep, Ron Weinland sure does know what he’s talking about when he explains to his adoring flock how “God’s Plan” works!

    As I’ve been saying since 2008, Ronald Weinland has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to interpreting what he imagines is “prophecy” in the Bible. Ron has told so many lies, got so many things wrong, and created so many conflicting “TRUTHS, that he’s created a nightmare for himself in updating the old cog-pkg website. I shouldn’t imagine he cares very much about this anyway, as an out-of-date website seems to be of little concern to his followers. Although the ones who’ve left in the past few weeks might have finally realised how the website reflects a distorted and disoriented picture of reality. It’s all been fantasy from the word go!


  36. Another posting out. Seems like Ron is scared of someone. He is always trying to nip what people are saying. Curses Curses. Ron is the one Cursed as he sets in the prison for not paying his taxes abut tries to blame the goverment for attacking the church. Ron is no Paul who set in prison for teaching God word. Ron is setting in prison for stealing from God and the goverment. Shame on you Ron.


  37. Speaking of God’s Plan – not only has Ron not updated the PKG website, but he continues to avoid addressing the parts of the Bible that actually exist, not just in his fevered brain. he said he and his wife were the Two Witnesses and they fulfilled their timeline, their supposed spiritual death in spiritual jerusalem, etc. Umm…how about revelation 11: 12 ?

    “And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.”

    Nope, they did nothing of the sort, as there is no way to spiritualize this without looking like a total idiot. The only way to make it make ‘sense’ is to ignore it, say it hasn’t been revealed/explained yet, or say it isn’t important enough or necessary to explain.

    Ron’s toilet-headed congregation is so stupid they don’r care what he puts in them, or in this case completely avoids putting in them…


  38. Ron says this in his latest post (July 17):

    “God’s ways that are contained in His word (His ways, His laws, and His truths) produce (yield) only one way – one result: fullness, joy, excitement, reward, contentment, and happiness in life – true peace.”

    So why are you in jail, Ron, if you were following God’s Way? Specifically, “thou shalt not STEAL”? If what you say is true, and it HAS to be true or else you are lying and thus NOT God’s Prophet and not of God at all…then YOU are not following God’s Way.


    If you post is true, Ron, then you a re false. If your post isn;t true, you are false.

    Result: once again you prove how fake and evil you are.


  39. The Ezekiel Prophecy is the babbling of a Bronze Age desert dweller. Bible prophecy can be applied to anything, and only an idiot will; believe it.

    Sorry Tom, your Rapture forums are just the latest form of science fiction…


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