La-La Land

Johnny Harrell, Myrtle, Laura, and Audra traveled to London so Johnny could ramble for a couple of hours.  Elders Yvorra and Milne delivered the prayer.

God has given PKG members so much, with two sermons per week.  One of them starts out between the ears of False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is currently within the confines of the Terre Haute Federal Correction Institution, and has an intermediate stage at the point of a #2 pencil before ending up on Weinland’s blog.  I doubt that the WordPress development team had the notion that their software would be used to weekly deliver progressive truth from God.

Johnny speculated that Ron would be put in prison indefinitely if he claimed to hear God from a burning bush.  Not sure how that is any different from the thoughts that God supposedly puts in his mind.  But Ron is not imprisoned for his silly religiosity.  In speaking with two of the jurors, they made little mention of religious issues.

Johnny made one point with which I fully concur: that ex-PKG members lost faith that God is leading PKG.  I expect that more will lose faith in the next 2 1/2 years before Ron is released from prison, but that enough members will remain to support Ron and Laura in their declining years and Audra and Jeremy as well.


50 thoughts on “La-La Land

  1. Good news everyone! Due to the basis of our ministry vanishing, our mind control sessions have been doubled to twice a week for your loyalty and benefit! Chocolate rations too!

    Ron would be put in prison indefinitely only if the burning bush told him to continue to evade taxes!

    Lost faith that God is leading the pkg? I can’t imagine for the life of me where anyone could possibly have got that impression! The beauty of a 0% accuracy is so awesome and powerful to achieve!


  2. When you have control of 10 percent of people’s income like Ron and Laura has they will go to all ends of the earth to keep hold of it.


  3. Do these imbeciles really NEED to travel to the UK? Or Elsewhere for that matter?

    Can’t they cut a tape at home, and save everybody a whole bundle of money?

    Or is it that Laura is hooked on 1st class breakfasts/lunches/dinners/air travel/hotels????


  4. Well, Martin, they’ve gotta do SOMETHING with that money. I mean, geez, why NOT use it to travel luxuriously with fine dining and expensive hotels? It’s certainly not being used to “spread the gospel” now, is it? Oh, and they’ll most likely write it off as a travel expense to visit the “churches” in London (what, 20 people?) and speak to “dignitaries”, whoever they may be. Who knows? Maybe Johnny needs a new car to boot, so he can toodle around all fancy smancy too.


  5. I love how every COG thinks they spreading the Gospel, like noone has heard of it. 200- years of Christianity, and decades of COG theology and they think they ‘ned’ to spread the Gospel. 2000 years of spreading and ZERO Messiah, ZERO proof of Yahweh, countless Judeo-Christian-Islamic wars/murders/poverty, and all the rest of the miseries that Bible theology has given us in the name of a ‘loving’ God.

    And I get to watch it all from my mountain-top second home bought and paid for by my atheism…


  6. If Johnny could he would oust Ron and Laura in a heart beat. Ex PKGers left because they wised up and saw the lies that were being told and the great attempt to scare people by telling the ministry if you hear anyone asking questions they are to be put out. I truly believe they are members there that would drink the koolaid if they were told they are one of the 144000 and would be standing with Ron. It got sick to watch how members would go crazy at just the fact that Ron gave them the time of day and set with them for a minute when he came to visit the area’s. I really believe some almost fainted after the experience. 🙂 So family member out there who have family in PKG don’t be surprised if that day comes. They don’t have minds of their own anymore and are seperating themselves from the blood family they have. And it will get even worse as time goes own because that is how mind control works. So if Johnny wants to say they lost faith in God (Ron) then yes they did. But their eyes where opened by the real God not the man who is trying to replace him.


  7. I agree with JD. Family members should be worried about those who are still in PKG. And why do they have to keep bringing up people that have left. Oh I forgot it is all about the money and trying to hide the fact that people are leaving. They must be starting to have problems since they are stopping the phone hook up program which makes since because those who are on it can’t afford to or too old to use the internet and they don’t pay tithes so cut them off. And they have stopped the elders email services which cost them for each email address. Laura and Audra need traveling money so let’s cut other things. Plus Ron is running low on no. 2 pencils.


  8. We should all put an order in for the free books from fake email addresses, then burn them. That’ll cost them 🙂


  9. I thank most of the the people who stay with PKG are in bad shape and have nothing and are hanging in there because of that they spend all there money ,or on welfare or ssi or ss and they are just wishin Christ will come back and save them. Laura will not give up her rock star life style


  10. Now, now, Avalokiteshvara, as far as preaching the Gospel, there are still those who have not heard of Jesus.

    There are at least 3 right here in Tacoma.

    Of course, since Conald Swineland is NOT, repeat NOT, preaching Jesus all that money PKGers are giving to him will do absolutely nothing to spread the Word of God so people can have redemption through Jesus (if any), and those 3 people in Tacoma are doomed, I say, DOOMED!!!

    And how about those dozens of people in the rest of the world?

    Lost souls, they are — all because Swineland is NOT doing the job.


  11. Actually Douglas you make a good point!

    there are thousands who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and most of them are sitting churches! After all the years of TV evangelists, prosperity theologists, COGs, splinter groups, Christian cults, Joel Osteen self-help business “Christianity,” Catholic Bible manipulating and so on, I’ll =bet most Christians today have no idea what is ACTUALLY written in their Bibles.

    About the only people left who have SCOURED every inch of the Bible and know EXACTLY what is in it are us atheists, thus we reject the actual Bible and (Biblical) God – as well as DEFEND it when “Christians” pretend it says what it does not. I have the defended the Bible from Conald Swine-gland more often than not, since he clearly has no interest in preaching what it actually says, since it proves conclusively and without a doubt to anyone sane that , if the Bible is actually God’s Word, Ron is ABSOLUTELY defying and denying 99% of it!!

    Here are two things a Christian can know 100%, two 1000% GUARANTEED facts …IF…The Bible is God’s Word:

    1. I will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for rejecting it.

    2. Ronald Weinland will also be thrown into the Lake of Fire…for the same reason!!



  12. Also, these morons are driving Christians away from their own churches – dedicated christians who are sick of being advertised to rather than dealing with the hard question of life. If church is not a safe place to ask difficult questions, science will gladly step up and provide them with place. Science, true science, promotes the idea that a great idea or truth withstands all inquiry, so the hardest question you can ask is encouraged. We REALLY j=have to know what we are doing before we send those astronauts out into space. Not asking every question we can about the engineering and construction of the space station could lead to death, so we MUST ask these questions, because the result is GOOD when we do it.

    I am REALLY enjoying watching the kids these days running far from Christianity as they wake up and realize that their youth pastor is merely trying to make church cool in the mistaken belief the modern teen is incapable of thinking about the tough questions of life, and is merely looking for a church that let’s them wear sweat pants to worship, or has a heavy metal band play the youth worship hour.

    Trust Christianity to be backward thinking. And trust the COGs to not think at all…


  13. Yes, Chri$tian Mu$ic — just listen to “Our god is an awe$ome god” and then look at the money they rake in from the mu$ic.

    Indeed, the god of money is an AWE$OME god and many worship it (and some like Swine-gland are SO blatant at it)!

    Heavy death metal punk Chri$tian band it is!


  14. And one of those hypocrites from a “Christian” heavy-metal band was arrested for trying to have his wife murdered (Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying).


  15. It’s confession time for me!

    I, and a lot of other Australians, have long thought that Americans don’t do irony very well – in fact that it passes right over their heads. How wrong I was!

    Have just unearthed one of the BEST BITS OF IRONY TO BE FOUND ONLINE, and it comes from the pen of that quintessential American religious fundamentalist Ron Weinland himself.

    Under the heading of “FINANCIAL ADVICE” in the COG-PKG’s Topics, is this gem:

    The Church of God-PKG does not give personal financial advice to people other than what God requires relating to tithing, offerings and being honest with regards to taxation and other financial transactions in your nation.”

    What? Did I read that aright? “…being honest with regards to taxation…transactions in your nation”?

    Ron Weinland – you’re an ABSOLUTE MASTER OF IRONY!!!


  16. Ron Weinland – Master of Irony AND Master of Hypocrisy.

    And he didn’t even have to attend university to get those two degrees!!


  17. It’s getting to the point to where when looking for something to laugh about, the place to go to find it is here, in reading Ron’s postings! It’s laughing in disbelief, but laughing nonetheless. 😀


  18. Ron…
    “The 2nd Coming is in 2012”
    “The 2nd Coming is in 2013”
    “The 2nd Coming is in 2014”
    “The timing for the 2nd Coming has been given by it shall remain a secret”
    “The timing for the 2nd Coming has NOT been given”
    “Are you a comedian?” (runs)

    “I curse you to die a literal death”
    “I curse you to die a spiritual death”

    “1/3 of the green grass will burn”
    “ok….maybe not the grass, but the money will burn”
    “Something will burn”

    Police knock on door and haul Ronald Weinlad away…..


  19. Can some get me striat I’m not top on on scripter what does the bible say about wemon in the church, not what Ron change it to like he change script sure and his 50 something truths every week ! And did someone say after the bible was written sricpter can not be rewritten . If I’m wrong tell me please ! My mom always bad mouth the chathlic church but the the new pope said wemon have a perpus in the church . Oh hell yea makes Laura look good


  20. 1 Timothy 2:12
    I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.

    1 Corinthians 14:34
    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.

    A women is:
    1) Not have authority over the man in the church or in marriage.
    2) She is to be “quiet” in the church, by this it means she is not to speak from the pulpit, not that she should remain quiet the whole day, for example in fellow-shipping with other, she obviously can speak.

    Laura violates #1 as she is tacitly head over the church under Ron.


  21. What I am hearing is “this is for sure the year war is clearly coming” and so it goes….Weinland had solid followers but I know that plenty are still leaving, it’s just on the hush hush


  22. Every year is the last X, and/or the start of the final Y for these pituitary-failures! From HWA The Perv to Weinland The Fraud to Zerubabel The Towel headed Moron: all of these bottom dwellers see Satan behind their fridge and the Holy Roman Empire rising in their neighbour’s backyard. Anyone who thinks Bronze Age mythology is being fulfilled today needs a refill of their anti-psychosis meds. The rest of us sane humans will go about our business…

    Anyone who believes Armageddon is at the door deserves to believe such Scheiße.


  23. Avalokiteshvara, usually I agree with you, but this time (a matter of opinion, really), I think you may be wrong: Zerubabel The Towel headed Moron.

    I think he’s an imbecile.

    So there.

    But not really strong definitively on the subject until the I.Q. tests come back… if they have a tolerance for a score that low on the tests….

    If so, we need to be careful because the government might protect him because he is mentally disabled (a no win situation in my opinion, if he gets on government rolls and we support him with our taxes, but then, he might get his meds as well as food stamps).


  24. Zerubbabel the Towel Headed One – is cray cray.

    His behavior is that of a immature 12 year old brat.

    Anybody that does not believe him is damned into the lake of fire.

    I am still at a lose to explain that video that that girl took of him….what was the situation? Is Zerub sharing a motel room? A hotel room? A house?

    Who was the follower? The husband? The wife? I would have tossed his bags out into the street for yelling at me if that was my place.

    Yet another person with not a shred of evidence to support his claim. Just all on his say so.


  25. Zerubabel (Michael) is a former follower of Weinland who began believing that he himself was an End Time Witness. He believes that the other Witness was Jesus who came first, then Michael was brought into his Witnessing by prophetic circumstances.

    1. Michael went to Greece because he believed July 19, 2012 was the day that jesus would return and crush everyone save for him and a few followers. The video you saw is his home in Greece that he was sharing with one other family. He believes this becuase he read an OT scripture that talks about a figure named Michael being of God, and this was a verse about hte present. His name is Michael, so he feels the verse is speaking about him (like there aren;t MILLIONS of other Michaels that have existed throughout time. The verse CLEARLY is talking about that time, but Michael/Zerubabel being the moron that he is thinks it is about him.

    2. Michael passport expired while in Greece, plus he obtained unregistered cars which are both illegal in Greece. He also was planning to go to Bulgaria to get a truck and bring it back to Greece, again, a minor crime, but illegal nevertheless. This activity, plus Eric (the follower) demanding the $1000 that he lent Zerubabel back was part of the argument you saw on the video. Zerubabel only had $500 on him, so he gave $400 of the $1000 back to Eric…because he needed $100 to rent a car.

    3. The argument started over an e-mail/letter sent by Eric to another family thinking of joining Zerubabel in Greece. He told them Eric was a liar, and don;t come. Somehow Zerubabel got ahold of the letter (or Eric might have given it to him as part of his decision to leave? I don’t know) and thus you see him have a hissy fit like a spoiled child.

    4. Michael was eventually kicked out of Greece, and for some reason he went to Israel and was help at the airport and promptly kicked out of the country. They probably saw him at the airport and because of his stupid “prophet” garb knew he was a lunatic/idiot and dealt with him. Since Israel is the “holy” land to a lot of people Israel get their fair share of religious lunatics showing up who think they are Jesus or Moses. In fact, Israel has a mental hospital which is dedicated in part to these lunatics, and there is a syndrome named after people who go to Jerusalem/Israel because they think they are a Biblical figure!

    5. Zerubabel is kicked out of Israel and put on a plane to Miami. He arrives, and somehow ends up in New Mexico in the hills living in a tent (which is to him supposedly fleeing from X or symbolic of his Y, once again I am not sure).

    6. He THEN says that his being kicked out of Greece and Israel is prophetic. His being “swallowed up and then spit out of” the plane in Miami is symbolic of Jonah being spat out of the whale, and this the Jonah story in the Bible is in part a prophecy ABOUT MICHAEL! He also says that luggage the airline lost while he was travelling was ‘stolen” by Satan because it had some sermon notes and such in it that Satan didn’t want the world to hear, thus proving Zerubabel was a prophet of God.

    7. ALL of Zerubabel timelines and prophecies have been proven 100% wrong, yet he continues to come up with “progressive”:revelations and “truths” that reveal how “right” he is every time he is completely wrong.

    8. Zerubabel also tosses out the occasional command: before July 19, 2012, people were not allowed to take off their shoes for three days, as well as commanding them to wear a blue tassel as a sign of their faith! He also won;t shake hands with or touch anyone who doesn’t believe what he believes because they are ‘spiritually dead’ and he doesn’t want to soil himself with ‘unclean’ flesh.

    9. Now, he is back on a “the world is ending REAL soon” jaunt…which will, as always, prove to be totally false and then he will find a way to prove how amazingly relevant his irrelevance is!


  26. What money is Zerubbabel living on? I don’t think he has any followers of any size, I don’t think he gets tithe money from any body.

    Does anybody know?

    Also did the wife leave? It sounded like on the video that she left.


  27. According to him he had dozens of guns, which he sold for “thousands of dollars” to get to Greece/live there. After arriving in New Mexico his wife and step daughter were with him, but as of now I am not sure. Zerubabel’s family thinks he is crazy and he mocked them in one of his videos for “murdering” their own children by not teaching them Zerubabel’s way, thus they would end up in the Lake of Fire “murdered” by following their parents.

    Zerubabel and his wife/kid were using firewood in Greece to avoid the cost of electricity, and he uses firewood now for the stupid little tent he uses in the New Mexico hills. By his own admission, pretty much noone follows him, and only one person or possibly family has fled to the hills as Zerubabel had commanded in order to escape the coming destruction Zerubabel keeps on falsely prophesying every few months or so. He is an absolute zero in the religious time/space continuum, but he persists with his stupid theology and anti-social behaviour.

    I wrote him one time and asked him (nicely) about his theology and its failure. he politely replied and explained it all to me. He actually, truly, completely believes what he is saying, and that is the comedy and/or tragedy (?) of it all. He really does believe what goes on in his head, and cannot see just how completely stupid it is!He sees himself in every other OT scripture and is constantly amazed at how accurate the Bible is about how him and his End Time work wearing his bathrobe, a towel on his head, blue tassles and trim, living in his homemade tent made out of old tarps.

    Personally, I get a kick out of watching him continue to prove to the world what I have know since I woke up out of theology – Juedo-Christian religion is complete and utter bullsh*t.


  28. To be clear: Zerubabel’s family that thinks he is crazy is his mom and sister(s). As for the wife, it is not clear if she and the step-daughter are still around, but they could be. Somoe shopuld call child services on Zerubabel and save the kid. he and his wife are grown-ups. Let them suffer.

    The kids though deserves the chance to be normal, and not need a psychiatrist for the next 20 years to remove the giant “tumor” in her head that is Zerubabel’s teachings.


  29. All the Napoleons completely believe they are Napoleon. All the Cleopatras believe they are Cleopatra. All Alexanders believe they are Alexander….

    I hear we have Napoleon’s penis pickled in a jar in some museum somewhere (I’m not kidding), and if the DNA matches, then I’ll believe.


  30. Ronald Weinland (July 25th):

    “In the beginning, the story of what happened to Adam and Eve actually reveals the most fundamental flaw in human life, which comes down to the choice of two ways of life – obedience or disobedience to God.”

    Actually, in the beginning, the story of what happened to Adam and Eve actually reveals the most fundamental flaw in sub-human life, which comes down to believing they were real – and an angry God made women feel labor pains as “punishment” because of it, a God who speaks through a jailed criminal.

    Well done, Ron. The PKGers’ IQs have dropped another 60 points thanks to your continued lies…


  31. Well done, Ron. The PKGers’ IQs have dropped another 60 points thanks to your continued lies…

    What does that make their I.Q.’s now? A -40: Everytime one of them enters a room, the I.Q. of everyone there drops 40 points?

    And, no, I do not know what my I.Q. is. It started out pretty high, by all accounts, but after being with these types of imbeciles for decades, it is probably in the moron (or less) range.

    [Altzheimer’s: The new dementia.]

    Wondering: Could PKGism stupidity be contagious (their having got it from Conald Swindland)?

    It does seem that the I.Q. of those who leave PKG seem to progressively awesomely increase!


  32. Well don;t be disheartened, Douglas.

    There are a lot of religious types amongst our generation, but the Millennials are really taking the lead and leaving theology , especially Christianity, in droves: thanks to Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, atheist charities popping up now, atheist community building, atheist gatherings that celebrate humanism, advanced science, and as always the terrible example set by the majority of churches There are only so many years you can lie and pretend prosperity theology works – only so many 60 Minutes exposes showing faith healing to be the fake cash grab we all know it is. Jesus has not returned after 2000 + years of Christians PROMISING he is just around the corner. Only so many innocent children can die of famine before God is thrown in the garbage for being a myth.

    You IQ has returned. And now so are the IQs of the rest of humanity now that the kids these days are joining ME and the rest of us who give to charity, help the homeless, pay our taxes, vote, commit ZERO crimes, raise healthy/happy children, earn honest salaries, have happy long-term relationships and marriages (both gay AND straight) and so on – VERY OPENLY WITHOUT THE USELESS MYTH OF YAHWEH OR ANY OTHER FAKE, EVIL, GENOCIDAL GOD LIKE HIM.


  33. New post up from false prophet Ronald Weinland.

    As this it he last “for sure” year, you would think that God’s most formidable prophet (one that can’t get out of jail) would have more pressing messages to give….like WW III is going to start some time soon.


  34. According to Ron’s latest post, among the causes of human suffering are “bloggers who lie,” “false accusations,” and “being maligned.”




    3. I DARE ANYONE WHO BELIEVES RON TO SHOW UP HERE AND PROVE RON IS BEING MALIGNED… for no reason. To malign some one is to speak about them in a spiteful and/or critical manner.It is not a sin to speak spitefully about sin and evil people. Jesus spoke spitefully about the Pharisees who made life difficult for lay Jews. He called them a generation of vipers. If it is bad to speak spitefully of someone evil, then RON IS SAYING THAT JESUS IS A CAUSE OF HUMAN SUFFERING. In that way, I totally agree with Ron! The Gospel of Jesus Christ as Messiah to mankind and a Returning Saviour is a malignant lie and has cause a lot of human suffering. BUT if you are a Christian, what Ron has just said is blasphemy, and Satanic for calling Jesus a cause of suffering.

    The number one excuse these morons use is that, “well, they would just attack me no matter what I say, true or not, so why even bother showing up? It is all just lies, anyways.”

    The words of c oward who knows they are wrong and pretends WE are wrong to avoid facing the provable truth that Ron is a criminal, he is a false prophet, he has lied in court, altered the Bible to make it say things it does not (which is a grave sin according to the Bible itself), lied on his daughter’s marriage certificate, broken EVERY promise he has made to stop preaching if ANYTHING he says doesn’t prove 100% true – because he would then be a false prophet, uttered DEATH CURSES against us, and spent God’s Tithes on panties, wine, many expensive cars, luxury cruises.”Bloggers who lie”…I DARE ANY/ALL PKG TO PROVE THAT ANYTHING HERE IS A LIE. The door is open…who among you has the courage to step forward, and prove us wrong?

    Sind Sie mutig, oder bist du Scheiße-Schwein?


  35. Hi all. I just left the church as of yesterday. The reason we stay is that we don’t know the truth a out Ron and the story. We are told not to google him, read any articles on him…to stay blind from what could damage the opinion we are to have. I’ve been doi g some reading now and I see my suspicions are true. It’s sad and scary. We make friends there and we stay so we don’t lose them. My husband has been understanding and is glad I woke up. We are told one thing and then it doesn’t happen and then we are told we misunderstood. Ugh… I studied cults in high school and I found the psychology facinating. I fell for it anyways… Through family. I have so many questions and will learn more as I search. We are not stupid, just lost in hope.



    1. I’m glad you made it out. Cultmeisters manage to find some way to blame their failings on their followers. Or convince them that anyone pointing them out is a liar.


  36. Gone And Forgotten:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have just made an extremely SMART move! You have chosen to seek actual truth, and not the false, evil “truths” told to you by Weinland in order to steal your money and lead you away from Salvation. God/The Bible says the important stuff very clearly. And Weinland has LIED, borne false witness, stolen from you, stolen from the government, lied on his daughter’s marriage license, bought SEVERAL BMWs with your tithes, and much, much more. Jesus Christ said ALL who come to me are saved…and you DON’T have to pay for it, believe a man, or wear a special hat. The Bible says those who run from the wicked and seek God earnestly are ABSOLUTELY doing the right thing, and you are definitely doing the right thing. Ron says Salvation can come ONLY from joining him and his Internet church…that is AGAINST the Word of Jesus. He is a snake, a liar, a criminal. and an anti-christ.

    Now I personally am an atheist, BUT you don;t have to do anything I say or believe anything I say. I am not trying to get you to leave God, or abandon your faith. This time you are entering as a person leaving a COG can be difficult, so let me give you some advice:

    You will feel scared at times, like you are leaving God;s true church, even though you know Ron is a snake and a liar. COG theology is designed to make people scared enough to never leave, and the biggest technique is saying that you are abandoning the truth or God by leaving a man and his church. That is a TOTAL. LIE. You will feel terrified, like life is hopeless, and now that “GOD” isn;t protecting you and looking over you, you are going to get cancer, or God won;t save you from a car wreck, or some other catastrophes that God had previously kept you from until now.

    It may feel like the world is a cold, mechanical place now that “GOD” is mad at you and disappointed, and (supposedly) withdrawn his protection from you. COG theology uses this sick idea to snare you and keep you from dragging yourself out of the quicksand they pulled you into. You have just freed yourself from the quicksand, but you have been so used to it, you may feel life was safer, better, less scary back in the quicksand. ALL OF US who have left COG theology have felt something like that, so what you are feeling is not new, nor is it PERMANENT. There is so much hope and happiness coming soon for you, you just have to be patient as the poison starts clearing out of your system, and you start to feel better. You are not alone in this: many, many thousands of people have broken free of the COG toilet, and have gone on to live great, happy, fulfilling lives. And many, maybe most have found God and live very happy lives following God/jesus Word.

    Don’t be afraid to ask us questions or join us in discussions. We won;t laugh at you or “mock” you for having been a follower of an evil minister. We are here to help, not “mock,” so if you feel stupid or embarrassed, don;t worry. We all felt that when we were in your shoes. It is OK, and it will pass.

    Welcome to the club…you are SAFE now!



  37. Hello Gone but NOT forgotten. I probably met in the church, several of the commenters here who left Ron’s insanity, but of course don’t know who is who because we protect ourselves with an alias, which is wise. The wonderful people in the congregation are for the most part an awesome sincere bunch. The friendships were and are extremely valuable and precious. The challenge is those friendships are hostage to a very bizarre doctrine and cult situation, where they will mindlessly dump you on command. A few get carried away with their self righteousness, those actually work to set people free from the doomsday cult, by showing its true nature. I for one will never have my emotions held hostage like that again. Better to shake the dust from my sandals and start over, this time a little less gullible.

    The ministry turned out to be a charlatan enriching himself and acting his little heart out. Huh! Who would have thought. We all fell for it; don’t feel bad. Some very intelligent people fell for it. Humans psychology is predictable and exploitable, regardless of your intelligence or background. Ron drove a money truck through the loophole in human nature, and couldn’t handle the party ending, so continued manipulating right up to this day.

    “We are told not to google him, read any articles on him…to stay blind from what could damage the opinion we are to have. I’ve been doi g some reading now and I see my suspicions are true.”

    Yeah I always thought Ron protests a little too loudly. Jesus felt his accusers were not worth responding to, let alone threatening with curses. He let the facts of His ministry speak, his strong confidence was exceeded by his love and humility, and the outcome was entrusted to God completely, and he put his life where his words were. Well the facts of Ron’s ministry are so damning no wonder he does not want anyone internet searching. Ron’s own voice is right there on youtube, recorded from the past, such glaring lies and contradictions recorded, and the man behind the curtain exposed. Ron is trying to handle the internet the same way a crooked politician tries to handle the internet. Except Ron has no actual authority to censor the internet. But he wishes he did. And even so, the more you censor, the more viral it goes. So he has no chance to keep his dirty secrets. Where is God backing the mighty prophet? Crickets …

    Anyway I can share that blessings in my life have INCREASED tremendously after leaving. I try to stay thankful and positive toward everything. That is the key. Not which Cultmeister you are writing a check to. Hard work, passion, sincerity, generosity, honesty – those qualities get blessed tremendously. I have experienced proof in my life of the following scripture: “where two are gathered in my name, there I am also”. I think that sincere, thankful, honest worshippers are being blessed all over the place, regardless of which “only true religion” they are in. Regardless of whether they cut a check to this cultmeister or that, or not at all. God is blessing INDIVIDUALS that are striving to live right. The cults themselves however, are dysfunctional and dying, and quite right so they should.


  38. Thanks for the warm and thoughtful welcome! It certainly is a big roller coaster ride, I’ll get better. I was in for 5 years, but exposed to it since the 80’s back with the tv program. What is this with Ron lying on the marriage certificate…so much info , I haven’t found the details yet.

    Thanks again!


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