What’s A Head?

Johnny Harrell and company continued to fill in for the imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland on a trip to Virginia to see Dave Conley and company.  Perhaps Ronnie doesn’t have air conditioning in Club Fed, because he issued a fatwah allowing men to skip the suit and tie in hot weather.

I thought Johnny’s sermon title was apropo and adopted it as a title for this post. Johnny reminded PKG members not to use their own intellect.   Spiritual war is being waged against PKG, and some have given up and fallen recently.  But Satan’s attacks have make PKG stronger.  Storm clouds on the horizon with some embassies being closed (or maybe not) and trumpet blasts being prepared.
The Weinlands’ involvement in the legal system continues.  A hearing is scheduled in the case of the marriage of Audra and Chris which started 5 years ago and then was restarted when Ron’s lie about the location of the ceremony on on the marriage certificate was exposed.

BOONE           Scheduled Events: DOMESTIC, 8/27/2013 02:40 PM, 3B

Although Ron is in prison while Laura remains free to roam the planet, that won’t necessarily continue — she’s not out of the woods yet. Judge Reeves did not give Ron a sentence enhancement for leading a criminal enterprise because he considered Laura to be an equal conspirator.  According to trial transcripts, the majority of the evaded income was in 2007 and 2008 when the Weinlands bought 3 BMWs shipping 2 of them in opposite directions across the Altlantic.  The statute of limitations is 6 years.  The clock on that doesn’t begin ticking until the filing due date, and stops ticking whenever the accused is out of the jurisdiction.  So the feds have until after April of next year to bring an indictment against Laura for 2007.

And then there are the years after 2008 to consider.  I rather suspect that the Weinlands didn’t change their behavior adequately even though they knew they were under criminal investigation.  I wonder if they declared the legal fees for Ron’s defense on their income tax.  Tick, tock.

According to rumors, PKG suffered another blow recently with the departure of Greg Chipps.  Greg was the PKG IT department, and developed and supported the Elder Management Console which reportedly has been shut down because no one else knows how to run it.  Greg was also the inspiration behind Ron’s Google Ad campaign which contributed to his downfall when the bank reported to the IRS large sums of money flowing through bank accounts of the church and Ron’s own personal accounts.  Update: other sources indicate that Greg has not indeed left PKG and is still drinking down the Flavor Aid.  If this version is true, then hopefully not for much longer.


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  1. Also…MARTIN:

    You never answered my question: what are you going to believe or say when Pack is proven to be the liar we know he is, concerning (1) his PROPHECY that the COGs would be completely destroyed, and (2) how he as now already back-pedalled and said only 7000 will join him by August 30th?

    Also, you said: “Giving up on a false prophet like Ronald Weinland, I can understand, but I don’t know why people give up on God.Unfortunately they got stung by a false prophet….Ronald Weinland is heaping up coals on his head for turning people to atheism.”

    The Catholic Church’s stance on birth control has directly contributed to the exponential and completely UNNECESSARY rise of AIDS in African countries. Do you think that MIGHT have something to do with it? The Bible says gay people must be put to death. Do you think THAT might have something to do with the march towards atheism? The WWCG used to and many churches still teach relying on God for healing and NEVER using a doctor, which has resulted in the death of many children. Do you think THAT had something to so with it? Do you think that the murder, slavery, and RAPE condoned by God has something to do with it (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)?

    If you are going to use atheism as an example of God shaming people…that to REJECT murder, slavery, and rape is shameful to God…then YOU are one of the reasons people give up on God. If God uses justice and truth to shame people into accepting murder and slavery, then THAT is why we atheists walk happily and peacefully on this Earth without the grotesque spectre of Yahweh haunting our lives….Randy Terlecki follows Jesus Christ and the peace and joy He offered. We atheists rest in the peace of rational truth and love without fear of the sky.

    All rational atheists, true Christians, agnostics, and “others” reject the/your (?) imaginary, insane, bloodthirsty COG desert God.


  2. Also, Martin:

    Kirrily is absolutely right.

    To become an atheist or an agnostic because of one person IS stupid, as she rightfully pointed out. Atheism or agnosticism are positions based on fact, not on emotion. This is why I hate young angry atheists. They are not atheists. They are sullen teens who hate their parent;s religion and “reject” anything that they don’t like! Atheism is not an emotion-based phenomenon. Loving calcium doesn’t make it’s particulars more or less true. Religion is believing calcium is the Messiah. Atheism is knowing that calcium is provably an alkaline earth metal no matter how we feel about it. Going from believing calcium has a plan for your spiritual life to knowing that it is a metal essential to cytoplasmic function is not a function of love OR hate of a man or woman. If I “believed” that calcium is an abundant metal because I hate Weinland, then I still know NOTHING at all about anything.

    To conflate truth with mere alterations in belief is a theological act.

    To reject faulty evidence is an agnostic and/or atheist act.


  3. Avalo you might have misunderstood what i meant, poor wording on my part. I meant more that it was a good deal for Ron if he gets to keep any of his ill gotten wealth. I have learned the same thing you said. Money is a tool, not a goal or an intrinsic wealth on its own. Everything else you described is true wealth. Just ask me while I’m watching the sunrise in the mountains while a moose munches on reeds nearby 🙂


  4. Ron helped me shed organized religion, as i realized usually it’s a trap. I strongly believed in a creator before pkg existed, and continue to do so. Although imprecise – more in a Boltzman brain kind of way, some vast consciousness of which we get to share a small piece as sentient life forms. Ron or any other scumbag will never rob me of that true sense of wonder. But his scam was the last straw and i will never chase a religious group or let anyone think for me, and that makes exploration fun and wondrous again!


  5. Oh and by good deal for Ron I meant in a superficial wealth kind of way. He sold his soul, family, and whatever true wealth he might have had so he could get rich quick so to speak. And even that he lost in his greed and delusion.


  6. You are so right, Bilbo! A moose munching is far more valuable than chasing the illusion of security and joy falsely attributed to ‘stuff.’ Das ist völlig richtig!!

    The underlying principle of The Art of War by Sun Tzu: “Erfassen der Staat intakt…”

    Capture the State intact…smart people – wise people – seek the value of the Whole…Conald Swineland seeks the dismantle the parts for selfish gain…


  7. This is why Swineland will fail in the great scheme of things…he sees only as far as the money, he does not see the whole of Reality, and its value. Newly departed such as GoneAndForgotten and others see a greater Reality, a reality where God is expansive, and Jesus is a Bringer of Peace, or a landscape open to interpretation, and new paths to Truth. All Swineland can see is a dollar bill lying outside the walls of his PRISON cell where he has been thrown for being a LIAR and a THIEF.

    I so deeply wish Swineland had the balls to actually publicly debate his swill. I would dismantle that underwear stain theology of his in a nanosecond. To the right, the Gospel of Jesus Christ…to the left Sun Tzu…and a steely dose of science straight down the middle right into his front teeth. And he would have to run home crying like the weakling soul-thief he is.

    All he has ever faced are his moronic fans…let’s see how you fare against a thinker, Ronnie…


  8. Avalokiteshvara, you are right! I like calcium! Not in it’s pure form, of course — it’s to alkaline for me: It’s a matter of taste.

    But it is so good in so many things. I like it my almond Silk. I understand there is quite a lot in steak. It comes in various vegetables I like.

    Don’t get me wrong: I like potassium and sodium too (but not too much); magnesium is a fave too!

    I just hope that Conald Swineland doesn’t ruin calcium for me.


  9. Speaking of money and such…I have to stop for a second and openly BRAG like the proud father I am. My oldest daughter, my sweet little business angel has just made her first profit from investing…a whopping $4.00!! My little girl made a little profit!! I am so bleeping proud of her. She did it on her own, learned how to save her pennies for a few years and grew them in her kid’s account, and so on. She is barely a teen and she now has her own little microscopic empire! Just goes to show what a difference a little encouragement and some honest, ethical financial action can make. My daughter has earned more money ethically in today’s economy than Weinland has in his entire life!! LOL!

    That’s it. I am taking my little Warren Buffet out for a cheeseburger!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. Avalo,
    You are pretty cool for an atheist. LOL! Kidding. The daughters hairball of fury rolling past the office door thing cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh! I agree with you on the money/happiness situation 100%. Look at the misery Ron and Laura are now facing. There is no possible way they are happy. Greedy, egotistical, and trying to fulfill happiness in their shallow lives……YES. Happy….. NO WAY! Ron’s greed is taking 3 1/2 years out of his life. One can not put a price tag on that. I would not donate 42 months of my life for said amount of money. Not happening! Would you? I seriously doubt it.

    Besides, by the time it is all said and done I do not think the Weinlands will gain financially nor in any other manner. Their bag full of bullsh!t and tricks will come crashing down on them heavily. It already has! I am predicting they will be lucky to walk away with very little. They surely will not have any true friends. PRICELESS! We are watching their money scam unravel as we type. Losing followers and cash flow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. What will it look like in THREE MORE YEARS? TICK-TOOOOOOCK! DING! DING! DING! I hear Audra is single…….stay away boys!

    How are they going to recruit new tithers? Walk up to wayward strangers and tell them “You just have to believe me.” “Do not get on they internet and research our scams and lies.” I do not see any very good angles these cultist freaks can maneuver trying to gain new followers / slaves. Humans are innately curious. Just like our kitty cats. We are seeing this by ex-pkgers exploring exactly what Ron the Con tells them not to. They are sick and tired of being lied to, taken advantage of, and sacrificing their relationship with God by following a FALSE PROPHET. You all are VERY WELCOME HERE.

    Avalo, You, others, and myself are here doing just as you preach. We are donating our time (Especially Mike) to help others. We are simply trying to help others get away from Weinland and other B.S. cultist leaders. We know these people are being HIGHLY MISLEAD and taken advantage of emotionally, spiritually, financially, and BEING ROBBED OF THEIR VERY SOULS AND BEING. LIVES RUINED. We could all be selfish just like Ron the lying so called God, Laura the tacky bling-bling whore, and all of these other money grubbing preacher lunatics. We could care less and laugh at people being misled and abused. We chose to do THE RIGHT AND JUST THING and help our fellow humans out trying to get them away from the abuse. Kudos to you, Mike, and all others here. I have TONS OF RESPECT FOR THAT. THANK YOU!

    Mike was not so optimistic when I met him at Bob Evans about followers leaving. I understand why. We may not be able to get them all but I am willing to bet we will do some serious tithing damage and shut Ron’s lying and garbage spewing pie hole to a large degree. He already has been with exception to the #2 pencil abuse. That is even weakening. Ron and Laura need to be PUT OUT OF THE CASH FOR FREE BUSINESS! The song Money For Nothing by the Dire Straights comes to mind. If Terry W. is out, that is indeed, a HUGE hit to Ron the Con. He was the “brains” behind scam business wise. Used and abused by Ron. What I witnessed in court pissed me off so badly here I am over a year later still trying to help take the Weinland Clan down. It was appalling and EVERY JUROR was more than disgusted. We felt that strongly about how Ron and Laura operate. PIGS!

    This blog MUST continue and the ex-pkg people are now on OUR TEAM. They are OUR FAMILY so to speak even if we have differing views about God and religion. We ALL have a COMMON PURPOSE here. Everyone has their own views and beliefs and are ENTITLED to them. The goal is to eliminate The Weinland Luxury Fund and HELP OTHERS. I nominate Mike(DDTFA) to a Sainthood status for his unwavering efforts. It has been a long road for Mike. You are a kind, caring, and very unselfish soul. Thanks Again brother! DRIVE ON!


  11. Avalo,
    On a side note: You just put another smile on my face and brought joy to my life. Thanks! I can relate because I have two daughters and a son. Poor lil’ guy has to “man up” a lot. He is caught in the middle. Daddy’s girls, enough said. They are at the first day of school today. Wife is teaching and the weather is beautiful. I will take your advice and get some free and windy perspective on my bike. Time for a ride. I love being self employed. Cons: Sometimes it stinks and is stressful. Pros: Today I am caught up. It is 1 PM here and I am hanging it up and taking a cruise. Thanks for the idea. Two wheels are better than four unless the weather is nasty. That will turn me into a hypocrite rather quickly.


  12. Jesse Jackson Jr is headed to prison. And his wife is getting to do some time for knowingly filing false tax returns! Is there any chance they will come after Laura?


  13. 1ofthe12 Juror Bags:

    “Cool for an atheist…” LOL! I will never be cool. I am too old and/or fat and/or tired! I have two daughters. I would either have to be as cute as Ross Lynch, or sing like the boys in One Direction to get my girls to think I was anything they could call “cool.” I guess Wayne Shorter’s debut recordings as a leader on Blue Note, or the live Genesis album ‘Seconds Out’ don’t count as cool to them like they do to me! “Warren Buffet” and the “Wind Fairy”…my little girls…looking at me like I am from another planet because I still have my original vinyl copies of both Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” AND Duran Duran’s live album ARENA!!

    A nice long walk, a ride on a decent mountain bike, anything that gets you out of your active mind and into a quiet place in your heart…Paradise for a working stiff like me with two little energy bundles and a wife who has not stopped talking and/or moving since 1978! I prefer walking to bicycles, and my baby (my ’62 Harley pan-headed darling) to walking. But I have seriously started looking at selling it. There are too many needy kids who are inches away from having a good life via going to university, and Betty could fully fund a kid through Canadian university. I have buyers sniffing around, eager to get their hands on her. Oh my sweet little oil-leaking angel…what times we had…

    You are right about the theology part…we DO practice what we preach…at the end of the day we are fighting for the same thing. Love. I would do anything for my kids, A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G – no matter how much the world hated me. Let the adults go down in flames, they dove into that toilet, let them stay there. But the kids need to be faaarrrrrrrr away from COG theology, they deserve to have the freedom from evil that I NEVER got as a child. That sh*t was beaten and churched into me so hard, it will never be gone. I f***-ing hate those (insert extremely negate words here). But my girls have no idea what I am talking about…just as it should be. No atheist, agnostic, Christian, or “other” child should be dragged through a life such as lived in that blood stained, poop-meadow that Weinland calls a church…Besides, you want three hours of free entertainment? Give your kids each a bowl of white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, and watch them go berserk from the sugar high!! One will be spinning on the spot laughing, the one will be jumping on top of you, and the wife will be roaring around the kitchen trying to get the madness to stop!!

    The quick descent into madness of the children in this fake commercial perfectly resembles the raspberry ice cream-induced chaos in my house on ‘Happy Night’!! Just make the kids slightly smaller and a little more Asian:


  14. Also Bags I feel sorry for your son. But how can one compete with the following level of cuteness? And as for girls being the weaker, more docile gender? Every daughter eventually discovers they have the power to control Daddy if Mommy doesn’t step in with an iron glare. It is all perfectly demonstrated in this cute video, and I love how the kid just goes about talking before she has any idea what she saying!!


  15. Avalo,
    Yea, I can relate to the “cool” and daughters. I think mine look at me as a caveman on the cool chart. They are 8 & 10. I am old, dusty & crusty in their youthful eyes. My motorcycle ride yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. I rarely ride my mountain bike lately but we did ride bikes a lot on vacation and along the beach. Walked a bunch too. Life is good! I assume you had a similar experience as Mike with being raised within a COG/WWCG/PKG sect. I did not know that and can understand any and all feelings you have about that. I attended a private Catholic school. I met my church attendance quota for life attending daily at school in my formative and teen years. I am a holy place retiree. The more I research organized religion the less interested I become. I’ve had very little church for too long to remember.
    Especially, after seeing what Ron and his PKG are all about. Churches strike me as religious frats and sororities our do-gooder country clubs. Very political and not very Christian unless you are in “their” specific club. Mostly hypocrites that really miss the whole point of what a Christian or morally upright person should be. That combined with the multitude of leader and organizational corruption etc; Then you have a mess. How do followers have deaf ears and blind eyes? Must be the cranial cleansing they enjoy so much along with handing over money thinking God has a high priced gate admission fee. Foolish! What use does God have for cash? Material things do not matter to God, right?

    As for the kids being force feed PKG theology I think the numbers are dwindling pertaining to Conald Swineland. Isn’t he against followers having children? Although, I am sure some of wRONg’s mislead followers are exposing kids to the insanity. I feel for them. Most kids are slammed into whatever religion their parents partake. I have attended most denominations out of being curious, dated and lived with a Jewish chic, and asked many questions. Still no great or even good answers nor results. Therefore, I have concluded that it is mostly bullsh*t. It is MONEY, POWER, AND CONTROL.

    Most organizations operate on fear. Is that healthy? Why do followers enjoy such abuse? Why are they willing to pay cash for it? WHY? WHY? Makes no sense to me. There may be a God. There may not. I have yet to find anyone nor anything that can prove one way or the other. THAT IS NOT MY POINT. The point is: Why do followers confide in whatever church figure or leader such as Ron Weinland just because they bullsh*t and say they know,,,, “you just have to believe me.” “God told me so.” Yea, right! THESE FIGURES ARE MAN JUST LIKE YOU AND ME. I have yet to find anyone that God has directly appointed to become his personal representative. SPECIFICALLY LYING CON-ARTIST SCUM LIKE RONALDO WEIRDLANDO! If it looks, smells, acts, and appears to be bullsh*t ………. Then By Golly, it must be a bunch of bull.


  16. “Why do followers enjoy such abuse?”

    Because it is not abuse to them while they are lied to about a magical place in “the world tomorrow” where they are kings and priests and they are part of a spiritual elite whom millions look up to and gasp as they pass by….and other fairy tales. Most of these believers are older and have lived through a long life of being ordinary and would love to, for once, enjoy what they perceive to be the wonders of being rich and famous. It’s a Hollywood story with God at the centre of it, so there is no downside.

    All the good Christians I know long or the Kingdom because it symbolizes and end to the misery of those without the knowledge of God. They see the Kingdom as Salvation to those OUTSIDE of Christ, not merely a reward system for themselves. To them, Christ = an end to their own struggles, BUT they are truly passionate about seeing those around them, like myself who reject religion, finally see an end to our “ignorance” (LOL!). besides that being nonsense, their desire for peace FOR OTHERS is what separates Jesus from the COGs. The COGs are 100% about their own selfish desire to be no. 1. “The Kingdom” is 100% about THEM.

    “We are right, we get to be elites, we are the best, we get everything cool and all the glory…so nah nah nah-nah nah!”

    Humans with low IQs will do anything to get attention…including pretending Ronald Weinland is ‘godly’!!



    Since none of you have attended seminary or a school qualified to teach proper theology, let me school you on why Ron and yourselves can’t come to blogs that tell the truth about you.

    The reason is that atheists, actual Christians, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, and others have scholarly traditions. Ordinary religious Jews, scholars, and rabbis, for example, all read and study the Law. They also vigorously DEBATE it. But what is certain is agreed upon. Such things as the Ten Commandments themselves being in the Bible are NOT debated, rather their applications are debated in various circumstances. Things that are debatable though continue to be debated, with an open debate continuing for hundreds of years sometimes. Knowing this then, anyone with more than a kindergarten understanding of the Bible can see through lies told about Biblical theology. A child knows that Big Bird from Sesame Street was not with Moses in Egypt. A child knows that Jesus did NOT say steal cookies from the grocery store. A CHILD knows that “God” is a special kind of being/person, and not the sandwich they ate for lunch.

    For more complicated theological question and answers, one must read the Bible and know what it says. PLUS…knowing about the nature of language and logic helps reveal the failure of spurious theology. You COG elders used it to “know” that Zerubabel, the guy named Michael who left/was kicked out of the PKG for thinking he and JESUS are the Two Witnesses. It is obvious to you guys AND us that he is out of his mind, and that his luggage being lost – after he was deported from Greece – is NOT a sign that Satan is trying to stop Michael’s ministry. The BIBLE is clear about it, and common sense is clear about it. But fortunately for us, and UNfortunately for you the rest of the world also sees through YOUR blatant lies about Ron’s divinity, prophetic power, and his supposed “innocence” over his jail sentence for lying to and stealing from the US government. The Bible deems every single act and word of Ron’s to be anti-Christ(ian) and false. But you run and hide and tell the PKG sheeple that WE are lying, and that God “progressively” reveals “truth” to you. Also a clear and obvious lie. Jesus Christ himself used logic, the same logic we use, to prove the Pharisees to be complete hypocrites and liars. jesus used logic, rational logic that stands up to scrutiny (for the most part).

    So…to get to the point of my post…

    WE know things YOU don’t that you don’t DARE discuss because you would be be shown to be the lying, uneducated cowards that you are and – to make a casual reference to David Lynch’s movie “DUNE” – the “spice” would stop flowing. You know the tithes are what is keeping you from working at Wendy’s for $7 dollars an hour, so you desperately cling to your false god and hope the church survives long enough for you to retire.

    FOR EXAMPLE, many of us know what “Theological Non-Cognitivism” is. It is the idea that the word God stands for so many things, thus it is too vague to be meaningful – you are essentially defining God by the nature of that God himself, and therefore the logic is circular and meaningless. This is why many people are atheists. It is not because they reject an actual God, but because they don’t believe the faulty, and stupid EVIDENCE provided by the COG-PKG and other churches/religions. YOU have not presented a God that is believable, NOR have you presented the world a GOD worth believing. YOU can neither define GOD in a coherent manner, nor is it possible to even reject that GOD due to its being so badly formed and UN-Godly. YOUR God is NOT the OT Biblical GOD, your God is incoherent and capricious, and your god is so badly defined as to be impossible to accept or reject fully – that is how badly formed Ron’s God, the worm in Ron’s head – Parasite Yahweh – is. There is no cognitive plane on or in which your God stands up to any test of authority or divinity.

    So you take ADVANTAGE of theological non-cognitivism (IGnosticism or “igtheism”), and say that since God is to complex and to semantically unstable to define, THAT in itself makes ANYthing you say about him right…because we can’t “prove” that you are wrong! Since your god is incoherent, he is mystical and sacred…and that is why you should believe what Ron says, becuase Ron is the only guy that can present GOd and The Bible coherently – thus Ron changes Revelation and puts himself coming as a Witness LONG BEFORE the Sixth Trumpet or EVEN the Second Trumpet, according to Ron himself!!

    YOUR OWN CHURCH THEOLOGY CLAIMS THAT MAN A=CANNOT UNDERSTAND GOD WITHOUT AGOD SHOWING THEM THE TRUTH…BUT you are using the SAME logic of ig-nosticism to PROVE God, which you aren;t because you are actually CANCELLING your own statements. “The Bible is impossible to understand without God” DOES not improve GOD and the Bible – it NEGATES both.


    The good news for the PKG members is they get to read about such things HERE, and you continually do NOT show up to prove me/it wrong…BECAUSE you can’t…Because this very logic I am using JESUS CHRIST himself used against the PKG of his day…the evil Pharisees who tried to stop Christ from healing the sick, and feeding the poor, and freeing the locals from the spiritual bondage of the wicked priests of his day – the Ronald Weinlands and David packs of early AD Israel and Palestine. They had to get Christ KILLED to stop him because they had no other method. They HAD to shut him up because they could NOT stand being proven to be wrong and EVIL every time they walked within ten feet of Jesus.

    The PKG brethren can read this no matter him w much you fear and hate what I am saying…Of course you hate it…you hate ALL truth… to quote Joni Mitchell…”who are you going to get to do your dirty work, when all the slaves are free?

    Your days are numbered, PKG…



    Here is another reason why you are too scared, and weak to show up here and defend the infected pus that you call your church doctrine. You rely on avoiding the burden of proof to keep your lies and stupidity going. You would call a Christian like Randy Terlecki a liar because he expects you to assume the burden of proof when you make your claims. This act of Randy’s is a CHRISTIAN act, even jesus Christ himself asked for proof of his “sins” that the Pharisees accused him of. They had to “PROVE ALL THINGS, hold fast to what is good” as much as Jesus Christ himself did if they were to be proven correct about what they accused jesus of. The Pharisees couldn’t, then jesus turned around and proved that THEY were the ones committing sin.

    I will explain it simply for you.

    1. If you call me, Avalokiteshvara, a criminal – let’s say… a murderer – you must have PROOF, or else you yourself will be guilty of slander (spoken lies) or libel (written lies).

    2. If you go to court YOU, the prosecution, will be asked for proof.

    3. IF you say “Well, we don’t have any proof that he is…but we also don’t have any proof that He ISN’T, so he is probably a murder…so let’s arrest him!” you will be thrown out of court and I will successfully sue YOU for slander and perjury in a federal court.

    4. If the roles were reversed, and I was the one calling you people murders for the SAME reason, the same faulty logic, you could successfully sue ME for slander and perjury. This law/logic applies to both of us. We are equal under the Law.

    Here is YOUR problem…

    YOUR ENTIRE ministry is built on pretending you can prove a NEGATIVE…what is called ” Russell’s Teapot.” – if YOU make the claim it is 100% YOUR responsibility to prove it. If that were not true, anyone could call anyone else anything they wanted and get away with it because then it would NOT be libel OR slander until they offered proof to the contrary. Thus you could throw anyone in jail for anything at any time. YOUR entire ministry is a GIANY lie based on the most obvious, ridiculous abuse of THE BURDEN OF PROOF.

    1. Your burden of proof in prophecy, as the BIBLE says, is the 100% true occurrence of that prophecy. YOURS, not ours.

    2. The burden of proof that anything you maggots preach is on YOUR shoulders, and thus we here ask OVER and OVER for proof which you can’t provide because there is NONE.

    3. But since you are weaklings and liars we can go straight to the court documents, Swineland’s own blog posts and sermons, and YOUR sermons for proof you are wrong and we find it in giant piles. PROOF – correct, and usable in court without being guilty of perjury or slandering Swineland.

    Your eternal answer to everything is “Well, you guys at Mike’s Blog can’t prove that God ‘doesn’t’ reveal progressive truth to Ron, so that makes US right! Nope. You are completely avoiding the burden of proof by saying that god changed his mind about jesus returning…it is not an answer, and it is not true. having no proof of something does NOT prove its opposite.YOU ARE WEAKLINGS, cowards, and scumbags…and you hide like losers – too scared and/or arrogant to admit what we already know about you.

    If Jesus not returning proves that Ron IS a prophet…then I am THE MOST HOLY GOD OF ABRAHAM because I have no divine powers, I am mortal, AND I did NOT create the world.

    People see through you…I dare you to engage me…engage us…let the PKG see just how weak and wrong you are…of course you won’t…you have too many cheques, bills, and coins to steal from them. The burden of PROOF is on YOUR heads…the Bible says so…logic says so…Jesus said so…the US legal system says so…sanity says so…

    be grown men and woman and face the truth…until then I am going to call you liars…and I will NEVER be charged with slander or libel for saying it…

    because it’s true…and you know it…and you are cowards…


  19. DING! That’s some food for thought. Good points. I saw some of their explanations and such in the court proceedings. No proof. Just some stuttering, sweaty foreheads and red faces as they embarrassed themselves talking in circles. Hillbilly Harrell included. “It’s God’s money.” “I don’t question what Ron does with it.” Something to those lines.

    Very entertaining though. Stumbling, bumbling Dalrymple took the gold medal trying to explain how deep tissue massages could have been a “church related expense.” Really, Steve? How did you find a parking spot for your UFO in the city garage? He knew no one was going to buy that bullsh*t but tried laying it out there anyway. He said it was church related but had no explanation nor proof why it was. I guess Steve thought Ron’s pastor job was so rough and grueling laying around the house on the golf course waiting for money to come in that Audra picked up in her new all wheel drive BMW. He seemed to be very frustrated and confused that anyone would even question what the Ron God does. Poor dude has no clue as to how lost he really is following the Toledo Tithe Taker.
    Go back up to Toledo, Ohio Weinlands. Kentucky doesn’t want you nor your SCAMS.

    Ron was so arrogant on the witness stand it was disgusting. Bad move from his counsels stand point. BAD MOVE! I think that Ron thought he was going to control the minds in the court room like he does his sheeple. BAD MOVE! Enjoy your vacation with Bubba and the prison crew. Tick-Tock! Ron, you are most generously welcome. Betcha that wiped that cocky smirk off of your lying lips. Also take those possessed #2 prison pencils and shove them up yours. No one really wants to hear the sound of lying graphite either. Now go pick up that bar of soap, prison beeootch!


  20. Really?! Really?! Wendy’s pays $7 an hour?!!!? That much?!

    Keep on tithing PKG: It’s a trade off — net $7 per hour because you’ve given everything to Conald Swineland for his living in luxury as an Oriental Potentate, or stop tithing and net $7 per hour working at Wendy’s. No wait. If you stop tithing to Swinegland nothing bad extra will happen to you and you won’t have to work for Wendy’s and you’ll keep your job and more of your money.

    Because… Swindleland is a lying convicted felon false prophet fraud con you do not owe one bit of money to and looks very much like an agent of Satan the Devil by Biblical standards, or, if you prefer, a mere psychopath playing games with you.

    Furthermore, the “Elders” are utterly useless liars.

    If you stick with the PKG you are losers.

    But you can win big by leaving.

    That way, you can afford to eat out at Wendy’s, if you choose to do so, and have someone making $7 an hour serve you.


  21. Hi Kirrily!

    I agree with what you said. I did not come to this lack of “belief” because of PKG. Prior to PKG I was into natural medicine and native herbs/traditions. I believe in natural healing power that we possess through positive thought and focus. I read the Tarot regularly and looked at nature with wonder and amazement. I do not need an imaginary being to complete this for me. I don’t know exactly what it was that made me toss it all for Weinland-ology. But I know that I am done looking in that direction.

    My focus now is on my family and those that I love, my community and myself. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and feel that I am “blessed” by my acts of love and charity toward others. I don’t need a “minister” or a “god” to approve it.

    You boy must be getting so big now!!
    Take care!



  22. I think it was Bilbo who posted about watching a moose? Whomever it was, that’s what brings me my greatest peace, recharging the batteries. I’m nervous around motorcycles, since a hairy one and only ride as a teen with a closet daredevil in heavy traffic. But fortunately the river is a short and quiet walk down the hill, through fields of corn. And the hills on the other side of it are covered in forest. At the morning rise, around dawn, you can sit on a handy fallen tree on the edge of the shore, and watch the fish jump. The time spent there is priceless to me.

    Avelo, you make an excellent point about the value of money. It is a tool, nothing more. What people choose to spend it on determines how useful a tool it is. If used solely selfishly, they’ll get much less out of it. It goes so much further using it for others, : the amount doesn’t matter. Warren Buffett’s sister Doris funds the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program ( WISP) which helps domestic violence survivors with the necessities of life so they can go to college. Without the help of the scholarship program, there’s no way I’d ever have been able to go to school. Doris, like Warren, is giving her fortune away to help others towards a better life.

    Holding those examples up against pkg, which refused to give 5 bucks for gas so I could attend services..well, the greedy materialism of the Weinlands, and what exactly they’re in the BUSINESS of pkg for..and it is a business..a sole proprietorship for the use of the Weinlands…is sickeningly clear.


  23. Ah yes, Doris Buffett, ultra-rich sister of Warren Buffett the multi-BILLIONaire….Weinland can’t part with $5 for an abused woman, but can buy three BMWs for himself and his family with TITHES

    Bill Gates & Warren Buffett, the most generous philanthropists on the planet…



  24. I don’t remember anyone in the ministry ever helping anyone. Other than the example cited in court but that 3K loan was laundered into Laura’s pocket anyway so we see the real motive.

    It was the members that helped each other as we together fell deeper and deeper into destitution.

    20% of our disposable income, plus 7 offerings per year, going to church use. On top of interference with income because if you worked on saturday you were literally Lucifer. On top of insane amounts of spending liquidating our assets because of a certain apocalypse at a certain time.

    So the ministry got rich and lavish while us little people cared for each other as best we could.

    It resembled a 3rd world theocracy more than God’s kingdom, actually.


  25. What have the Weinland’s given? Deceit and thievery, lies, destroyed lives and relationships..the damage is incalculable. By their fruits ye shall know them…..

    My kids, my family, my friends, my cat, and these little rooms…life here is richer than what the Weinland’s will ever know. 😀


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