Another One Bites the Dust?

Commenter “Frank” just left this.  I have no way to authenticate it but believe it to be genuine.  It has been a number of weeks since Terry gave a sermon:


This announcement to the ministry and all the Church is not an easy one. It is one that should be sobering to every person in God’s Church as we have entered this special time of fasting and sanctification. We are in a continuing warfare that will continue until Christ’s return. Indeed, Satan and his spirit realm is highly stirred up and they know their time is getting very short.

Terry Wrozek has been removed from God’s ministry and he has been suspended from the Church until after the Feast. At that time it will be decided if Terry is to be disfellowshipped or whether his suspension can be lifted and he can come back into full fellowship. There are personal matters in Terry’s life that he must address, and he is doing so and has expressed his complete desire to remain in God’s Church. It is our hope and belief that he will be back after the Feast, but he will no longer serve in God’s ministry.

This matter is not an easy one for all who know and love the Wrozek family. Please keep the entire family in your prayers as this is a difficult time for them.


109 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust?

  1. Weinland seems to be setting up Laurda as his Proverbs 31 wife. Good luck with that. He’s not exactly the Proverbs 32 husband.

    Maybe instead of luxury cruises after Swinewolf exits prison (if he doesn’t die there), they can both take a slow boat to China on a tramp steamer garbage barge.

    And he’s a great one to talk about curses, although you must say that up until this year, he’s been a pretty good provider for her.

    They’re probably both revitalized after this past Sabbath’s fast and getting ready for the Day of Atonement, no doubt.

    In the meantime, Casey, the mighty Davey, is about to strike out and there will be moaning and wailing in Mudville, Ohio.

    Here’s Jeers to them all.


  2. Ronnie’s latest postings are the same old stuff he has been saying/writing since 2005 – he just keeps recycling.

    For Ronnie & Laura – teamwork = co-conspirators in income tax evasion and spending of $$$.

    Am glad to see reports of more people leaving & the crumbling PKG – I think that the loss of Terry is & will be a big blow, even tho’ Ronnie is attempting to cleverly disguise the reasons for his de-motion.

    Wondering about Joyce – the woman who put her house up as collateral for Ronnie – I am sure that Ronnie, Laura & Audra have their heads together to get some of the equity Joyce has in her home – hope they are not ‘puttin’ on the thumb screws’ and challenging her ‘faith’ in efforts to force her to give $$$ to the Conald Swinelands.

    Probably several people hanging on until after the Feast – (COG hi-light of the year) – then hopefully more people will leave as the result of the continued absence of fulfilled prophecies and Laura’s alienation of people with her gossip etc. Bottom line – no thunders, no trumpets = no interest.


  3. Debbie
    You can bet they are going to kiss Joyce’s ass her husband was a dentist and had plenty no kids the asshole and his bitch will get it all !


  4. This is very shocking that one man could be causing such destruction in people’s life…..I think this guy prophesied over me one time and grabbed my hand and said “The devil is scared of this one.” Did this guy ever prophesy anything true? What is the meaning of Chicken Little and fingers that people keep talking about with him and then I saw something about Lillies?


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