God Fertilizes His Church

In yesterday’s sermon, Wayne Matthews read False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest blog posting at the beginning of the sermon.  He also announced that the second tithe assistance checks would be a bit late.  Wonder if a payment on Ron’s fine was due and a funds float is needed.  Nathan from Australia and Charmaine from New Zealand are promoted to elder.  Nathan is a new young convert from 2008.

Those PKG members who are disfellowshipped either by the ministry or doing it to themselves are now AntiChrist.  We on this blog are the only fulfillment of prophecy being the scoffers and mockers foretold.  The purpose of the fast was to ask God to remove the unrepented from PKG.

God chooses whom to ordain.  So God chose to ordain all the elders who have left PKG.  Which would include elders Ralph Dowd and Paul Worth who gave sermons back in 2002/2003, and have now left the church.  And includes Terry Wrozek who was at Ron’s side when he left WCG back in 1995 and as a board member allied with Ron during his hostile takeover of the church corporation back in 2000.  Terry later gave a number of sermons including filling in for Ron when he was sidelined by a heart attack in 2005, and then became an evangelist after the Two Witnesses restarted their jobs in December of 2008.  And now Terry is suspended even as a member and may be officially out after the feast.

Ron’s two recent (Aug 18 and Aug 29) posts inset in his blog series on the family and bondage signal a disintegrating church.  Ron put out a money call, and mentioned ministry who have left.  The loss of long-time elders Dowd and Worth and probable loss of Wrozek are major blows.  I think that God will continue to cleanse his church during the next 29 months or so of Ron’s prison sentence.

Nevertheless, I think that there will be enough remaining in PKG and paying tithes to support Ron and Laura in their golden years.  And Audra who may now be single after her divorce hearing this week and free to date.

May you have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow and a picnic if you like, for those of you here in the US. The 6th one since this radio interview.


59 thoughts on “God Fertilizes His Church

  1. Along with Roderick Meredith, Davey Pack claims he never committed a major sin since baptism.

    I guess being a false prophet under the death penalty isn’t considered a “major” sin — probably more like the Catholic Venial sin which means they will just spend time in Purgatory until someone buys a Plenary Indulgence from the Vatican.

    What in the heck is a MAJOR sin, anyway?


  2. “What in the heck is a MAJOR sin, anyway?”

    Failure to render on to Caesar (Uncle Sam) the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.


  3. Jocko the compliment is graciously appreciated. They way I see it I’m not really that good of a writer, all I did in my comments was tell the truth, exactly the way things are in the organization. It doesn’t take any particular skill to plain and simply tell it like it is. But it is somewhat rarer to hear something exactly the way it is without embellishment and hyperbole. If I find out anything further I will share as best and as carefully as I can, for the safety and well being of any others whose souls have been kidnapped by a corporation, and deserve to at least know what they were sold.

    I heard that those getting promoted are getting increasingly militant in their sheriffing duties, sounds like even enjoying the mall security guard ego trip, although many members and even elders are tiring and faking it (they want to stay in the loop and watch the supernova). But just like after a supernova (after this feast another exodus) there will be a black hole left – a tiny group but the most hardcore. Anyone here who wants the satisfaction of watching the group fall apart is getting it as we speak. Anyone here who wants the satisfaction of all these fake ministers brought to ACTUAL justice (Ron’s sentence was very lenient), and to lose ALL their supporters, may be disappointed. Ron will likely reach the end of his life with that smug smirk on his face.

    Best we can do is exactly what we’re doing – move on and help anyone who is at an earlier stage of recovery. I’m still in stage 9, working very hard on what needs to change, stage 10 comes after a lot of hard work and perseverance. Absolutely worth it.


    GaF – please take care of yourself and you have all of our heartfelt wishes for a speedy healing. Others put off healthcare leading up to the end of the world, hopefully they too are taking care of their health.


  4. Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias is a better and more complete resource for those leaving a cult. The writers are better qualified professionals. The Exit & Support Network has appeal because they allow people to tell their stories and that’s nice, but it is also the case that the people running it are amateurs. After you take a look there, go for better help. In Chapter 6, Leaving a Cult: The Healing Process, the authors cover the walkaways and castoffs, but there is an important consideration: Loss of the Leader, they write, “The loss of the leader may cause a group to disband, unless there is a member with similar emotional characteristics and leadership qualities who can convince the group to follow him.” In this case, the PKG has temporarily lost its leader and it has created a decided vacuum. It is likely that not a few PKG members who left exited because their leader wasn’t around any longer.

    The other thing about “Take Back Your Life” is the counsel to actually discover who you were / really are: Unlike other methods (which don’t really work) which insist that a person has to start over and rebuild from the ground up, the most effective methods involve reintegrating yourself.

    One of the many problems faced by those leaving cults is that they do not know who they are. One resource you can use is “Be Yourself” by Margaret Broadley where you can ascertain the degree to which you have inherited talents upon which you can draw. Knowing this is a powerful tool. If you are not able to discover this on your own from her book, you may investigate the Johnson O’Connor Foundation sites around this country — they have tested people from all walks of life, including Presidents and ministers in the WCG (of which Howard Clark was one tested by them).

    There are two outstanding epiphanies to which a person must come to leave a cult: 1) Understand that the belief system is irrational and is harming you; 2) Realize that the leader(s) is(are) incompetent selfish sociopaths who have no interest in helping YOU — only taking what you have and, as a result, destroying what and who you are. Take some advice from Dr. Phil’s “Life Code”: These people are out to get you and you need to protect yourself to guard against them. They are truly evil and they will ruin you if they have not already.

    As a part of recovery, irrational beliefs need to be replaced with objective knowledge. Unfortunately, in this world, people have more and more tapped into emotion and how they feel (in the short term). Using your emotions to make decisions is a bad strategy (you may need financial advice from Suze Orman). Doing and believing irrational things may leave you feeling good today, but objectively, the emotional high you get from doing them (like spending 10% of your income to go to the Feast of Tabernacles) increases your entropy and will prevent you from getting the most out of your life — or even may be extremely destructive.

    If you have to say, “I know this is bad for me, but…” you are giving yourself warning signals that what you are planning to do is unwise. If you say to yourself, “Well, I know I need to get out, but…” followed by some excuse you made up, you absolutely KNOW what to do but you’re telling yourself it’s OK to procrastinate. It’s not. You’re just fooling yourself. It’s like people who smoke cigarettes: They know that chances are good that smokers will have lung cancer, heart disease, bad backs and a whole host of other life-threatening problems, but they truly believe that THEY will be the ones who some how are not affected.

    Cults are a disease with parasite leaders. The Weinlands have taken whatever they can from PKG members and return nothing of value. They deserve to be homeless and starve. Let them get a job in the real world to support themselves and stop fostering their abusive incompetence.

    Now I know what it’s like to have borderline family members who aggressively support cult leaders: You have to act as if you are walking on eggshells and feel like you have to handle them with kid gloves, except that is not a winning strategy: They too have to be held accountable and it’s time they are told to cut the crap without passive-aggressive behavior trying to avoid confrontation. They need a “strong hand from somewhere” to get them out of their cesspool because they are dragging everybody else down.


  5. @Douglas, thanks for posting that website. I am sending it to my sister. Not sure that she is ready to see it, but it is worth a shot.
    The biggest problem I have in dealing with her is that I plan to say this or that, but I see her and in some ways she seems like the old her and I don’t say everything that I want to. No one else in my family will say anything.


  6. Ruth, the added bonus is that the materials are written by people who have no axe to grind with Armstrongism — often the objective view of an outsider can make serious inroads to help those caught in a web of abuse.


  7. “second tithe assistance checks”

    Surely you mean third tithe assistance checks? Which is one thing I do think the Church never should have done away with. Or, if they really wanted to put our money where their mouths are, they would have turned first tithe INTO third tithe. Now, they just make money-grabs under the false pretence of helping the poor. National Director asks for $5K “for Bangladesh” — Pastor gives them $5K of our area’s tithes and offerings, and almost two years later it STILL has not been put to the use it ostensibly was begged for. I still say Junior and the ex-lawyer who runs the scam association the $5K was needed “on an emergency basis” for (remember, two years later, the “emergency” HAS NOT BEEN FIXED) ended up treating themselves to a $5K steak dinner. Not that I have any proof of that. But Tammy bragging about her Mustang (the car, not the horse) and then trying to cover it up, makes me think this won’t be the last time the Americans try to make a money-grab.

    Unfortunately, since the takeover of the Canadian board in 2008 (the Canadian Church always was separate from the US in that way, even if we (mostly) agreed with them doctrinally), what Junior says, goes, so that’s it. At least, the ministry in Canada is kept on a very short leash (and treated very badly if they don’t preach the heresies outright) by the Evangelical overlords. They can’t touch us (the members) because not a lot of us either trust OR believe them (and the ones who are drinking the Kool-Aid are just flat-out insane) and they can’t do/say anything to us because they would literally be biting the few hands left that actually feed (and clothe and house) them (and their families). But. The bulk of the Church membership is retired, and those who are retired, don’t have to pay first tithe — except the ministers, who are forced to tithe 10%. Explain that to me, would you?

    In my (entirely unscientific and purely gut instinct) opinion, Junior really has a petty vengeance against the current ministers in the Church. Probably because of how he and his pals were mistreated in the Imperial Schools, but that’s no reason to go after people who would have been the same age he was, when those things happened. But, I guess most of the ministers who mistreated him are dead or departed from the Church, so he has to get his revenge wherever he can. Pretty sad he had to destroy the entire Church (and give rise to monsters like Pack and Weinland et al) to do so.


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