The Pre-Recorded Feast

For the feast this year, God has placed his name at the following locations:

  • Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
  • St. Catharines/Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • Mechelen, Belgium
  • Kapiti Coast, New Zealand
  • Margate, Kent, UK
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Hawaii
  • Orlando, FL
  • Pendleton, OR
  • San Diego, CA

And let’s not forget the most important feast site: Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana, where God’s own end-time prophet commissioned to foretell most of the final events leading up to Christ’s return, but who right now doesn’t have the foggiest notion.

As Ron is unable to deliver new truths from God directly, he has designated some of his senior elders still drinking the Flavor Aid to do so.  In addition to Johnny and Wayne, sermon titles and those delivering them are:

  • Keeping the Feast – Jimmy Carlisle  (Jimmy is from the Dallas area)
  • Rejoicing in Fear – Mitch Williams (Mitch lives in Connecticut but may have grown up in Texas.
  • The 1,000 Years – Willem Henderson (Ron’s new evangelist to keep the number at 3 after the loss of Terry)
  • Changing the World – Greg Chipps (Ron’s IT support, having lost his family in changing jobs)
  • Climbing Mt. Zion – Jim Jamieson (senior elder from Idaho)
  • God’s Blessings – William Milne (senior elder from the UK)
  • Peace in God’s Government – Steve Dalrymple (senior elder from Cincinnati.  Also able to explain the theological significance of deep tissue massages)
  • Our Incredible Journey – Leonard McGlynn (senior elder from Canada)
  • A Call to Remembrence – Dave Conley (senior elder from Virginia)

These sermons are posted in a special page for feast sermons linked from the PKG website’s audio page.  PDF transcripts are available for those interested in reading them.  I expect that quite a few in PKG are holding off their departure until after the feast, and these sermons will only help them along.

Ron has often railed at me to go fishing.  I’m going to move in the direction of his advice, but not exactly — I don’t fish.  But I do
This from someone who died slowly then quickly from the inside after mocking God’s own prophet.

I plan to devote more time to my fishing alternative, but still plan to keep an eye on PKG and will keep up this blog although posting less often, probably not listening to sermons delivered by Ron’s surrogates. Hope you’ll check in from time to time and if you have any details on the train wreck that is PKG, please pass them along.


48 thoughts on “The Pre-Recorded Feast

  1. Looks like a block buster line up! This should be entertaining. The show must go on…………….. UNFORTUNATELY! TICK-TOCK says the Club Fed clock.


  2. Great picture, Mike. Instead of dying from the inside out, you’re living and enjoying life. 🙂

    That’s what happens to people when they leave pkg. They get their heads clear, and they thrive. :D.


  3. Nice Moves Mike!

    Keep on dancin’!

    Hubbie and I are SO glad we are dancing to a different tune as well…none of them written by Dwight Armstrong.

    One two…Chachachaaaa!


  4. For a guy who was cursed to die speedily over 5 years ago, you sure are dancing up a storm. Just goes to show: a curse from Weinland is about as spiritually potent as an old donkey sleeping under a tree. I love how one of the sermons is ‘God’s Blessing’ – you mean how Weinland has spent the PKGs tithes on SEVERAL BMWs while the PKG themselves are continuously lied to, stolen from, and fed a giant pile of steaming theological manure…and they are happy about it!

    Careful if you go drinking, to the point where you must vomit…the PKG will come along after you and eat it all up…they apparently love the flavour of filth, especially when it comes to Weinland and his seemingly infinite supply of spiritual disgorge…


  5. Mike, enjoy every moment on the dance floor. You have and continue to help so many on this blog. Many people are as “free” as you are on the dance floor.


  6. Time to take a rest Mike and that is a good thing!
    Ron will destroy himself and his cult shall wither.
    The old hag he is married too will be in need (I’m not thinking sexual. Who would want her?) at some point and may her god ignore her cries for mercy!


  7. Ah yes, I too am enjoying the free life – without PKG.

    Looking good there Mike!

    Love to everyone here – trust you are all well and happy.

    To the other X PKG’ers here – isn’t life wonderful 🙂


  8. Pre-Recorded Feast???

    What ever became of the good ole days with Ron giving sermon after sermon day in and day out?

    Even though Ronnie would usually allow minimal air time to those old warhorse evangelists Johnny and Wayne the feast was always and will always be all about Ron Weinland. Ronnie’s sermons with hints of prophecy thrown in were pretty much the highlight of entire feasts. This is why so many people traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles to attend these feasts in the first place.

    Now a days the very best pkg can offer is a bunch of rookies who probably have never spoken to an audience in public before. Who in their right mind could sit there and listen to a two hour sermon by a person with the credentials of Dimwit Dalrermpyle. How about you Bags? Could you endure a torture session such as this and then walk away with your mind sill sane? Knowing myself I’d probably crack within the first ten to fifteen minutes.

    As Mike dances the night away additional holes are appearing in the hull of the ss weinland and the good ship pkg is going down slowly but surely. And now that the subject of holes has been brought up I can’t help but wonder what’s going on with all those waterfalls over at Packman’s place in Ohio. Are the waterfalls still flowing or have they sprung leaks too?

    Scuttlebutt tell us Packman’s special 25 part announcement entitled “God’s People Back Together Again soon” wasn’t soon enough for Packman and didn’t turn out as originally planned. According to Packman the timing was slightkly off but where have we heard these same words before?

    Well anyway Packman has now added an additional two announcements (#’26 and #27) to his original 25 part announcement series. Could there be a credibility problem here folks? Wonder how many more special announcements will be added to the series before Packman’s prophecies come true or he throws in the towel? Your guess is as good as mine.

    And for those here on Mike’s blog who requested that we here please show some patience and at least wait it out until September to see what happens before passing judgment. I have to wonder where do you`people stand now?. Are you still on board now that the goalposts have been moved or have you finally decided that Dave P is not who he claims to be? Just wondering, That’s all..


  9. Hang in there, Jocko! Mr Pack has promised at least one more special announcement to come- with the Feast going on and all, he’ll need a week or so to get his story straight.
    Grasp this. The prophecy is STILL on, it’s just a matter of timing but it will be soon. Packman’s next announcement is due Oct 4th. You will be shocked, amazed and stunned
    beyond belief- DON’T MISS IT!!!


  10. As a service to those who have never been ensared in a COG, let me translate the following Feast sermons into their real meanings:

    1. Keeping the Feast = “do what we say or else we won;t let you have any Salvation…”

    2. Rejoicing in Fear = “Stay afraid. that way you will never challenge us and see that we are scumbags and liars…”

    3. The 1,000 Years = “yet more meaningless numbers thrown out in order to keep on fooling you into thinking that anything we say will come true, which is of course a lie…”

    4. Changing the World = “doing nothing and pretending we are doing something of spiritual significance, other than blaspheming/defying Christ and defecating on His Word…”

    5. Climbing Mt. Zion = climbing over you to get to your money and abnadoning you when we have it all…”

    6. God’s Blessings = “damning you to the Lake of Fire for following us and denying you access to the blessings/grace of Christ…”

    7. Peace in God’s Government = “peace in Ron’s false church through fear and lies – a pax Romana – the “peace” of fear/subjugation.”

    8. Our Incredible Journey – “your incredible stupidity as we destroy you and feed you spiritual horse manure…”

    9. A Call to Remembrance = ” a call to forget every failed prophecy/curse/timeline/date/sermon/radio interview as we fill you full of a new set of lies and blasphemies…”

    Welcome to the 2013 COG-PKG Feast Of Tabernacles…the latest event in the workings of a sick cult run by a sociopaths and his chosen narcissists….


  11. Ronco, I’m looking forward to the feeling of shock, awe and amazement come October 4th. To be perfectly honest with you I don’t recall ever experiencing those same three feelings during a single moment in my lifetime. Guess October 4th will be very special day for all involved and never be forgotten

    Avalo, I’m surprised you haven’t weighed in on what’s going on with Packman and company over in Ohio. After all it was you who brought Packman’s special twenty-five part announcement series to our attention. But then again you already knew what the end results would be and made them known to us in your post.

    I actually listened to the first few minutes of Stevie D’s feast sermon. He told pkg that he actually had no idea he would be one of the chosen few to prepare a sermon for this year’s feast. That is until he was ordered to do so in an e-mail from the grand Poobah himself-Ron W. So I guess Ron the Con is allowed limited contact to the outside world through e-mail after all.


  12. Jocko:

    Any extra effort to out these snakes is 99.9999% ignored by those who need to know it the most. The COG brethren just keep on allowing these maggots to consume them year after year, like it is a privilege to be destroyed by those that lust for ill gotten power and $$$. The COG people are masochists…being lied to = “love” to them. Pack committed 100% to his lie beforehand, and 0% afterward, taking the Thiel route and calling his EXACT prophecy(s) “predictions” and/or “not-as-yet fully fulfilled” prophecy, etc.

    I would spend more time on the subject, but my wife and I have so much on the go (job/charity work) that I don;t want to spend time on the COG maggots that could be better spent actually saving REAL lives in my own community and my extended “family” of Vietnamese citizens over in Hanoi and Hai Phong. My time is better spent saving ‘life,’ not yelling at it via the Internet, thought he maggots deserve every once of my hate.

    Too bad we don’t live in a parallel Universe where the penalty for tax fraud/punishment takes place in a special ThunderDome for these scumbags to be tossed into and destroyed…if such a place existed I would make Vlad The Impaler look like Mother Theresa for all the damage I would do to scum like Weinland…just me, an axe, some pliers, a blowtorch, a belt sander, and a lot of salt…


  13. Oh deary dear I see the dancing has addled your brain already Mike, and standards are beginning to slip! Clearly this unseemly and licentious writhing and gyrating that you engage in has distracted you from serious business.

    Mechelen in the Netherlands? I think not!


    1. Better that your brain is addled by dancing, than by a scamming false prophet. The geography error was propagated by someone drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid, and being more acquainted with dancing than European geography, I just copied it.

      Fixed it now.


  14. If Ronald Weinland had made that geography error he would have said that geography is progressive, and isn’t it amazing how God is leading the PKG in truth, because “clearly” Mechelen is “spiritual,” thus it can be anywhere God desires it to be…especially when the PKG tithe…


  15. LOL @ Avalo: How could I forget! Clearly I need to read Ron’s books more often. Then I would understand that spiritually, Mechelen is in the Netherlands!


  16. Mechelen is wherever you want it to be when you tithe…that’s the beauty of COG theology…all error…all the time…that’s what helps the lil’ wanna-be Herbies build their pretend Ambassador College and their fugazi TV shows. Everything is a cheap knock-off of Herbie to help the maggots pretend they are relevant in an ever-decreasingly-religious world. Their fake prophecies and Apocalypses are all they have, which works just well enough to lure in the idiots…

    Lies, lies, lies…fraud, lies, and non-stop religious falsehoods…welcome to HerbieWorld…


  17. Did anyone listen to any of these feast sermon and glanced at the pdf file. Ron from prison wrote each of these sermons and had his trusted people read and record these sermons. Each sermon is perfectly read verbatim from a written script. These are not even live sermons! How boring! Listen and compare to the pdf file, it is clear that each sermon is read from script.


  18. My husband said there were not as many people as last year at the site he went to. Maybe 50 this year compared to a couple hundred last year….HM…….

    That in itself should speak volumes!


  19. “Each sermon is perfectly read verbatim from a written script.”

    Ron said not too long ago that feast sermons were being opened up to more individuals this year, and that he would pick the ones to be given, and that he was amazed at how God was bringing together a theme among a bunch of them.

    Now that I’ve had confirmation of the smoke and mirrors at the top, it is likely that Ron did orchestrate the theme. Or at minimum, he handpicked the sermons from those deep enough in the koolaid that they all sound alike. Then passed it off as amazing how God was doing it, for the benefit of his subscribers. Since the proper nouns Ron and God are interchangeable in pkg doctrine, I suppose that can be a true statement in that context.


  20. Mike(DDTFA) thanks again for all the work you do here, for publishing what is really going on, for giving us gullible idiots a chance to see what the reality is! Dance your heart out brother! And if some fundamentalist victorian crazy person who would outlaw smiling if they could gives you a hard time – dance all the more! 🙂


  21. Sermons read verbatim from one person…the WWCG didn’t even do cult crap like that, and they were as cult-y as a cult can be!! LOL! Pre-written sermons by “the Leader”? That is something that would happen in North Korea, not in a Christian church!!How are the PKG NOT seeing the stupidity of all this? How much of a narcissistic sociopath is Weinland to make his elders preach EXACTLY his own words?!

    “make sure you all go to the Feast and tithe to me so you can hear ONLY what I think…”


  22. Another FOT has come and gone (depending on which calendar you use). Turn around twice and it’s already the regular Sabbath- after 8 days of feasting plus the weekly Sabbath, folks
    in the COG’s may finally get a ‘rest’ from it all… on Sunday!



  23. I was just watching a show about Amish and they said Amish wemen are biggest gossipers there are, I thought to my self great place for Laura .


  24. As a service to those who have never been ensnared in a COG …

    So! I’m back in the Church (WCG) and have never been ensnared by one of the splinter groups — does that mean I can’t play?

    1. Keeping the Feast = “Church literature says the Feast should be a joy and NOT a burden, but guess what, we’re going to MAKE it a burden for you, the sheeple.”

    2. Rejoicing in Fear = “If you’re constantly afraid, you’re doing the faith right.” (No, you’re not, actually.)

    3. The 1,000 Years = “How to get (Remember how the Church actually used to preach AGAINST what it called “the way of get”??) the highest rank in the Kingdom, so you can beat people with rods of iron. Jews, Muslims, women, and children, not included in this offer Except the kids will get to play with poisonous snakes, and teach other kids about the Sabbath and the Holy Days.” (Yeah, so, I never was a fan of those Waterhouse specials.)

    4. Changing the World = “Doing nothing, because in five to ten to fifteen years God will change everything for us.” (OK, that’s probably more specific to Spanky Meredith’s splinter group than Witless Weinland’s.)

    5. Climbing Mt. Zion = “Hint: We don’t mean the hill in Jerusalem.”

    6. God’s Blessings = “I’m going to stand here for two hours and tell you everything God has given to ME so you’ll feel bad that you’re having financial/emotional/physical difficulties right now.”

    7. Peace in God’s Government = “How to follow men (not God) down to destruction in ten easy steps (over two-and-a-half hours).”

    8. Our Incredible Journey – “Three hours of ten thousand excuses why OUR splinter group is The One True Splinter Group.” (Now, the flip side of this is, there is unfortunately a significant majority of people in the Church who think there are Christians in professing Christian denominations — needless to say, I think both opinions are wrong.)

    9. A Call to Remembrance = ”Three-and-a-half hours of Mister reminiscing about his days at Ambassador College.” (Bonus points if it was the Pasadena campus, and not Big Sandy or Bricketwood.)

    “Normally, I would agree with Jesus that it is the Christian thing to visit those in prison, but in this case, I say no.”

    I agree with Douglas. (Now don’t everybody get out the tinfoil hats at all once.) Although I do get the impression it was the wrongfully imprisoned that Christians are supposed to visit (as Church members did in Acts, and mentioned in Paul’s letters, so even on that score, Witless Weinland won’t be seeing anyone but the Silent Witless any time soon.

    Sermons read verbatim from one person…the WWCG didn’t even do cult crap like that, and they were as cult-y as a cult can be!!

    I disagree with Avalo’s assessment of the Church, but having been born and raised in WCG, I too, can confirm that this never happened. Which was probably why there was so much variance between church areas, when it came right down to brass tacks.

    folks in the COG’s may finally get a ‘rest’ from it all… on Sunday!

    Having gotten home at 11:30pm last night, from starting my return journey at 11:30pm Thursday night, and then having to make sure computer, etc., were ready for services today, my Sunday will involve unpacking, cooking for the week ahead, and cleaning my house. And dealing with surplus electronics that I didn’t get a chance to prepare for recycling, before I left for the Feast.

    I’ll get a nice, long, rest, when I get back to work on Monday. 😛 Only not. 😛

    I have no pithy comment re: the Packatollah sitch, because I don’t read Gary’s blog anymore. What’s Pack done now?


  25. Now don’t everybody get out the tinfoil hats at all once

    Thanks, Velvet, that means a lot, but I would like to make it very clear that using aluminum foil or tin is not sufficient shielding.

    No, I highly recommend fairly low gauge (high density) stranded copper wire to make a Faraday Cage to cover your brain pan to keep out electromagnetic radiation (some of which are transmissions from the CIA).

    Remember that the openings in the mesh must be smaller than the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation that you want to block; also make sure that the mesh is grounded effectively for best results.

    Practical application of the Faraday Cage was amply demonstrated by “The Darkest Hour” which is best seen in 3D.

    For those of you who do not have the scientific bent to build one for yourself, there are a number of commercial concerns which can supply you with what you need… for a price. It is not clear whether you can use second tithe for this or not, but given that you will need this protection at the Feast of Tabernacles for the sermons, I say yes, so go for it.

    As for what Davey Pack has done, it has everything to do with his latest proclamation that 1) leaders of three “major” Armstrongist groups would die before or on August 30 this year; 2) All church of God members would begin attending the Restored Church of God under him in a grand restoration of the glories of the past so Davey can collect $2 billion to $4 billion (he’s not very good with accounting) by August 31st of this year. None of this has happened and we’re all waiting for a persuasive explanation which doesn’t seem to be forth coming.

    Anyway, Velvet, let me know the area where you attended and I’ll give you hints where I attended this year. If we compared notes, I would pretty much guarantee our experiences wildly differ and not just experiences but perspectives as well.

    I disguised my Faraday Cage under my clothing. Tinfoil hats would have been too obvious. I was a sheep in wolves’ clothing.


  26. The only feasting I saw was the tithe money being spent on the personal fine dining and all of the feasting the Weinlands did at various eateries and restaurants. Locally and while vacationing. They have expensive tastes but no class, morals, concern of others, nor scruples. PIGS!


  27. Douglas, Haven’t you heard? Packman’s prophecies for splinters to fold, three leaders to drop dead, remaining leaders, ministers and lay members to eventually join RCG and bow down to Packman as Grand Poo-bah of all things COG is still in place and on schedule.

    The problem was God wasn’t clear enough on the time frame the first time around for these prophecies to take place. In other words the timing was off just a little teeny bit.

    But Packman assures us everything is now in correct chronological order and all prophecies will definitely come to pass just like fellow false prophet Ronald Weinland’s prophecies have to to pass exactly as Ron said they would. Pretty good track recorder there if I don’t say so myself. What’s Ronnie batting o for 50 or something like that. Perhaps Packman can do better. (but i doubt it)

    And BTW, Where can I purchase one of those fairly low density stranded copper Farady Cage Cover Caps? And BTW, I have my own money to pay for the cap so I don’t require any tithe assistance/


  28. Even as a kid growing up in WCG, I learned that in practicing Armstrongism amongst your secular friends, when you crossed certain boundaries, you could actually make yourself look excessively ridiculous, and totally blow your credibility as a human being. By the time I was a junior in high school, and had mercifully moved and changed schools, I had learned to keep the Armstrongism mostly personal and private. You didn’t tell your classmates that Saturday was actually the sabbath, you didn’t tell them Hitler was alive in South America and was going to soon return to power, and you didn’t constantly cite your religion as the reason why you couldn’t do anything.

    Then, at SEP summer camp, I learned about how bogus seeking authority and special status was, because you were competing against everyone else who were doing the same thing, and if you managed to get a little taste of it, it didn’t automatically bring respect, it just made everyone else resent you. Much better to be one of the “proles” and have everyone neutral to you and leaving you alone.

    How these idiots who now have set themselves up as leaders never learned, and never shed all of this bogus stuff while they were young men is way, way beyond me. Frankly, I would be embarrassed beyond tears to invent stupid predictions and have them not come to pass. I would feel guilty beyond words to read about how people ruined their lives giving all of their resources to me and then felt betrayed, with some actually even committing suicide. How does one compartmentalize these horribly evil things and even continue to live? And then you read about people with basically good souls like Jan Michael Vincent, who needed to have a crew member from Airwolf stand in for him, there was an accident, the man was killed, and Jan’s misplaced grief and guilt ruined his life. Or, someone everyone wondered about, Keith Moon. Keith was drunk and partying and ended up running over and killing his best friend and bodyguard, Neil Borland, and though it was ruled an accident and the courts absolved him, felt for the rest of his life that he had no right to live. Or drag racer Mike Snively. Off track, a little colored girl (as they were called back then) ran out in the street in front of him and Mike couldn’t stop in time and she was killed. His compassion and guilt overcame him and he put a bullet through his brain a few nights later.

    How is it that some people at an advanced age have failed to learn some of these basic lessons of life? How can these Armstrongist narcissists and sociopaths even continue to exist, walking, talking, and drawing breath, wrecking the people’s lives they claim to be saving, while reaping huge personal benefits with impunity? I think I just answered my own question with two nouns and an adjective early in the sentence.



  29. How is it that some people at an advanced age have failed to learn some of these basic lessons of life? How can these Armstrongist narcissists and sociopaths even continue to exist, walking, talking, and drawing breath, wrecking the people’s lives they claim to be saving, while reaping huge personal benefits with impunity?

    Because psychopaths trivialize all of us as collateral damage for their own selfish interests.

    Excellent observations.

    For all of us, it is very wise to set boundaries (which is more difficult if you grew up in a dysfunctional environment and tend to accept absolute crap as objective).

    Jocko, I would hesitate to give you names of vendors, having experienced the biases of the narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, cons, nutjobs, weirdoes, creeps and crazies of The Armstrong Mafia and suggest you use your favorite search engine (I’m not making any suggestions there either — you are totally free to choose) to find “Faraday Cage”.

    In my experience, you will be able to find assorted reputable vendors, but I do suggest that you consider a DIY project first, not just to save yourself money but also to build the quality you want and grow from the satisfaction of reaching a difficult personal goal all by yourself: It does wonders for endorphin flow and will give you confidence that you can achieve much more than you thought you could.

    It should be noted that if you are going to pursue this project, a really practical application (as opposed to the frivolous one we’ve been talking about) is to provide your PC and other sensitive devices with a Faraday Cage, since it will save you considerable grief if we have a CME, EMP or some other disruptive electromagnetic flux hit us unexpectedly.


  30. Douglas, a device exists which could provide relief to the lifelong depression universally caused by Armstrongism. It utilizes a process called transcranial magnetic stimulation, and the devices are manufactured by Fisher-Wallace, and Neurostar. It is more effective than drugs and therapy. One of my high school buddies went on to become a doctor, and at one point in life went through a 16 year patch of depression and withdrawal from friends, colleagues, and family. A brilliant researcher and writer, he apparently had tried every possible remedy, including various medications and therapies. During an early trial of the product, in a matter of days, TMS rendered him functional once again. There is actually still internet presence of Dr. Stephen Zatuchni’s testimony before the FDA regarding this process and the effectiveness of this device. Of course, Skip was never a WCG member, he was one of my highly valued Jewish friends, who unlike most of the Christians, was very accepting, since we were both very familiar with the same sabbath, holy days, and dietary laws.



  31. Douglas, Thank you. Your advise was spot on as usual. I believe I’m going to pass on the Faraday Cranial Cage Cap for now. Seeing this cap is a fairly new product and still in the development stage perhaps I”ll wait it out a century or two until the powers that be have perfected the Cage Cap. Personally I don’t care much for lemons so I really wouldn’t appreciate purchasing one of these Faraday Caps and then have it turn out to be a lemon. Douglas, Due you know if any of the state’s in the union that have an existing lemon law that may apply to the Farady Cranial Cap?

    As for Bkyer Bob’s question “How can these Armstrongist narcissists and sociopaths even continue to exist, walking, talking, and drawing breath, wrecking the people’s lives they claim to be saving, while reaping huge personal benefits with impunity?” Actually the answer is quite simple.

    People like Ron Weinland along with his henchman Johnny, Wayne and Wilhemn continue to constantly spread the false fact that mankind lacks the ability to think for themselves Most COG leaders use similar methods of operation when dealing with their own congregations in order to subdue them into bondage through tithing, false prophecy and promises, dishonesty, untruthfulness and out and out lies.

    It’s quite ironic that Ron, Laura, Jermy, Johnny, Wayne, Wilhem and many other COG leaders lack the one simple trait that most decent honest law abiding citizens have. And this one simple trait they’re missing is known as a conscience. If those within pkg were still in possession of their own minds their consciences would kick in and their actions towards others (especially non-pkg members) would be totally different from what they are today. For one thing they would immediately know right from wrong and whether or not their actions were either beneficial to others or actually hurting them.

    Lack of a conscience plus greed is a recipe for disaster and this is what is currently taking place within pkg. Make no mistake about it. Ron, Laura and all the others in pkg have reached their high point years ago so from here on in the only direction they’re going is straight downhill. And unless there is some serious repenting and changing of ways pkg members will continue heading downhill until they eventually hit rock bottom while following their leaders into the deepest part of the ditch.

    There is no sane reason for anyone in pkg to head downhill and hit rock bottom so why not give this issue some serious insight and get out of pkg before it’s too late. And the day it’s too late will definitely come sometime down the road so why not play it safe and return to your true families now. I’m sure you remember them. They’re the people who truly love you for who you are and not for the amount of your tithe, holy day or special offering checks.


  32. Due you know if any of the state’s in the union that have an existing lemon law that may apply to the Faraday Cranial Cap?

    Why, yes, the lemon law applies to Faraday Cranial Cage Cap in every state.

    The problem is that it must be a part of a new car you are buying as part of the lemon law applying to buying cars — otherwise, you are out of luck.

    I believe that I can think of a cranial cap that’s electrified that Ronald Weinland should use as part of an electric chair — if he wants to do the right thing.

    But not to worry, if the Bible and particularly Revelation has any validity whatsoever, all things being equal, all the Weinlands will be taking a bath in the Lake of Fire.

    Some people think that it’s no big deal and it will all be over in a moment, but what if “Those who do not know will be beaten with few stripes, but those who know will be beaten with many stripes” will be applied to final judgment and people going into the Lake of Fire have to suffer with third degree burns for weeks before they finally die (of starvation?) on a molten dry dusty smoky planet with fires everywhere slowly roasting those who are left?

    Just like most smokers who know that smoking cigarettes kill people, I would suppose that the Weinlands think that it applies to everyone else and not to them.

    Maybe they will die from smoking….


  33. At the moment I’m not really in the market for a new automobile but next time I’m considering purchasing a new car I will look into automobile manufacturers who offer Faraday Cranial Cage Caps as either standard or optional equipment. During my lifetime I’ave always purchased American made vehicles (mostly Ford’s or Harley-Davidson’s) so it would be nice if the Ford Motor Company decides to introduce a Faraday Cranial Cap as either standard or optional equipment in a future product line.

    Perhaps Harley-Davidson will also consider offering an American made Faraday Cranial Cap as a replacement for their outdated Korean and Chinese manufactured motorcycle helmets. This would be a win win situation not only for myself but for many other people as well.


  34. How ironic most of the people in the court room that convicted Ron have left the church they heard the facts not Ron and Laura’s lies and gossip just sayin

    Not sure if Ron’s mom was there but she is gone
    Just saying


  35. All the lazy people are just laying back hoping Ron is right Christ is coming back that’s whyGod said no man will know so you lazy bastard work to the end


  36. Yes Randy as time rolls on it seems more and more people are beginning to see the light as they realize Ron and Laura are not the chosen ones who they claim to be.

    As for myself I look forward to the day I read a post from you telling us your mom has finally seen the light and left the church. I’m sure every other person reading this board also looks forward to that very same day.(Except for Wayne)

    Take good care of your mom Randy. Sit back, collect your retirement checks, watch football, go fishing, ride you Harley and do what ever else gives you pleasure as you live your live as it was meant to be.


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