Wayne Matthews again filled in this weekend for False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is vacationing in Club Fed and wearing out #2 pencils.

Johnny Harrell tacked a few announcements on the beginning of the pre-recorded sermon.  He started out by instructing feast coordinators to plan for next year’s feast.  Comments have been left that attendance at this year’s feast was diminished, and rumblings are that some have delayed their departure from PKG until after the feast.  I expect that there will be fewer in attendance next year.

And a larger percentage may be elders of some type.  Johnny announced the ordinations to associate elder of John from Washington state, Stacy and Eric from Ohio, and Phillip from England.  People who abandon their family to drink Weinland’s Flavor Aid are eventually rewarded with meaningless titles.

Wayne had a mixture of nonsensical ideas and common sense in a rant against porn on the Internet and drugs.  He suggested that ISPs should censor all the content on their servers and their failure to do so is because of the love of money.  No thought about the practicality of doing that.  Also suggested that the failure of the war on drugs is because government won’t take the necessary steps such as eradicating drugs while still crops in the field.  But then he went on to point that porn and drugs would not exist if people didn’t consume them.

Well, duh.  I would point out that false prophets would not be sending out thousands of copies of their nonsense if people would simply not listen.  And false prophets would not be in prison for failing to pay the taxes on personal expenses like buying BMWs for their family members and shipping them in both directions across the Atlantic if people did not send them money.

Wayne criticized human reasoning justifying euthanasia as merciful.  Never mind the human reasoning that throwing people into the Lake of Fire is merciful.   Criticizing a scoffer or mocker brings shame.  Wonder if Ron felt shame when this blog continued on years after he issued a death curse, and if he felt any shame when telling me to get a life (“Go Fishing!!”).


20 thoughts on “Consumers

  1. Maybe the Weinlands should take some advice from Captain Wayne. “their failure to do so is because of the love of money.”

    Yes, it was the Weinland Greed and their love of money that forced Rotten Ronnie to not only screw the IRS out of their cut of tax money on the Weinland’s PERSONAL INCOMES, but also forced Ron to burn the IRS and request TAX REFUNDS for said years 2004-2008.

    I assume Ron was thinking, “hey, if I am going to screw Uncle Sam (IRS), I might as well screw them good like I do everyone else!”

    This alone really opened the jurors eyes. Everyone, was thinking that all Ron had to do was give the IRS a little of his large $4.5 MILLION take and he would have walked with quite a large sum of money and no questions asked. Righteous Ronnie’s GREED GOT THE BEST OF HIM. PIG!

    Ron’s actions took some juvenile balls and A BUNCH OF STUPIDITY. What a moRON! Now Club Fed Ron is drooling and scratching his prison nuts aimlessly like Bilbo stated. Wondering what happened and what is going on like his clueless followers. Now Ron is also probably scratching Bubba, Tattoo Leroy, and Jail House Jimmy’s balls to boot!

    Do you like your new friends, Ronnie Boy? Keep those #2’s sharpened. You still have a LONG WAY TO GO! TICK-TOCK, says the prison clock! Are your new titty back tattoos keeping you busy in the pokey? Are you adjusting in the Big House? Are you getting satisfaction from your manual labor jobs that range from roofing to mop pushing to being the “new fresh meat” in cell block D?


  2. Isn’t the PKG website is an example of a type of porn which should be censored by the ISP?

    Wouldn’t Weinland euthanasia be more merciful than prison (the Biblical penalty for being a false prophet is death, after all)?

    Congratulations to the newly elevated elders — now you are full coconspirators who can enjoy the rewards of the false prophet.


  3. Back in the late 1970’s or early ’80’s, paraquat was sprayed on much of the marijuana crop in Mexico, and this was sponsored by the U.S. government in their continuing war on drugs. Those who traffic in such contraband will not take the moral high ground especially if it means incurring a huge financial loss. The marijuana killed by this exfoliant appeared to be no different from normally harvested and dried pot sold on the street. It was processed and sold as it would have been if not poisoned. This presented a huge unintended consequence in that smoking paraquat-treated weed can, and did, cause permanent lung damage, amongst other devastating health issues.

    I for one, wish that drugs could be eradicated while in the field, or prior to distribution. But, it’s not that simple when you have huge underground criminal empires controlling their production and sale. And, even if all of these drugs and organizations were to disappear tomorrow, people would still be huffing paint, sniffing glue, sniffing gasoline, searching cow pies for mushrooms, having “pharm” parties, and searching for peyote. Most of the people who are in jail or the penitentiaries today are drug offenders. This is a very complex societal problem, one that has been very resistant to any efforts to control or reverse it. It inspires nice sounding rhetoric at ACOG sabbath services for people who think they are qualifying to be kings and rulers, but the simplistic approach presented in such settings doesn’t even compare to the intelligence and efforts already put into the war on drugs.

    Same principles apply to controlling porn. Many people who have taken art class can easily draw it, and people have been known to slip into the bathroom with their cell phones to photograph sensitive bodily parts. One lady at the bowling alley sent such impromptu pictures to a member of our team on one occasion, and of course he dutifully shared it with everyone at our table. I’m sure his wife would have had something to say about it. How would an Armstrong preacher suggest eliminating that?



  4. GIF, you are exactly right. Position is in no way a measure of character. Paraphrased..the higher they are, the farther they fall.

    Wondering if the new elders are blindly innocent, not having been with pkg relatively long, or the opposite….but the phrase conspirators makes the blood run’s such a grave thing.


  5. As for controlling the drugs…people like Ron would just start growing them more in the basement, dark room, garden etc…after all they are all above the law of man, they only have to answer to Ron.


  6. Byker Bob, I thought you’d go for the obvious: Weinland pushing his drugs of lies and deceptions on the PKG.

    No matter how much “exfoliant” we employ to rid the world of Rotten Ronnie’s drugs, it still gets distributed and consumed by the (small number) masses: Poisons the mind, rots the brain.

    It’s too pervasive and the users are too addicted to it to give it up.


  7. Laura
    Just called here the first time in 3 weeks boy I bet she has a lot to gossip about! Get a life bitch go fishing awesome ! I’m taking mom fishing again in the morning!
    No 2/3 of veg. Gone
    No borders blown up
    No U.S.A on its knee’s
    The Dallor is strong
    The stock markets at highs
    No big earth quakes
    No big heracaines
    Mike is still alive , lol
    All the other guys he said would die 5 years ago still alive
    Ron and Laura did not die in the streets of Isreal. Lol
    Christ did not return in all 4-5 of his predictions
    No one million people did not come running together Babatist
    He can not heal any body
    All of us mocker are still alive
    Hahahah is is Fedral prison on five counts by a jury of 12 in less then 2 hours with the best lawyers the church money can buy!
    Oh it’s going to happen someday . Lol


  8. Randy, the weather is perfect for fishing! Have a great time fishing with your Mom! Wish I could fish, but it’s midterms week for me.

    **All good news**

    BUT in December school will be done, and I’ll have my degree! Graduation ceremony is in May!
    I am going to have another son in the family, my youngest daughter is getting married this spring. So lucky to love and admire both of the men my daughter’s have chosen to bring into the family.
    My middle daughter just started college. When she’s finished,that makes all my girls college educated. And she has been dating a good man.
    Last but not least, there’s a chance at a job for me, teaching and helping people. It’s part time, which is good for now, and once December comes there will be more time open to find full time, in addition to this job, if they hire me.

    Life has turned around so much in so many areas. I think I see the dawn. You know it’s always darkest before it,or so they say. All I know is that leaving pkg was a journey, and the farther away from it, the better and better things get.

    Thanks to Mike and to you all. I hope all is well and happy for you all too! 😀


  9. LeftAtLast:

    You see? what happens when you leave a false prophet? Life gets better. I said it would happen and I was right. Not because I am special or perfect ,or wise, rather it is the result of rejecting evil, in this case the Wein-scums false church, tax fraud, false prophecy, and anti-Christ teachings. If there is a god then he is clearly blessing you for choosing to reject Weinfraud, and embracing goodness, helping others, meaningful employment, and education, all of which are pleasing to Him.

    Amazing isn’t it how doing the EXACT opposite of Weinmaggot brings peace, happiness, love, and blessings, while following WeinSatan leads to arrogance, doubt, lies, gossip, suffering, crime, and anti-Christ blasphemies.


  10. Another post is out there and what a joke.

    Although God has not yet specifically revealed the exact year for Christ’s coming, we “see” that it is truly near. He has been saying that for HOW many years now.

    And poor Laura being called a jet setter. He forgot the part about her being a gossip and thief. If there is any true justice the IRS will coming after her next. He can say all he wants but those who look hard enough can see the money that was taken and the vacations. He can say it was out of their personal account but what he doesn’t say is the money that was put into the personal account was stolen out of the first tithes that people sent in. And Laura was the one who put it there. That is what got them in trouble. Moving money around. More going in than their pay should have been.

    And talking about the curse. The curse is upon those who continue to eat up everything that comes out of their mouths.


  11. It has been a long time since I’ve commented although I find time to read Mike’s work as often as I can.

    My blood ran cold when I read that John from Washington State had been made an associate elder. Whatever that is. It took a few days to confront him, although I already knew the answer. My husband (legally but not emotionally) has gone from generic cult member to one who promotes it. He joined in 2008 (and drug the rest of his family along for a bit) but has been there through every failed prediction.

    GIF and Left at Last and everyone else I’ve missed ~ How does one plop oneself into a new life? He is barely around as it is and things are easier without him but I can’t seem to make the leap to divorce. Avalo ~ you were right years ago. Should have taken decisive action then.

    Thanks for the info Mike ~ reality is a good thing for me to know.


    1. It’s sad that you’ve lost your husband. And still in it when even long time members with CoG backgrounds who were his leading ministers have woken up and smelled the Flavor Aid.


  12. Movin’ On:

    Divorce and the effort to make it happen is/can be very exhausting emotionally, and financially difficult. Your “resistance” to the idea of divorce is not surprising. But this is how humans normally behave in difficult situations, so you know you are not stupid, weak, or alone. Making the leap to divorce is possible and/or doable…IF you prepare for it properly – with patience and the support of friends/family. You may not be emotionally ready to make the ‘leap’ just yet…but if you want to make the leap, there are many ways to do so, and finding the right way for you will greatly reduce your pain/hesitation.

    Many, many, many wise/intelligent people have had to rid themselves of a toxic COG husband/wife. No divorce is 100% easy…but it is possible, and you CAN/will find true happiness and joy post-divorce.

    It is absolutely possible, and you are not alone. If you need us here, we will be there for you with advice/encouragement whenever you need it…


  13. Movin’On, my blood ran cold reading your comment. How these people are so hardcore after being lied to and manipulated like that is bizarre and scary in a zombie B movie kind of way. But it is pervasive in our society. Just thank God we aren’t tangled up in Scientology or something. Imagine if Ron had billions of dollars and corrupt judges planted in the courts. These creepy groups continue to exist in large numbers and obviously in order to do that, people have to get sucked into them.

    I’ve never been through a divorce so I can’t advise. But I had to leave some close family behind to mitigate harassment and threats and paranoia. Some of us were reunited, after they left later! But while they were still brainwashed they could not even hold a normal conversation without getting righteous and indignant. So I just left them all and moved forward. Now I have an even better job and will buy my first house soon, and can socialize like a normal person now (more or less). But understand that, close to middle age, I started COMPLETELY all over again. It was very very difficult and depression was always there nipping at my heels. But I looked at it as a new life, a second childhood to start out properly this time, without doomsday cults.

    I don’t know if this comment helps, but it is another experience for you to digest. Only you can weigh everything and decide though. Speak to a counselor who specializes in such situations if bouncing your thoughts off an expert will help. And of course, we all here have experience which we will share. Stay strong!


  14. Movin’ On..I didn’t plop myself into a new life, I took a header off the cliff instead. Nothing but the clothes on my back, and I let the ex have it all. Didn’t even get alimony or medical though I could well as most everything else, because the furniture and household goods were mine before the marriage. In that particular situation, I just wanted to get away safe and have no more ties, even without a job or source of income. Doing it that way was fast and a thorough complete break.

    As Bilbo says, each situation is different. When and if the time and circumstances are right for you, you’ll make the leap. Avelo has already addressed the importance of friends and family. And we’re here for you too.


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