Ordinations and the Church Part 3

Ron has a new weekly post up.  Ron’s god has not yet decided to reveal new truth concerning women speaking in church.  We’ll see if that becomes necessary in the 27 months remaining in Ron’s scheduled time to serve his prison sentence

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n this series, we have focused upon how it is God who has given His Church a ministry. As it has already been stated, the primary purpose of that ministry is to bring people in the Church to a mature state (spiritually) so they can in time be changed into Elohim. It has also been stated that this structure exists to lead, teach, guide, and serve to help fashion God’s people, and that this is accomplished through imperfect human beings.

The most important job (responsibility) given to any minister is that they “faithfully speak” God’s truth (word) to others. This can be in counsel, preaching, or simply general conversation with others. The words of those who are ordained are often given higher regard by others and often tend to “carry more weight” in the eyes of others. Therefore, a higher standard and responsibility is upon every minister, because if their words are not in unity with God, it can lead to confusion, division, bad attitudes, and rebellion in others. Such influence should never be taken lightly, but in the history of the Church that influence has been taken lightly, not even grasped, and has far too often been used to wrongly sway others to their “own” thinking that is not in harmony with the Church and God.

So there are many ways a minister is to faithfully speak God’s word toward others and this is not simply limited to the few who are most visibly seen and recognized by the sermons that are given Sabbath to Sabbath. Again, this “faithful speaking” can be done through various ways spiritually, including what is written, even lived through example to others, and in any number of scenarios that involve conversation with others.

Yet God desires that all who are called into the Church and those called into the ministry will serve Him faithfully. However, it is also by design and purpose that all have free will and free choice. God does not “make” (force) members of the Body of Christ to be faithful, but He will “make” (create and transform) them to become faithful if that is their desire to yield to such a process working in their life. The same is true concerning the ministry. God does not force them to be faithful. So when all is said and done, every individual is personally responsible to judge what they hear and what they see (examples) from all others as to what is in unity with God and what is not in unity and harmony with God. No one can blame another, not even a minister who has gone astray and has begun to speak divisive things, if they follow wrong words or the wrong actions of others.

Free Choice
So as in all of God’s creation, “free will” by its very nature also provides a way of learning and teaching that can be accomplished through no other means. The angelic realm experienced the result of this as nearly a third of those spirit-composed beings chose to quit yielding themselves to the “way” of their Creator. Two thirds of the angelic realm were made stronger and more fully convicted of God’s ways through this experience.

By our very nature as human beings, whether a member of the Body of Christ or one who has also been given a responsibility added to their life by being ordained, some will choose a “way” that is not of God and will then become a vessel to dishonor.

God designed this process of “free will” to work in both the angelic realm and the Church in order to try, test, cleanse, and refine His creation so that it can come into great unity and oneness with Him. This has even more to do with what Paul was saying concerning the structure of the ministry in the Church, as this aspect of free choice and free will exists in the process that Paul was describing about the structure of the ministry and its purpose in Ephesians.

Paul went on to say that this structure was for “the edifying of the Body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). Others can take these things that Paul is describing as though the ministry is close to being perfected or highly perfected, since its purpose is for the “perfecting” (maturing) of the saints, along with the work of God’s service (ministry) to His Church, and the edifying of the Body of Christ. Certainly, the goal of “all” who are in God’s Church should be to seek to faithfully serve God’s Church (one another) in such a way. The reality is that all in the Body have human nature and some turn away from God by free choice – even in the ministry. But such examples of becoming vessels to dishonor also serve to perfect (mature) and ultimately edify God’s Church – for those who become more fully sobered to reality and the capabilities of their own human nature, as well as becoming more fully humbled, guarded, and strengthened in wisdom.

This word “edify” in English means “to instruct, to improve morally, and to profit spiritually.” Vessels to honor and vessels to dishonor can produce this edification if one is yielding themselves to God’s spirit to work in their life. The real life experience of this process of edification working in ones life is two-fold. It will produce a positive, inspiring, and enjoyable result that can be received from those who are faithfully serving God, but it can also produce a positive result spiritually from growth in wisdom, spiritual strength, and conviction that can be received through learning from a bad example of a vessel to dishonor that has been unfaithful to God.

It is also interesting to note that the use of this word in Greek that is translated into English as “edifying.” It is composed of two words that mean “to build” and “a dwelling,” which is by implication us as a family, a household, or a temple. This same word is translated as “building” in Ephesians 2: “In whom all the ‘building’ is fitly framed together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for an habitation of God through the spirit” (Eph. 2:21-22).

The purpose for the structure of a physical human ministry is for the maturing of the members of the Church as a means of God “building” (edifying) the Body of Christ. This process is to work in us “until we all come into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a matured person in the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (into Elohim)” (Eph. 4:13). As we learned all too well after the Apostasy and ever since, this does not occur easily in our life, but it involves numerous battles, testing, fire, heartache, and struggles in life. Conquering human nature in order to bring it into complete subjection to God, as well as fighting against and resisting an evil spirit realm, is not easy. It requires a constant vigilance, never giving in or giving up, and a determined conviction to run the race to the finish. All this requires a growing unity and reliance (in faith) upon God to constantly strengthen and deliver us.

So yes, we are to learn from the bad examples as well. We are to learn from and become wiser from our own mistakes (sins) and those of others, including ministers. The structure of a ministry in the Church has worked to magnify this process – both in that which is faithful and that which is manifested as unfaithful. In the context of these things that have just been covered in Ephesians, it would be good to read some of the verses on your own that follow what has been quoted to this point.

Recent Past
In the nearly 2,000 years of God’s Church, the more recent history of the ministry in the Worldwide Church of God and that of this present time, reveals much about how God has molded and fashioned (actively created) His people through the structure of His ministry. This is true and has been more easily seen and understood by the right examples and work of those who have been faithful in serving God. When I consider such people, I think first and foremost of Herbert and Loma Armstrong. There are others who also come to mind, but they fall largely into a unique category.

This unique category of ministers of which I speak, especially of some who were evangelists and leading pastors, are examples of some who faithfully served in the ministry for two or more decades. The lessons to be learned from what happened in their lives teach much about God’s power to lead, guide, mold, teach, and to “correct” His Church. This is largely a matter of learning to exercise faith in the belief that God is in full control of His Church and of what He allows it to experience as part of His process to create Elohim.

Until the Apostasy, God was in control of His Church. That does not mean that God made (forced) His Church to obey Him. After the Apostasy, God was still in control of His Church, through those whom He was awakening spiritually to continue as His remnant. God allowed a spirit of pride and lukewarmness to develop in His Church (through individual free will). Then, when the sermon was given that created the Apostasy, God spewed the Church from His presence. He no longer dwelt in it nor gave it His sustaining holy spirit. At the same time, God began to draw a small remnant to repentance through whom He would begin to rebuild and restore His Church.

Although these evangelists and other leading ordained men that I mentioned as being in a unique category had been faithful ministers through so much of their lives, they succumbed to spiritual pride and a lukewarm spirit as was described about Laodicea. For most of these men, their faith stood firm while serving under the apostleship of Herbert W. Armstrong. After his death, these men drifted off to sleep spiritually, but in God’s time, He will awaken them as He did to those He called to be a remnant in this end-time.

One of the great lessons that all should learn from this is that we are to remain spiritually alert and on watch (guarded) to the end of our physical lives. The conquering of self is a battle until the end! It should also be obvious from this experience that vessels to honor can become vessels of dishonor if anyone lets down spiritually and begins to trust in self rather than God. God told these men and the entire Church that they had become so increased in goods (rich in self-esteem and pride), by relying on self rather than God, that they had actually become naked, poor, and blind.

In His time, God will awaken most who were scattered by the Apostasy. The experience of being separated from God (spewed out) and what they are experiencing to this day, as a result of being cast out on their own, will not be lost or in vain. In time, once God awakens all such people, they will experience a strengthened spiritual maturity (growth) and “edification” that could not have been achieved to such an incredible level without this experience in life. God’s power to create Elohim is complex (even hard to be grasped by the human mind that has God’s spirit working in it), highly varied (depending on what place in the temple God is fashioning someone to become), and so awesomely inspiring once it begins to be “seen” for what it is.

This highly painful experience of the Apostasy will produce incredible fruit, in God’s time, in most who were scattered (whether in the Millennium or the Great White Throne). However, it has already produced much fruit, great growth, and the ability to receive many more truths from God in those whom God has already awakened and also added to the Body since. Not only that, but this entire experience of those who lived in and through Laodicea will be an often used teaching tool in the Millennium and Great White Throne as part of the perfecting and building of God’s continuing construction of His temple.

The Present
We have now come full circle back to the present about how God has used ordinations to try, test, refine, and cleanse His Church. It has been covered how this process was magnified once God began adding larger numbers to His ministry beginning in 2008. But there is one area that has proven to magnify this matter of ordinations, and their fulfilling such a purpose in God’s Church, far more mightily.

This first began with the revelation that God is beginning to remove the curse of bondage that has been upon women in family and society since the days of Adam and Eve. God revealed that the very structure of the family and even His ministry would begin to be “seen” on a clearer spiritual plane as He intended it to be from the beginning.

The revelation about the removal of this curse was followed by God further revealing that women were to be ordained into His ministry. This change in the administration of God’s government has done more to “purify” the Church through this final end-time than any truth revealed since the Feast of 2005, which is when God more fully revealed that He alone has “eternally” existed and Christ’s life began with his human birth, with no pre-existing life before that. In addition to more fully purifying His Church through this new truth that women were to be brought into His ministry, the ordinations that resulted have proven to be one of the most powerful tools ever to indeed try, test, refine, and cleanse the Church.

God has been preparing the Church for the coming of His Kingdom to this earth and the changes that will help to more fully deliver families out of spiritual bondage. God has also been preparing His ministry and Church for even greater changes that are to come, as the primary building blocks of the apostles and prophets will have become firmly established by the time of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Earlier, the scripture was quoted concerning the “building” that is fitly framed together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord. Now, the previous verse needs to be quoted which speaks of those whom God has called, “And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone” (Eph. 2:20).

Those apostles and prophets will be “in” that new government of those 144,000 who reign with Christ. There will be no need of such a continuing ministerial structure that is primarily led by an apostle and that has been occasionally enhanced by the addition of prophets. God’s Kingdom will be here on earth and there will be those of the 144,000 who will help serve in roles of government as kings. But there will be big changes that come to this earth as God’s spirit composed priesthood will be here and they will far more powerfully lead, guide, and teach God’s Church in awesome power, word, and absolute faithfulness that is void of human weakness or error.

That Kingdom is fast approaching and we are to hold fast to Christ’s coming as we continue to “move forward.”

(This concludes this series on ordinations.)


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  1. Revelation6:12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

    According to Ron This happened over twelve years ago on sept 11 2001 . I suppose the day of the Lord was then also according to verse 17. That fits for Ron because now there are many days of the Lord. Last year was a spiritual day of the lord ,this year may be some sort of leap year to the next day of the lord that is spiritual etc..etc..


  2. Rev11:3″And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will PROPHESY one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”
    11:7 When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them”


  3. I must have missed the chapter in Revelation where the Witness is still able to drive her BMW around and go shopping and get her hair done after the beast makes war .


    1. Just checked the Qantas website. First class round trip LAX to Sydney is over $16,000. Laura and Audra both going there in Feb. Wonder if the tithes and offerings of the “down-under” brethren cover that cost.


  4. Ron’s prophecy post, World Tensions Accelerating Jan 25 2013

    God’s Church believes that we are in the prophetic Day of the Lord that is from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013. We are in the morning hours of that prophetic day, having already gone through the night time portion that began at sunset with the beginning of May 27th. We also know there is a prophetic “type” of the children of Israel marching around Jericho to the time we are experiencing now, when the sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation will be fulfilled.

    The unfolding of this process is not something that can be equally divided up in exact timing which is evenly spaced out during this final daylight portion of the Day of the Lord. But it will all happen within this period of time.

    Is this
    A)a true prophecy from Ron
    B)a false prophecy from Ron

    The answer is B . It was a false prophecy.

    If Ron declared himself a False prophet would Laura be working at

    The Answer is A. Kroger


  5. Acts, Years back Ron declared himself both prophet and apostle.

    Shortly thereafter Ron declared that he and his wife Laura were the two witnesses from the book of Revelation but he alone would be the spokes person for both witnesses.

    So the answer is no. To the best of my knowledge Laura has never given one single prophecy during her time as a witness or any for other time for that matter. Ron refers to this era as the time of final witness but how can it be final if Laura never witnessed to anyone?

    Ron must be watching a lot of Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes cartoons during his stay at Club Fed because he’s loonier now than he ever was.

    I believe it’s just about time for Ron to be fitted for a straight jacket and transfer to the Club Fed rubber room.


  6. Jocko, The whole thing is so unbelievable ! All Ron did the so called extraordinary 4 1/2 years was give a false Witness! It was false prophecy after false prophecy . He went against his own word by doing exactly to the tee what he said he would not do. He said how would the world look at something like that? You just have to be BOLD and CANDID with people and say what it would be, a false prophet! Ron loves to use the word CANDID but he is anything but Candid. Then it is over and what does he say ,God wanted it that way! How was this supposed to help anyone? I believe he started out with good intentions But became deceived . Jeremiah 36 “every mans word shall be his burden ; for you have perverted the words of the living God”. Pg 11 of 2008gfw “these two prophets will be sent into the world! In actuality there has never been a time when God has given such power ,and on a worldwide scale. These two witnesses will be the most formidable prophets God has ever used in 6000 years of human history. Pg 12 what God did through Moses is small in comparison to what he will do through his end time prophets-referred to as his end time Witnesses.”. Numbers 12:6 “Hear now my words :if there be a prophet among you I the Lord will make myself known to him in a vision , and will speak unto him in a dream. My servant Moses this is not so I will speak mouth to mouth ,even apparently and not in dark speeches ; and the similitude of the Lord he shall behold” just to note Ron’s self appointed counterpart John saw the book of revelation in a vision .Many if not all the prophets in the bible God showed them a vision or a dream. Ron speaks a lying divination out of his own heart ! He divines from watching Fox news and the weather channel .Ezekiel13:3Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have SEEN NOTHING!


  7. Acts, you have done a good job starting last week posting Ron’s own words that he would call himself a false prophet. This last post and the preceding posts paint such a logical flow from scripture that any who might look at this site should be able to get it. The problem is that they too are delusional or as my one brother in law now ordained, they never read their Bibles other than the verses their god Ron tells them to read if they read it at all. A few years ago I attempted to have an in-depth Biblical conversation but was fascinated at how little he even knew. Kudos on the effort and the hope that some will listen. Unfortunately many are lost to their own ignorance and pride. I also find giving yourself the screen name Acts to be appropriate. THX


  8. Acts said “Then it is over and what does (Ron) say ,God wanted it that way! ”


    Yes, false prophet Ronald Weinland would rather blame God for the situation, than admit he is wrong.

    And people STILL want to follow him? I pity them, most of them won’t figure it out until it’s too late, when God has made it clear He is not with Ronald Weinland in any way or fashion.


  9. Ronald Weinland’s claim to being one of the Two Witnesses is based on one thing only.


    Not because of ANY prophecy he spoke (of which none came true).

    Even CHRIST had to confirm His identity. He did so by fruits. A prophet is also required to confirm his credentials, by fruits as well, in this case by fulfilled prophecy.
    (Although for the case of fulfilled prophecy, the bible warns that the person can STILL BE A FALSE PROPHET, even with fulfilled prophecy, but in most cases, false prophets simply give false unfulfilled prophecies, so this case does not come up often)


  10. Barry said “Unfortunately many are lost to their ignorance and pride” This statement speaks volumes in regards to most of the pkg membership-Especially Ron and Wayne. Both these men use the word pride in their sermons over and over again and don’t even realize they’re so chock full of so much pride it’s a miracle they don’t implode with the amount of pride held inside their minds.

    On another note I see that Wayne has been given some down time with Willem Henderson and Johnny Harrell delivering the last two sermons. At least we now know Johnny is OK. As delusional as he may be we would never wish any harm to come upon him-Unlike Ron who places death curses on competing COG ministers and his critics. And Ron says we here on Mike’s blog are sick,sick,sick people who will be heading straight to the lake of fire come judgment day.


  11. Wow! Good to see everyone is alive and well. It took me a lot of reading to catch back up here. I’ve been busy and haven’t been here for a bit. Just to clarify I am a male and so is juror #215. There were numerous female jurors though. I can not remember the numbers any longer.

    It is great news that more seem to be leaving and membership numbers are dropping which equates to less money for the Weinland Luxury Fund. These fools are not prophets. They are profiteers from scamming the misled followers. I agree that it might be hard to pursue a suit with Ron & Laura because it is a religion type thing, but I do feel there is something there. Obviously, #215 does too. Everything exposed about the Weinlands during the trial was that sick and disgusting. Maybe they would be made an example of that even if you surround your money theft scam as a religion it is still a SCAM. Ron and Laura are not returning anyone’s money. That was simply horseshi!t and lip service. They are way to greedy for any such thing. Get real.

    No wonder Ron and Laura the control freaks have cut elders etc; out of the “in the know loop.” Why do you think they eliminated the contacts, websites, etc? They do not want followers communicating and wondering about what is going on because that would be devastating to their money making scam business. PEOPLE WOULD QUIT TITHING if they knew what really happens to God’s money. I view it as them doing damage control to try to keep the cash rolling in and dumbing down the brethren heard. Seems like many followers that saw tiny bits of the trial are now gone. Dowd, Wrozek, and who knows the rest as it is covered in CULT secrecy. Wonder why? Does God really need cash? NOPE! The Swinelands do though. Now if you do tithe and it goes to charity or a just cause then that is another matter. Good for you, Jocko. You are working smarter and not harder. I would not piss on Ron, Audra, or Laura if they were on fire. There is a revelation for the followers. There is a truth. You poor people are so clueless you have no idea at all. I pity you. What Ron the Con and his Shopping Hookers are doing to you all makes my blood boil. It is soooooooooo very wRONg! PIGS!

    Just know that everything you tithe to Weinland gets spent on the Weinland’s. Including their damn dead high dollar dog. No charity or good deeds, just personal expenses, fun and pleasures of the Weinland Clan. They do not have hardly any “church expenses” so to speak. No church building to pay for and maintain. Their B.S. church outings etc; are merely an excuse for an all expense paid vacation. As for Las Vegas…….Huh? Why do they always seem to hold these functions where there are no members but fun and nice places to vacation and what not. THINK PEOPLE!

    Randy, I hope Bubba is not only making Ron blow his trumpet but polishing it too. Play your music now, Ron! They say prison sex does not count as gay sex. Yea, Right! Who made up that silly crap. That sounds just as silly as the stuff you spew from your trumpet holster. NUT JOB FREAK!


  12. As for the PKG followers saying “it’s God’s money and it is none of our business as to what Ron and God do with it.” Bullsh!t! That is a complete cop out in my opinion and yes I do feel they share in the responsibility of this “church money” being misused. As blind and foolish as they are, they are a large part of the problem. It’s your money you are sending to Ron and Laura. Not God. Nothing good, charitable, nor admirable is being done with your money that you foolishly send into the Cincinnati P.O. Box. Take responsibility for your actions.

    That is NO DIFFERENT than you handing cash to your child hooked on heroin knowing in the back of your mind exactly what that kid is going to spend the money on. QUIT CONTRIBUTING TO THE CAUSE.


  13. These people are sending money to a thief.

    They are dropping it in his lap and saying “Here thief, steal God’s money, and squander it on your personal lusts”

    They will be judged for doing this just as Ronald Weinland will be judged for stealing, and squandering tithes.


  14. The airfare is no big deal. “It is easy to spend others money.” Do not forget to add the cost for them to get from CVG Cincinnati Airport to LAX Los Angeles. Tack on another $500 to $800 each, Nothing but the best for God’s Queens. Enjoy your vacations!

    They may have to slum it in coach if the tithes are dropping. No, that is not possible. They will not go for that. They are way too special and good for coach class. Plus they obviously can not pass up the meals provided in 1st class. Like they need the food.

    Guess it keeps the economy going when they have to buy new high dollar Victoria Secrets panties for their bigger fatter asses. Eat up, PIGS! Enjoy! Oink, Oink goes the Swineland Queens. Don’t fret Laura and Audra. I am sure the “church money” will buy you your Weight Watchers and diet supplies too. Maybe you two could become prophet spokeswomen for the Weight Watchers upcoming TV commercials.

    That is mean and they deserve it!
    What cracked me up was how Audra strutted up to the witness stand and court room like she was some kind of better than thou God’s gift of a woman to the world. Yuk! And then her attitude and lack of intelligence just made her that much more unattractive. Run, Chris. Run! You can do much better than her.


  15. I’ve been following this blog for several years now and like Mike I’ve always kept my religious beliefs to myself. Earlier in this post I mentioned the fact that I was a member of a church because I wanted people to realize that not all church’s, synagogues or religious organizations, are run by scammers looking to line their own pockets with their congregations hard earned money.

    Just for instance several years ago I was on a motorcycle run and we were riding through Harriman State park in upstate New York. In the middle of the forest on a narrow two lane back road there’s a clearing where a beautiful old stone church is located. The name of the church is the church in the wilderness and it pre-dates the park by several decades. On the left side of the church there’s a cemetery and on the right side there’s a small wooden frame home. Directly across the road from the church is a wooden barn type building with small filed next to it. All these buildings and the entire area look as if they’re right out of a Hollywood movie script.

    In the past I’ve ridden down this road dozens of times before but never once saw a single soul or another motor vehicle on the road except for a small economy car parked outside the small frame house from time to time. On this particular ride we turned onto the road late on a Saturday afternoon and there were cars parked on each side of the road from one end to the other which actually turned the two lane road into a single lane road. As we reached the clearing we could see hundreds of people on the barn side of the road in the open field sitting and standing near dozens of fold out tables enjoying themselves while celebrating some type of church related event.

    As we reached the area some of the people used hand signals for us to stop and pull over so we did so. To our surprise they invited all of us to come in and share in the festivities with them. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a group of church going people invite twenty some odd bikers they had never met before to a church related event out of the kindness in their hearts. We all ate, drank, listened to live music and shared stories together and were never asked to contribute one red cent.

    The people I ride with come from all walks of life and some of them aren’t the friendliness looking bunch of men or women you would like meet on the street even though they actually are. All brands of motorcycles were represented in our group with the majority being Harleys. But we also have Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasaki’s, Indians, Victory’s, Triumphs and three BMW’s (Bags)

    So the point here I guess would be to never judge a book by it’s cover because you’ll never know what you may find inside it. Everyone please stay safe and try to enjoy the rest of this week’s late Autumn weather because Jack Frost is heading our way some time soon.

    And Randy, please try to squeeze in a few more rides on your hog before the Detroit area is covered with ice and snow.


  16. Jocko
    Ha it’s to late we had snow and ice couple weeks ago time to get snowmobile out, hope you get more riding time in be safe and have fun my friend ! 🙂


  17. Ron said “We have now come full circle back to the present about how God has used ordinations to try, test, refine, and cleanse His Church.”

    And, of course, the bible nowhere says this. Sounds good. Sounds spiritual. It’s bunk.


  18. I was just wondering did any body else ever apply for a school grant like Jeramy got , and got it or was turn down ! Mom said they needed to buy Audria a car she does church work with it , I said a BMW, da what a damn same like I always said Ron and Laura will rot in hell !!!!


  19. Randy – I hope your mom is starting to wake up to the truth!

    I was bored, so here’s some scriptures!

    Proverbs 1:19 – Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the lives of those who get it. (as Ron is finding out)

    Proverbs 10:2 – Ill gotten gains have no lasting value (as Ron is finding out)

    Proverbs 10:23 – A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom. (Ron doesn’t just find pleasure in wicked schemes, he relishes devising them)

    Luke 19:8 – But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house …” (Ron has not shown even a residue of repentance)

    Romans 15:1 – We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. (Ron did the opposite, pleasured himself at the expense of the weak)

    … the god between Ron’s ears must be reading from a different bible than the rest of us!


  20. Make sure you are there for your mom Randy, it is very painful for a human being when a group of friends falls apart after being exposed as a fraud.

    But dealing with things as they really are is way more beneficial in the long run.


  21. Randy, from what I remember, I think only Jeremy got and scholarship funds.

    How generous of Ronald Weinland…to set up a scholarship fund, and then only give it to a relative.


  22. Just wondering what happened to Ron’s personal family? I feel terrible for his family that believed in him, and applaud the ones who didn’t. I don’t believe all of his family is still getting manna from Ron’s heaven, nor did they want it. It would be difficult to believe in your religion and then be ex-communicated from it, just because you had questions or a request. I appreciate your comments and insight to the travesty and fleecing of so many good people’s- good intentions. I feel terrible for his mother, sisters, and brothers who carry his name. I am actually surprised with all of the legal problems Ron has not come up on charges that are usually familiar with the Catholic church and the priests. There are ghosts in his closets that have yet to be freed I am sure.


    1. Word was received awhile back that Ron’s mother, sister, and brother-in-law were disfellowshipped. Audra is now one of the women running the church, and I imagine Jeremy is getting tithe money as well.


  23. Randy, One of my biker buddies just returned home from a ski trip in Vermont and he told me there was two feet of snow on the ground up there. I should of realized northern Michigan had already experienced their first frost with snow, ice and freezing rain. Get out there and enjoy yourself on your snow mobile and please stay safe. Perhaps you can even find the time for some ice fishing this Winter.

    For the past two days the temperature in my neck of the woods reached close to 60 degrees so I did in fact get some riding time in. Depending upon the weather this weekend we may take a ride up to New Paltz in upstate New York and ride through the back roads of the the Shawankunk mountain range.

    As for you Ronnie I hope you’re enjoying yourself hammering all those nails into the roofing shingles on the prison utility building you and your fellow convicted felons are constructing. With just a few buildings and only 950,0000 nails to go you should be home in time for Christmas 2017.


  24. RON says in his latest post (Dec. 5):

    “However, after a good measure of time (patience that is given), God will reveal what is true about any false fellowship within His Church of each individual who turns away from the relationship He has offered them. Most often there are trials (fire) and tests that will finally reveal God’s judgment to remove those who will not yield to His transformation ¬– who will not yield to His government to work in their life.”

    You mean won’t yield to your stealing tithes to buy THREE BMWs for your family, lying on your daughter’s marriage certificate, and your being a criminal who was jailed for lying to the government = they won’t yield to you breaking TWO of the Ten Commandments and NOT repenting. Funny…the (NT) Bible says that those who do yield to lying and theft are headed for the Lake Of Fire.

    I think you have been reading your Bible upside down there, Ronny…


  25. Yea, Jocko. That was along with my point. I am currently riding a KLR 650 enduro bike. Love it! I enjoy rolling around on it possibly more than any other bike I have owned. It’s an entirely different kind of ride. I have had about every make at some point or another. From Harleys to crotch rockets. I have been thinking about a Road King or Glide. If it has two wheels and a motor I dig it! That sounds like a cool place and some scenic riding. I was hesitant about the KLR coming off of a BMW K100 (1000 4 cylinder) to a single thumper 650 street and trail.

    It has snowed here in N. KY twice already but it hit 62 yesterday and 64 degrees today. I live on a State Scenic By Way road in KY and many travel from afar to roll on these roads around here. I start when the garage door closes and I reach the end of my driveway. Lucky me! It is suppose to snow 5-8 inches Thursday eve through Sat. morning and get very cold. We shall see. One never knows around here. No fun. 50 degrees and sunny qualifies for a ride in my rule book. Less than that I have done many times but not as young and interested now a days. Been there, done that. On my 18,000 plus mile three country ride in 1999 (US, Mexico, & Canada) we rode anything from 115 degree heat in the Arizona deserts to 4 inches of snow in Montana and everything in between. The snow in the mountains will never be forgotten. I could have done without that. Nerve racking to say the least. Ride Safe……..You are the bumpers! I guess the tires and rims figure into the equation a bit. If that is of any comfort.

    I would doubt Ron’s roofing abilities. Probably another lie. Watching others work does not count as work and I really would find it hard to believe he climbs up to such heights and does hard manual labor. Another ploy so his followers feel sorry for him. You know how persecuted and mistreated God #3 has to be at the hands of the Feds. Maybe the other cons will nail him to the roof so he can claim he is Jesus. I hope they have him shoveling snow all winter. Maybe he will stroke out and when he lies twitching in the snow he can make a snow angel. That would be about as Holy as he could get and then he can add that he was also an angel to his long list of qualifications. How’s the Prison Bucks java, Ron? What are you getting Bubba for Christmas? Not sure if you observe that but I bet Bubba does. Have you been going to the prison chapel and fixing all of your lies? Doubtful. Bet the Shopping Queens do some Holiday purchasing with TITHE MONEY, whether you observe Christmas or not.


  26. Randy,
    Jeremy Weinland was THE ONLY PKG AFFILIATE THAT RECEIVED SCHOOL MONEY. That was pounded on by the prosecutor Bob McBride to show that the Weinlands were the only people that benefit from “church tithe money.” The defense attorneys and Ron tried to play it off as a church scholarship when what it really was is the fact they caught Ron and Laura paying for Jeremy’s education right out of the tithe coffers.
    No one else received ANY educational assistance nor “scholarships.” PROVEN. No one else even knew about this so called “church scholarship.” Hell, Ron God #3 didn’t even know it existed until he realized he was caught by the IRS and had to come up with a half-assed lie on the spot about it. Pretty funny, but extremely wRONg!


  27. I do not even know how I finished up right here, but I thought this put up was great.

    I don’t realize who you might be however definitely you’re
    going to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already.


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